March 2016

March 2016

London Girl, born 2013

Down syndrome
atrial septal defect, atrioventricular septal defect, other malformation of the cardiac septa, other congenital malformations of aortic and mitral valves, other malformation of the tricuspid valve, other specified pulmonary heart disease
other specified hypothyroidism

Is that red hair?!

$1,090.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Freddie (1)Freddie (2)Boy, born Dec 2005

Listed: February 25, 2015

Freddie is a very obedient child. In classes, he really gets along well with his classmates and is very willing to help others. He likes attending classes. Now, he is able to write and can even use pinyin. He is a very intelligent child. The children all like to listen to this older boy. When Freddie is normally inside, he frequently helps the nannies do some daily things; he is extremely independent. In everybody’s eyes, Freddie is a sensible and good child. In the heart of the little boys and girls, he is a warmhearted older brother. Freddie is an extremely charming boy.

Freddie has hemophilia. Occasionally, when he has blood clots, he will need a clotting factor VIII injection. When his hemophilia does not affect him, he can walk on his own. When he is affected by his hemophilia, he will need the support of adults. Even when his sickness often brings about pain and tears, he still loves life. Freddie is a compassionate person and he is an energetic and positive child. His ability to care for himself is strong. His hygiene is very good. After he gets up in the morning, he will make his bed on his own. He can brush his teeth, wash his face and eat on his own. We wholeheartedly hope Freddie will be able to be given the love of a father and mother, a happy family and a beautiful future!

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mandy1Girl, Born 2010mandy3

syndactyly of hands and feet, steeple tower head, psychological and motor delay, Congenital heart defect (patent foramen ovale, secondary defect of interatrial septum)

 The director is praying for a family before she transfers to the institution in the fall!!

Updated March 2016:
She is doing really well and making good progress in her development. She is facing transition to the institution in the fall. She doesn’t deserve a life in the institution. It weighs heavily on the orphanage director’s mind to have her moved out to the institution instead of a family.

She was born with multiple skeletal anomalies, including fused/webbed hands.  As a cautionary disclosure, Mandy does appear to have Apert syndrome.

The girl is smiling, laughing. Doctors consider that surgery may help to separate her fingers on the hands.   They give a positive prognosis regarding her mental development.  More photos are available.

This region typically waives the 10 day waiting period for children with special needs.   

$4,927.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Baylee (2)Baylee (1)Girl, born June 2004
meningocele (post surgery)

Listed: November 4, 2015

Baylee is a delightful girl who is 11 years old! She was found abandoned on a train when she was 2 years old, clutching a small bag of clothes and food. She had received surgery for a meningocele, and was unable to walk. Baylee has no feeling below her knees, but is able to use a walker. Baylee loves pop music and her communication skills are great! She can write her name. She is incontinent, but able to take care of her needs. Baylee loves crafts, and painting. She would surely love school, too! Bailey is smart, social, and very loving. She gets along very well with the other kids, and is able to care for the younger ones. Baylee has a bleak future if she does not find a family. She understands what it means to be adopted, and she looks forward to having her own family.

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JulianaGirl, born December 2011
Down syndrome

Juliana is a playful, happy little girl who was born in December of 2011. She was diagnosed with Down syndrome upon admission to her orphanage. During her infancy, she was slow to adapt to her new environment in the orphanage, crying often and eating very little. With nurturing and care, her appetite and sleep improved. When her caregivers tease and tickle her, she would smile, wave her hands, and kick her feet in joy! When she was nine months old, she could turn her head to locate the direction of music and other sounds. She was able to sit independently in a chair at one year of age. Her caregivers describe her as introverted and she enjoys quietly watching her caregivers and peers. Her language skills, growth, and cognitive development are behind in comparison to peers of her same age. When her caregiver talks to her, she smiles sweetly and makes “ah ah” sounds! An update from 2014 indicates that her receptive and expressive language skills are limited to which she cannot understand words spoken to her and does not respond to verbal requests. She gets along with other children, though she seldom interacts with them. She is able to roll over and sit up by herself, and grab objects for a short period of time. She is in good health and we have a video on file of her playing and smiling!

A $4000 grant may be available to families from the current agency.

$120.29 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

TeddyBoy, born Sept 2009
Visually Impaired

Teddy is a loving, sweet, smart and silly boy. He has a smile to make your heart melt and a general cheeky attitude to go along with it! Teddy is a typical boy. He is very active, he loves running, jumping on the trampoline and riding bikes and scooters. He also loves to play with his friends, and he likes new challenges and activities. Teddy is learning Braille and how to walk with a cane and he has all the potential to be an independent adult in society as he grows up. He is a wonderful child. Are you the family he is waiting for?



BennetBoy, born 2008
anal atresia

The most handsome, sweetest, smartest, kindest 7 year old little boy is waiting for a forever family to choose him to be their son and be able to bring him home quickly without interference and delays. A family that sees beyond the medical diagnosis of anal atresia and into the eyes of a child longing for love. A family would be so lucky to call him their son. Bennett is super smart. He is very small for his age, but works very hard at all he does and never let’s his diagnosis slow him down. He enjoys life and is a wonderful friend and loves to be around little kids. He is inquisitive and caring … a gentle soul. Bennett’s agency fees have been reduced. Many families have met this amazing young man.

$90.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Girl, born July 2003
Diagnosis: hydrocephaly, mental delays

Listed: December 9, 2012
She likes to play, tries to walk alone, but needs assistance. She doesn’t speak, but understands much.

From someone who met her in 2012:
When I walked into the room packed with children, her smile and wave and joy stood out more than all the chaos and heartbreak and noise. She was a darling and I just know she would be amazing to have as a daughter.

Violet has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! 


lee-2003Boy, born 2003
Profound mental delays, Microcephaly, Multi system degeneration
Other paralytic syndromes, Flat foot, Strabismus, Cardiomyopathy

Listed: May 4, 2016

Sweet boy needs out of his crib!


Lee has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! 


Dex (1) Dex (3)Boy, born February 2011
Down syndrome

Dex is a fun, active and outgoing little boy! He has been in foster care since he was 2 months old. His favourite thing to do is to look at books. He also enjoys playing with toy animals, listening to music and dancing. He plays imaginatively, creating sound effects with cars and trains or caring for dolls and putting play food on plates. He is a caring little boy who gives great hugs, helps with his baby foster sister, and is attuned to the emotions and needs of others.

He is independent with eating and will get every last grain of rice with his spoon.

His communication is developing, his receptive language is excellent and he is progressing in his expressive language using sign language and is beginning to sound out simple words. He is able to follow simple instructions and responds appropriately to discipline, apologizing by signing sorry where appropriate.

He brings much joy and life to his foster home!

$5,800.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

abramBoy, born 2010

Disorder of the brain, unspecified; mixed specific development disorder; moderate protein calorie malnutrition

What a cutie!!
He is described as kindhearted and fun loving!

$202.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Lulu (2)

Lulu (1)Girl, born May 2011
Post-op congential retinal glioblastoma; Artificial eye

Beautiful Lulu was abandoned in January of 2013 and was preliminarily diagnosed with leukocoria in her right eye and an artificial left eye.

Her hands are nimble and she can use one hand to grab the other. She normally grabs things and plays with toys on her own. She can do a few fine motor movements and she uses her fingers to grab onto and pick things up. Her left and right hands can pass things back and forth between them. She can grab onto cookies as well as fruit and eat them. She can walk on her own and she likes to jump and play in her crib. Lulu has post-operative retinal glioblastoma, an artificial eye and both her eyes cannot see things.

Lulu can call out, “ma ma” and sometimes she will baby talk. She understands what the nannies say and she especially likes to play together with the nannies; and when they tease her, she will smile happily. The child remembers the sounds of people she’s acquainted with and when she hears someone she’s familiar with, she will want to be held. She rarely cries and when the child is crying her heart out, if you grab a toy and give it to her, grab something to give her to eat or hold her she will be ok.

Lulu is a lively little girl who loves to smile and is especially likeable. She is very gregarious and she likes to play together with other little children. However, sometimes she is a bit shy. She is especially interested in sounds and likes to listen to music

$90.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Ethan MAA CollageBoy, born April 2004
deformity of right hand; deaf

Listed:  June 1, 2015




Family traveling soon to bring him home!


Sarah RK photoGirl, born May 2014
Severe growth developmental delay, crossed eyes

Since entering her institute Sara’s development has improved although she is slightly delayed compared to other children her age. Her adoption file was completed when she was around 15 months old. According to her report she could walk with her hand being held, pick up small objects with her fingers, hand objects to a care taker when asked and was learning to speak. She was said to be a sweet-tempered and happy little girl with a ready smile who enjoyed playing with other kids. She liked to be cuddled by adults and playing with toys that make sounds. Sara needs a family to help her grow!

DeclanBoy, born October 2005

Listed: August 6, 2015

Declan is an easy going and quiet boy who was admitted to the orphanage as a newborn and has lived there ever since. He has albinism and nystagmus (involuntary eye movements). Declan is able to attend school and makes average grades. It is said that he listens carefully to the teachers and respects them. He also loves to do hard work and earns awards from the teachers. Declan enjoys numbers and studying. He is a leader that unites his classmates. Declan loves to be outside in all types of weather, including snow. He gets along well with the other children and he likes playing games and playing on the outdoor playground equipment. Once he gets to know you a little, he becomes talkative and has a ready smile. He has strong language skills and expresses himself well. He doesn’t see objects clearly due to his weaker vision, so his actions can seem a bit timid and slow, but he does see colors fine. Declan’s gross motor development is stronger than his fine motor skills. He adapts easily and has strong self care skills. When it comes to eating, Declan has a reputation for having possibly the largest appetite in the dining room! Declan has waited long enough for a family- please help us find this great boy a family!

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David smilingBoy, born March 2004

Listed: October 9, 2011

David has cerebral palsy and his eyes cross.  He would do so well in a loving family!


Update March 2014:  This kid is AWESOME!!!! He seriously has no business in a level III/IV institution. His CP is so mild- he walked around, did all kinds of stuff. He’s smart and funny, he and my translator talked for about 15 minutes and she said he is a “very normal child and good at conversation.” He was very “appropriate”- I don’t know another way to say it- he was quiet and looked at us like “who are these strangers?” and looked to the nannies for approval, and only then spoke to us. My English (and butchered attempts at Russian) made him start to grin but he quickly got it under control and didn’t outright laugh at me (which makes him more polite than the majority of folks lol!) and he was very respectful.

I LOVE this kid- he needs a family immediately- someone to get him in school and get some botox in that left leg and get those legs stretched so he can walk easier. He would be an awesome addition to a family!

David has received a $10,000 older child grant

Victoria CollageGirl, born December 2002
Severe scoiosis, listed as CP but family should be open to other possibilities

Listed: January 26, 2016

Beautiful Victoria recently turned 13 years old. She’s SO special. Victoria is warmhearted and she has a gift for painting and drawing. She attends school in the orphanage and her favorite subject is painting. The staff told us that she can read and write well and that her mental abilities are totally normal. Victoria is a vegetarian and her favorite food is a tomato. She can eat independently and uses a spoon. Her favorite toys are Barbies and her best friend is a sweet girl who sleeps next to her. She loves the color pink and her favorite animal is a cat. She loves to sing, color, and draw and hopes one day to be a painter/artist. She is left handed. Victoria also loves to recite poems and tell stories. All of the other children in the orphanage love to listen to her stories!

Victoria understood what it meant to be adopted and when agency staff asked her if she wanted to be adopted, she got a big smile on her beautiful face. She is a very smart girl who came into care at the approximate age of two. She has lived in the orphanage ever since. The staff described her as quiet, shy, obedient, kind, creative, friendly, and smiley. She has good manners and is very polite. It was more than clear to us that she is a very special little girl with a bright smile and a light in her eyes!

As for her special needs, her file lists post-op cerebral palsy. The orphanage stated that when she was little she could move a lot, but now she doesn’t like to because her arms are not strong enough. She does have feeling in her legs and can move them. She can also sit up on her bed, with support. It seemed to our untrained eye that she had severe scoliosis and will need some extensive surgeries and that it very well could be a matter of life and death for her. It also appeared that she had unrepaired club feet and she also had a scar on her back- possibly spina bifida. She is toilet trained and can tell the nanny when she has to go to the bathroom, but she does need some help. If she doesn’t go to the bathroom quickly, she will have to go to the hospital and get a catheter. Her and her caretakers now know that when she feels the need to go, she needs to go right away. Victoria’s hearing and vision are normal and she is receiving therapy and special exercise 3-4 times a day. Her nanny loves her very much and it was clear she did everything she could to take care of her the best she could, but it is not enough. They said she was unable to have surgery in country.

Victoria will need a family to move forward and be in China for her before her 14th birthday, in December 2016.

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Kelsea (1)Kelsea (2)Girl, born 2005

Listed: December 8, 2015

Precious Kelsea is diagnosed as having a developmental delay and thalassemia. It is unknown if Kelsea is being transfused and the exact type of thalassemia she has. Her hemoglobin looks low, but it appears as if she has a more mild form of thalassemia. Madison has requested and update for her and will try to find out if she is being transfused. Kelsea may need a family open to any variation of thalassemia. An excellent resource for thalassemia.

Kelsea likes to dance, sing, draw pictures, and help with the younger children. She uses her expressions and language to express her emotions. She enjoys watching tv and singing children’s songs. Kelsea likes reading doll books and often will ask her caregivers to read to her. She can finish puzzles and likes to paint pictures of dolls, flowers, and grass. Kelsea is from a province that is very convenient/easy for adoptive families when it comes to the travel component. She’s waiting for her forever family to see her- maybe today is her day! Please share and help us find this beautiful little girl a family of her own.

There is a $3,000 agency grant for Kelsea’s adoption with her current agency.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

Nikkita (1) Nikkita (2)Girl, born January 2006
post-op congenital cataract, ataxia of both eyes, cerebral palsy, deveolpmental delay




FarrahGirl, born March 2006
Cleft palate, post-op cleft lip

Listed: June 26, 2015

Farrah was born with a significant cleft lip which was surgically repaired, as well as a smaller cleft palate. It has not been repaired yet, so her speech can be unclear. Farrah can still communicate quite well and she is eager to communicate with people. She is attending a primary school near the orphanage and gets along well with her classmates. She can write her name and she can read and write simple pinyin letters. She recognizes numbers and can add and subtract. Farrah is an active girl who enjoys listening to music. She can care for herself and can help clean up and wash clothes on her own. She is very curious about new things.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

LaylaGirl, born May 2003
Cerbral Palsy

Listed: June 24, 2015





Tanner JayBoy, born June 2005Tanner
Congenital Heart Defect

Listed: April 6, 2015

Tanner is a very bright boy, who recently learned how to play a musical instrument after just two classes! He was very nervous when our staff were visiting, but communicated very well. He likes to speak English and showed us a little of what he knows! Physically he is very small due to his serious heart condition. His lips were blue and his fingers were stumped when we saw him. He gets along very well with other children, and says he’d love a family with an older brother! He has good self-care skills, including dressing himself. He is in desperate need of a family to get him medical care.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

Elize (2)Elize (1)Girl, born November 2002
nerve deafness

Listed: September 25, 2015

Elize is a beautiful little girl who will be 13 years old in November. She is deaf, but is very outgoing and likes to communicate with her friends by writing or using sign language. She is in the 6th grade and does well in school. She is developing normally and is currently healthy. Please help Elize find her forever family!

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

LilyGirl, born 2011
Down syndrome, congenital heart condition

Precious Lily-who could resist that precious face. Lily is 4 years old and the life of the party. Though she has Down Syndrome and a heart condition, nothing stops this girl from enjoying life.

$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


daniella1Girl, born 2003
Cerebral palsy

Listed: December 3, 2015

What a beauty!!

She is very smart, friendly and quiet.  Love this girl!

Daniella has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! 

adamBoy, born 2012

Down syndrome

He used to live with his older brother, because his parents died. But his brother is very young, he is in his early 20’s, and when this boy got sick he gave up his custody because it is hard to care of the sick child.

His paperwork is just being started so he should be available in a couple of months.

JaceyBoy, born 2014

Ventricular septal defect
Atrial septal defect
Other congenital malformations of pulmonary artery
Other congenital malformations of tricuspid valve
Other disorders of nervous system not elsewhere classified

Sweet boy need a mama! He has pretty severe heart pathologies. He had one surgery and will probably need many more.


JimmyBoy, born July 2002

Jimmy is blind. Jimmy lived with his grandmother when he was little, but when she died he moved to his local orphanage. When he came to the specila foster home for the visually impaired, he was very sad. The first time he smiled was when he received training on how to use his cane. He was so excited to be able to walk by himself! No one had ever shown him that he could be independent. Jimmy has now run twice in the (mini) marathon and he often goes to the park to run 3-5km. Jimmy has progressed enough in his studies to be able to attend the School of the Blind. He has already been studying at this school for 2 years. He has piano lessons and he is very good, he loves being able to express himself through music. His caretakers are so proud of the way his personality and character have developed. Jimmy has worked hard at his piano lessons for the past few years and they have seen his confidence grow as he is impacted by the music he plays. He is very talented! When asked he said that he loves to draw for fun and his favorite food is noodles. For his favorite studies in school he likes anything that has to do with calculators and math. His favorite song is Edelweiss from the Sound of music. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he adamantly answered a pianist! this talented boy is waiting for a family who can help him further his studies on both academics and music. Are you that music loving family?

$38.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

HenrikBoy, born January 2007
Visual Impairment

Henrik has low vision and has lived in a foster home for orphans with visual impairments since 2011. Every child has an individual education plan and the goal is to allow them to be independent and live life to the full. When he first arrived at the foster home, he was very shy. Though he had good verbal skills, he didn’t like to talk very much. He is still a quiet boy, but when someone walks in the door he is one of the friendliest children and loves to come running up to take the newcomers hand! Henrik has low vision, but has very good mobility. He loves to run around and play like all little boys his age. He enjoys all the toys, but especially ones that are musical. His favorite musical instrument is the drums, and he loves to sing all the songs he knows to anyone who will listen. Henrik especially loves to play with big toys-including drums, balls and cars. He also loves playing with his friends. Since coming to the foster home, Henrik has grown immensely in his self-help skills. He can now get his own water, put on his clothes, and feed himself. He had not been to school before coming to his foster home, but he is catching up with everyone else. Henrik started school at the School for the Blind in August 2013. Henrik doesn’t walk with a cane because he is mostly able to see obstacles in the way, and he can read braille. Henrik has a beautiful smile that he shares with everyone he meets! Henrik ran in the (mini) marathon and he often goes to the park to run 3-5k. This little boy is so sweet – he loves it when he is shown affection. He would be a wonderful son!

$99.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

boysillouettenophotoJosh, the oldest brother, has grey-bluish eyes and light brown hair.

He has features of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),  specific developmental disorder of motor function, notable social negligence, other developmental disorders of speech and language, lisping

The boy is very active and dapper. He likes manly works like digging up soil and helping out in construction works. He is good in sports, especially in swimming and running. The boy is not able to focus attention for a longer period of time, he has difficulties in math and in reading. Taking into account the hyperactivity of the boy, he should do sports or other activities which requires physical efforts. Since the boy resides in an out-of-family care institution, he has became calmer, signs of hyperactivity have decreased, attends track and field hobby group and he participates in activities which takes place in the out-of-family care institution. The boy is longing for a family, he wants to have a mom and a dad. The boy takes care of his younger brothers, defends them if some conflict situation with other children arises. He has family relationship with his brothers.

Josh has a family in process to adopt him!


Raine (7)Girl, born January 2014
Vision Impairment

Adorable Alisha was just six months old when she arrived at her specific care home, and we often fight over who gets to cuddle our baby girl. She is a very happy baby. She is always smiling and loves to be held. She is very strong and often rolls from her back to her tummy and then lifts her arms and legs, which makes it look like she is flying! Alisha is in our baby home, where she gets lots of love and attention from the nannies. She was born with cataracts but had surgery to remove them shortly after she came to her current placement. She can see a little and focuses in on bright toys and faces. We love this beautiful little girl! A volunteer also recently said: She can crawl or walk with a push toy or holding someone’s hand. She has glasses prescribed but is still getting used to them.

$9.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


RianneGirl, born May 2011
Right eyeball atrophy; Small left eyeball







MatildaGirl, born April 2006






Braydin Braydin2Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome

Almost 2 year old Braydin is one of the most handsome little guys around. He is said to have a ready smile and he is doing really well developmentally. He is inquisitive and likes to explore. He is simply adorable and doing so well!

$90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

billyBoy, born 2012

Protein-energy malnutrition of moderate and mild degree
Generalized idiopathic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes
Mild mental delays
Other congenital valgus deformities of feet
Convergent concomitant strabismus


Matthew #01-10 (2) Matthew #01-10 (1)Age: 6
Diagnosis-very mild CP in his legs

Matthew walks and runs, though he does have an awkward gait due to the mild CP. He throws and catches a ball. His speech is excellent. He is able to ask and answer questions, share details about his life, count to 5 and hold a conversation with people. He gets along well with other children and adults. He does not have any behavioral concerns. He has a good memory. He participates in games and other activities and follow the rules set to complete the task. He is described as “sociable and affectionate”.

Photos and videos from July 2015 are available through the agency. In the videos, Matthew walks, runs, answers questions about his life and engages in conversation with an adult on the video.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Patience 8 Patience 2Girl, born Oct 2002
Cerebral palsy

Patience moved from the orphanage to a foster home in 2011. At that time, she also began receiving some schooling. She is happy, outgoing and polite. She likes to sing, recites children’s song, likes to express herself, is easy going, likes to take part in activities. She can help the caretaker do housework. She can read words at level of grade 2 or grade 3 kids. She has right view and correct cognition of things. She has good fine motor skills and is good at cross-stitch. She has an optimistic personality, and she is a kind-hearted girl. She always smiles at you.

She recovered very well from her surgery and likes outdoor play. She can walk by herself but one leg is still stiff. She has a hard time walking. She is wearing a leg corrective device and uses a cane. She falls sometimes. Better to use wheel chair to assist.

$1,917.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

LanikaiGirl, born October 2008
Cerebral palsy

Lanikai is a lovely little girl who is 6 years old! She arrived at the orphanage when she was almost 3 years old, and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and mild strabismus (crossed eyes). Lanikai is a sweet little girl, who so desperately wants to walk without help. She practices every day, and will sometimes cry in frustration when her efforts are not enough. Lanikai can walk with a walker, but is unable to stand or walk unassisted. She can use the walker to go where she needs, and is able to handle her toileting needs alone. Lanikai would certainly benefit from physical therapy. Her speech skills are good, and her fine motor skills are also good. Lanikai often asks the nannies when her new Mommy is coming for her. They always give her the same answer…”Your Mom is waiting for you afar. You just need to recover well, and your parents will come and take you home soon”. Lanikai always gives a content smile at this answer, and the happiness and hope are apparent in her eyes. It’s time for Lanikai to come home!

$10,359.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Fallyn2 2015 Fallyn 2015Fallyn 2Girl, two years old
Turner syndrome, neuro-sensory disorder in hearing, Persisting anemia, suspected for minor thalassemia

The agency has many photos and video, from October 2015

Fallyn was raised by her birth mother for the first year of her life. Her birth mother is deaf and mute, and Fallyn was developmentally delayed upon entering the orphanage.

She has undergone multiple hospital and specialist visits since entering the orphanage in order to receive a proper diagnosis. An MRI was done to check for CP or other conditions and results came back normal. She was severely anemic and had other deficits in her blood work upon entering the orphanage. She was given iron and Vitamin D supplements until her blood work came back in the normal range. She was diagnosed with a neuro-sensory hearing loss in late 2014, but no intervention or follow-up has been done as of her most recent report. .

Fallyn can walk independently. She looks around in her environment, smiles when teased, follows what happens around her and observes children and adults. She understands the voice tone of the adults. She cheers up when paid attention, vivifies and shouts out. She cheers up when contacted by a child, touches them and smiles wide. She reacts with cry to pain. She can be upset for a short time.

She pronounces syllables (ba-ba, da-da, ta-ta), sounds and crowing sounds. She turns when called by her name. She shouts loud to attract attention and doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. She has preference and linking to specific adults. She demonstrates cheerful emotion when seeing specific adults and is upset when they leave. She takes away toys form the hands of the other children. She interacts with the adults, seeks contact and attention but prefers to play alone and no one to invade her personal space. She reaches out, picks up a toy with both hands, transfers it from one hand to another, lifts it to her mouth and plays for a short time. She would shake it to produce sounds. She studies the toys for a long time from all sides. She prefers to play with her hands and touch them and her face. She claps with her hands. She has a favorite toy (a stuffed fox), holds it, “talks” to it and brings it up to her face. She eats with a spoon and drinks from an open cup.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Gabriella (1)

SMALLGirl, born February 2014
osteo-genesis imperfecta (OI)

Gabriella might have fragile bones but she has a mighty heart! She is currently living in a foster care center that focuses on caring for children with bone conditions. She is not currently getting pamidronate or any IV treatment for her condition as it is a difficult procedure in her home country. She has started to sit up on her own. It was scary for her but she kept on trying and is now a sitting expert and loves to be able to sit on her own. She is learning to feed herself and is also an expert at making a big mess when she does! But she is very happy to be learning more independence. She is described as being curious and social. Gabriella hasn’t had a bone fracture since the beginning of 2015. Gabriella will likely benefit immensely from having an IV treatment of bisphosphonates, such as pamidronate, every 3-6 months.

$720.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

judah-263x300Boy, born 2015

Cornelia de Lange syndrome
congenital heart defect


sweet baby boy!

$45.45 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Guardian AngelDaisy-2014Girl, born March 2005

Epilepsy; Other paralytic syndromes (cerebral palsy); Microcephaly; Coloboma of optic disc; Severe mental delays; intracranial injury

Daisy is a sweet flower who needs a family to really blossom!  Otherwise, she’s destined to a life in an institution.

From a missionary who visited in August 2014:  What a sweet sweet girl. She is vision impaired but she can see her bottle coming from the other side of the room! She gets very excited! She is fed a puree diet from a spoon, she has a very good appetite. She is hard to photograph as she moves her head a lot but she is so beautiful! Such amazing brown eyes.Her smile lights up the room! She stands with assistance and can even take a few steps. She can vocalize lots of noises. She would be such an amazing daughter to a lucky family.

$101.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Joseph2015 (6) Joseph2015 (2)Boy, age: 2



madelineGirl, born 2011

FAS – Congenital malformation syndromes due to known exogenous causes,
kidney hypoplasia (kidney function is retained)

Pretty in pink!



EmeryBoy, born September 2009
osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism)

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E five year old Emerson is diagnosed with osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism). At 5 years old, after a period of acupuncture and moxibustion, Emery could change positions from lying on his stomach to sitting. He could stand with support and could walk with one hand being held. He could walk forward by pushing a small cart. He is still receiving acupuncture and moxibustion therapy. He knows his gender, understands big and small, in and out, and he can take off simple unlined clothes. He can wash his hands without help and he can help people do things he is capable of doing. Emery is docile and adorable. He gets along well with other, likes to be held, teased and accompanied. He will smile when he is happy and he likes to listen to music. Emery will dance along with the music. Emerson is a beautiful little boy! Who will be blessed to be his lucky family?

MANY videos available from the agency.

$87.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



Boy, born May 2013

40331223243 Rogan

Down syndrome, Cleft lip / cleft palate, rickets, additional chord of the left heart ventricle, carrier of Hep. C antibodies

UPDATE NOV 2014:  Hep C blood test is negative


So glad to have a new pic, isn’t he darling!?  What a sweetheart!

$3,863.18 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

lazarus2lazarusBoy, born 2000
Down syndrome

He needs out NOW!! Please let’s find him a family!!

A Family must file the I600a before July 2016!

From a family that met him 3/14:
I love him. Quite simply, I really truly love him, and I hope someone goes and gets him immediately! If you could meet him, you would never want to let him go!!! He was in the bed next to another child I was talking to, and he fluttered his hand to me, and then grinned the cutest, most precious little smile I’ve ever seen! I turned and spoke to him and he turned on the full charm- he is very good at eye contact and a total flirt! His facial expressions are hilarious- and although I didn’t hear him speak, he is VERY good at communicating his needs/wants! He has so much personality. He pushed his covers off, and I noticed his tights had slid down almost to his knees, but before I could fix them, he gave me a sheepish grin and tried to reach for them, to cover himself up. I pulled them up for him, and he grinned a huge thank you, but then started wiggling his foot and pointing to it and frowning and sighing. The nanny came to adjust it, and they shared that he likes his tights fixed “just so” lol. The staff is quite worried about him, his belly is very distended and although he eats very much and well, he is not growing. (They pulled his shirt up to show me their concerns and he politely pulled it back down lol). His legs are very thin, but this is a great orphanage and they definitely feed the kids very well, so I would guess he has some type of digestive issues, maybe Celiac that keeps him from absorbing the nutrients very well and could cause that type of bloating in the abdomen. He can pull to sitting and stand and tried to take steps even, and is quite eager to do so- but his stomach weighs him down and his legs are just very thin to bear his weight very long. This sweet, wonderful, charming little guy needs a family FAST to get his medical needs straightened out so he can enjoy his life. He has the most adorable little face and his smile will steal your heart. He has so much eagerness for life, and his receptive language seemed to be good, but I hate seeing him without the medical care that is so easily available in the USA. Definitely one of my favorite kids ever- he totally stole my heart!

$5,117.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Graciella-001Girl, born March 2008
Down syndrome

Here’s Graciella, an adorable little girl who is in kindergarten and loves to color! Graciella demonstrates great independence, understands what is spoken to her, feeds and dresses herself. Graciella can count to 10 and loves to talk to others around her. Graciella-002Graciella is in need of a loving family who will continue to bring color and adventure into her life!

$1,090.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

PollyGirl, age: 1

Diagnosis: Multiple malformative syndrome – congenital anomalies with predominant affection of the facial area and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; Internal hydrocephalus without necessity for neurosurgical intervention; Delay in the neuro-psychical development.

Polly has undergone genetic testing with all the results coming back normal. Her emotional tone is very good. She loves interacting with other children and her caregivers. She has a special bond with one specific caregiver. She is a very social baby. She is making sounds and attempting to communicate. She smiles when spoken to and laughs out loud when played with.

Additional photos and videos will be available soon.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


JoyGirl, born August 21, 2002
Mild dysgnosia

Her paperwork is old, from 2009 and it states:
For her better growth, we sent her into foster family. During this period, she become more outgoing, and will not afraid of people, and can call people. In kindergarten, nannies teach her dance, she study seriously, nannies and children all liked her very much.  She is a beautiful girl.
From a volunteer who met her:
Joy is getting better and better since coming [here]. With enough teaching and training we hope Joy will be able to live independently eventually. Joy was hit when she was little. We only spent several hours with her, but she wasn’t aggressive when we were there. She actually was quite caring. She can cook and do everything for herself. School is very hard for her and when she can’t do her school work it makes her very sad. Joy only lived with [the volunteer]for a few months, but she had improved greatly in that time. Her behavior was much better. She isn’t sure about her being able to live independently.

Additional pictures available.

$54.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

bELINDA2 BelindaAge: 12
Diagnosis: Familial laden – the mother is with oligophrenia and the child was born from close kinship relationship; Prematurity 2nd degree; Congenital relapsing ichthyosiform erythroderma; Microcephalus and malformative stigmas; Hypotrophy; Delay in the physical and neuro-psychical development; Severe mental delay

Belinda spent the first 9 years of her life in an orphanage where she was extremely neglected and malnourished. She is now in much better living conditions and has made developmental progress as a result. She learned to walk at age 12! She walks around the medical ward that is well familiar to her. She sits down and stands up from the chair and can move it according to her choice. She manipulates well with both hands and has well developed fine motor skills. She seeks independently her favorite toys and aligns blocks well. She has formed an emotional bond with an adult. She has a favorite place in her crib as well as in the play room. She perceives and expresses positive and negative emotions. She reacts to speech and differentiates between familiar adults and strangers. She demonstrates attention to objects and toys that are interesting for her, as well as to the specialized classes. She has moderately developed memory for favorite toys and persons. She has developed time and spatial characteristics with respect of the different places she goes to, as well as with respect of the start and end of activity, the regimen for eating, and presence and absence of adults. She is with good emotional tone. When talked to or teased, she smiles and recognizes the members of the team. When someone talks to her or explains and shows something, she shows interest in repeating words and actions, however she can’t speak yet. She is not aggressive. She makes attempts to pronounce her first syllables. She pronounces sounds and laughs loud. She understands almost everything that she is told. She can carry out elementary orders according to verbal instructions. She doesn’t express herself with words but with specific vowels. She is interested in specific objects and toys; she seeks them and plays with them. She likes to be nicely dressed and to be paid attention. She interacts well with the personnel and with the other children. She goes on walks daily and interacts positively with the other children.

Photos and videos from November 2015 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Emmaleigh (1)

Emmaleigh (4)Girl, born May 2013
Down’s Syndrome

Emma was found abandoned in early June 2013. She is described as smart and cute. She loves climbing, running, jumping, and walking around. She is very extroverted and loves interacting with people. Emma will clap and sing along to music, and she loves getting new shoes and clothes. Emma has a great appetite, and is not picky.

$1,912.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!




Girl, Born June 2004

Spina bifida with hydrocephalus, low paraparesis, pelvic organs impairment, organic disorders of behavior and personality, paralytic clubfoot, kyphoscoliosis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic granulated cystitis, convergent squint, retinal vascular abnormalities, myopia, reactive pancreatitis, biliary dyskinesia, nanism


Yasmine is walking sunshine! What a glorious smile and a personality to match! Yasmine was born with CP.  She has congeinital hydrocephaly as well. Her feet/ankles are turned in, but she is able to pull to a stand and tries so hard to get around! Surgery and therapy can make a world of difference for this darling little girl.

Let’s find a family for her FAST!!!

More photos available, please inquire. Older parents and large families welcome. MARRIED COUPLES ONLY.

$2,741.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


tolanBoy, born 2005

From a family that met him in early 2015:

He is an amazing boy!!!!


$508.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

RyanBoy, born February 2012
S.E. Asia
Down syndrome

This 3-year-old is said to be active and happy when playing with other kids in his care center. He appears to be in good health and have good motor skills. He was left in a hospital at birth, and a few days later came to his current care center. He has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and to have small stature. His fears include dogs, the dark, and heights. He reportedly will not eat with the TV on but eats well when music is played. Exploring his surroundings is one of his favorite activities. He obeys simple commands but often says “no” when he refuses or disagrees with something. An adoptive family should have access to excellent medical and developmental resources for this child to thrive.

$14,965.12 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Kaitlyn (2)

Girl, born March 2013
Down syndrome

Kaitlyn is an adorable little one who will turn 3 years old in March! She was born with Down syndrome, so she has the expected developmental delays. Kaitlyn has no known heart issues, or other health concerns. Her motor skills are progressing, and she is an active little girl. Kaitlyn is very loving and social, and really enjoys playing with new toys! She also enjoys playing with Katrina, who was born on the same day as Kaitlyn, and also has Down syndrome! Kaitlyn and Katrina can be adopted together, if your family can handle all the cuteness, hugs, and kisses! Video is available from the agency!

The agency hopes to place Kaitlyn and Katrina with the same family. They were born on the same day, both have Down syndrome, and there is a possibility they may be twins. If so, we do not want to separate these two sweet girls! What fun times are ahead for the family who brings these two little ones home to be their daughters!

$1,498.45 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Katrina_webreadyGirl, born March 2013
Down syndrome, post-op Congenital heart defect


Katrina is a sweet and oh-so-cute little one who will turn 3 years old in March! She came into care as a baby, and was found to have Down syndrome, along with a CHD (not at all uncommon for kids with Down syndrome). Katrina has already had surgery to repair the PDA, ASD, and VSD. That was done in 2013. After the surgery, her general health improved. Katrina has the delays expected with a child who has Down syndrome, although she is making good progress. She is easily comforted when she is sad by some snuggles and sweets. Katrina has quite the sweet tooth! She loves to play, and enjoys being with Kaitlyn, born on the same day, who also has Down syndrome. The girls can be adopted by the same family.

The current agency has a $2000 grant available for Katrina’s adoption.

The agency hopes to place  Katrina and Kaitlyn with the same family. They were born on the same day, both have Down syndrome, and there is a possibility they may be twins. If so, we do not want to separate these two sweet girls! What fun times are ahead for the family who brings these two little ones home to be their daughters!

$500.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Evita (2)Girl, born August 2013
limb difference, sinus tract in lumbosacral region, developmental delay

Precious 1.5 year old Evita is diagnosed with deformed limbs, sinus tract in lumbosacral region, developmental delay. At the age of 7-9 months, Evita could roll over and began to pay attention to the environment around her. Between 10 and 12 months, she could sit alone and crawl. She also learned how to cruise furniture around this time as well. Her motion development is limited due to her limb deformity. She was smiling at 2 months and using her eyes to seek the source of a sound and to follow moving objects at 3-4 months of age. She started making sounds like bababa between 5-7 months and responded when called between 8 and 10 months. At one she would make good eye contact with toys, her caregivers, and visitors. She can now copy adults to do things such as waving goodbye. Evita had a right clubbed foot repaired in May 2014. Evita very much enjoys playing with other children and playing with age-appropriate toys. Evita is a beautiful little girl who desperately needs to know the love a forever family! Could your family be the family Evita has been waiting for?

$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

NoelBoy, born 2014

Down Syndrome, acute pyelonephritis and hydronephrosis sinistra, neuropathic regurgitation

This sweet baby boy loves listening to music and spending time with his favorite caretakers. He laughs and babbles with excitement while making eye contact and cries desperately when left alone. He has no reported heart defect, but currently receives treatment for his kidney issues. Hoping he finds his family this Christmas!

$40.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Jarred (2)

Jarred (1)Boy, born November 2014
Down syndrome



$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

BeauBoy, born April 2008
Repaired cleft lip/palate and droopy eyelids.


Beau loves to run around and play outside with the other kids. He is timid and shy but very curious about the world around him. He is said to be on target developmentally and is loved by his caregivers.

$1,438.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Toby - croppedBoy, born 2010
Cerebral dysplasia

Toby is an adorable little boy who is 2 years old. He came into care as an infant. Toby is developing on target, with no delays when compared to his peers. Toby is a very out-going and active little guy, who has no fear of strangers. At this point, he considers everyone to be a potential playmate!

Toby had a heart scan, which showed no problems. He had a CT scan of his brain, which showed the left hemisphere was reduced, and there was evidence of a past brain injury (prenatal or during birth). Toby does not have seizures, does not show any developmental delays, and is happy and healthy (other than usual childhood illnesses). The brain of a child is wonderful that way…it can compensate for many issues it may have! He loves to play, and is a very active little boy who is “full of curiosity”, according to the nannies! His favorite toys are balls…soccer, baseball, tennis…which will he choose? Toby is a wonderful little boy, who will be such a joy to have in your family!

$19.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

ZhenyaBoy, born 2010

Other osteochondrodysplasia, Thanatophoric short stature

$90.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

girlsillouettenophotoGirl, born 10 years old
Farsighted, flat feet, one leg shorter than the other, speech delays

Haddie is nice, smile girl with the beautiful brown eyes. She is an open girl and is looking for contact with children and adults. She is very sensitive and emotional.

She is in the third class in the preliminary school.  Her intellectual develop is impaired in mild. She has individual education program which is matched to her possibility. Her behavior is good, she is also good pupil.

Haddie reads and understands short text, she can write sentences and write these sentences by ear and by memory. She can learns songs and poems. But she needs some help with her homework. She works slowly. Haddie has a problem with mathematics. She writes very pretty. Last year she started work with the speech therapist and with the pedagogic.

Haddie has traumatic history. She and her older sister after they both were removed from the family home; they have been placed in many places – mostly in the intervention institutions. In 2006 they started live in the foster family. In 2008, her sister died. In 2009, Haddie was placed in new foster family where she is living now. This foster family is good, these people try to help her and give her opportunity to develop and sense of safety.

Haddie likes to take care of youngest children and she is willing to help in homes duties. She likes to draw – her works are very interesting and creative. She has good mobility in spite of her health problems. She likes to dance and she is interested in animal’s word, she likes horse’s rides. She also likes swimming.

$9.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

isaiahisaihu-2016Boy, born 2009
Deep mental delay, Cerebral palsy


UPDATE December 2015:  “The orphanage doctor believes Isaiahu is losing his sight. We do not know the cause, but our team has noticed that he does not appear to track as well as he used to. The orphanage he is in is poor and rural. There will be nothing done for his sight unless he is adopted. Time is of the essence for this most precious boy.”


From a family who has met him many times:  “This little guy came to the institution at the beginning of last summer and we have seen him blossom under the care of a specially hired nanny. He is nonverbal, but he has the best laugh. He giggles and smiles very easily. The only time we hear him cry is when he is jealous that he doesn’t have his nanny’s full attention. He loves to be taken outside, and he loves to play with his mobile that hangs above his crib. He has a good appetite and is learning how to better eat by spoon instead of by bottle. He is slowly learning to hold his head up, but cannot sit or roll over, as he has had no therapy of any kind. He would absolutely thrive with the love of a family. He is pure sunshine!”

$5,779.78 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Fanny (2)

Fanny (1)Girl, born 2008
Ear deformities, strabismus

Fanny is a “very bright, considerate, honest, and friendly” 6.5 year old girl whose host-only mom says, “She is a loving child who would be a blessing to a family. Her photos don’t do her justice. She is a beautiful little girl who deserves a good home.”

Fanny was abandoned when she was just two days old. She was born with ear deformities and she has strabismus, but they don’t affect her hearing and vision. Her hosts say she is developmentally age-appropriate and in some ways advanced, easily adapting to rules and family life, getting through difficult tasks, showing her intelligence, and bonding warmly with children and adults. She enjoys physical activities, has been boating, kayaking, swimming, bike riding, and has even played basketball. She did gymnastics with the girls on her summer visit and learned to do a cart wheel. She likes playing with other children, starts out timid, but quickly opens up. She’s an active talker who likes to sing and listen to music.

We visited with Fanny at her orphanage in late June. She was friendly and happy. She attends kindergarten and likes to help the teacher.

$27.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


chantelle1Girl, born 2001

Down syndrome, mental delay, crossed eyes

She doesn’t talk, she likes to dance very much. Nice girl.


$5,000.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

delmardelmar2014-12delmar2014-1Boy, born January, 2004

Down syndrome, mental delays, inborn partial optic atrophy of both eyes

From an adoptive family who visited him in 2014:   ”  He is hilarious. He is on puree but can take some lumps. That means he is usually the last to eat and squacks with displeasure. He loves to makes noises with his lips and will thrive in a family. I bet he will learn to speak.  When I came to visit my son he came and sat on the couch next to me and held my hand for 20 minutes. He is not particularly shy. He does very small bits of rocking and does not do much stimming.  He is a favorite of the caretakers.  He is a sweet and curious little guy who is the size of a 4 or 5 year old.”

From an adoptive family who visited with him in June 2013:   I met Delmar today. He is really tiny … maybe the size of a 3 year old, very petite in build. He was quite shy and didn’t want to come near me. He moved away when I tried to touch his hand. He was more open with the therapist who was there (a guy). Mostly he just sat on a mat, rocking and looking into space. Occasionally he waved his hands around. He’s a beautiful little boy, and was adorable in a tiny pair of overalls.

10 day wait often waived here. Married couples only, larger families welcome.

$10,320.55 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

BiancaGirl, born 2015
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect (post-op)

Bianca Jo is 1 and thriving! She has a great smile, listens attentively to the world around her, and interacts well with her caregiver. The following information was reported by our in-country coordinator: Bianca Jo’s current head circumference is 44cm, chest circumference is 52cm, height is 77cm, tooth number is 3, foot length is 10cm and weight is 9.8kg. Bianca Jo can roll over, hold up her head on her own and she likes to be held.

$468.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Maddox (1)Maddox (2)Boy, born Sept 2010

Not only is Maddock super handsome, but his caretakers describe him as smart and lovely. He was abandoned at about 3 years of age and now lives in a foster family. Maddock is deaf. Although he cannot hear or speak, he can express his needs. If he wants to eat something, he will tap/pull his foster mom to get him what he’s asking for. Maddock manages all of his own self care needs and likes to keep his toys and clothing tidy. If his clothes are dirty, he will ask to change. If his socks are dirty, he will take them off and wash them himself. He can also help the younger kids put on and take off their clothes. Maddock likes playing toy blocks with the younger kids and he enjoys writing. He can use a spoon or chopsticks to eat and his favorite foods are meat and eggs. Maddock attends the school for the deaf in his city with the other deaf children from his orphanage. He can understand simple Chinese sign language. Maddock is so handsome, capable, and ready for a forever family! Could you be the lucky family to get to walk this cutie into school and see his sweet little wave every day?

Daisie Mae (1)daisiemae-2015-2Girl, born 2012
Down syndrome / CHD (post surgery)

Daisie Mae is an adorable little one who is 3 years old! She came to the orphanage as a baby, and was found to have Down syndrome, and a heart defect (VSD/PFO). She received surgery in August 2012, and has made a complete recovery. Daisie Mae has good motor skills, and her receptive speech is also very good. She is talking a bit, and can make her needs known. Daisie Mae is an energetic little girl who loves to play with her friends. She has learned a valuable orphanage survival tactic…if another child wants your toy, you hide it behind you! This precious little girl will be a delightful daughter!

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

AntonioBoy, born Dec 2005

Antonio is outgoing, active and lovely. Sometimes he will get upset, but after some teasing and reassuring, he is fine. Usually he is optimistic, likes to take part in the games to play different roles, and can feel happy with everyone in the games. He likes watching cartoons, and in particular when he watches the funny picture, he will laugh happily. His caretakers love him and he is growing up healthily and happily.

Antonio is a lovable boy who likes dancing and performing. He can get frustrated because he has difficulty communicating, which is normal for a deaf child with no formal means of language. Just think how his world could open up when he learns sign language. Will you be the one to help expand his world?  His caretakers are hoping he finds a family soon.

$45.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

AnnaAnna3Girl, born 2013
Down syndrome, nystagmus

Anna Mae is a lovely 2 year old girl who loves to play. She will giggle when she is in front of a mirror and she also loves being outside with her caretaker. Anna Mae can sit stable, play with toys with both hands, transfer toys from one hand to another. Though Anna Mae is receiving great care, she would so benefit from the love and care that only a family can give her so that she can reach her full potential.

$135.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

ScarlettGirl, born 2013
Down syndrome

Miss Scarlett! She turned two at the end of October, and she is ready! Scarlett has Down Syndrome. She is alert and sociable! At 13 months old, she was rolling from back to stomach, grasping toys, attached to her caregiver, would sit for a few seconds and continues to make great progress. She always has a ready smile and likes bright things.

$32.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

BrennanBoy, 10 months old
Down syndrome / GI issues (needs surgery)

This sweetheart has urgent medical needs. Unfortunately, his paperwork to allow him to be available for international adoption has not yet been prepared. His parental rights have not yet been severed — when paperwork progresses will be updated again.


** Additional information coming soon **

$40.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption! When we receive additional information on Brennan’s availability, we will re-open his grant to allow further donations.

evie-225x300-croppedGirl, born 2014

Down syndrome, congenital pes planus, Congenital deformity of sternocleidomastoid muscle, Other specified congenital malformations of urinary system, Mild protein-calorie malnutrition

Sweet baby girl!! She needs love!

$1,714.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

30818212820sabine-2015Girl, born Nov 2009
Epilepsy, left cross-eye


So glad to have a new photo of Sabine!  



$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Faith2 resizedGirl, born August 2005
deformity of fingers and trouble with her feet and knees

Faith, 10.5, is a playful, clever, active and lovely girl with normal intelligence and mental development. She is well-liked and loves playing with others.

Faith was in the US for two weeks where she stayed with a host family. Her host family says, “Faith is very amiable, friendly and caring. She interacts & communicates with us naturally. She is highly confident and positive about herself. She has high self-esteem. She is strong and determined. She is also very brave. She asks me to be sure to eat breakfast if she sees I haven’t yet. If she sees me carrying a heavy laundry basket downstairs, she urges me to be careful walking down. She shows concern for her host sister. She likes drawing, writing, reading, singing, playing play dough, playing with her host sister. She reads high level Chinese fluently, is memorizing the English alphabet, and is learning English very quickly. She writes and draws beautifully. She writes math formulas/sentences/answers/solutions clearly. She makes play dough very artistically. She has talent in arts and music, which are her favorite subjects. She maintains good daily routines such as brushing teeth, washing, taking a shower. She makes her bed neatly every morning. She seems well trained and disciplined. She is totally adorable.”

Faith has deformity of fingers and trouble with her feet and knees. She had surgery in April of 2015, is now wearing orthopedic shoes, and will receive a second surgery next year. Her video shows her wearing a brace on her right leg, but she is walking and running. She kept up with everyone at arrival, played well with other children, and showed her happy and friendly nature.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

jessie1Girl, born 2010

crossed eyes


$1.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


OwenBoy, born 2012
cleft lip and palate and postoperative CHD

Meet precious Owen. This precious boy can light up a room with his big personality. He loves to play and enjoys making everyone around him laugh. He has overcome some big odds and has a long way to go. But his medical condition does not stop him from enjoying life. Owen enjoys singing and is a big entertainer. He really likes “peek-a-boo”. Despite his cleft lip and palate, he is an independent eater, and can handle most foods. He also suffers from a heart condition, and has endure one surgery already. Precious Owen is in a wonderful group foster home. But he desperately needs his forever family to find him soon. He is in great need of further medical care and love that can only come from his forever family. Owen loves to snuggle and cuddle. He will be such a treasure to his forever family. Even though his beating heart is medically fragile….his real heart is so full of joy and life! He is a gift.

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

girlsillouettenophotoGirl, born June 2013

Small for her age; Protein energy malnutrition, stage III. OU Myopia, stage II. Milk protein intolerance. Psychomotor development delay. Speech development delay.

She has brown eyes and dark brown hair. She crawls quite quickly, sits stable, stands up holding to something, takes in hand toys of different sizes, shows more interest in toys, new things. She checks all with her forefinger, responds when someone speaks to her, plays both alone and with other children, she likes the sound of music. The girl began to emit sounds (“mum”, “pa”) recently, wants others to pay more attention to her, can drink from the cup with an assistance as well as she can eat off a spoon.

A photo will be available to the family after USCIS approval.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


march updated photoBoy, born 2013
post-operative congenital cataracts, resolved CHD

Shepard was recently disrupted in country :(
During the first 24 hours Shepard appeared to have very little visual acuity and be withdrawn. It’s not known if his withdrawn behavior was due to the stress of the transition, institutional behavior (he had some self soothing especially when put in the crib) or because he is somewhere on the autism spectrum. He needs a family who is going to work through all of this, and be okay with his unknown level of vision.

Although his privacy name is Shepard, this wee fellow is more like a lovely little lamb. What a fun little boy who likes to play. He likely relives his active day at night as he sometimes will smile in his dreams. He is described as sweet, curious, engaging, beloved, and sometimes stubborn. Shepard entered the SWI as a newborn and was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. At a year old, a new ultra sound showed that his heart had resolved itself of disease without surgery. He did have surgery to correct congenital cataracts at 4 months of age. He now reportedly can see balls in front of him and even little chicks running in the grass when he goes outside so it appears he has vision. The exact degree of his vision is not stated however.

Shepard’s reports from 5/2014 when he was 12 months old share:
A physical exam when he entered the orphanage found he had congenital heart disease.
Shepard’s skin was a bit dark, and on top of that he had congenital heart disease. When he entered the orphanage he was always crying, and each time he would cry until he was out of breath. Under the meticulous care of the nannies, the number of occurrences of his heart disease showing effect has lessened.

When this little guy first entered the orphanage, his appetite was particularly good. When he drank his milk, he knew to use his hands to support the bottle and slowly drink his milk. He would finish it completely and afterward give a big burp and a toothless smile. Then he would lay down his head and sleep, and sometimes he would smile in his dreams.

Shepard is very sweet. When lying on his stomach, he can lift his head and look forward. His personality is somewhat introverted and very quiet; he likes to listen to soft music when he sleeps. He sucks his fingers and makes “ng ng, ah ah” sounds. Shepard likes brightly colored toys, and when the nanny waves a red ball in front of him, he will happily wave his hands and feet.

When Shepard wakes up, he will first roll around in his crib and then cry out. When he hears the nanny’s footsteps, his crying will decrease, and when she arrives at his crib, he will immediately stop crying. He uses his cries to tell the nanny he wants to get up. With the nannies’ ceaseless care, little Shepard’s heart condition has already recovered, and this time when another cardiac ultrasound was done, it was completely normal, which is wonderful.

Shepard’s favorite thing is to play outside. Whenever he sits in the little car to go outside, he looks all around, his eyes unblinkingly taking everything in. When he sees a little chick running, his eyes stare with a very surprised expression. Now he is working hard to learn how to sit. When the nanny first started to teach him to sit, he would angrily straighten his legs, completely uncooperative with the nanny. But the nanny encouraged him with food, and as time slowly passed, Shepard was not so resistant. Later he would smile happily as he practiced sitting, waiting for the nanny to give him food. He is a great kid.

We hope that Shepard will soon find a family and have a happy and joyful life.

$3,600.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Paddy (1)Paddy (2)Boy, born March 2014
Post-op anal atresia, post-op congenital heart disease-ASD, VSD

Paddy was diagnosed as having anal atresia and is now post-op for that condition. Later he was found to have CHD- ASD and VSD, for which he has now had a surgery as well. In the fall of 2014 after his AI surgery, Paddy entered foster care sponsored. He also receives rehabilitation treatment there. At the time his file was prepared, Paddy was able to walk for one to two steps when holding the nanny’s hand. When Paddy sees others eating, he will stretch out his hand for food. He enjoys playing with his nannies and is said to enjoy playing “hide and seek” the most. Paddy is an energetic, bright, active, and lovely boy with a quick reaction. He loves playing with toys and listening to music. Will your family be the family that is blessed to wake up to that cute face every morning?

$7.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


picture taken at 1 month old

mark1Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome


$530.54 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Girl, born 2001

Down Syndrome


Very nice and smart girl.  She talks, likes to sing and dance


$5,000.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

JuniorBoy, born September 2010
Postoperative Congenital heart defect (Tetralogy of Fallot)

Junior is a handsome little boy. He is observant and pays attention to details. He likes making noodles and he even asked the nanny is she wants to have some. Junior also enjoys making snowman and telling stories to younger children in the orphanage. He had a surgery to treat his CHD on Oct 2011 and it went well and he recovered well. Now he is as active as other kids his age. Junior is a social boy, he says hello to people all the time. He is a sunny and sweet boy!

$123.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Ginny RKGirl, born 2012
Congenital heart defect

Ginny is all girl, although it’s hard to tell with her short haircut and attire. She recently turned 3. She was found abandoned outside the orphanage at 7 months of age. She had surgery in August, 2015 to correct two heart defects, Tetrology of Fallot and Patent Foramen Ovale. A US cardiologist who reviewed her file indicates that a primary repair done correctly leads to a generally good prognosis. Ginny does not take any cardiac medication and her activities are not restricted, so it seems that she’s doing quite well now.

Ginny has good bowel and bladder control during the day but is still in diapers at night. She has well developed fine and gross motor skills. She walks and runs well. She has good self-care skills: she can dress and undress herself, knows what to do when she feels cold or tired, and expresses herself well. Ginny likes to watch TV and listen to music. She is reported to have typical intelligence.

Is Ginny the daughter you’ve been searching for?

Girl, Born July 2, 2007


From her medical records: minimal brain dysfunction, delay of psychological and speech development (may have slight mental delay), patent foramen ovale, crossed eyes.

Lynne is a beautiful blue eyed girl who was born with FAS.  She is quite smart and high functioning socially.  She is described as calm and friendly, and will do well in a family.   FAS, Congenital heart disease; minor pulmonary valve stenosis; delay of psychological development, crossed eyes.

$4,342.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Aren (1)Aren (2)Boy, born January 2011
post-op meningomyelocele; post-op hydrocephalus

Meet handsome Aren! He is diagnosed as post-op meningomyelocele and post-op hydrocephalus. Aren has an outstanding personality, is very determined, and is all boy. He is clever and can understand adult’s facial expressions and tones and gives the corresponding response. Aren likes to play in the yard, touch the flowers and grass, pick berries, and watch birds and butterflies flying, the fish in the pond, and the dog in the doghouse.

In April 2011 Aren was sent for surgery for lumbosacral meningomyelocele. He healed well and was discharged. Rehabilitation helped with his recovery and mobility. In September 2013, Aren was sent to the hospital where he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. He received a shunt and now he is fine. In May of 2014, he was placed with a foster family. The foster parents love him very much and view him as a part of the family. Aren’s surgery caused his abnormal walking. As of September 2014, he could stand up and walk with his hands holding onto something for support, climb, crawl fast, and could go upstairs and ride the rocking horse. He has a good appetite and sleeps well. He could make the sound of mama and could express goodbye and welcome by gestures.

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Cailin (1)

Boy, born February 2007
postoperative cleft palate; postoperative Congenital heart defect-ASD;
postoperative mesenteric lymphangiomainteractive (read below).

Cailin (2)


Cailin is outgoing and sweet. He is friendly and kind to others. He is delayed, especially when compared to his foster brother, Henry. He is able to learn and works very hard!  Cailin has had heart surgery and recovered well. He has a droopy eye. The woman who supervised his program believes he might have an arachnoid cyst that is impacting his eye. Cailin and Henry would love to be brothers!

$49.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


dominica2Girl, born 2002

cerebral palsy, spastic dyplegia, mental delays
From a family that spent time with her in 2015:  Dominica is bubbly and outgoing…walks with a limp but doesn’t let that stop her. She is a happy sweet girl who loves hugs …she also gives them freely…she is helpful and cleans up after the little children and I saw her doing chores as well. She is BEAUTIFUL on the inside just as she is on the outside.

From a family that met her: She is an amazing young lady who would LOVE to be adopted and have a family of her own. She is LOVELY- absolutely radiant, and very eager to interact, but also very sweet and sat patiently while I spoke with the other girls. She shocked me- I would say things in English and she would nod, and then repeat my words with a slight accent (like “hello” and “how are you” and “cheese” for posing for the camera). Obviously, I was quite impressed! She is a very sweet girl, and well liked by the others there. She’s quite short for her age, but not overly thin. She sits independently and although she has some mixture of high and low tone, she was very able to maintain her balance on the couch. Her facial muscles are affected, but she eats independently and speaks clearly. To be quite honest, I think she would make a lovely addition to a family! Her smile is absolutely beautiful and matches her sunny personality!”


Boy, Born August 2009

Probable Polands Syndrome  (characterized by left nipple & pectoralis major absent, and syndactylia of 2 fingers)
dysraphism right eye, drooping mouth.

Max is very quiet but does like it when visitors interact with him. He is very interested in his surroundings, is easy to please and loves to laugh. Being tickled is one of his favorite things and he also enjoys playing with toys.

He had a genetics evaluation via photos and internet consultation in 2011, and it’s believe he could have a chromosomal deletion or duplication.  Poland syndrome/sequence is sometimes associated with Moebius syndrome (6th and 7th nerve palsy) and occasionally Goldenhar Syndrome.   It is recommended that he getting a chromosomal microarray (CMA) to rule out chromosomal abnormalities. This blood test is not available in his country, but the test could be done after adoption.

$162.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

JessikaGirl, born 2003
Hep B; Post-operative CHD; mild strabismus

Jessika is a polite, sweet, intelligent young girl. She is a great helper, and can always be found helping the teachers with the younger children. Jessika loves reading and reciting poetry. She gets along well with others, and is described as well behaved. She is at risk of aging out, as she turns 13 this summer.


Beth update Beth update3Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome

Adorable Beth is a playful little girl. She loves the piano and being outside. She is able to crawl and even walk when holding onto something sturdy. Her fine motor skills are progressing well and she can pick up small items, tear paper and pull tissues out of a container! Beth is curious and engaged with her surroundings and people. Right now she is in a specialty care center and making great progress there. She is such a happy girl and ready to share her smile with her family.

$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

sibs Sibling set!

Girls born 2009 and 2013


They must be adopted together!  They are so so cute!!

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HelenaGirl, born 2010
Intenstinal tuberculosis, emotional/behavioral delays (possible autism)

Helena, age 5 ½, was found abandoned near a bus station when she was just one day old. She has been in the orphanage system ever since. Helena was diagnosed with intestinal tuberculosis in 2013. She was given medication for several years and in 6/15 she was considered cured and the medication was stopped. She also had an inguinal hernia, which was repaired in 2013 and left her with a very small scar but no after-effects.

When she was two years old, Helena was diagnosed with emotional/behavioral disorder with symptoms that sound similar to autism and sensory sensitivity. The orphanage devised a structured rehabilitation program, which has brought about great improvements. Helena now is much more cooperative with her teachers, knows her body parts, follows instructions, can jump and run, and has good hand/eye coordinator. She still has significant speech delays, doesn’t say much, but understands what others are saying and communicates through gestures. Her current diagnosis is intelligence development delay or mental retardation.

Are you the family that can help Helena become all that she can be?

esteban140913170637Boy, born 2012

epilepsy, ventricular septal defect, other congenital malformations of the cardiac septa


update 2/15 – He had last seizure in October 2014. He is on medication for epilepsy. His heart condition does not require surgery.


$10,006.95 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Michael 2014 (1)

Michael 2014 (3)Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome

Do babies get cuter than Michael?!

When his file was completed at 9 months it said he is happiest when he gets to go outside and loves to sit on a rocking chair. He will rock the chair and tries to see if he can rock faster than his friends. He loves to laugh out loud and smiles.

$34.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

callie2callie-2015girl, born 2015
Down Syndrome


What a beautiful baby girl!!


$135.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

rickboy, born 2011


Adopted domestically


charlie-2015-2Boy, born 2004
Down Syndrome

Very nice, affectionate child. Helps caregivers, participates in orphanage performances, likes to study.

Can you look into this smiling face and NOT smile back?!

From a family who met him: Charlie is a real sweetheart. He is friendly to all, well behaved, well mannered and follows directions well. He loves to draw and color. He gets along well with the other children in his groupa. He can talk and feeds himself and dresses himself. He would fit in well with younger or older children! He was reserved around us but lit up when I started talking to him. His hugs are precious. He is well-loved by the other children and the workers.

$3,797.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Tucker 4-4Boy, age: 3
Diagnosis: hyperthyroidism, mild delays primarily in speech

Tucker walks, runs and hops. He plays with toys, follows verbal directions, and drinks from a cup. His speech is delayed, but he does pronounce some sounds and communicate his wants/needs through non-verbal actions. He has a developed imagination and enjoys cuddling with a close adult.

Additional photos and videos are available through the agency.

Delylah Delylah2Age: 15
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Delylah will age out in March 2016!  She needs a family to commit to her prior to then!

Delylah is described as “cheerful, endearing, and very compassionate to smaller children”. She had surgery on her knee in 2014.

More medical information is being obtained, along with videos of Delylah.

$4,584.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

HannahGirl, born 2010
S.E. Asia
Down syndrome

This happy girl has Down syndrome and came into care at approximately 2 months of age. She is noted to be generally healthy. She has developmental delays but is said to cooperate well with care center staff and her therapy teacher and love to attend her early intervention class for children with special needs at the center, where she is taught to improve her motor skills as well as language and social development. She was found at the front gate of a child protection center and entered her current care center soon after. She follows instructions well and can put her toys away without reminders. She can also feed herself, speak in sentences, and call her friends names correctly. She is waiting for a family who has access to the resources she needs.

$2,773.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


benben-2015-1ben-2015-2Boy, born 2009
Deep mental delay, Failure to Thrive


UPDATE December 2015: ” In March of 2015 Ben was at his worst. He weighed 12 pounds and was withering away. A medical team visited and put him on a special diet that saved his life. On a diet of thickened formula and baby food, he began to very slowly gain weight. Once he was able to get some nutrition we started to see his first smiles and a little bit of his feisty personality. This special diet is not a long-term solution for him. What he really needs is a family. Just imagine how he would thrive! ”


From a family who has met him many times:  “This sweet boy is very beautiful, serious, and fragile. He is very thin, and even though with careful feeding he is finally able to hold his food down, he still is not gaining weight. He is able to sit up on his own and stand, while holding on to the rails of his crib. He can walk while holding on to someone’s finger. No one at the institution has ever seen him smile and he is nonverbal. We aren’t sure what is going on inside him, but we long to see some sort of response in his face. One great thing we have noticed in the past couple of months is that he now cries when his special nanny leaves the room. When she comes back in the room and calls his name he quiets instantly! He loves to be held and cuddled, and he really likes being outside. He simply cannot thrive in the institutional environment. He needs medical treatment and therapy, but most of all he needs the love of a family. He needs somewhere where he can be safe and loved with abandon.”

$5,569.84 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

VictoriaGirl, born 2000
Mild Mental Delay

From a family that met her in early 2015:
She is so sweet. Speaks English very well and even translated for us some, she loves to dance and put on shows. The outfit she has on is a traditional dance costume; they were getting ready to put on a show for St Nicholas day.

$5.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Shari updated pic Jan2014shari-2015Girl, born March 2011
Down syndrome; strabismus of both eyes

Oh my goodness, look at this sweet little fluffy-headed beauty!

This little cutie loves music! She receives rehabilitation services and while working on her sitting skills, started playing on the piano. She has made good progress since starting rehabilitation services. She does present with strabismus of both eyes along with Down Syndrome. Shari is a quiet, timid child with a ready smile. She loves to be cuddled and responds with laughter. Shari is waiting for a family who will help her develop and her caretakers believe that with a family’s care and hugs and kisses every day, she can live healthily and happily.

Update January 2014
Look how Shari has grown! She is now crawling and can stand on her own. Shari is also walking with assistance. She is quite a talker and is able to feed herself…although her caretakers have to watch her as she would much rather play than eat!

$10,008.60 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

kristopher2015-3Boy, born September 2004
Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, mental delay, epileptic syndrome, crossed eyes.

Look at the bright smile on this handsome boy!  Kristopher has cerebral palsy and is cross-eyed, but would do so well in a family of his own!

From a family who met him in August 2015:  “This little boy is so sweet and loving. He wants nothing more than to be a part of a family. He is quiet and a bit more reserved than the other boys. But, once he gets used to you, he chatters away and looks for your response. He is very bright and pays attention. He seems to catch on to things quickly. He loves when I play music on my phone. I brought coloring books and crayons with me and he loves to color and show his work off to the adults around. While he has CP, his fine motor skills in his hands are very good. He sits and colors in meticulous detail. He loves when I praise his artwork and his smile just lights up his face! This boy will be a blessing to any family. All he wants is a mama and papa for him and to go to America. He asks all the time, ‘you mama, papa, America?’. I hate to leave him behind, but I know God has a plan for him.”

Update from someone who met him in summer 2013:
Kristopher is one of those wise old souls. He is very intelligent and loves it when adults come and visit him. He’s also quite the charmer – the head of Child Services for the region was so charmed with him she gave him a life-sized stuffed crocodile for a present! Kristopher loves his classes at the orphanage and always strives to please the teacher, and he has many friends. He also loves music – one of the other missionaries let him play with her harmonica the first day and every day after that he asked for “the thing that blows”. He has some strabismus and gets around well in his wheelchair. The director would love for a family to adopt him, and she says he would do well.

Update March 2014:
This kid is awesome!!!  He’s a very healthy weight, quite strong in his upper body (which appears to be not affected or just minimally affected by the CP), and although his spasticity in his legs is obvious, he still is able to stand from sitting in the wheelchair, and walk while pushing the wheelchair.  He rolls his own wheelchair, however, since the chair he is in is too big for him, and not designed to be self-propelled by the rider, he has to lean very far over one side to reach the wheel.  For those familiar with CP- his heel cords are tight and feet are pointed downwards.  He has very little ROM in the right foot, but some in the left.  He legs are “scissored”, with the right pulled slightly over the left, indicating involvement of the adductors in the spasticity.  He has tightness in his hamstrings. Without a full medical exam and some PT, I don’t know how much is just spasticity or whether it could be contractures- but even with those restrictions, he is still able to stand and walk some.  His torso seems strong and his neck does as well.  He is a very sweet boy- a bit shy and quiet in his responses at first (although he grinned and giggled the entire time, very pleased with the attention), but smart as well.  He very, very, very much wants a family- in fact, he is the one who heard we were there for our daughter, and found the director and begged her to bring his family to him as well.  He has great motivation to walk and move around, and very much wants to be a typical boy, but without the medical care for his CP, his options here are limited.  He is about the height of a typical 8 year old, but solid in weight.  He interacts well with the adults and children in the groupa, and seemed very appropriate (not overly affectionate or engaging) when he met new people.  He frequently looked to the familiar adults for confirmation that it was ok to talk to us and preferred their attention (which is good news when it comes to transferring attachment to a new family).  He is an adorable little guy with an engaging grin that just lights up his eyes, and he very much would love to have a family of his own.

From a family who met him in Dec 2014: He is eager to have, in his own words, “a mama and papa from America!” He is a very happy and sweet boy. He works one on one with a tutor. He enjoys the other children and music time, and was always trying to hold my hand.

Kristopher can be adopted with Collier, Dylan, Cambria and Tatumn. He and Collier are in the same groupa.

$1,776.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

boysillouettenophotoBoy, born February 2014

HIV positive. His treatment has been successful, HIV has become very weak in the blood – in the tests viral load is not found, progress of the disease will be easier to handle, there will be no complication, but maintenance therapy will be need for the rest of his life.

Curtis has blue eyes and light brown hair. He sits independently, crawls, gets up while holding to something, has started to walk. He grips toys tightly, puts different objects in his mouth, responds when someone speaks to him. The boy emits different sounds, actively participates in negotiations in his own language, plays both alone and with other children, wants adults to pay more attention to him. He has learned to show his dissatisfaction, drinks from the cup with an assistance, tries to grab a cup himself but he can’t eat independently yet.

A photo will be available to the family after USCIS approval.

$1,080.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Skippy updated photoBoy, born August 2002
hemiparalysis of right side, delayed language

Skippy is now 13 years old and is listed as having hemiparalysis of right-sided; his language is not fluent. He reportedly uses only his left hand due to no strength in his right arm and hand. Although it is difficult at times for him to put on his clothes, his file states that he can do it quickly and neatly. His file states that he is active, cute., loves to work and to help other children. This sweet boy is said to have a ready smile and is called a “sunshine little boy”. He really likes to draw and has good imagination.

$2,999.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Dana3DanaGirl, May 2013
Down syndrome

She is healthy and smart. She is busy. She walks. She knows her name. She can hold the bottle to drink. She has good eye contact. She can say: Ma Ma.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Girl, born 2004
Down syndrome



From an adoptive family who met her in Jan 2015:  “I sat next to Rebecca today at an orphanage Christmas concert. She is SO cute! When she came in to sit down, she was SO excited to be there. She saw a boy in the row in front of us that she knew, and they greeted each other warmly. Her smile lit up her whole face.

We were sitting in the last row, so she stood quiet and attentive during the concert, her hands on the back of the chair in front of her, peering between adults’ shoulders to see her friends and classmates perform. Her hair was elaborately pulled back into a series of little ponytails on top of her head, which were then braided together. The caregiver sitting next to her obviously likes her quite a lot. At the end, of the concert, all the kids who are mobile were taken up to dance around the Christmas tree, and she and little Wetherby (who really is quite little)! danced next to each other in the circle. ”

*** Rebecca can be be adopted with CHARLIE, if a family is interested and approved in their home study.  ***

$4,348.25 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Shane RKBoy, born 2013
anal atresia, genital irregularity

Shane is an adorable boy with a great smile! He was abandoned at a hospital when he was only four days old. Shane was born with anal atresia and a genital deformity. He received surgery to correct his anal issue in his first month of life and has recovered well. He still needs diapers, but so do most children who aren’t yet two. Hopefully, he will have bowel and bladder control in the future.

Shane is walking well, says simple words, and is reported to have typical intellectual development. He is described as a cheerful and happy boy who likes to be held by his foster mom and likes playing with other children. Could Shane be the son you’ve been looking for?

Eriq 2

Boy, born 2008
HIV Positive/Perinatal Infection


Eriq’s health is stable and asymptomatic with favorable progress. Viral charge is undetectable and his lymphocytes CD4 are elevated. He has good adherence to TARGA treatment. His medical prognosis is favorable and he doesn’t have any other illness.

Eriq is a loving, helpful, and smiley child well adapted to his surroundings. He does independent activities according to his age. He is a participative and a cheerful child who likes to get the attention from adults, being able to show affection for people that he had known for a short time. He likes to kiss and being caressed. He is a playful and polite child with a manageable behavior.  He has a sister who was adopted in 2012.

His overall development is adequate for his age; however, it is important to strengthen his attention. He has adequate self-esteem for his age and he is emotionally stable. He has a tendency of emotional lability with low tolerance to frustration. This will be improved with the attention of loving and assertive parents that provide the affection and the education that he needs.

Because of his health condition it is important that he gets integrated to a family that has the personal sources, emphasizing the empathy, assertiveness, patience, tolerance and love. The family that adopts this boy must have sample knowledge of his background and his current health condition to understand his needs and provide the child the love and time that he requires and to be involved in his medical care.

Eriq is currently available for adoption and waiting for his forever family! The central authority in the children’s country of origin are the legal custodians and guardians of the children and Open Door has been given the privilege to assist in finding permanent homes for these children. Agency has photos and videos and will be happy to share them with an interested family.

$225.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Olena (5) Olena (2)Girl, born 2013

Good development level for her age. Sociable and cheerful child with good appetite; she doesn’t like to be alone and even though she enjoys playing with other kids, prefers the company of an adult. She is communicative. Currently attends an early stimulation classroom showing good interaction with her peers.

Language is adequate for her age, pronouncing some words, phrases and short sentences. Adequate psychomotor development. Walks and runs alone in a coordinated way; good balance, she tries to stand up with one foot, moves around freely, goes up and down stairs with support, builds towers with 3 blocks, executes simple commands; has an adequate fine psychomotor development.

Depends on the closeness of an adult (caretaker), doesn’t like to be alone, shows affection and likes to play with other kids. Shows an adequate development in all areas for her age.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

TiyaAge: 8

Diagnosis: Massive destruction of the brain matter, sub-cortical cysts, cortical atrophy; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis; Symptomatic epilepsy; Hypotrophy; Premature puberty

This little girl has significant delays in all aspects of her development. She will turn her eyes and head in reaction to someone speaking to her. She stops crying if someone calls her name. She follows objects with her eyes.


$230.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


nels-2015-3-croppedAge: 8
Down syndrome, significantly delayed neuropsychological development, profound mental delay, delayed physical development.

UPDATE NOV 2015: Nels has learned to walk! He still needs some assistance going up and down steps, but is continuing to improve his gross motor skills. He manipulates with toys by knocking them one against the other, looking at them and studying them, rolling them, etc. He smiles when contacted, pronounces separate syllables and imitates short melodies. He picks up toys, looks at them, studies them and manipulates with them. He fits in simple forms. He eats table food (pureed). He is now being potty trained. He goes to school and has an IEP (the classes take place in the orphanage). He is inquisitive and sociable. He is jealous of the team members if they pay more attention to the other children. He imitates different gestures and short melodies. He makes eye contact for a short time. He prefers to play with an adult or with the other children, instead of just observing.
Photos and videos from October 2015 are available through the agency.

Following the surgical intervention of his heart defect, his general condition visibly improves, he has a good appetite and he has started gaining weight.The boy smiles when involved in interactions. He produces syllables. He takes a sitting position independently. He stands up independently next to a fixed support. He grabs toys, examines them and manipulates with them. He walks in a baby walker and when held by one hand.

This boy has been making progress in all areas of his development. He takes a sitting position independently. He stands up independently next to a fixed support. He grabs toys, examines them and manipulates with them. He walks in a baby walker and when held by one hand. The boy smiles when involved in interactions. He produces syllables.

$2,059.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Barbara_Nov 2015 Barbara2_Nov 2015Age: 15
Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy that primarily impacts her legs

Barbara has reduced fees through the agency.

Barbara just turned 15 years old. She independently maneuvers her wheelchair, goes to the bathroom independently, eats independently, and performs self-help tasks without assistance. Her communication skills are well developed for her age, she has a steady attention span, and does not appear to have any cognitive delays. She is in the 9th grade in public school with an IEP. Videos from November 2015 show her communicating and answering questions appropriately. She is able to talk about her favorite music, TV shows, preferences, etc.
Barbara is a wonderful young lady who has very limited time left to find an adoptive family. Though she’s been registered for adoption since she was very young, her file had never been reviewed until now. Despite how well she is doing cognitively and with her self-help skills, if she is not adopted, she will end up in an adult mental institution once she ages out of the group home.


From one of our families who visited in May 2015: “She is so very smart, patient, and helpful with the younger kids. Her and another teenage girl were watching a dvd of a teenager that had been adopted from their orphanage. She expressed wanting a family but that she thought no one would want an older girl, especially one in a wheelchair. She is beautiful in every way. She is very attentive and polite. She would sit and do crafts for hours and did not hesitate to try and use English.   She has the most precious smile and I would love for her to understand how incredible she is.   She would observe and take everything in and then apply it in perfect context. We took her gifts when we went for pick up. She could not understand why we brought her gifts, blushed the entire time, and could not stop saying thank you. When she hugs you, she hangs on for a bit…. like she wants to be able to remember it. ”

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Aimey_Nov 2015 Aimey2_Nov 2015Age: 13
Diagnosis: Osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism)

Aimey has reduced fees through the agency.

After birth, Aimey was placed in an orphanage for children with brain damage and then transferred at age 4 to a notorious mental institution. She has lived her entire life in settings where she had no chance to develop her cognitive skills or any true life experiences simply because they looked at her medical diagnosis and assumed that she could not learn. The mental institution where she lived for over 10 years was recently closed and she is now living in a group home where she has the chance to attend school and learn life skills. As a result of all of the years of living in an inappropriate environment, Aimey is considered moderately delayed, though it is believed that the cognitive impairments are all a result of her environment. She now has a limited time to find a family before she will “age out” and be sent to an adult institution to live out the rest of her life.

Aimey moves around independently and walks on her own. She goes up and down stairs while holding on to the rails. She is not confident when throwing and catching a ball. The fine motor skills are developed, though they don’t correspond to the norms for the age. She aligns several blocks one next to the other. She tries to fit in figures by imitation. Her favorite toy is a form for sand. She memorizes after many repetitions and for a short time. Her thinking is specific and visual. Her notions and concepts are in the process of forming. She doesn’t recognize her colors and shapes. The emotional tone of the child is positive. She is well adapted in the group of children. She plays with the children and doesn’t seclude. She participates in group activities. She loves going to school. When she wants to establish a contact with an adult, she looks at them and persistently watches them for a long time, laughs, waives for “hello” and “bye”. She eats independently with a spoon and is not picky. She drinks from a cup on her own. She can undress independently but needs help for dressing. She is interactive and seeks attention from the adults.

Photos and videos from November 2015 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Owen 2014 (1)Boy, 6 years
Diagnosis: Von Willebrand disease, epilepsy, strabismus and delayed neuropsychological development.

Owen has been diagnosed with Von Williebrand disease and as a result is also anemic from the bleeding episodes. He is also reported to be very hyperactive and he’s currently being given medication to help calm him down so that he can focus better. The hope is that this will also reduce some of the bleeding episodes. His development is delayed, though he’s recently started making more developmental progress just to a change in his current environment. He walks and tries to run. He eats from a spoon. He is beginning to babble and make sounds. He plays in the children’s play room and enjoys going on walks with caregivers. He receives wilate treatments as needed for his condition.

Update 2014:   He has stable and consistent weight gain; walks stably and tries to run; produces random sound combinations; follows simple instructions; loves it when someone sings to him; builds up a pyramid of elements; plays with toy cars.

$191.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Delia update (1)

post-op and happy!

Delia update (2)Girl, born July 2011
Post op congenital heart defect; Post op cleft lip/cleft palate; microphthalmia of left eye



Delia is a quiet, timid girl, who so needs a family to bring her out of her shell! When agency staff visited her orphanage last year, she quickly became engaged in the toys they brought out, stacking blocks into a very tall tower and giggling when it toppled over! Her motor skills are normal, she is able to walk well on her own, run, jump, and go up and down stairs while holding the railing, even though sometimes she’s afraid of heights. Her language is delayed as it’s difficult for her to speak clearly due to an unrepaired cleft lip and palate, but she understands caregivers instructions, and is able to express her needs. She can feed herself and put on her own shoes, but needs help getting dressed. An introverted little girl, she can be shy sometimes, but is very close with her caregivers and likes to be held. She gets along well with other children, but is also able to play independently. When she sees other children are crying she’ll go over and pat them gently to comfort them, and helps the caregivers with chores like picking up garbage. Her favorite toys are stuffed animals, and she especially enjoys playing outdoors and dancing to music. She had a surgery for her heart condition in October 2012; she recovered well from surgery and rarely gets sick. One of her eyes is smaller and has poor vision, but the vision in her other eye is normal.


Delia was just part of a Cleft repair program and just had her cleft surgery in April of 2015.


$3,953.79 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

BayleighGirl, born September 2012
Down syndrome, mild umbilical hernia, physical and developmental delays

Meet Bayleigh! She is 2 years old. She is diagnosed with having Down syndrome and a mild umbilical hernia. She has physical and developmental delays. She is a part of the Half the Sky program at her SWI. She loves to have someone sing to her. She is a moderate sleeper and loves to eat. She can stand while holding onto something. She giggles and squeals when she sees a familiar “Aunt”. She is delightful and loves to be on the go.

$529.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Nina -new2Girl, born July 2012
DS, post-op CHD

Nani is an adorable baby girl who is 1 year old. She came into care when she was about 6 months old. She was diagnosed with ASD/PDA, which has been successfully surgically corrected. Nani has Down syndrome. Nani’s development was not up to her peers at the time of her report, but we do not know how much of her delay can be attributed to her past heart issue or just typical Down syndrome delays. Nani needs a family who will love her (that will be easy!), and help her receive the therapies she needs to catch up. Nani will be such a sweet daughter!

$2,073.01 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

PetersonBoy, born April 2002

Peterson is blind with light perception and has lived in a foster home for orphans with visual impairments since 2009. Every child has an individual education plan and the goal is to allow them to be independent and live life to the full. Peterson is very independent. He has lived in an apartment next to his school for over two years. Every day, he uses his cane to walk to school. He studies a lot of different subjects and he is fluent in Braille reading and writing. He can speak some English and loves to talk to visitors in English. His self-help skills are good and he can get himself dressed, washed and get ready for school. He does his homework well and he has chores to do around the house, including washing dishes, cleaning the table and hanging up washing. Peterson has a good memory. He always asks a lot of questions. He loves to sing and has a perfect tenor voice. He loves to give and receive hugs. In his second semester at the Blind School, he was awarded some scholarship money for his excellent work, and he spent it on music lessons learning to play the erhu. He is confident and in December 2012 he presented the Christmas Concert with a loud and clear speaking voice in front of over 300 people! Peterson has now run twice in the (mini) marathon and he often goes to the park to regularly run 5km. When asked he said his favorite thing to do is sing and his favorite subject at school is PE. His favorite animal is an elephant and his favorite food is peanuts. Peterson wants to be a singer when he grows up. When asked if there was anything he wanted to say he replied “Thank you to everyone who helps!” Are you the musical family Peterson is waiting for? Maybe he is the tenor to round out your family choir!

$597.15 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

travisBoy, born 2014

congenital hydrocephalus, iron deficiency anemia, brain affection of unspecified etiology, congenital deformation of hips

Travis is reported to have received a shunt when he was one or two months old!

Sweet boy needs a family!

$90.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Quentin update 2013 (5)Quentin (1)

Boy, born December 2008

Down syndrome, heart defect (acleistocardia)

Oh my, what a cutie!  Love his fuzzy hair!

Quentin has Down syndrome, but is otherwise healthy!

From a family who met Quentin in 2012:  
We were able to meet him when we visited our son’s first foster home.  The foster home is wonderful and the children are very well cared for and LOVED!!  I was told that he has made great progress since a new caregiver arrived from the states.  She absolutely adores him and was trying to hold back tears as she thanked me for coming and trying to find a family for him.  The past few months he has begun seeking out attention of her, interacting more with the other children, taking more interest in toys and pulling up to a standing position.  He loves being held and is adorable.

Video and additional pictures available for potential families.

UPDATE spring 2013:
Last time I saw Quentin was in early March and he was doing GREAT! I am so proud of his progress over the past year and a half. Not only is he walking steadily, but also making progress figuring out and doing things on his own, for example, climbing up the stairs to the slide and sliding down, stacking up chairs and stools to get in and out of his bed on his own. In the past the only noises he would make was to cry when he was sad or mad (which is rarely) but last time I saw him he was making noises like baby talk which to me was a good sign that he is wanting to try and talk/communicate…imitating noises, etc. He is also more and more affectionate and loving…coming up behind you to steal hugs and kisses.

He’s a treasure, and I can’t WAIT for some family to find him and take him home! He is SO smart and SO ready to have a family of his own!
$19,273.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

EddieBoy, born March 2009
Down syndrome

Update from April 2015:  Eddie is lively and active. He likes to play games that are a lot exercise, such as: run, jump, crawl, throw, walk balance, turn a somersault, leap over, etc. When there is a climbing activity, he can climb up to the top very fast. He looks so happy when he gets to the top, keeps waving to his friends. He’s very flexible. During Swing activities, his balance is the best. He loves to throw balls. Every time they come to the play ground, the first thing he does is grab a basketball and shoot it into the basket. when he made it, he claps for himself and raise his thumb up, encourage himself “well done”. Eddie has learned many hand basic skills, such as: paper cutting, drawing, button up, fold towel. He can draw a sun, the various lines and circles. His hand control ability is good. He learned to color in right place evenly. He is very interested in using scissors. He can cut straight line or cut the paper into small pieces. Eddie can correctly discriminate big and small, tall and short. He can correctly classify according to different colors and shapes. During the game “find friends for the numbers” or puzzle games, he can find the right place for the numbers or pictures quickly. He loves reading. He likes to share with other when he read something he’s interested in. and he can read for a long time. When he’s learning children songs, he following the teacher word by word. He pronounces clearly. He’s is very interested in learning children’s song/nursery rhymes. But he can’t speak a complete sentence yet. He can say hello to visitors on his own. He attends group activities and he loves to give performances. Right now he’s attending special education class in the welfare center. Now he is very interested in music. He dances with music and choreographs himself. He can draw simple pictures on his own and color them. When they build blocks, he’s also very creative. He can use bathroom himself. He can feed himself snacks. He helps teacher to clean up the classroom, etc.

$1.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Annabelle March2014aAnnabelleGirl, born July 2009
Amblyopia (both eyes); congenital nystagmus (both eyes)

Annabelle is a beautiful little girl. Her caregivers report that she is blind, but can see some light and objects. She will giggle and smile when a camera flash goes off, so it does appear that she can see light. Annabelle’s development is delayed, but from caregiver reports, she spends most of her time in a crib or in one area. So it is quite possible that some of her delays are from institutionalization.

From an update in late 2012, Annabelle is able to sit and stand with support and can play while on her stomach. She is a quiet child who does not communicate much. She may need to have her hearing checked. She has never seen an eye doctor. Annabelle needs a family who can get her in to see medical specialists. Are you the family who can giver her the attention she needs and deserves so she can blossom and reach her full potential?

March 2014 update
Annabelle shows delays and can only see light. She is very outgoing and enjoys playing with kids and adults. In a current video, she can be seen standing up as well as trying to repeat a few words. Annabelle loves hugs!

$562.51 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Girl, born December 2002

Down syndrome


Well, doesn’t this little pixie look like a spit fire?   Those deep brown eyes are gorgeous!

Large families welcome, travel required.  Married couples only.  Gracelynn could be adopted with Rania, Kinley, and/or Emmalyn.

$10,010.26 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

KaleyGirl, born 2014
Congenital heart defect

Kaley will be two years old in January. She was left at the gate of the orphanage when she was one month old. She’s diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (atrial septal defect and leak in her tricuspid valve). When she was six weeks old, she underwent a procedure to have a heart valve dilated with a balloon. A US cardiologist who reviewed her file says that may be all she needs, or she may need surgery to repair the valve and the hole in the wall between the two top chambers of her heart. Recently, the orphanage reports that Kaley’s activities are restricted to non-strenuous ones and her lips are a little blue, so an adoptive family should anticipate that she will likely need some cardiac work in the future.

Kaley is walking and talking and is reported to have typical mental development. She is described as a gentle child who likes listening to music and sharing her toys with other children.

Kaley needs a family of her own. Can you be her mom?

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

MacKenzieGirl, born June 2000

Her medical diagnoses are Cerebral Palsy
severe spastic tetraparesis with disordered motor function mild mental delay
compound hypermetropic astigmatism

Please, find attached a photo of the girl we want to list for adoption. She is a wonderful person, very kind, friendly, tender, careful, tolerant and patient. She needs a family ASAP. She will be 16 in June 2016.

She was in a special health resort last summer, and the psychologist of that facility said she is ready and needs a family ASAP! She was begging to find a family to this girl.

Please, please, please! We have to find a family to this child before she is aged out!

$9000 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Andy, CHAC, 2_07Andy RKBoy, born 2007

Andy, age 8, was found abandoned when he was three months old. He was born with a meningocele and hydrocephalus, for which he received surgery when he was 9 months old. Other than a few scars, he’s in great health now. He has complete bowel and bladder control.

Andy has had a difficult road on his adoption journey. He visited the US for a few weeks in our Summer 2014 Bridge of Hope hosting program, and stayed with a host-only family in South Carolina. His host mom described him as “sweet as a kitten” and a “great, great happy kid” from the moment he wakes up each day. He was very affectionate, giving lots of hugs and kisses, and did everything asked of him. He loves to swim and got used to the family’s dogs. He also loved food—waffles, corn on the cob, watermelon, shrimp, and noodles—and even a July 4th hot dog. His host family found Andy to be strong, brave, kind and mature. He enjoyed family activities including long hikes, puzzles and math games and piano practice.

A family met Andy during his visit and decided to move forward with his adoption. Over the course of a year, they had several starts and stops on their adoption paperwork and just this week decided that they will adopt domestically instead.

We visited Andy in China at the end of June. He lives with a foster family, with whom he is very attached. He knew he was in the process of being adopted and several months ago his school had a celebration/farewell party for him in anticipation of his upcoming adoption. Now he will have to start school again in the fall, with no adoption prospects at present.

Andy is a laughing, funny, talkative boy who loves playing with other children and helping them. He’s also an entertainer who enjoys making people laugh. He really needs an adoptive family!

$4.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Guardian AngelEden (2) Eden was born in June 2007 and has been diagnosed with kyphoscoliosis with rotation and lordosis of the fourth degree. The position of some of her internal organs deviates slightly from the norm and some of her organs are a little smaller than typical because of her skeletal differences. However, her major organs appear to be healthy and working according to their function.Eden (1)

Eden’s gross motor development is impaired due to her scoliosis, but she does walk and run independently. Her cognitive development is said to be age appropriate. She speaks in complete sentences, recites poetry and loves to sing songs.

Eden would benefit greatly from proper medical treatment and therapies under the loving wings of a dedicated forever family.

From a family who met Eden in May 2014: Eden was our daughter’s best friend at the orphanage. Both girls loved to play together and share their things. While we had our daily visits with our daughter, we were told Eden missed her in the group. She welcomed her back with a hug every time and told her, “My dear girl, my best girl, I miss you.”

Eden is a very sweet child who lights up a room. Her ability to walk unassisted impressed us tremendously. She also appears to be fully potty-trained and her self-help skills are age appropriate. Eden makes conversation and understands what is happening in her environment. This lovely girl would bring so much joy to a family and we believe her medical condition could be improved through treatments and therapies in the United States.

Update October 2014: Eden has been moved to an older child orphanage. Her caretakers are pleased with her and describe her as a very smart girl.

From a family who met Eden in May 2015:

Eden is a spirited girl who appears to be very happy most of the time. Physically, Eden is able to get around well, despite her disability. She can go up and down stairs, do all her own self-care (so I heard/did not observe). On the playground, I saw her run, climb up stairs, crawl through a tunnel and go down a slide.

She is very tiny, about the size of a 2-3 year old and about 25 lbs when I met her. But, the orphanage doctor says she hasn’t had any heart issues, or respiratory problems and no hospitalizations. She is fully toilet trained (again, what I was told). Her fine motor skills seem mostly on target. She was able to string beads and learned how to open/close files on a computer.

Social and emotional skills are a bit of a challenge at times for Eden. She is very excited to see people and very affectionate. However, she can be strong-willed and sassy. In these areas, Eden seemed to me to be about 4 years old. Intellectually I heard she is bright but she is definitely several years behind same age peers, certainly in the U.S. She knew some colors and counting but is unable to read or write.

I am certain Eden would benefit by having a family, especially one where she could have a lot of focused attention. Aside from her medical needs, she would need assistance with academic skills and help learning how to be a “family girl.”

There are several hospitals in the U.S. that have the ability to surgically straighten her spine (by inserting rods that can be adjusted) to some degree (we were told maybe to 50 degrees/her curve now is probably 90-100). We were told by an orthopedic surgeon that because her internal organs are small, she won’t ever have full cardio-vascular capacity–this means she can tire out more easily than age peers, but it doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy playing and most activities other children like.

Additional reports, videos, and photos available upon request from the agency.

An agency grant of $2082 is available to the family adopting Eden after a successful registration trip.

$232.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

BoltonBoy, born Feb 2004
Spina Bifida

This is Bolton and he is 10 years old and he has Spina Bifida. He does need a little help getting around, but Bolton does whatever he can. Sometimes he looks like Spiderman as he whizzes past his friends in the hallways! Bolton is very friendly and loves being active. He just visited the United States for the first time and really enjoyed his stay with his host family. Bolton would love to be able to return someday with a family of his own.​

$1,327.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Susy 1 Susy 2Girl, born Nov 2009
Cerebral Palsy

Susy is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Her CP seems to be fairly moderate. Susy was found when she was about two years old. Too little tension in her muscles prevented her from sitting or standing on her own, so that spring she received intensive therapy for three months through which she made very significant progress with her motor skills. She’s described as even-tempered and patient, although she still struggles to do some things the other children do easily. She’s thought to be clever and loves to laugh and smile with the nannies, touching their faces for connection. Emotionally, she’s right on track with her peers. Susy likes watching TV and listening to music, being held, and going outside to play. She rarely cries, unless she’s hungry. Her caregivers say she is well-loved and that they are deeply impressed by how much progress she’s made. She can sit unassisted and walk holding hands. It would be amazing to see the changes in this child with the love and support of a family and some good physical therapy.

The following is an update that just arrived (10/2014) for Susy: She can move around with a walker and stand up with assistance. She cannot feed herself yet. She can only smile. She knows how to read the face of adults. She can reach to get stuff from other kids. She is afraid of strangers.

$3,241.74 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Flint (4)Flint (1)Boy, born October 2012
Post-op congenital heart defect

Flint is diagnosed as having post-op congenital heart defects (PA with VSD, ASD, and PDA) and amblyopia of both eyes (advised to wear glasses). He is described as active, extroverted, lovely and has normal limb and intellectual development. He enjoys listening to music and he has a ready smile. Once you look at him, he will smile back at you. He enjoys running and playing. Flint knows the names of the parts of his body, such as: eyes, mouth, ears, hands and feet, etc. He had surgery to correct his heart defects in November of 2013. In December of 2013, he was put in a foster family. He sleeps well, though he likes having his older foster brother near him when he is sleeping. If he loses sight of his foster mother, he will cry. Flint can call mama, baba, nainai, yeye, gege etc. He can understand all words that adults say to him. When his foster father returns home from work, he will go to the door to welcome him back and will ask to cuddle with him. When his foster father cuddles and teases him, he will laugh out loud. Flint has a good appetite. His foster mother helps feed him. His older foster brother has cerebral palsy and cannot reach out his hands to get a snack on the table. Flint will get the snack for him and put the food into his mouth. Sometimes his brother accidentally bites his finger when he gets the food in his mouth and then he will cry. It seems Flint would do very well with older siblings!

vance2014-2vance2014-8Boy, born 2001

Down syndrome

Vance is a cute, outgoing boy, with a winning smile!  He loves to play outside – particularly swinging and playing soccer.   He enjoys drawing and playing with puzzles and bricks.

Vance has a significant speech delay, but interacts with others using gestures and expresses himself well.

$6,418.87 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

PeytonGirl, born July 2011
congenital adrenal cortical hyperplasia , post-op sensitive special need

Precious Peyton is an extroverted child, who gets along well with other children and who is not shy with strangers. She’s very curious and loves to explore new toys. She can walk, jump, and go up and down stairs independently. Her fine motor skills are good- she can put a block in and out of a cup, open a lid, and build a tower of four blocks. Her pronunciation isn’t always clear, but is loud. When her nannies give her simple instructions, she understands and obeys. She knows the names of the other children in her group. She’s in a pre-school like setting at her orphanage, where she is learning to draw and sing children’s songs. Peyton has been diagnosed with congenital adrenal cortical hyperplasia (CAH) and she has had surgery for another sensitive need. Peyton started taking medication for CAH when she was just one month old.

Peyton has been met by a number of people who adore her. Those who have met her said she is so loving and sweet and that she is doing well developmentally. They say she has a funny personality and makes everyone laugh. She laughs a lot too and sweetly gives kisses. She loves to scribble on paper. She likes toys and playing with the stacking cups.

$90.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Katherine RK photo (1)Girl, born 2014
psoriasis, mental delays

Katherine is a sweet girl who will turn two in January. She was abandoned at the door of the orphanage when she was just a few days old. She was a tiny baby, weighing in at only 3 lbs. Her main diagnosis is psoriasis, which is treated with topical cream/oil on her skin. She walks well, but drags one foot just a little. Katherine also has calcium deficiency. She was previously diagnosed with mental development delays but her foster family reports that her mental development is now normal.

Katherine is described as a cheerful and happy girl who likes to play with other children and listen to music. Wouldn’t she be a wonderful addition to your family?


lucypattySiblings! Must be adopted together!
Are they not adorable!!!

Girl, born 2007 (white shirt)

Girl, born 2008 (red shirt)

Girl, born 2010 (pink dress)



$270.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Olivia Photo 11 August 2015 - August 2015 - crop Olivia Photo 6 August 2015 - August 2015 - cropOlivia was born prematurely in November 2013 and has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, spina bifida, liquorrhea, paralysis of the lower limbs, and malformations of the feet. She received a shunt in early infancy.

Olivia is able to track with her eyes, has some head control, can roll over with help, but does not yet sit without support. The movement in Olivia’s arms and hands is not restricted and she actively reaches for, holds and manipulates objects. Her caretakers describe her as an attentive girl who understands what they say to her and babbles a lot.

Additional information, photos and video available directly from the agency. Married couples only due to court appointed guardian.

From a family who met her in March 2015: What a gem!  This little girl is such a doll with the biggest, most beautiful eyes.  She is very alert and babbles. Olivia enjoys attention, even dropping her toy and whining so that someone would pay attention to her.  Olivia appears to have good control of her arms and can sit up.

Update from a family who met her in October 2014 and again in May 2015: 
Olivia is darling.  She looks very healthy and seems to eat well.  She can sit unassisted and very easily finds ways to get the toys she wants, or the attention she needs. Olivia is described as a chatter box (I heard her say mama and papa) and very playful with the staff.  She loves to be held and interacts very well with others.

Update August 2015: Olivia is doing very well. Her caretakers describe her as loving and responsive. A family who met Olivia this month reported that Olivia army-crawls very fast and moves herself around in the zip zac chair. Olivia is drawn to anyone who shows her attention and enjoys music.

$63.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Marla (1)Girl, less than a year old
Diagnosis: CT scan at 1 month old showed external hydrocephalus and brain stem hypoplasia. Neurosurgeon recommended a follow up scan at 1 year old to check brain development and solidify an accurate medical diagnosis.

Marla can roll over, support herself on her elbows and hands to lift herself up while controlling her head. She reaches for toys, and shakes them to make noise once she has them in her hand. She is very responsive to interactions from adults and laughs out loud when they play with her. She eats and sleeps well and is gaining weight at an appropriate rate for her age.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

JudyGirl, born 2009
anal atresia, CHD, Club foot

Judy, age 6.5, was abandoned near a hospital when she was only one week old. She was born with anal atresia, which was surgically corrected when she was three weeks old and now has complete bowel and bladder control. She was initially diagnosed with congenital heart defect, but the orphanage reports that’s no longer an issue. Judy tested positive for hepatitis B but received treatment and is now considered a carrier who is not contagious. She also has a club foot which alters her gait a bit, but she gets around just fine. Judy has age appropriate intelligence and speech development. She can count past 100, can recite ancient poems, knows size and colors and likes to sing songs. Judy is described as smiley, gregarious, open and cute. Can Judy be your daughter?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrother; 6 year old boy
early congenital syphilis

Sam is friendly and sociable by nature, talkative and cheerful, with a notable attempt to be noticed and appreciated. He has respect for adults and observes rules, orders and prohibitions. He does not have problems in communicating with peers. He loves playing with children his age. He expresses emotions through facial expression and through actions. He does not show aggression, self-aggression and symptoms of an anxious child.

There is expressed need of social approval and attention. He works well to instructions and following examples. He shows will to complete the set task. He responds well to praises and encouragement.  Sam feels the need of attention, tenderness, love, security and safety, feeling approved and significant.

Sister; 11 year old girlSam and Scarlett (2)

Scarlett has adequate behavior. No signs of anxiety, depression or aggressiveness. She is cheerful and emotional, continuously looking for attention and approval of the adults. The child has well developed passive vocabulary. She understands the speech of the others and adequately abreast. She can lead dialog and to initiate it. She keeps the rules of communication. She has built habits concerning personal hygiene, feeding and service of physiologic needs. She is independent.

She is a child who takes interest in school subjects but prefers singing, dancing and drawing, activities related to motion. She likes playing “cord jumping” and jump rope. She has finished the school year with a very good average grades.  She dreams about the time when she will be adopted and will have real parents like the other children.

AidenBoy, born 2013
PKU (Phenylketonuria); mental and speech delays

Aiden is 2.5 years old and is diagnosed with PKU. He was found abandoned when he was about one month old and has been living in the orphanage ever since. He was thin and small when he came into care, but he’s gotten good care and is doing much better. He was started on a special diet at age one. Aiden isn’t walking yet, but hopefully will be walking soon. He is diagnosed with mental development delay and speech delay.

Aiden is described as a happy child who has a ready smile and giggle. He likes to be held and cuddled, and to be close to his caregivers. Can Aiden be the son you’ve been searching for?

PippannaGirl, born August 2011
Down syndrome

Pippanna’s caregivers say that she is an active, smiley girl that enjoys imitating others. She has good self care skills and can dress herself , go to the bathroom by herself and feed herself She is also very cooperative and likes to try to help with chores. Pippanna enjoys drawing, building with blocks, singing. dancing and playing outside.She gets along well with her friends and likes to comfort others when they are upset by patting them on the back. Are you the family that can pat her back when she is upset?

Darla-001Age: 1
Diagnosis: Mosaic Down syndrome

Darla can turn from back to stomach, sit up independently and is learning to pull to a stand. She is receiving regular physical therapy sessions each week. She is babbling and making combinations of sounds in an attempt to talk. When a familiar adults talks to her or teases her, she smiles and laughs. She tracks objects with her eyes and by turning her head. She turns her head to look for people or when she hears voices. She differentiates between familiar persons and strangers. She enjoys playing games with a ball. She will roll a ball back and forth with a caregiver.

$13.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

PrestynAge: 1
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Prestyn just turned one year old. He does not have any additional medical conditions other than Down syndrome. He is developing at a rate that is considered common for a child with Down syndrome. He has starting babbling and making syllables, and shows appropriate emotions and responses to staff.




Chazz turned two years old in June. He was abandoned when he was two days old and has lived in the orphanage ever since. Chazz was born with hypospadias (the opening of his urethra is on the underside of his penis) but he’s otherwise healthy.

Chazz is described as cute, clever, and a little bit shy. He likes being held by caretakers and playing games. We visited him in his orphanage at the end of June and he was adorable, interactive, and demonstrated his good development in terms of walking and running.

Can Chazz be the boy you’ve been searching for?


Penelope Photo 2 Mar-2015 Penelope Photo 1 March 2014 - cropSweet Penelope was born prematurely at 29 weeks gestation in June of 2012 and has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus. She currently has a working shunt in place to alleviate this condition. Penelope also has strabismus.

Penelope’s development is significantly delayed overall. She currently functions at the level of a 7-8 months old child. She can roll over, crawl, and transfer toys between her hands. Penelope can not yet sit or stand unassisted.

Her pediatrician has also noticed symptoms of autism in Penelope’s social and emotional development, including low eye contact, repetitive stereotyped movements, lack of interest in books, not responding to her name, and being non-verbal. Her caregivers report that it is difficult to engage her and that Penelope is frequently in her own world, but that she will laugh when tickled and has become a bit more active in recent months.

Her pediatrician believes that the cause for Penelope’s possible autism lies in the early trauma of her premature birth as well as several surgeries and hospital stays. It is expected that she will improve if she receives one on one therapy from a qualified professional.

Update March 2014: Penelope’s caregivers report that her eye contact is improving and that she smiles at familiar people and responds to the things they do.

Update July 2014: Penelope has become more affectionate and likes to be carried as much as possible these days. She better relates to her caregivers and is showing increasing interest in her environment. Penelope can say mama and sits without assistance. Her caretakers believe that with appropriate stimulation, she will make even more progress.

Update March 2015: Penelope can now stand and cruise with stable support. She actively seeks attention.

Please note: Married couples only due to child’s court appointed guardian in this case.


PeggyGirl, born December 2014
Spina bifida; a VP shunt has been placed.

Peggy is alert and tracks with her eyes. She has developed hand to hand and hand to mouth coordination and reaches for toys, but cannot yet hold them. Peggy appears to have head control, but needs support to sit. She regularly receives therapy.

Additional information, video and photos available directly from the agency. Married couples only due to court appointed guardian.


York (1) York (2)Boy, born Feb 2006
Post-op hydrocephalus

York was found abandoned at the age of 2 1/2 years old. He is a very clever, outgoing, and active child and can learn fast. York has good self care skills and he can put on clothes and shoes, fold the quilt and have a meal alone, and can also help other children to do something what they can’t do, such as pass the toy to them or sing for them. In school he listens to the teacher and is learning well. He also has learned some English and he likes to sing English children’s songs.

By the way, he is quite the little singer and loves to perform when guests come. York performs for them happily, which always bring laughter and joy for everyone. his caretakers state that he is so excellent, so happy, so strong, which can’t help making us send the most enthusiastic applause for him. York would love to have a family to perform for and sing with. Are you ready to add this little star to your family?


Holly (5)Holly (3)Girl, born 2012
hydrocephalus and spina bifida and exotropia


She is good at speaking and understands everything, she is good in contact. She manipulates objects very well (can draw), she can sit and crawl but not walk because she has no pelvic rotation.

The agency has additional photos and a couple short videos for serious inquiries.

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JunieGirl, born 2013
Cystic mass

Junie, 1.5 years old, is a sweet little girl. At six months old, Junie was found abandoned in the city square. She has a cystic mass on the side of her neck. According to a US pediatrician who has reviewed her file, she will probably need surgery but the mass is highly unlikely to be cancerous and there should be a favorable outcome.

Junie is a shy and quiet little girl. She is walking with support and is babbling, but not saying real words yet. She knows her name and responds to her caregiver’s requests. Junie likes to listen to music and watch TV. Could you be the forever family Junie is waiting for?

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HugoBoy, born 2012
limb differences

Hugo is a sweet little boy who turned three years old this summer. Hugo has deformities in his left forearm and hand, but he has adapted well. He can use his left hand to hold a pen, cellphone and building blocks but has difficulty picking up small objects. Hugo also has an issue with his right wrist but his caretakers report that his right hand function is more flexible and a little different but basically normal. Hugo is reported to have good coordination. Hugo is a shy but curious little boy with an infectious smile who loves to play! He knows to wait his turn for the swing, loves to play catch, and to “read” a book. Could Hugo be your son?

AhrenBoy, born 2014
Cleft lip (post-op); cleft palate

Ahren, age 1, is an adorable little boy who was abandoned at a hospital when he was only a couple of days old. Ahren was born with a cleft lip and palate. Last summer, he had surgery to correct his cleft lip but still needs surgery to close his palate. Ahren can stand and walk, imitates others when they speak, and feeds himself. The orphanage reports that he has normal intelligence and that his speech development is OK. He’s saying simple words now, like mama, grandma, etc. Ahren is an active little boy who likes to play with his toys or be outside. Could Ahren be the son you’ve been looking for?


corie1Girl, born 2015

Down syndrome, Atrial septal defect


She is absolutely beautiful!

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Shelly2 ShellyGirl, born 2013
Premature, developmentally delayed

Shelly was found abandoned when she was only two days old. She weighed only 3.3 lbs and was determined to be premature and developmentally delayed. She’s still tiny and behind in her development. She can roll over, sit and crawl, but she isn’t yet standing or walking. The orphanage reports that her leg strength is slightly weak but her fine motor skills are good with good hand dexterity. Shelly is thought to have normal intelligence. She’s saying some words, responds to adults’ facial expressions, laughs out loud and has a ready smile. Shelly needs a family who can help her overcome her significant developmental delays. Could she be your daughter?

paisleyaug2015-5Girl, born 2006steinhoff-amelia
Down syndrome


What an amazing smile!!


From a family who visited with her in September 2015:  “Paisley is so sweet!  She is 9 years old, but she does not walk on her own yet.  She will surely be able to in time.  Paisley is very engaging.  She lights up when you speak to her.  She likes to be held and seeks out your attention.  She is calm and loving”.

From a family who visited with her in August 2015: “She is so sweet! Very affectionate. I got her out of the stroller today and was dancing with her, the radio was on, and she smiled and giggled the whole time! After a while, I just sat and bounced her on my lap and then she snuggled in to me and almost fell asleep. She will do so well with a home!  She constantly has “sleep” in the corners of her eyes. ”

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Linnet (1) Linnet (2)

ADOPTED by European family



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girlsillouettenophotoGirl, born fall 2003
Her medical diagnosis – speech development delay. Inner rotation of both feet in the level of shins, left>right. Tibial torsy.

This 11 y.o. girl has grey eyes and light hair. She is friendly, has good relationships with peers and smaller children. She likes animals, enjoys helping out smaller children. She likes to sing and dance. At school she has average results, has a lowered motivation to study. Sometimes she can act in a provocative or manipulative way while trying to get what she wants. It takes a lot of time and patience to gain her trust.

Charlotte has blue eyes and light brown hair. She is starting to develop her speech, she tries to repeat the actions and words of other people. She likes drawing and flicking through books.

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JudeBoy, born November 2014
Down syndrome

Jude is a contented little baby who recently joined us here. He is interactive and loves to play. Jude is quick to reach for toys and grasp fingers. He is great at tracking people and does fairly well with his bottle and feeding. Jude loves to make silly noises with his mouth and is starting to show off his smile. Jude’s core strength is already improving; he has a Bumbo seat that he loves to sit in and we are working with him to be able to sit up independently. Jude first learned to roll from his tummy to his back and is now working on rolling from his back to his tummy. While laying on his tummy, Jude can hold his head and shoulders up. While laying on his back, he loves to play with his hands and feet. He is a great sleeper and generally sleeps through the night, although he does not always take consistent naps.

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Kory (2) Kory (1)Boy, born October 2012
Down syndrome


Oh my!  What an adorable boy!!

June 2015

Psychomotor Development: slightly further improved, 2nd percentile level – meaning, above average for age.  He is starting to pronounce more words, repeat some words after an adult, follows orders including ‘to’ or ‘on’, to indicate a few objects which he is asked about.  The child imitates better and better play gestures – he can put shapes into the holes of simple puzzles, scribbles after demonstration, draws horizontal lines, and builds a tower made of 7 blocks.  He willingly plays with the blocks, puts them back into the basket, and can tap one block against another.  He is clearly interested in what he is doing, repeats many activities for his own pleasure, and concentrates well on activities when motivated.  He looks, by his eye expression, for approval of his actions and enjoys praise.  He has good attention span with activities, but may get distracted when there is little external stimuli.  He can walk, stand on one foot, and walk along a line after demonstration.  He is nice, cheerful, emotionally vivid and is a rather calm child who likes hugs and kisses.  He looks for contact with adults, initiates it.  He cries once the contact is interrupted.  Positive emotions dominate this child.  He has a good appetite, and does not have any problems with sleeping.

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elijah-2015Age: 2
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

From a family who visited him in July 2015: “already crawling, standing, he’s smart, and speaking at least 10 words. He’s in the care of an amazing foster family which is a blessing because he is bonded and this will help his future attachments. He is active and strong! ”

Initial profile info:  Elijah is rolling over, making sounds in an effort to mimic speech, playing peek-a-boo, reaching for toys and trying to play with them. He interacts with his care givers through facial expressions, sounds and gestures. He recognizes familiar people. He has no other health issues other than Down syndrome. He eats and sleeps well.

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boysillouettenophotoBoy, born fall 2014
Down syndrome, congenital heart condition, muscular ventricular septal defect without disorders of hemodynamic, foramen ovale, psychomotor development delay, cow’s milk protein intolerance

Tennant has blue eyes and light brown hair. He is calm, his favorite position is sleeping on his stomach. The boy smiles, deliberately observes surroundings, looks and examines toys. The boy has Down syndrome. The social worker believes, that the boy, when in family, will be able to walk, attend a specialized school and adapt to society.

His psychomotor development corresponds to age in all categories except sitting age and speech age. Walking age – stable support on forearms. Slight of hands – while sitting, can hold his head at least 5 seconds. Walking age – when touching the base, the boy repeatedly stops the bent position of legs by slightly straightening out the legs. Age of grip – hands mostly are half open, the child moves them to the red item that the specialist is holding. Perception – the child observes the toy in his hand. Social age – laughs, when being teased. Speech age – makes “a” and “e” sounds, smiles, makes singing sounds, makes eye contact.

HeroBoy, born November 2005
limb differences

Hero is a very outgoing, smart, and active little boy. He learns things very quickly and is very curious. He is always interested in learning new things! He learned how to operate an iPhone after just a few seconds of trying. Hero is great with the other children at his orphanage. He can get them to stop misbehaving and to listen to him by using his words or mild gestures. He is known as the leader by all those who know him and as the “king of the children” by his nannies. Hero loves to play games and interact with his caregivers and peers. He is well behaved and playful. He enjoys meeting new people and he likes it when adults play with him. He especially enjoys being tickled under his armpits – he laughs and rolls around on the ground very happily! Hero is described as clever and sensible and is said to have a good temper, rarely getting upset. He was born without his legs and he has two fused fingers on one hand. Hero now has prosthetic legs and he has never let anything slow him down!

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Diagnosis: unrepaired cleft lip and palate, repaired clubbed foot, heart condition

Ryleigh has been through multiple medical procedures in her young life. She was born with a serious heart condition that resulted in pulmonary hypertension. She had surgery to repair her heart. Results of the surgery indicate “bending of the pulmonary artery and ligature of persisting arterial canal”. She was born with a clubbed foot, which was repaired through casting and bracing. Her cleft lip and palate has not yet been repaired.
Ryleigh has delays in her development. She can sit up and stands while in a walker. She makes eye contact, follows moving objects and turns her head to respond to her name. She drinks from a bottle and is fed with a spoon.

Photos and videos are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Yardley2 YardleyGirl, born June 2007

Yardley was born with a skin condition called ichthyosis. She’s been on a few agency lists already and has seen many of her friends adopted, yet she still waits. Her skin is dry and often peels off. The orphanage is using medication that is helping. A family that has experience with this special need said that Aquaphor works like magic for children with this need. In fact, the company will even supply it for free to children who were born with this condition! The family that shared this said these pictures from the orphanage are the worst her skin will ever look. Yardley needs a family to love her, treat her skin, and help build up her self-esteem so she knows and feels she is beautiful. She will blossom with the love of her very own forever family!

A person who has met Yardley a few times now said: It is very hard for Yardley lately and she is so sad now. She used to be a happy girl. She is very smart and well behaved. Now most of her friends have been adopted. She only has one friend left- a little girl who is blind and who will be adopted in a few months. Yardley will have nobody her age/cognitive level to play with. She cannot go to school because of discrimination. She has become very sad and wonders why no family will adopt her. Her self-esteem is now very low. Yardley is easy to like. She is a very good girl and is very helpful. She takes care of the little ones and always cares for her blind friend. Her orphanage fee may be waived as the current director has agreed to waive it.

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CarolineCaroline2Girl, born May 2003
Post-op Cerebral Palsy

Caroline is a beautiful, and very sweet girl who is 12 years old. She came into care when she was 4 or 5 years old, and was diagnosed with CP affecting her lower legs. Caroline was in otherwise very good health. She had surgery in 2013, and is able to walk with only a slight limp. Since Caroline had not received any early education before she came to the orphanage, she was a bit behind her peers in school. Caroline is very easy going, and has a positive attitude about all she does! She is is a wonderful care facility, and has agreed to be adopted. Caroline is so ready to be someone’s daughter!

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Shyla (1)

Shyla (2)Age: 2
Diagnosis: Persisting neurological problems – short term daily seizures – up to 10-15 daily; Suspected Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedle Syndrome; Rudiments of 6th fingers of the palms; Bottom extremities – clynobraquidactilia (2nd and 4th toe, bilaterally).Hypertrophy of the left cardiac chamber; Brain disorder (hypoplasia of the forehead and temporal segments); Delay in the neuro-psychical development.

Shyla lives in a foster home and attends daycare each day. She has well developed gross motor skills and talks in 3 word phrases. She can answer simple questions, recognizes herself in the mirror, knows the function of basic household items like the telephone and hairbrush, responds to her name, explores her environment appropriately and has bonded well with her foster mother.

Photos and videos from May 2015 are available from the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Alan-update2Boy, born January 2010
Down syndrome

Alan just turned three years old, and although he can stand by himself and crawl all over the furniture, he is not quite yet able to walk. His foster father has been taking him on tricycle rides to strengthen his legs and improve his balance. Alan seems to be enjoying himself immensely!


Alan is speaking some family words such as “mama,”, “uncle,” and “sister” and is learning his colors and how to build a tower. Also, Alan can turn the pages of a book and is quite curious. Based on our reports, we can just imagine this handsome little guy snuggling on the lap of a mom or dad of his very own and read book after book. He will surely be a happy addition to some very lucky family!

Update 2014:
Alan has truly blossomed! He is very smart and also very clever! With his foster mother’s assistance he can count to ten; she is also teaching him colors and shapes. With his new found knowledge, Alan believes he is now a teacher and he can often be found teaching his younger foster sister a school lesson.

One of Alan’s favorite things to do is to play outside. Although he wishes to play outside everyday, he knows when it rains he has to stay inside and always lets his foster mother know this. Alan has great physical strength and he can run and jump. His favorite game to play is hide and seek. Alan is also a little ham and whenever the camera comes out, he will stop what he is doing and pose. He also has some pretty impressive dance moves. As soon as the music starts playing he will start dancing by shaking his hips.

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SunnyGirl, born Feb 2012
Down syndrome

Sunny lives with a foster family. She can walk well without help, can kick ball near her. She has delayed language development, can make unconscious sound like “Ah, mama”, but she can understand simple words from caretaker, such as “Time to have meals, wash your hands, throw paper in the trash can.” She can point to her eyes, nose, mouth, ears when asked, she knows to express 5 and 10 with fingers, wave goodbye and blow kisses after only one month with her foster family. Sunny is active, not afraid of strangers, friendly to anyone, smiles happily and attaches to you when being teased.

Sunny is an active and cute girl, an absolute ray of sunshine! We hope a family can adopt her, give her education and allow her to grow happily and healthily, and give her a bright future.

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AlexBoy, born December 1999

Moderate mental retardation, nonverbal, congenital malformation cleft of hard and soft palate, cleft lip (operation in February 2007).

ALEX will age out in DECEMBER 2015!!

This boy deserves the love of a family. We just can’t watch him age out! Everyone who knows him agrees he would make a FABULOUS son. He is such a helper! Last summer, when the weather was nice, we would take the smaller boys outside and some of the big boys who have more freedom would join us. Alex was always in that group. He would run to help us push wheelchairs, or gently take our blind boys by the hand. Every week when bananas are being served he is sure to be seen helping the less capable boys with their bananas, making sure no one steals from anyone else. PRECIOUS. Please someone see Alex. He is amazing.

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Jonathanboy, born 2002
Moderate mental retardation, cerebral dysfunction of movement, functional cardiomyopathy CH-0.

Jonathan is kind to the other boys and cheerful. He smiles so easily! He is nonverbal at this time. I heard from one volunteer that he always helps the nannies clear the table after meals. The only issues that is easily noticed regarding his “dysfunction of movement” is that he walks on the tips of his toes and kind of lumbers along that way. He is curious and loves to be outside.

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SophieGirl, born June 2013
Down syndrome

Sweet Sophie is a cheerful little girl who loves being teased by her caretakers. Sometimes they walk around carrying her in their arms so that she can see everything going on around her. She can raise her head and roll from side to side. Sophie is learning to grab things and she can hold her own bottle while she eats. Sophie also has a good appetite and likes to eat congee, milk, pasta, fruit and cookies.She is waiting for a family to call her own.

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Ramona (1) Ramona (2)Girl, born April 2011
Left peripheral facial paralysis, bilateral hearing disorder, post-op Congenital heart defect

Ramona, born April 2011, is an active little girl who loves to play with other children. She has significant hearing loss in both ears and doesn’t speak, but expresses herself with sounds when she’s happy or when she can’t solve a problem. Caregivers report she’s very clever, and understands directions with motions. When looking at a picture book, she’ll point at a picture of a girl, then at herself, and also imitates the facial expressions and actions of children in the pictures. At two years her motor skills were a bit behind, but after several months of training she caught up to the other kids her age and no longer needs therapy. As of a year ago, Ramona could walk on her own, climb stairs holding a railing, stand on one foot for several seconds, and kick a ball. Her fine motor skills are also good; she could eat with a spoon, build a tower of eight blocks, turn pages in a book, and scribble with a pen. When Ramona came to the orphanage at eight months old, she had a scar from heart surgery, and an ultrasound shows no further abnormality. The left side of her face was paralyzed when she was admitted, so the cause is unknown.

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Tyson CollageBoy, born Marh 2011
limb differences, lower limbs

It is impossible not to fall in love with 4 year old Tyson! He has the best smile, he is very easy-going, and super sweet. Agency staff met him in March and said he was one of their favorite kids and that he is personality PLUS! Tyson is diagnosed with a lower limb deformity- bilateral tibiofibula congenital malformations. This cutie is waiting for his family to find him. Are you his family?

From Tyson’s file: Tyson was found at the approximate age of 3 years old. He has normal intellectual development. He has an abnormal gait, but can walk without help. He started receiving preschool education right away and he can use words and terms well, He is independent when it comes to self-care and eating. He can take off and put on socks, shoes, and clothes on his own and he is potty trained. He can throw and kick balls and he likes the wooden rocking horse. He likes drawing and helping the other children. Tyson is outgoing, clever, and cute. He can get along well with the other children and he likes warm hugs, listening to music, singing, and dancing. When there is a familiar rhythm, he can dance with it and everyone applauds him.

This cutie is waiting for his family to find him. Are you his family?

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zayne-2015-1Boy, age: 2
Diagnosis: Atresia of the esophagus – not corrected

UPDATE DECEMBER 2015: URGENT shout out for ZAYNE: I saw him again today. He’s in my son’s group at the orphanage. He is talking, learning to walk and doing so very well. He has an American brand mickey button g-tube for feeding that is changed every 2 months.He is gaining weight and is very healthy at this time thanks to specialized formula that is being paid for by a wonderful adoptive family. HE DESPERATELY NEEDS A FAMILY! He needs surgery to connect his esophagus and the orphanage director is being pressured to sign the paper work to have the procedure done in his birth country. It will be dangerous if it is done there. He NEEDS to be adopted and have the surgery done in the US. This little guy is just precious and the staff loves him so much. He is receiving excellent care and is well bonded to particular caregivers. The director told me today, ” you must find him a family quickly.” I have photos and videos of him and I can get medical questions answered.


UPDATE NOV 2015:  ” Zayne is now sitting independently and taking steps while holding on to a caregivers hands.
We have photos and videos from November 2015 to add to his report. ”

Zayne has been through several surgeries in his young life. He was born with VACTER-association. He has had 2 successful cardiac surgeries with a follow-up appointment scheduled in May 2015. He also had two surgeries for reconstruction of the digestive system with output of esophageal stoma and gastric stoma, ligation of two tracheoesophageal fistulas, and pyloroduodenal plastic. He needs surgery to reconstruct his esophagus. Doctors believe that this is best done in the US. He’s currently being fed through a G-tube and his medical needs are well monitored.

Despite all the medical procedures in his young life, Zayne is a happy and interactive little boy. He is well loved by his caregivers, who believe that his delays are due to the amount of time he’s been hospitalized. He rolls over, sits with assistance and is starting to learn to crawl. He moves around in a walker He plays with toys, interacts with caregivers, smiles and vocalizes when spoken to, and enjoys playing peek-a-boo.

Members of the agency staff have met Zayne and have an understanding of his medical needs. Additional information, along with photos and videos will be available in May 2015.

$967.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption![/column]

Brookelyn (2)Brookelyn (1)Girl, born March 2009
postoperative meningocele; incomplete paraplegia of left lower limb; physical, motor, language development delayed

Beautiful and beaming Brookelyn just turned six at the end of March. She is active, sweet, great with the younger kids, and just an all around gem! Brookelyn’s special needs are listed as: 1. postoperative meningocele; 2. incomplete paraplegia of left lower limb; 3. physical, motor, language development delayed; strengthen nutrition; strengthen, motor and language training. Though she has an abnormal gait, she can walk independently and gets around quite well. She is potty trained. In November 2011 she was put into foster care. Brookelyn is close with her foster family. Since living in foster care, she has made quick progress in all areas of development. Brookelyn enjoys playing with other children, playing games, listening to music, and playing with dolls. Her given name means that she will be full of sunlight throughout her life!

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Kandiekandie-2015-5Girl, age: 13
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Would you just look at this BEAUTY!?  Amazing!   The agency has photos and videos from 2015. In the videos, she is dressing a Barbie doll, writing some letters, talking to staff members, answering questions, and singing. She is now in the 7th grade at a mainstreamed school with resource support.  Kandie is currently living in a group home. She has well developed gross motor skills(walks, runs, etc). She talks using simple phrases and questions. She can memorize poems and songs. She understands everything that is said to her, though like some kids with Down syndrome, she has difficulty with inferring, so the staff uses short simple sentences and concrete vocabulary when providing directions. She can count to 5 independently and to 10 with some assistance. She can write a few letters. She works hard while in school and does not have any behavior issues. She is completely toilet trained. She bathes herself with supervision from an adult. She serves and cleans off the table after meal time when it is her turn (all the children in the group home take turns doing this). She makes her own bed. She enjoys playing with the other children, watching TV and listening to music.

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simonsimon-2015Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome



$132.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Diagnosis: Down syndrome and asthma

Claire is now living in a group home. She is completely toilet trained, is learning to feed herself and making progress in all areas of her development. She has just recently started learning to walk and has speech and delays in motor skills that are common in children with Down syndrome. She is described as happy, sociable and that she reacts with displeasure when she doesn’t get her way.


JaimeDOB: July 2008
Sensitive special need

6.5 year old Jaime is listed as a female, but the file mentions the diagnosis being congenital false sexes deformity (more masculinity, chromosome diagnosis: 46 XY). Jaime will need a family who is comfortable with this need and one who will allow him/her to choose who he/she wants to be and get the treatments necessary based on that. Jaime can help the foster mother to feed the rabbit and also helps to put the bowls and chopsticks out before mealtime. Jaime can count and can write some numbers. Jaime can fold clothes and likes to go swimming with the older brothers during the holiday. Jesse likes to watch cartoons and play in the sand. Jaime is shy and cooperative, but is sometimes stubborn. Jaime will sometimes cover her/his mouth when she/he makes mistakes or feels shy. The file mentioned an older foster sister leaving (likely adopted) and how Jaime felt lost without her and how Jaime would leave a portion of food out for her at mealtime.

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Ginny (3) Girl, born November 2004
Down syndrome, Congenital heart diseaseGinny (2)

Ginny is an adorable girl with freckles on her nose. She was born with Down syndrome and a heart condition. Her caregivers say that her heart condition doesn’t affect her daily life. She doesn’t know the names of her colors, but she can follow directions. Ginny lives in foster care and at home, she is able to help out around the house with some things. She is independent in her daily living. Ginny is a delightful little girl who needs a family to call her own!

$438.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Amelie Photo 2 April 2015 - April 2015AAmelie was born in May 2013 and has been diagnosed with hypochondroplasia and chondrodystrophy. Her heart and lungs are developed normally.


Amelie sits independently and walks when holding an adult’s hand. She is energetic and likes to play with colorful and noisy toys. Amelie is interactive and speaks in single words. She is emotionally engaged with her environment, caretakers and other children.


BellaBella3Girl, age: 15
Down syndrome

Bella will age out in the fall of 2015. She needs a family who can file their I-800a application before her 16th birthday!

Bella is a healthy and happy 15 year old girl. She lived in an institution for many years, but is now in a group home, where she is thriving. She attends a special education school, where she is in the 8th grade. She actively participates in class. She likes to help other children and willingly participates in group activities. She talks in simple sentences, likes music, drawing, watching TV, dancing, and playing games with other children. She has well developed self-help skills and feeds and dresses herself independently.

The agency has photos and videos from March 2015.

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Saleena (1) Saleena (2)Girl, age: 2
external hydrocephalus, delayed development Saleena walks while holding one finger of another person. She will interact with musical toys. She pronounces random sounds (da-da, ba-ba, etc). She eats soft foods from a spoon. Photos and video from March 2015 are available through the agency.


$166.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


BreylonBoy, born July 2011

Darling 3.5 year old Breylon is diagnosed with hemophilia. Breylon is said to have a good spirit. He is extroverted and talkative, but can be timid at times. He always has a ready smile. He gets along well with the other children and he is said to be a clever child. Breylon enjoys listening to music, playing with toys, reading, and playing games. His favorite toys are the riding horse and toy cars.

Breylon likes talking to familiar people and he can have simple conversations with those he is not familiar with. He can speak simple words and short sentences. Breylon can walk freely and can go upstairs and downstairs, using the wall as support. He can explore picture books and is cooperative when putting on his clothes and shoes. He can use a spoon to eat his meals. Breylon has a good appetite, but can be a picky eater at times. His favorite food is dumplings. At school, he plays games with the other children and teachers, takes a nap at noon, listens to music and reads picture books in the afternoon, and then returns home. If the weather is nice, his teachers take him out to the playground to play and bask in the sun. At night, he has super with his foster family, plays with toys, takes a bath, changes his clothes, and goes to bed. Breylon’s file mentions him being a fairly adored child!

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Annie May (1)Annie May (2)Girl, born February 2013
Down syndrome

Annie May is just 2 years old and likes to play with toys and listen to music. She is a darling little girl who is just beginning to walk. She likes playing with her peers and responds well to her care takers. She could just thrive in a family!

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OliverBoy, born 2002

Down syndrome

From a family who met him in early 2015: He is so sweet and quiet. He does talk, likes Legos and cars and Ninja turtles!

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JadeGirl, born 2001
Mild Mental Delays

From a family that met her in early 2015:
She is very happy, loves to take pictures of everything especially selfies! She speaks some English and has been hosted before. I think she would LOVE to help cook and clean as long as she had a mom to do it with! She liked dressing up and had skirts on most days. She clung to me often and even kissed me when she said goodbye for the last time. She was very bouncy possibly even a little hyper but not totally obnoxious. I was also told she can be bad but I didn’t see any inappropriate behaviors while I was there.

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Ross James Boy, born 1999

Mild Mental Delays

Orphanage states he shows aggressive behaviors, has progressive mental delay

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Vienna1 Vienna3Girl, born December 2013


Isn’t Vienna a DOLL?  What a glowing face she has, despite her physical challenges!  The sweet girl has a very sad beginning, found abandoned on the street as a newborn.

Vienna is impacted physically in her upper and lower limbs.  Her fine motor skills are lower than typical.   She is able to sit up by herself, turn from side to side…she has good postural control of her head, neck and trunk.   Her lower limbs are in casts.

Vienna is very alert, friendly, smiley, and happy.  She makes good eye contact and is starting to speak/babble words.  Currently undergoing treatment, with a favorable diagnosis.  She enjoys when others give her cubes to play with.  She is highly recommended for adoption, and will do well in a family of her own.   The officials prefer a married couple for Vienna, with one parent who is home full-time.  They request families who have experience with special needs and the time to put into all of Vienna’s necessary surgeries.   Many corrective surgeries will be necessary ongoing.  Surgery to separate her fingers will be helpful.


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Jaxon (2) Jaxon (1)Boy, born September 2012
Ametropia, hearing loss-partial

Jaxon is a cute, mischievous little boy! He loves rocking horses and cartoons. Jaxon loves attention and affection! He loves playing games and will smile at his nannies. He does well in group activities. Jaxon’s speech is clear; he will call the names of his friends when he wants to play! We hope little Jaxon finds his forever family!

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Rosie (4)Girl, born July 2011
Down syndrome, hypothyroidism

*** Additional $4,000 agency grant also available ***

Rosie is an expressive little girl with Down syndrome, who makes faces like she’s a star in a drama! She was slow to grow and they found she had hypothyroidism. She has been on medication since August 2012, and has grown and developed a lot since then! Rosie is able to sit and crawl on her own, and especially enjoys rocking herself in a rocking chair. Sometimes she’s a little impatient when she sees caregivers feeding the other children, and will shout for attention, but is quickly comforted. By spring 2014 she was able to pull herself to standing on her own, and understood simple directions. When someone arrives to her class she will wave hello, and when her caregivers leave she blow them a kiss! Rosie can say “mama” and a few other simple words. Are you the mama she is waiting for?

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Shayna (2)

Shayna (1)Girl, born August 2007
Delayed development; abnormal brain CT

Shayna is a clever girl and has a strong ability of expressing herself. She is developmentally delayed, but can communicate normally. She likes to imitate adults. When she sees the nannies, she will give them hugs. She is active, restless and likes to smile! When she hears something funny, she will laugh loudly and be filled with joy. She is very independent and can do many things on her own. She is attending a special training program in the institute, and she is happiest when she is in class with other children. She loves to sing and draw, and can recite poems and count numbers. She is progressing every day! Please help Shayna find her forever family!

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Jenny2Girl, born March 2008Jenny
Down syndrome

From her file dated 11/2014: Jenny is active and cheerful and likes to get close to people. Everyone likes her. Jenny can recognize red and knows number 1 and 2. She can distinguish circle and squareand knows some common objects such as candies, fish, fruit and vegetable. Jenny can wave goodbye and can greet her foster mom and dad when returning home from school.

Jenny can actively express her needs as well as verbally remind adult when she needs to use the bathroom. Jenny’s language is delayed when compared to other children her age. She has good comprehensive ability and can correctly and quickly respond to instructions. If she sees someone holding the camera, she will know that we are about to take pictures for her and she will give many poses. Jenny can independently eat, put on and take off shoes, pants and clothes and is potty trained. She likes to play with toys and games and really likes to watch cartoons. Jenny also likes to dance to music. She is very adorable and easygoing.

The agency has videos available.

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

AmberGirl, born January 2006
Cerebral Palsy

Cute as a button Amber recently turned 9 years old. Amber is diagnosed with having Cerebral Palsy. From the age of 4 to 5, Amber studied at the Sunshine School in the orphanage. At that time, she was independent and could take care of herself. Her comprehension was low and she could count from 1-20. Her writing ability and coordination was not great. She became used to writing with her left hand. At that time, Amber liked music activities. From age 6 to present, she has been attending primary school. She struggles with her learning and asks her foster parents whenever she can’t understand something. She knows primary Chinese characters and can read articles. In math she can read and answer questions on her own. She can walk and she will sometimes fall when running, but she can do any activity any other child can and she enjoys playing with the other children. Amber is lively and loves to laugh. She is polite to people and will greet familiar people. Sometimes her pronunciation is not very clear, but she communicates well with others for the most part. Amber can express her own thoughts and opinions and she really enjoys painting!

Lynn (2) Lynn (1)Girl, born November 2013
coloboma of eyelids, congenital atretobelpharia, and nutritional anemia

Lynn is a little girl looking for her forever family. She really likes to play with her hands and with toys. She loves to receive hugs and kisses from her nannies, and her favorite toys are colorful little balls. Lynn is able to lie on her stomach and prop up her body. She has not had any surgeries for her eyes, and she is not given any medication. She can crawl and cannot stand yet. She has significant delays. She has coloboma of eyelids, congenital atretobelpharia, and nutritional anemia. Lynn’s vision has no abnormality; her eyes can track objects moving through her surroundings. Her eyes are very sensitive and produce a lot of tears. She lives in a small family unit inside of the orphanage. Be a part of Lynn’s story by helping us find Lynn a loving family!

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Seth, CHACBoy, born 2006
Epilepsy but no history of seizures

Seth is described as quiet and docile and a bit shy with strangers, but lively and outgoing in a familiar environment. He gets along well with other children, likes cartoons, and loves outdoor activities and running with his friends. He’s a smiling boy with “very pretty eyes.” He was diagnosed early on with epilepsy but has had no history of seizures.

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