Jeff 2015Boy, Born January 30, 2002
Down syndrome

From a missionary who visited with him in August 2010:  “Jeff was found abandoned by his parents at the age of 2 1/2 years.   He was placed into a foster family right away, and has continued to make progress there.  He is active and doing well.”

More photos available, along with full social history and medical records.  Single moms permitted, only one parent has to travel.

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elijah-2015Age: 2
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

From a family who visited him in July 2015: “already crawling, standing, he’s smart, and speaking at least 10 words. He’s in the care of an amazing foster family which is a blessing because he is bonded and this will help his future attachments. He is active and strong! ”

Initial profile info:  Elijah is rolling over, making sounds in an effort to mimic speech, playing peek-a-boo, reaching for toys and trying to play with them. He interacts with his care givers through facial expressions, sounds and gestures. He recognizes familiar people. He has no other health issues other than Down syndrome. He eats and sleeps well.

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HugoBoy, born 2012
limb differences

Hugo is a sweet little boy who turned three years old this summer. Hugo has deformities in his left forearm and hand, but he has adapted well. He can use his left hand to hold a pen, cellphone and building blocks but has difficulty picking up small objects. Hugo also has an issue with his right wrist but his caretakers report that his right hand function is more flexible and a little different but basically normal. Hugo is reported to have good coordination. Hugo is a shy but curious little boy with an infectious smile who loves to play! He knows to wait his turn for the swing, loves to play catch, and to “read” a book. Could Hugo be your son?

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AlexBoy, born December 1999

Moderate mental retardation, nonverbal, congenital malformation cleft of hard and soft palate, cleft lip (operation in February 2007).

ALEX will age out in DECEMBER 2015!!

This boy deserves the love of a family. We just can’t watch him age out! Everyone who knows him agrees he would make a FABULOUS son. He is such a helper! Last summer, when the weather was nice, we would take the smaller boys outside and some of the big boys who have more freedom would join us. Alex was always in that group. He would run to help us push wheelchairs, or gently take our blind boys by the hand. Every week when bananas are being served he is sure to be seen helping the less capable boys with their bananas, making sure no one steals from anyone else. PRECIOUS. Please someone see Alex. He is amazing.

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lucypattySiblings! Must be adopted together!
Are they not adorable!!!

Girl, born 2007 (white shirt)

Girl, born 2008 (red shirt)

Girl, born 2010 (pink dress)


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callie2callie-2015girl, born 2015
Down Syndrome


What a beautiful baby girl!!


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ihaveawarriorKandiekandie-2015-5Girl, age: 13
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Would you just look at this BEAUTY!?  Amazing!   The agency has photos and videos from 2015. In the videos, she is dressing a Barbie doll, writing some letters, talking to staff members, answering questions, and singing. She is now in the 7th grade at a mainstreamed school with resource support.  Kandie is currently living in a group home. She has well developed gross motor skills(walks, runs, etc). She talks using simple phrases and questions. She can memorize poems and songs. She understands everything that is said to her, though like some kids with Down syndrome, she has difficulty with inferring, so the staff uses short simple sentences and concrete vocabulary when providing directions. She can count to 5 independently and to 10 with some assistance. She can write a few letters. She works hard while in school and does not have any behavior issues. She is completely toilet trained. She bathes herself with supervision from an adult. She serves and cleans off the table after meal time when it is her turn (all the children in the group home take turns doing this). She makes her own bed. She enjoys playing with the other children, watching TV and listening to music.

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Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!

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jonahBoy, born 2012
Cerebral palsy



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Benedict (1)Benedict (2)Boy, born April 2011
Muscular Dystrophy

Benedict is an incredibly cute little guy who is 3 years old. He came into care when he was about 1 year old and lives with a foster family. Benedict’s overall development has been very good. He has been healthy, is very active, and easy going. Benedict sometimes falls when he is running. That seems to be the only current visual sign of the muscular dystrophy with which he has been diagnosed. Symptoms usually begin to appear at around this age. Benedict is very social and likes group activities. If he is upset, or angry (not often), he is very easy to redirect. Benedict’s speech is very good; he speaks Mandarin as well as the local dialect. He attends classes at the orphanage, then returns to his foster home. Benedict is very helpful, and very charming…one day in class, he finished the assignment and handed it to his teacher. Before she could respond, Benedict smiled and said, “Good job!”. Benedict needs a family, and a thorough medical exam and tests, to determine the best course of action to help him remain as healthy as possible.

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Boy, born 2012
severe prematurity, physical and neuro-psychological development delays


Billy is a kind and happy child. He prefers contacts with particular people from the Staff with whom he has attachment. Delay in motor skills development. He can turn from one side to another and crawls well. He can stand up if supported and can walk if held by both hands. Fine motor skills: He tries to hit two cubes each other. He can play with a toy for some period of time and the game are different with different toys. With help by the others, he tries to put objects in a box.Billy’s emotional state is good. He is happy when someone talks to him or plays with him. He loves to be around people he knows. Sometimes he is upset and cries when left alone. He loves listening to songs for children. He can pronounce random syllabuses and sounds.

Billy is very kind and loving boy. He is well adapted to the daily routine in the institution. He seeks contact with others and easily gets attached to a person. He is selective in his eating preferences. His sleep is calm and when he is awake, he communicates with other children and adults. He loves to be outside.

Billy would thrive in a family environment!

noahBoy, born 2015

Down Syndrome

beautiful baby boy!


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Jerry (2) Jerry (1)Boy, born November 2006

Jerry is blind and participates in a program that provides high quality care and education for orphans who are blind or visually impaired. He loves to play with all toys and is very social with his friends. He especially enjoys playing and running around outside, snack time, and getting presents. Jerry has great motor skills, and can put on his own clothes, wash his face, and eat on his own. He is very intelligent and does well in school. He is very independent and whenever we want to film a child doing self-help skills, we always ask Jerry if we can film him because he is so independent and confident. He walks very well with his cane and he can go to the shops on his own and buy things (with an adult following to make sure he is ok-he is only 6 years old after all!) Jerry ran in the (mini) marathon in October 2013 and he often goes to the park to run 3-5km. He is a good listener and plays well with others, though sometimes he can be a bit mischievous. Though he is very good at his studies, he often gets nervous before a test. He really likes going to school and he now studies how to use the cane, read and write in Braille and studies all of the normal school subjects. He is very clever and picks up new concepts quickly. He would be an amazing son!Guardian Angel

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Tessa1 Tessa2Girl, born November 2010
Down syndrome, Cleft lip and palate


Tessa was sent to a foster family for care the same day she was admitted. Due to her severe cleft palate, feeding her was extremely difficult.

A comprehensive physical was done in spring 2012.   The diagnosis was severe cleft lip and palate and down syndrome. At the time, the doctors examined her heart beat and found everything to be normal.



In May 2012, she received cleft lip repair surgery; the surgery was successful and her recovery went well.   Tessa’s outer appearance improved.

Tessa is a timid and shy little girl who recognizes people.  She is closest to and dependant on her nanny.  She sleeps with her nanny every night.  When she sees the nanny carry another child and not her, she will feel slighted and start to cry.  Tessa can understand our words.  She will turn her head to look around.  If you ask her whether she wants milk, she will respond with a smile.  She can say “nana”.  When interacting with strangers, she will look at you quietly and will not respond to questions.  Only after a period of time of interaction will she start to warm up.  She also likes to look pretty and likes to wear pretty clothes.  When you praise her and tell her how pretty she looks, she will immediately smile happily.

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Darren2_2015 Darren 2015Boy, age 5
Diagnosis: hydrocephalus-no shunt

Updated 2015: Darren now lives in a group home. He spends a great deal of time left in his crib. Despite that, he is very interactive and responsive. He will reach for toys, manipulate them and rolls over to drop them out of his crib while laughing. He smiles and responds to caregivers talking to him and laughs loudly when tickled. He reaches his arms up to people when they lean over his crib and reach for him. He turns his head to follow voices in the room. He interacts with handing toys in his crib. His hydrocephalus has not been treated and as a result, he can not sit or stand unassisted.

Photos and videos from May 2015 are available.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Clover_pic_1Girl, born July 2011
Down Syndrome & mild congenital heart disease

Clover is outgoing and friendly but she prefers familiar people. She enjoys animals, books, moving toy cars and balls. She understands simple instructions, gestures to show “good-bye” and “hug” and understands the meaning of “no.” Clover likes to imitate adults and is able to communicate by speaking. She likes learning to sing songs and playing with other children. She especially enjoys the outdoor playgrounds and slides. Clover likes running and climbing high, riding her bike and playing hide and seek.

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Linnet (1) Linnet (2)

ADOPTED by European family



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Holland 2015Holly 2Girl, born Oct 2011
Blind (retinal glioblastoma; secondary retinal detachment; glaucoma; left eyeball after enucleation)

Holland has delayed development. When admitted, she was 4 months old. At that time, she could make the sound of “gugu” if being teased and could hold your fingers if you touched her hand. At the age of 8 months, she could turn over and sit alone, hold the milk bottle to drink milk, and jump if you held her arms. At the age of 1 year, she could crawl forward and backward, knew her name, and could respond if you called her name. At the age of 1.5 years, she could walk with holding hands, imitate speaking, and could understand simple language. Now she can walk alone, can speak simple sentences. Her cognitive ability is not good due to her visual impairment. She likes toys with sound. Holland is quiet, lovely, shy, and sometimes likes toys and music. She likes playing games with familiar people and can smile when happy. Under careful care of everyone, she is growing up healthily and happily. She has built stable and close relationships with the nurturers.

Update from someone who met her in 2015:
Look who I saw on our orphanage visit. She looks great and is very confident in getting around. My heart just melted when I saw how great she is doing! Just look at her hair growing back!

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oskar-update 201540428232901 (4)Boy, born late 2011
congenital absence of ear, canal, hand/finger, fused fingers, cleft palate, congenital malformation of cardiac septa

Oskar has had surgery for his cleft palate.

Additional pictures available.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoy, born February 2012
hearing impairment



Girl, born October 2007

Cerebral palsy; Mixed specific developmental disorders; Coloboma of optic disc


Waniya (pronounced Wa-NEE-ya) — a Lakota (Sioux) name that means “breath of life.”

Waniya is a gem; she needs a family to reach her true potential.


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Olivia Photo 11 August 2015 - August 2015 - crop Olivia Photo 6 August 2015 - August 2015 - cropOlivia was born prematurely in November 2013 and has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, spina bifida, liquorrhea, paralysis of the lower limbs, and malformations of the feet. She received a shunt in early infancy.

Olivia is able to track with her eyes, has some head control, can roll over with help, but does not yet sit without support. The movement in Olivia’s arms and hands is not restricted and she actively reaches for, holds and manipulates objects. Her caretakers describe her as an attentive girl who understands what they say to her and babbles a lot.

Additional information, photos and video available directly from the agency. Married couples only due to court appointed guardian.

From a family who met her in March 2015: What a gem!  This little girl is such a doll with the biggest, most beautiful eyes.  She is very alert and babbles. Olivia enjoys attention, even dropping her toy and whining so that someone would pay attention to her.  Olivia appears to have good control of her arms and can sit up.

Update from a family who met her in October 2014 and again in May 2015: 
Olivia is darling.  She looks very healthy and seems to eat well.  She can sit unassisted and very easily finds ways to get the toys she wants, or the attention she needs. Olivia is described as a chatter box (I heard her say mama and papa) and very playful with the staff.  She loves to be held and interacts very well with others.

Update August 2015: Olivia is doing very well. Her caretakers describe her as loving and responsive. A family who met Olivia this month reported that Olivia army-crawls very fast and moves herself around in the zip zac chair. Olivia is drawn to anyone who shows her attention and enjoys music.

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Ewan Video Still 1 March-2015 - April 2015



Nissa Girl, born September 2009
Down syndrome

Nissa is 5 years old and has Down Syndrome but just doesn’t let that extra chromosome stop her. Nissa can stand, walk and climb up and down stairs alone. She can understand and follow your instructions. She dances with music and can sing along with you. Nissa plays well with other children and is not afraid of strangers.Nissa

Update 9/28/14: A family visited the orphanage 2 weeks ago and had this to say about Nissa. “She was clearly chattering away. I can’t actually vouch for what she was saying, but it appeared she was conversing with the staff. It was clear she was understanding them. They made a point to say that she wasn’t like the older DS boy we had just seen moments before. They said she was very, very smart. She’s a champion giggler and very much loved there.” Oh and it was mentioned that she really, really loves stickers.

Her agency has a $1000 grant available.  Video available.

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BreylonBoy, born July 2011

Darling 3.5 year old Breylon is diagnosed with hemophilia. Breylon is said to have a good spirit. He is extroverted and talkative, but can be timid at times. He always has a ready smile. He gets along well with the other children and he is said to be a clever child. Breylon enjoys listening to music, playing with toys, reading, and playing games. His favorite toys are the riding horse and toy cars.

Breylon likes talking to familiar people and he can have simple conversations with those he is not familiar with. He can speak simple words and short sentences. Breylon can walk freely and can go upstairs and downstairs, using the wall as support. He can explore picture books and is cooperative when putting on his clothes and shoes. He can use a spoon to eat his meals. Breylon has a good appetite, but can be a picky eater at times. His favorite food is dumplings. At school, he plays games with the other children and teachers, takes a nap at noon, listens to music and reads picture books in the afternoon, and then returns home. If the weather is nice, his teachers take him out to the playground to play and bask in the sun. At night, he has super with his foster family, plays with toys, takes a bath, changes his clothes, and goes to bed. Breylon’s file mentions him being a fairly adored child!

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PeggyGirl, born December 2014
Spina bifida; a VP shunt has been placed.

Peggy is alert and tracks with her eyes. She has developed hand to hand and hand to mouth coordination and reaches for toys, but cannot yet hold them. Peggy appears to have head control, but needs support to sit. She regularly receives therapy.

Additional information, video and photos available directly from the agency. Married couples only due to court appointed guardian.


Grace image 3Girl, born November 2007
Grace has been diagnosed with Postoperative ASD (CHD). Grace has recovered well after her operation from 2010.

Grace is outgoing, smiles often, and likes playing with other children. She is a beautiful girl and is curious about the outside world. When intrigued by new objects, she will carefully observe and explore them. She likes meeting new people, and gets along with other children her age. She is a very active 5 year old. She can run and jump, can feed herself and use the restroom by herself. She can take on and off her clothing independently. She understands the meaning of “no”, can call “father”, “mother”. She can say “one, two” “give” “want” “fetch.” She enjoys listening to music and singing loudly. Even though nobody can understand what she is singing and yelling, she is very happy and involved in it. Even though she does not like speaking, she is very smart and observant. Grace likes to help the aunt to do some housework, such as folding the quilts and picking up toys. When the caretakers are holding the young children and they drop their toys, Grace will take the initiative to retrieve the toys. When the aunts want to feed the babies, Grace will take the initiative to bring them a towel. Her favorite fruits are bananas and small tomatoes. She also likes desserts.

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Jenny2Girl, born March 2008Jenny
Down syndrome

From her file dated 11/2014: Jenny is active and cheerful and likes to get close to people. Everyone likes her. Jenny can recognize red and knows number 1 and 2. She can distinguish circle and squareand knows some common objects such as candies, fish, fruit and vegetable. Jenny can wave goodbye and can greet her foster mom and dad when returning home from school.

Jenny can actively express her needs as well as verbally remind adult when she needs to use the bathroom. Jenny’s language is delayed when compared to other children her age. She has good comprehensive ability and can correctly and quickly respond to instructions. If she sees someone holding the camera, she will know that we are about to take pictures for her and she will give many poses. Jenny can independently eat, put on and take off shoes, pants and clothes and is potty trained. She likes to play with toys and games and really likes to watch cartoons. Jenny also likes to dance to music. She is very adorable and easygoing.

The agency has videos available.

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Boy, born December 2009
Tetraparesis (which sounds like a degree of Cerebral palsy, or muscular weakness due to time in a crib)


Ulysses is blind; he won’t have much of a life in an institution, but he can THRIVE in a family!  Give this dear boy a chance at the world, help find his family.

He was born at 24 weeks.  He can’t speak but can understand everything.  Ulysses is unable to walk but is trying to stand up.  Will pull up to his knees.

$3,651.55 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Sage Photo 1 August 2015 - August 2015Adopted by a French family

JadeGirl, born 2001
Mild Mental Delays

From a family that met her in early 2015:
She is very happy, loves to take pictures of everything especially selfies! She speaks some English and has been hosted before. I think she would LOVE to help cook and clean as long as she had a mom to do it with! She liked dressing up and had skirts on most days. She clung to me often and even kissed me when she said goodbye for the last time. She was very bouncy possibly even a little hyper but not totally obnoxious. I was also told she can be bad but I didn’t see any inappropriate behaviors while I was there.

$14.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Ross James Boy, born 1999

Mild Mental Delays

Orphanage states he shows aggressive behaviors, has progressive mental delay

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Mary LaurenMary LaurenGirl, born June 2004
Down syndrome and Hep B+

Mary Lauren is a beautiful 9 year old girl. She came into care when she was about 3 years old. Mary Lauren has Down syndrome and is Hep B positive. She loves to dance, which is apparent in her video! Mary Lauren can speak in sentences, but her pronunciation is not very clear. Speech therapy would certainly help. She is very loving and social. Mary Lauren loves to swim! She is helpful to the nannies; she has chores every day and is able to complete them without assistance. She is learning to count. Mary Lauren is a sweet little girl, and will be such a blessing to your family!

$1,705.75 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

marcusMarcusBoy, born 2015
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect, intestinal obstruction (stoma exteriorization), anal atresia

Marcus’s birth parents are involved, they have begged for a family for him.  They have a special request for a family for this little boy: it is preferred that they adopt him only at this time, do not have very many children in the family, not very old and not very rural, nice people.

We don’t want to lose time because he needs at least 2 surgeries: one for his heart and one for his intestine. May be they will have to do them here in case it takes longer to find adoptive parents.

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paisleyaug2015-5Girl, born 2006steinhoff-amelia
Down syndrome


What an amazing smile!!


From a family who visited with her in September 2015:  “Paisley is so sweet!  She is 9 years old, but she does not walk on her own yet.  She will surely be able to in time.  Paisley is very engaging.  She lights up when you speak to her.  She likes to be held and seeks out your attention.  She is calm and loving”.

From a family who visited with her in August 2015: “She is so sweet! Very affectionate. I got her out of the stroller today and was dancing with her, the radio was on, and she smiled and giggled the whole time! After a while, I just sat and bounced her on my lap and then she snuggled in to me and almost fell asleep. She will do so well with a home!  She constantly has “sleep” in the corners of her eyes. ”

$1,000.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Katie Anne (2)

Katie Anne (3)Katie Anne (1)Girl, born February 2002
Cerebral Palsy

Meet Katie Anne! She has spastic Cerebral Palsy but her cranium CT is normal. So she’s basically a precious and beautiful little girl who has physical limitations – and that’s it!

Katie Anne loves deeply. She chats freely. She learns happily. Katie Anne is in a foster family right now on the grounds of the orphanage, and she attends some classes at the orphanage for children with special needs. She cannot walk, but boy do her eyes dance when she smiles! Her birthday is listed as 2/2002 on her file. This means that she will age out in February. She needs a family NOW. But the family should be prepared for the fact that she may actually be younger than her file states. Katie Anne wants a forever family so badly.

A specific agency has offered a $4000 grant for Katie Anne.

$2,448.63 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

PippannaGirl, born August 2011
Down syndrome

Pippanna’s caregivers say that she is an active, smiley girl that enjoys imitating others. She has good self care skills and can dress herself , go to the bathroom by herself and feed herself She is also very cooperative and likes to try to help with chores. Pippanna enjoys drawing, building with blocks, singing. dancing and playing outside.She gets along well with her friends and likes to comfort others when they are upset by patting them on the back. Are you the family that can pat her back when she is upset?

Marla (1)Girl, less than a year old
Diagnosis: CT scan at 1 month old showed external hydrocephalus and brain stem hypoplasia. Neurosurgeon recommended a follow up scan at 1 year old to check brain development and solidify an accurate medical diagnosis.

Marla can roll over, support herself on her elbows and hands to lift herself up while controlling her head. She reaches for toys, and shakes them to make noise once she has them in her hand. She is very responsive to interactions from adults and laughs out loud when they play with her. She eats and sleeps well and is gaining weight at an appropriate rate for her age.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Alan-update2Boy, born January 2010
Down syndrome

Alan just turned three years old, and although he can stand by himself and crawl all over the furniture, he is not quite yet able to walk. His foster father has been taking him on tricycle rides to strengthen his legs and improve his balance. Alan seems to be enjoying himself immensely!


Alan is speaking some family words such as “mama,”, “uncle,” and “sister” and is learning his colors and how to build a tower. Also, Alan can turn the pages of a book and is quite curious. Based on our reports, we can just imagine this handsome little guy snuggling on the lap of a mom or dad of his very own and read book after book. He will surely be a happy addition to some very lucky family!

Update 2014:
Alan has truly blossomed! He is very smart and also very clever! With his foster mother’s assistance he can count to ten; she is also teaching him colors and shapes. With his new found knowledge, Alan believes he is now a teacher and he can often be found teaching his younger foster sister a school lesson.

One of Alan’s favorite things to do is to play outside. Although he wishes to play outside everyday, he knows when it rains he has to stay inside and always lets his foster mother know this. Alan has great physical strength and he can run and jump. His favorite game to play is hide and seek. Alan is also a little ham and whenever the camera comes out, he will stop what he is doing and pose. He also has some pretty impressive dance moves. As soon as the music starts playing he will start dancing by shaking his hips.

$4,783.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!

For more information on how to adopt this child, please visit our Contact Page.

Jarred (2)

Jarred (1)Boy, born November 2014
Down syndrome




$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Holly (5)Holly (3)Girl, born 2012
hydrocephalus and spina bifida and exotropia


She is good at speaking and understands everything, she is good in contact. She manipulates objects very well (can draw), she can sit and crawl but not walk because she has no pelvic rotation.

The agency has additional photos and a couple short videos for serious inquiries.

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Leigh update2 Leigh update1Girl, born October 2008
Cerebral palsy


Leigh turned 5 in October. She came into care when she was just 2 years old. Leigh get massages every day to help her legs get more flexible. She is able to crawl around and is working on walking, but she is not quite there yet. Leigh is able to follow directions given by her caregivers and she likes to play with her friends. Her new favorite thing to do is crawl around and get into everything!

Update: Leigh lives with a foster family, who try their best to help her practice walking without assistance. She can speak in full sentences, although her speech can be low and just a bit slow. She can walk with one hand held, or using a walker. She can stand unassisted for a while. She can feed herself, is toilet trained, can write, and can put on her own shirt. Sweet Leigh has a very good memory and can learn new things easily. They have talked about adoption with Leigh, and she knows they are trying to find a family for her. Leigh is just precious, and really needs a family (and some physical therapy to help her walk without assistance)!

$242.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Chazz turned two years old in June. He was abandoned when he was two days old and has lived in the orphanage ever since. Chazz was born with hypospadias (the opening of his urethra is on the underside of his penis) but he’s otherwise healthy.

Chazz is described as cute, clever, and a little bit shy. He likes being held by caretakers and playing games. We visited him in his orphanage at the end of June and he was adorable, interactive, and demonstrated his good development in terms of walking and running.

Can Chazz be the boy you’ve been searching for?


York (1) York (2)Boy, born Feb 2006
Post-op hydrocephalus

York was found abandoned at the age of 2 1/2 years old. He is a very clever, outgoing, and active child and can learn fast. York has good self care skills and he can put on clothes and shoes, fold the quilt and have a meal alone, and can also help other children to do something what they can’t do, such as pass the toy to them or sing for them. In school he listens to the teacher and is learning well. He also has learned some English and he likes to sing English children’s songs.

By the way, he is quite the little singer and loves to perform when guests come. York performs for them happily, which always bring laughter and joy for everyone. his caretakers state that he is so excellent, so happy, so strong, which can’t help making us send the most enthusiastic applause for him. York would love to have a family to perform for and sing with. Are you ready to add this little star to your family?


SophieGirl, born June 2013
Down syndrome

Sweet Sophie is a cheerful little girl who loves being teased by her caretakers. Sometimes they walk around carrying her in their arms so that she can see everything going on around her. She can raise her head and roll from side to side. Sophie is learning to grab things and she can hold her own bottle while she eats. Sophie also has a good appetite and likes to eat congee, milk, pasta, fruit and cookies.She is waiting for a family to call her own.

$221.06 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Josie Lynne 2-001

Josie Lynne 3ADOPTED!!

Matthew #01-10 (2) Matthew #01-10 (1)Age: 5
Diagnosis-very mild CP in his legs

Matthew walks and runs, though he does have an awkward gait due to the mild CP. He throws and catches a ball. His speech is excellent. He is able to ask and answer questions, share details about his life, count to 5 and hold a conversation with people. He gets along well with other children and adults. He does not have any behavioral concerns. He has a good memory. He participates in games and other activities and follow the rules set to complete the task. He is described as “sociable and affectionate”.

Photos and videos from July 2015 are available through the agency. In the videos, Matthew walks, runs, answers questions about his life and engages in conversation with an adult on the video.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Darla-001Age: 1
Diagnosis: Mosaic Down syndrome

Darla can turn from back to stomach, sit up independently and is learning to pull to a stand. She is receiving regular physical therapy sessions each week. She is babbling and making combinations of sounds in an attempt to talk. When a familiar adults talks to her or teases her, she smiles and laughs. She tracks objects with her eyes and by turning her head. She turns her head to look for people or when she hears voices. She differentiates between familiar persons and strangers. She enjoys playing games with a ball. She will roll a ball back and forth with a caregiver.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrother; 6 year old boy
early congenital syphilis

Sam is friendly and sociable by nature, talkative and cheerful, with a notable attempt to be noticed and appreciated. He has respect for adults and observes rules, orders and prohibitions. He does not have problems in communicating with peers. He loves playing with children his age. He expresses emotions through facial expression and through actions. He does not show aggression, self-aggression and symptoms of an anxious child.

There is expressed need of social approval and attention. He works well to instructions and following examples. He shows will to complete the set task. He responds well to praises and encouragement.  Sam feels the need of attention, tenderness, love, security and safety, feeling approved and significant.

Sister; 11 year old girlSam and Scarlett (2)

Scarlett has adequate behavior. No signs of anxiety, depression or aggressiveness. She is cheerful and emotional, continuously looking for attention and approval of the adults. The child has well developed passive vocabulary. She understands the speech of the others and adequately abreast. She can lead dialog and to initiate it. She keeps the rules of communication. She has built habits concerning personal hygiene, feeding and service of physiologic needs. She is independent.

She is a child who takes interest in school subjects but prefers singing, dancing and drawing, activities related to motion. She likes playing “cord jumping” and jump rope. She has finished the school year with a very good average grades.  She dreams about the time when she will be adopted and will have real parents like the other children.

PrestynAge: 1
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Prestyn just turned one year old. He does not have any additional medical conditions other than Down syndrome. He is developing at a rate that is considered common for a child with Down syndrome. He has starting babbling and making syllables, and shows appropriate emotions and responses to staff.



SunnyGirl, born Feb 2012
Down syndrome

Sunny lives with a foster family. She can walk well without help, can kick ball near her. She has delayed language development, can make unconscious sound like “Ah, mama”, but she can understand simple words from caretaker, such as “Time to have meals, wash your hands, throw paper in the trash can.” She can point to her eyes, nose, mouth, ears when asked, she knows to express 5 and 10 with fingers, wave goodbye and blow kisses after only one month with her foster family. Sunny is active, not afraid of strangers, friendly to anyone, smiles happily and attaches to you when being teased.

Sunny is an active and cute girl, an absolute ray of sunshine! We hope a family can adopt her, give her education and allow her to grow happily and healthily, and give her a bright future.

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Jonathanboy, born 2002
Moderate mental retardation, cerebral dysfunction of movement, functional cardiomyopathy CH-0.

Jonathan is kind to the other boys and cheerful. He smiles so easily! He is nonverbal at this time. I heard from one volunteer that he always helps the nannies clear the table after meals. The only issues that is easily noticed regarding his “dysfunction of movement” is that he walks on the tips of his toes and kind of lumbers along that way. He is curious and loves to be outside.

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40913170637Boy, born 2012

epilepsy, ventricular septal defect, other congenital malformations of the cardiac septa


update 2/15 – He had last seizure in October 2014. He is on medication for epilepsy. His heart condition does not require surgery.


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corie1Girl, born 2015

Down syndrome, Atrial septal defect


She is absolutely beautiful!

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AhrenBoy, born 2014
Cleft lip (post-op); cleft palate

Ahren, age 1, is an adorable little boy who was abandoned at a hospital when he was only a couple of days old. Ahren was born with a cleft lip and palate. Last summer, he had surgery to correct his cleft lip but still needs surgery to close his palate. Ahren can stand and walk, imitates others when they speak, and feeds himself. The orphanage reports that he has normal intelligence and that his speech development is OK. He’s saying simple words now, like mama, grandma, etc. Ahren is an active little boy who likes to play with his toys or be outside. Could Ahren be the son you’ve been looking for?

JasonBoy, born Oct 2002
Albinism, burn scars on foot/leg

He is described as outgoing and likes to help other kids. A caregiver says his mental development is slightly delayed compared to other children his age at the orphanage because sometimes it takes him a little longer to answer questions than other children. He is in the second grade and has trouble with his homework at times. His caregiver states that he has no vision problems aside from sensitivity to light. He has been diagnosed with albinism. His favorite people are other boys at the orphanage. Playing badminton makes him happy. His caregiver explained that he saw other children playing badminton and decided he wanted to try it, so he is currently learning how to play. When he grows up, he wants to be a car driver. His caregiver stated he is normally very active and noisy, but he was nervous with strangers so he was quiet during the meeting with adoption officials. He had a huge smile on his face during his dance performance and appeared be having fun with his friends.

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40626124650 Philip (2)30920114058 Kelvin

Boy, born January 2007
Down syndrome

Handsome Kelvin is 8 years old, and waiting for his family!

40626124650 Philip (1)

From a family who met him in June 2014:

This calm little guy came up to me with pleading eyes for attention and is just so polite. God has heard his prayers, and now he is listed for adoption! He is not overbearing or competitive at all. Rather, he is observant and inquisitive. He is about the size of a six year-old and just so gentle. I would take him home in a heartbeat if he was available before. He takes turns riding the red wagon around the orphanage grounds as the bigger boys pull him, and he gestures politely for fresh fruit when he sees it is available. He is kind to other children. He says a few words in his native language, and listened carefully when I was giving descriptions of my family photos. I have confidence that he would do wonderfully in any kind of family, and it is obvious– he can surely reciprocate love! He enjoyed throwing balls, going on walks, playing see-saw, and listening to English descriptions. Whoever adopts this little love will be so blessed to call him a beloved son.

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girlsillouettenophotoGirl, born fall 2003
Her medical diagnosis – speech development delay. Inner rotation of both feet in the level of shins, left>right. Tibial torsy.

This 11 y.o. girl has grey eyes and light hair. She is friendly, has good relationships with peers and smaller children. She likes animals, enjoys helping out smaller children. She likes to sing and dance. At school she has average results, has a lowered motivation to study. Sometimes she can act in a provocative or manipulative way while trying to get what she wants. It takes a lot of time and patience to gain her trust.

Charlotte has blue eyes and light brown hair. She is starting to develop her speech, she tries to repeat the actions and words of other people. She likes drawing and flicking through books.

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PrudenceThis is Prudence and she is 3 years old.





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Yardley2 YardleyGirl, born June 2007

Yardley was born with a skin condition called ichthyosis. She’s been on a few agency lists already and has seen many of her friends adopted, yet she still waits. Her skin is dry and often peels off. The orphanage is using medication that is helping. A family that has experience with this special need said that Aquaphor works like magic for children with this need. In fact, the company will even supply it for free to children who were born with this condition! The family that shared this said these pictures from the orphanage are the worst her skin will ever look. Yardley needs a family to love her, treat her skin, and help build up her self-esteem so she knows and feels she is beautiful. She will blossom with the love of her very own forever family!

A person who has met Yardley a few times now said: It is very hard for Yardley lately and she is so sad now. She used to be a happy girl. She is very smart and well behaved. Now most of her friends have been adopted. She only has one friend left- a little girl who is blind and who will be adopted in a few months. Yardley will have nobody her age/cognitive level to play with. She cannot go to school because of discrimination. She has become very sad and wonders why no family will adopt her. Her self-esteem is now very low. Yardley is easy to like. She is a very good girl and is very helpful. She takes care of the little ones and always cares for her blind friend. Her orphanage fee may be waived as the current director has agreed to waive it.

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JunieGirl, born 2013
Cystic mass

Junie, 1.5 years old, is a sweet little girl. At six months old, Junie was found abandoned in the city square. She has a cystic mass on the side of her neck. According to a US pediatrician who has reviewed her file, she will probably need surgery but the mass is highly unlikely to be cancerous and there should be a favorable outcome.

Junie is a shy and quiet little girl. She is walking with support and is babbling, but not saying real words yet. She knows her name and responds to her caregiver’s requests. Junie likes to listen to music and watch TV. Could you be the forever family Junie is waiting for?

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Shelly2 ShellyGirl, born 2013
Premature, developmentally delayed

Shelly was found abandoned when she was only two days old. She weighed only 3.3 lbs and was determined to be premature and developmentally delayed. She’s still tiny and behind in her development. She can roll over, sit and crawl, but she isn’t yet standing or walking. The orphanage reports that her leg strength is slightly weak but her fine motor skills are good with good hand dexterity. Shelly is thought to have normal intelligence. She’s saying some words, responds to adults’ facial expressions, laughs out loud and has a ready smile. Shelly needs a family who can help her overcome her significant developmental delays. Could she be your daughter?

BellaBella3Girl, age: 15
Down syndrome

Bella will age out in the fall of 2015. She needs a family who can file their I-800a application before her 16th birthday!

Bella is a healthy and happy 15 year old girl. She lived in an institution for many years, but is now in a group home, where she is thriving. She attends a special education school, where she is in the 8th grade. She actively participates in class. She likes to help other children and willingly participates in group activities. She talks in simple sentences, likes music, drawing, watching TV, dancing, and playing games with other children. She has well developed self-help skills and feeds and dresses herself independently.

The agency has photos and videos from March 2015.

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Myles (2) Myles newerBoy, born June 2002

Myles is 12 years old. He was found in the waiting area of a train station when he was about 5 years old. Myles is very small for his age, likely due to the lack of proper treatment for his Thalassemia. He does not appear to receive his needed transfusions as often as his body requires, and is not receiving chelation meds which are vital for him. Myles needs a family soon, as he will age out in June 2016. He is an outgoing and very happy kid, who is helpful, and eager to learn. Myles loves to read comic books! He can take care of all his own needs. His cognitive, motor, and speech skills are all on target. He is just a very small boy who needs better medical care. Myles needs a family soon!

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girlsillouettenophotoGirl, born January 2014

Born prematurely in severe asphyxia. RDS, congenital pneumonia, bronchopulmonary dysplasia – pneumonia, apnea, anemia, premature, IVH, sepsis MRCNS, retinopathy of prematurity, patent foramen ovale. Underwent laser photocoagulation treatment of ROP in both eyes. Currently, her vision and hearing are good. Suspected allergies. Delayed psychomotor development, abnormal muscle tone throughout the body. Followed by steady progress in development.

Adopted outside of RR

new geneGeneBoy, born Oct 20, 2002
Cleft lip / cleft palate

Gene’s file is with an agency; they are offering a $4000 grant.
Gene has been waiting patiently for his family to come for him for nearly five years. That’s how long his file has been on the shared list. During that time he has seen his friends leave the orphanage for a new life, and still he waits. His best friend was adopted last year and went to live in Spain. But still Gene waits. His special need, a cleft lip and palette, has long been repaired, and he appears to be healthy with just dental cavities listed in his file.

Gene waits because his real special need is that he is an 11 year old boy, and is therefore overlooked. Please don’t let Gene fall in the cracks and become a statistic. He has waited too long for that. He would make a loving son, brother and friend if given a chance. Are you his family?

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DelphineGirl, 3 y.o. (DOB 2010)

Delphine is a cheerful, playful and loving girl with a psychological age of a 1 yr and 9 month old child, which is below her chronological age.  Because of this, the child requires more attention in different areas such as communication, socialization, occupation, self control, etc to achieve an adequate comprehensive development. Her language is poor for her age.

Delphine is a little girl with a HIV diagnosis that needs much attention and care. It is important that she gets integrated to a family that understands and accepts her health condition and that provides the socio-affective support that she requires to achieve the comprehensive development of her abilities and social adequacy.

The future parents must be able to create a stable and deep emotional bond; they must be expressive in their affection, with a great amount of physical energy and dynamic interaction but flexible and tolerant to facilitate her adaptation.

It is important to continue with the necessary early stimulation in all areas of personal development at the child’s pace to achieve her full potential.  She must receive early stimulation and Language Therapy permanently.

Delphine is currently available for adoption and waiting for her  forever family! The central authority in the children’s country of origin are the legal custodians and guardians of the children and Open Door has been given the privilege to assist in finding permanent homes for these children.  Agency has photos and videos and we will be happy to share them with an interested family.

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Saam update Saam update2Boy, born November 2002
Cerebral palsy, post-op knee contractures

Saam has the cutest smile and is very ticklish. He needs a family of his own more than anything. One of his favorite things to do is to play outside with his friends. He especially likes hide and seek and soccer. He also loves drawing and art. Saam likes school, especially language classes.Saam is so happy and smiles and laughs all the time. His special need causes him to walk with a bit of a limp but he can still run around do everything any kid can do. When asked if he would like to be adopted, Saam said yes. He will see three of his friends get adopted this year so it is all becoming more real to him. He said he likes dogs and would like a dog. And he said he would like some siblings too. Saam said that he would like to say thank you to a family who adopted him.

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SparrowGirl, born 2012

Lumbar spina bifida without hydrocephalus, Mild intellectual disabilities, Lymphangioma, Congenital dislocation of hip, bilateral, Other specified congenital musculoskeletal deformities, Chronic persistent hepatitis, Hypermetropia, Abnormal result of other cardiovascular function study


She is the cutest pixie!

Kory (2) Kory (1)Boy, born October 2012
Down syndrome


Oh my!  What an adorable boy!!

June 2015

Psychomotor Development: slightly further improved, 2nd percentile level – meaning, above average for age.  He is starting to pronounce more words, repeat some words after an adult, follows orders including ‘to’ or ‘on’, to indicate a few objects which he is asked about.  The child imitates better and better play gestures – he can put shapes into the holes of simple puzzles, scribbles after demonstration, draws horizontal lines, and builds a tower made of 7 blocks.  He willingly plays with the blocks, puts them back into the basket, and can tap one block against another.  He is clearly interested in what he is doing, repeats many activities for his own pleasure, and concentrates well on activities when motivated.  He looks, by his eye expression, for approval of his actions and enjoys praise.  He has good attention span with activities, but may get distracted when there is little external stimuli.  He can walk, stand on one foot, and walk along a line after demonstration.  He is nice, cheerful, emotionally vivid and is a rather calm child who likes hugs and kisses.  He looks for contact with adults, initiates it.  He cries once the contact is interrupted.  Positive emotions dominate this child.  He has a good appetite, and does not have any problems with sleeping.

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HeroBoy, born November 2005
limb differences

Hero is a very outgoing, smart, and active little boy. He learns things very quickly and is very curious. He is always interested in learning new things! He learned how to operate an iPhone after just a few seconds of trying. Hero is great with the other children at his orphanage. He can get them to stop misbehaving and to listen to him by using his words or mild gestures. He is known as the leader by all those who know him and as the “king of the children” by his nannies. Hero loves to play games and interact with his caregivers and peers. He is well behaved and playful. He enjoys meeting new people and he likes it when adults play with him. He especially enjoys being tickled under his armpits – he laughs and rolls around on the ground very happily! Hero is described as clever and sensible and is said to have a good temper, rarely getting upset. He was born without his legs and he has two fused fingers on one hand. Hero now has prosthetic legs and he has never let anything slow him down!

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gabriellaGirl, born 2015
Blindness in both eyes


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erika-2015Girl, born October 2009
Down syndrome, heart murmur

We are so excited to be able to advocate for Erika once again!  Her file was previously pulled, but she *IS* currently available for adoption — Let’s not keep her waiting any longer — she needs a family!

Erika is a polite girl who listens to her foster parents and respects them very much. Each time after her foster mother cooks a meal, she will put her palms together devoutly and says “thank you” to her. When guests come, she will greet them politely under the guidance of her parents. Erika has mastered the basic living skills. She can use the toilet by herself, and she can wear shoes, socks and clothes by herself.

She also can eat meals with spoon. Erika has also learned to ride a children’s swing bike. Erika can understand instructions in daily life and can react properly. For example, when foster mother says “Hug” to her every time, she will run towards her mother happily and fall into her embrace. When she finds there are rubbishes on the ground, she will pick them up and put them into the dustbin on her own. After taking off dirty clothes, she will put them into washtub in time. Erika has a quiet character, enjoying listening to slow songs. She likes staying alone, but she is easy to get along with. She never scrambles for foods or toys with other brothers or sisters. She is always modest and full of self-sacrifice spirit. What Erika likes most is a cloth doll. Her foster parents have already started early education for her, in order to improve her cognitive ability.

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juliaGirl, born 2012
Cerebral palsy, essential tremor

Taken into domestic foster care!

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DanielBoy, 8 years old

Daniel is an 8-year-old boy that has been in state care for many years. Daniel had a difficult start and experience some trauma at birth resulting in intellectual disability, feeding and digestive issues. Daniel is well bonded to his foster siblings and parents, despite having multiple placements. He was especially close to his foster brother who was recently adopted.

While he is described as having the intellectual functioning of a 1 year old, Daniel appears to be higher functioning. He communicates in one or two words, uses gestures and although he has difficulty with language is very communicative. Daniel is able to guide and provide directions to get to his school. He has a lot of unexplored potential and his social worker believes that learning sign language and other ways to communicate would help him significantly.

Daniel loves to be held and to be around other children and adults. He also loves to eat and until recently, he was unable to do so because of a feeding tube. Daniel’s feeding tube is now removed and is learning how to feed himself without making a mess. He appears to adapt well to almost any situation and is accustomed to being with other children of varying ages. Daniel is a curious and friendly child that would blossom with the love and support of a forever family.

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Seth, CHACBoy, born 2006
Epilepsy but no history of seizures

Seth is described as quiet and docile and a bit shy with strangers, but lively and outgoing in a familiar environment. He gets along well with other children, likes cartoons, and loves outdoor activities and running with his friends. He’s a smiling boy with “very pretty eyes.” He was diagnosed early on with epilepsy but has had no history of seizures.

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Kjellsen (2)Boy, born in 2009

“Normal” social coefficient; Possess adequate attention and concentration. Lack of development of fine motor coordination for his age with adequate potential to learn

Language expression lacks of development (he won’t tell experiences but if asked, he will sing a song)

Responds with a smile to presented stimuli and receptive to affection. His appetite and sleep habits are good. Last year he attended an educative center with good progress. Social abilities being developed.

Kjellsen is currently available for adoption and waiting for his forever family! The central authority in the children’s country of origin are the legal custodians and guardians of the children and Open Door has been given the privilege to assist in finding permanent homes for these children. Agency has additional photos and videos and will be happy to share them with an interested family.

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Girl, born June 2009
Organic lesion of the central nervous system, mental delay.
Update April 2015:
Antoinette has severe health problems, and they are NOT mild. She is mentally delayed. In accordance with update from her orphanage she chews badly and that is why she eats only mashed or ground food. She hardly understands speech addressed to her. She has developed reflux recently.

They are going to transfer her to another institution for mentally delayed children, but if a family can get a dossier done quickly she will be held.
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Boy, born March 2006
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Eyes and hair black



Jaeger is being adopted domestically, by his foster mother!  His grant has been gifted to Kjellsen and Robby, who are being adopted by the family who had committed to him.


sibling boys4 brothers — these siblings want to stay together!

The boys live in 2 different orphanages.  The oldest two brothers live together in one place, and the younger two are together in another.

Boy, born 2003 – healthy
Boy, born 2000 – healthy
boy, born 1998 – cognitive delays
boy, born 1999 – cognitive delays


From someone who met Luke & Jason (the younger two brothers):

These two brothers are awesome. Love them to pieces. Luke-JasonThese two are very close to our son we just adopted. Luke came up to me with Bogdan the first day I met him and asked me if I would help him find a family. His brother Jason is at an age where he wants to fit in with the big kids but is not accepted by them yet so he can be treated badly. One time he went to play soccer with them and they said some awful things to him and he started crying and I chased him down and he fell into my arms crying. That is when I asked him point blank do you want me to help you find a family. I cannot make any promises but I will fight darn hard for you. He said yes please. He has still held firm to hoping a family will come for him and his brother. They both are incredible soccer players. They love it, this is their passion and what they cling to to help the days pass. They both play on teams. Both good students and tough as nails. Luke is soft, kind and tender and Jason is more tough in personality that he wants to look like he has it all under control but is breaking inside and is just a kid trying to find his way and hoping a family will come for him. Both their smiles can light up a room. I have fixed boo boos on Luke and he has allowed me to and thankful for the help as these kids get wounds all the time and no one to fix them unless serious. Luke is a snuggler and loves hugs. Jason once he knows you he will let you hold him and you talk to him and he hears you seeking encouragement and direction. Both these boys had asked and are hoping for a forever family to come for them.


20419135635 Harper-croppedGirl, born 2007Harper pic

From a family who met her in March 2015:
Harper is a very smart, articulate, determined and beautiful little girl who loves dolls and pretty clothes and all things girly. She just finished pre-school and is ready for Kindergarten at her orphanage. She knows her numbers, colors and letters. She considers the orphanage her home and may be reluctant to leave it but she has no future and needs a family willing to step out and take a chance on her.

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Saleena (1) Saleena (2)Girl, age: 2
external hydrocephalus, delayed development Saleena walks while holding one finger of another person. She will interact with musical toys. She pronounces random sounds (da-da, ba-ba, etc). She eats soft foods from a spoon. Photos and video from March 2015 are available through the agency.


$166.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

JaimeDOB: July 2008
Sensitive special need

6.5 year old Jaime is listed as a female, but the file mentions the diagnosis being congenital false sexes deformity (more masculinity, chromosome diagnosis: 46 XY). Jaime will need a family who is comfortable with this need and one who will allow him/her to choose who he/she wants to be and get the treatments necessary based on that. Jaime can help the foster mother to feed the rabbit and also helps to put the bowls and chopsticks out before mealtime. Jaime can count and can write some numbers. Jaime can fold clothes and likes to go swimming with the older brothers during the holiday. Jesse likes to watch cartoons and play in the sand. Jaime is shy and cooperative, but is sometimes stubborn. Jaime will sometimes cover her/his mouth when she/he makes mistakes or feels shy. The file mentioned an older foster sister leaving (likely adopted) and how Jaime felt lost without her and how Jaime would leave a portion of food out for her at mealtime.

$4.64 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

41130120852 JosephBoy, born 2009
Down Syndrome, residual-organic lesion of the central nervous system, low paraparesis, slight mental delay, valgus feet, muscle hypotonia, diaphragmatic hernia (had surgery in May 2013), crossed eyes, congenital partial optic nerves atrophy.
He can sit, stand up, make steps. He does not talk. He expresses interest in toys. He lived with his mother but she passed away recently.

$3,031.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

boysillouettenophotoBoy, born fall 2014
Down syndrome, congenital heart condition, muscular ventricular septal defect without disorders of hemodynamic, foramen ovale, psychomotor development delay, cow’s milk protein intolerance

Tennant has blue eyes and light brown hair. He is calm, his favorite position is sleeping on his stomach. The boy smiles, deliberately observes surroundings, looks and examines toys. The boy has Down syndrome. The social worker believes, that the boy, when in family, will be able to walk, attend a specialized school and adapt to society.

His psychomotor development corresponds to age in all categories except sitting age and speech age. Walking age – stable support on forearms. Slight of hands – while sitting, can hold his head at least 5 seconds. Walking age – when touching the base, the boy repeatedly stops the bent position of legs by slightly straightening out the legs. Age of grip – hands mostly are half open, the child moves them to the red item that the specialist is holding. Perception – the child observes the toy in his hand. Social age – laughs, when being teased. Speech age – makes “a” and “e” sounds, smiles, makes singing sounds, makes eye contact.

RichardBoy, born 2012
Cerebral palsy




Curtis2 CurtisBoy, born March 2014
Down syndrome, post-op congenital heart disease

What a little love muffin Curtis is! Curtis is diagnosed as having down syndrome and is post-op CHD-TOF (elsewhere in his file it mentions an ultrasound reported PFO, ASD, and PDA).


Curtis has typical delays for a child with down syndrome. He could distinguish the difference between strangers and those close to him at the age of 6 months. At 9 months he was rolling over and could clap his hands and use his hands to get his favorite toys. Shortly after he was crawling and able to recognize his name and respond when called. He has been beginning to learn some simple words and trying to pronounce them. Curtis is gentle and cute. He likes to snuggle and receive hugs from his caretakers. He likes when others play with him and when he is happy he will shake hands with other children and kick his feet happily. Curtis gets along well with the other children and is good about sharing his toys. Could you be the lucky family that gets to snuggle with this little teddy bear? Please help us find a family for Curtis now so he can get home while he is still so young!

$31.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

update Collette 1ColetteGirl, born February 2010
Cerebral palsy

update Collette 3

Colette is a delightful girl who is almost 5 years old. Her social communication and fine motor skills are both on target for a 4 year old child. Her self care and cognition are on a 3 year old level, with her gross motor skills on a 1 year old level. Her CP affects her legs; she can walk using walls, furniture , and her walker. For long distances, she needs a wheelchair. Colette has the potential to make progress with her balance and mobility. Colette is a quick learner, and is considered to be a clever child. She is very sweet and affectionate. Colette’s fine motor skills are good. She can undress herself without help. Her caretakers report she can also dress herself. She can eat with a spoon. Colette is able to use the toilet, though she may require some help in cleaning afterwards. Colette is continent during the day, but may use a pull up at night for urine. Her bowel control is no problem. Colette enjoys wearing new clothes and is known to admire herself in the mirror.This little girl is so sweet, and so loving and so ready for a family of her own!

$157.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

LilaLilaGirl, born August 2011
Down syndrome

Lila, born in August 2011, is a little love. Imagine this pretty face with a big smile on it while she reaches up to her new mom or dad! The report for this child with Down syndrome was written when she was about two and a half years old. It describes an introverted child who would lower her head shyly when she was kissed on the cheek, and then peek up to smile and babble at the giver. Lila loved to be cuddled, and was very sensitive to being ignored so the nannies tended to spoil her with lots of attention. She was walking while holding on to someone’s hand, loved music and toys and had a favorite nanny. Would your family like to read more about her and request an update?

Update July 2015: updated photo.

$1,088.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


SabrinaGirl, age: 2
Diagnosis: CP, neonatal exposure to drugs and Hep C

Sabrina is currently receiving therapy and treatment for CP. In videos taken in Feb 2015, she is moving her arms and legs, reaching for a ball and rolling it, sitting up and focusing on toys. She makes noises, but does not yet have any words. Her birth history includes information that her mother is a recovering drug addict that is taking methadone. The birth mother also has Hepatitis C. Sabrina is tested every 6 months and at this time, there is no indication of active Hep C. A CT of her head shows normal brain structure.

Photos and videos from Feb 2015 are available through the agency.

$140.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Ross Video Still July 2015 - July 2015RossRoss was born prematurely in June 2014 and has been diagnosed with spina bifida which has been addressed partially by surgery. Ross’s head is monitored closely and examined by neuro-specialists every two weeks. A shunt is ready should he require it.


Being adopted outside of RR!



Diagnosis: unrepaired cleft lip and palate, repaired clubbed foot, heart condition

Ryleigh has been through multiple medical procedures in her young life. She was born with a serious heart condition that resulted in pulmonary hypertension. She had surgery to repair her heart. Results of the surgery indicate “bending of the pulmonary artery and ligature of persisting arterial canal”. She was born with a clubbed foot, which was repaired through casting and bracing. Her cleft lip and palate has not yet been repaired.
Ryleigh has delays in her development. She can sit up and stands while in a walker. She makes eye contact, follows moving objects and turns her head to respond to her name. She drinks from a bottle and is fed with a spoon.

Photos and videos are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Shyla (1)

Shyla (2)Age: 2
Diagnosis: Persisting neurological problems – short term daily seizures – up to 10-15 daily; Suspected Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedle Syndrome; Rudiments of 6th fingers of the palms; Bottom extremities – clynobraquidactilia (2nd and 4th toe, bilaterally).Hypertrophy of the left cardiac chamber; Brain disorder (hypoplasia of the forehead and temporal segments); Delay in the neuro-psychical development.

Shyla lives in a foster home and attends daycare each day. She has well developed gross motor skills and talks in 3 word phrases. She can answer simple questions, recognizes herself in the mirror, knows the function of basic household items like the telephone and hairbrush, responds to her name, explores her environment appropriately and has bonded well with her foster mother.

Photos and videos from May 2015 are available from the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Tori update (1)Tori update (2)Girl, born March 2011

Tori is a beautiful little girl who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Tori has a balanced nutrition and good sleep. She has a routine life in the orphanage. According to her caregivers, she is growing up very similar to that of her peers.

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BraydenBoy, born November 2012
Cleft lip; Congenital heart defect

Brayden, born November 2012, is a quiet little boy, but he loves listening to music! You can hear him laugh out loud, especially when playing with toys that make sound. He is a good sleeper, and has begun to have other food with his milk at meal times. As of September 2013, he could raise his head while lying on his stomach and roll over on his own. He could pick up small objects like beans, reach for toys beyond his grasp, and pass a toy from one hand to the other. He would also turn when his name was called, and express “no”. He was able to differentiate between strangers and caretakers, and react appropriately to adults’ facial expressions. Brayden was born with a cleft lip on one side, but no cleft palate, and a heart condition. He also has one eyelid that droops. In a recent update, Brayden has grown a few centimeters in the last year, but has lost weight. He is in need of a family as soon as possible so that he can get the medical care he needs so that he can gain weight and thrive.

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toby40502225853 Toby (1)Boy, born early 2005
Celiac disease

From a family who met him in December 2014:
Toby is the cutest little kid, a very serious and focused child with a great smile. He was in the orphanage’s St. Nicholas Day celebration. He didn’t have a role himself, but he was responsible for pushing the wheelchair of one of the children who was doing a lot of singing and dancing from her wheelchair. He gently spun her around in circles at times to coordinate with her dancing. Super cute, super sweet. He took his part in the celebration very seriously, and we could tell he was completely concentrated on getting everything just right. He had on the most adorable little suit and tie — made me want to scoop him up!

From a family that spent time with him April 2015:

He is the sweetest kid. Has some stimming behaviors but is so smart and is so so so gentle with the other kids. He’s a misfit there – physically fine but surrounded by physically disabled and yet he is so careful. He is GREAT with our son.
He needs a family who will let him be a boy and run free!

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Boy, born Oct 2010

Donnie is 2 years old and has complete vision loss. He is very sensitive to his surrounding environment. He would tilt head on one side to listen sound, especially he is talked to by a familiar caregiver. He has very sensitive touching and he could know the familiar toys via touching and smelling. He likes touching stuffed animals nearby, at which time he touches them gently as if exploring new things. He likes listening to music and sometimes he claps hands indicating he is happy. He tends to play on his own. Donnie exhibits some language and motor delays in addition to his diagnosis of blindness. He would benefit from some additional intervention and services for visually impaired children. We hope a family will be able to do this for him.

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mike1 (1)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoy, born 2013
Down syndrome



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Ramona (1) Ramona (2)Girl, born April 2011
Left peripheral facial paralysis, bilateral hearing disorder, post-op Congenital heart defect

Ramona, born April 2011, is an active little girl who loves to play with other children. She has significant hearing loss in both ears and doesn’t speak, but expresses herself with sounds when she’s happy or when she can’t solve a problem. Caregivers report she’s very clever, and understands directions with motions. When looking at a picture book, she’ll point at a picture of a girl, then at herself, and also imitates the facial expressions and actions of children in the pictures. At two years her motor skills were a bit behind, but after several months of training she caught up to the other kids her age and no longer needs therapy. As of a year ago, Ramona could walk on her own, climb stairs holding a railing, stand on one foot for several seconds, and kick a ball. Her fine motor skills are also good; she could eat with a spoon, build a tower of eight blocks, turn pages in a book, and scribble with a pen. When Ramona came to the orphanage at eight months old, she had a scar from heart surgery, and an ultrasound shows no further abnormality. The left side of her face was paralyzed when she was admitted, so the cause is unknown.

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Diagnosis: CP

Austin’s medical reports indicate that he has spastic CP in all 4 limbs. Videos were taken of him in February 2015 that show him standing while holding the hands of a caregiver and taking steps to walk across the room. He is also using his arms and hands to reach for toys, hold them and manipulate them. He receives massages and therapy daily. He turns from back to stomach. He doesn’t sit independently. He makes attempts to crawl. He manipulates with toys. He is calm. He reacts positively when contacted by an adult and shyly smiles. He laughs loud at play and emotional contact with another person. He demonstrates interest in small and hard objects. He claps his hands, he knocks two blocks one against the other. He is fed with a spoon by an adult. He can move around in a walker and make several steps when led by the hands by an adult. He can maneuver the walker to get to a preferred adult.

Photos and videos from Feb 2015 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Angelina 2013angelina2014-2Girl, Born May 2007

Miss Angelina has spina bifida.  She has blonde hair and giant blue eyes!

From her medical records:  Congenital dysfunction, myelocele of lumbosacral part of spinal cord (had surgery); internal hydrocephalus (had surgery 2007), flail legs with dysfunction of pelvis/hips, cardiopathy, valgus feet, crossed eyes, TB-infection, delay of physical, psychological and speech development.

Guardian AngelMore photos available.

From a family who met her in June 2014:   “Somebody come get this girl, Angelina.   She is such an awesome kid.   So happy and smart.   She just needs a family and she will thrive.   She is 7 and may be in an institution soon.  She does not belong there.”

A family who met her in 2011 says she’s the happiest child, always smiling and laughing.

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50102223008 Reilly (2)



Girl, born 2003
Cerebral palsy

From a family that spent time with her January 2015:  “Very sweet girl who loved to practice English with me. Very tight scissor gait but walks with walker and up and down stairs. She also can hop a bit like a frog on hands and feet when she doesn’t have her walker. She is polite and likes chocolate! She seems a little shy but not so much she wouldn’t talk to us. I have tons of photos because there was a whole bunch of selfies with my daughter.”

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GradyBoy, born February 2003
chondrodysplasia dwarfism

Grady is 11 years old and he has been diagnosed with chondrodysplasia dwarfism. Grady is very active and he is able to walk, run, and go upstairs independently. He is not included on formal education classes due to his size, but he is learning and reciting poems. Grady knows fruits, animals, and vegetables. Grady likes to help out his caregivers with the tasks that he is able to do. He likes to help stack chairs and clean the tables. Grady is able to fully follow directions of his caregivers and communicates all of his wants and needs. Aside from his diagnosed dwarfism, Grady is considered to be a health boy.

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JimmyBoy, born July 2002

Jimmy is blind. Jimmy lived with his grandmother when he was little, but when she died he moved to his local orphanage. When he came to the specila foster home for the visually impaired, he was very sad. The first time he smiled was when he received training on how to use his cane. He was so excited to be able to walk by himself! No one had ever shown him that he could be independent. Jimmy has now run twice in the (mini) marathon and he often goes to the park to run 3-5km. Jimmy has progressed enough in his studies to be able to attend the School of the Blind. He has already been studying at this school for 2 years. He has piano lessons and he is very good, he loves being able to express himself through music. His caretakers are so proud of the way his personality and character have developed. Jimmy has worked hard at his piano lessons for the past few years and they have seen his confidence grow as he is impacted by the music he plays. He is very talented! When asked he said that he loves to draw for fun and his favorite food is noodles. For his favorite studies in school he likes anything that has to do with calculators and math. His favorite song is Edelweiss from the Sound of music. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he adamantly answered a pianist! this talented boy is waiting for a family who can help him further his studies on both academics and music. Are you that music loving family?

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SimonBoy, born June 2008simon phone
Visual impairment

Simon has low vision. He is a lovely little boy who loves to play and cuddle everyone. He has low vision and therefore can still see large shapes. He loves playing in the playroom with his new friends or big toys. We are letting him get settled in so that he can become familiar with his nannies and friends at his new foster home for orphans with visual impairments. He has done well at primary school and he enjoys his classes. Not only has it greatly improved his communication skills, but it has been a lot of fun for him too. Every time he sits in a carboard box, it turns into a bus or a boat. He has an amazing imagination! Simon went up in a cable car once and he said it is now his favourite thing to do, he loved the feeling of flying! Simon can see characters, but it hurts his eyes if he looks at them for too long, and so he is learning Braille, which will be his primary means of reading and communication. His speech and language skills are very good, and he loves talking and playing with his friends! Wouldn’t you love to be the family who gets to ride the cable cars with him?

$100.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Brookelyn (2)Brookelyn (1)Girl, born March 2009
postoperative meningocele; incomplete paraplegia of left lower limb; physical, motor, language development delayed

Beautiful and beaming Brookelyn just turned six at the end of March. She is active, sweet, great with the younger kids, and just an all around gem! Brookelyn’s special needs are listed as: 1. postoperative meningocele; 2. incomplete paraplegia of left lower limb; 3. physical, motor, language development delayed; strengthen nutrition; strengthen, motor and language training. Though she has an abnormal gait, she can walk independently and gets around quite well. She is potty trained. In November 2011 she was put into foster care. Brookelyn is close with her foster family. Since living in foster care, she has made quick progress in all areas of development. Brookelyn enjoys playing with other children, playing games, listening to music, and playing with dolls. Her given name means that she will be full of sunlight throughout her life!

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natalyaGirl, born 2014
Delay of psychological and motor development, neurosensorial hearing loss – bilateral, right eyelid ptosis


Wenn (2) Wenn (1)Boy, born Sept 2012
Missing corpus callsoum, widening of cerebral ventricles and external space

Wenn is a healthy and energetic angel! He is chubby and loves to smile, showing off his little dimples. His physical development is normal for his age, and he can walk freely and eat on his own. Wenn enjoys playing with other children and has a favorite nanny.

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Julie updated photo (1)Julie (1)Girl, born March 2012 PRC
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect

Julie has a big smile with huge dimples! She plays well alone and is known by her caregivers as being smart, lovely and pleasant. She is a strong little girl who can stand with help. She likes to play hide and seek and giggles when teased. Her favorite toys are those that make noise when shaken. Julie has also been diagnosed with a heart condition.

UPDATE March 2015:
The orphanage says this little cutie has made big progress. She is the only girl in her orphanage and is loved by all the nannies.
Julie grows happily. She can take food to eat, can play with toys alone, and her hands are flexible. She smiles beautifully with dimples.Julie plays, watches cartoon movies after have meals Julie is a smart, lovely and a pleasant girl.

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ella7 ella 01Hope (previously listed as “Ella”), is a precious 7 year old who desperately needs a family. Hope has poly-malformative syndrome; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis to severe degree; Symptomatic epilepsy; Pseudo-bulbar paresis; Impossible gait; Cleft lip and cleft palate; Congenital cardiac malformation – intervalvular defect, hemodynamically insignificant; Delay in the neuro-psychical development.

Hope doesn’t walk, doesn’t talk, and eats through a tube. The correction of the cleft lip and palate is not finished. When talked to, she turns her head to the direction of the sound. She is put in a special verticalizer for longer periods of time. She holds up a toy put in her hand and manipulates with it for a short time. She reaches out to a hanging toy if it has attracted her interest; she pats it and shakes it. Hope pronounces quiet vowels sometimes to express positive emotions. She demonstrates emotional reactions with non-verbal means. She follows the movements of the adult with a look and by turning her head and makes long eye contact. She smiles when talked to and to tactile stimulation on her hands and cheeks, but only to some adults.

More photos of sweet Hope available.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Douglas (2)Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome

Douglas is one years old. He is living a VERY happy life at the foster care center. Douglas has been diagnosed with Trisomy 21 / Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t stop him from stealing the show as well as the hearts of all who meet this handsome boy. He is extremely charismatic and loves to smile. He has an easy-going personality and charms all that come in contact with him. He is learning to sit up on his own and walk by himself.


Ryan update (1)Boy, born July 2010

Down syndrome, congenital heart defect (repaired), mild asthma

Sweet boy!  He was left at birth, due to his Down syndrome diagnosis.

Ryan update (2)


Update as of March 2013:
the boy walks and eats without any help, is interested in everything, pronounces single parts of the words, understands and implements some instructions. Hep B. And A vacsinations performed, pneumo vacsinations performed

Update April 2015:

Ryan is an independent child – he eats without help and dresses and undresses himself. He understands instructions, but does not always implement them. Sometimes he is stubborn. He pronounces syllables, but not yet clearly and tends to express with signs his wishes. He concentrates his attention only when he likes the activity. He likes musical activities and participates in them as well – dances, plays the rhythm with his hands, tries to sing, plays with rattle. He likes to dance, watch cartoons, to draw, look into books. His sleep is well. Likes to wash him. He wears the glasses. Ryan is friendly and plays with other children. He is loving and friendly with adults.

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LaytonGuardian AngelBoy, born March 2010
Post-op Spina bifida, cryptochidism

Layton is cheerful, lively and loves to laugh! He has had steady physical and since having his surgery. He is able to control his urination and defecation after having had the surgery and toilets independently. He currently attends preschool and his mental development is comparative to his peers.He can feed himself, brush his teeth and dress/undress himself. Layton likes sports activities such as running, climbing and jumping. He can move quickly and has a lot of energy. Layton has about 1000 words in his vocabulary, he can speak clearly and fluently and he likes to sing simple songs. He knows his gender, and he knows the names of his classmates and teachers. Layton likes to spend time with his friends and is willing to share with his friends and take turns with toys.

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celinaGirl, born 2012

congenital malformation of upper jaw and cleft hard palate

Very nice girl, good development

Diagnosis: Down syndrome and asthma

Claire is now living in a group home. She is completely toilet trained, is learning to feed herself and making progress in all areas of her development. She has just recently started learning to walk and has speech and delays in motor skills that are common in children with Down syndrome. She is described as happy, sociable and that she reacts with displeasure when she doesn’t get her way.


sarahGirl, born 2014
Neurosensorial hearing loss , bilateral



wetherby April 2015Wetherby (1) Boy, born 2008
Down syndrome

Update April 2015: He is little and really cute, and we are told he is smart and very high functioning

From a family who met Wetherby in Jan 2015:

He is a sweet little kid! He loves to dance and loves music. He is incredibly tiny for his age and definitely needs a family’s love and care to help him grow. He is in the same group as Rebecca. They frequently dance together to music the caregivers will play for them on the TV.


*** Wetherby can be be adopted with REBECCA, if a family is interested and approved in their home study.  ***

$2,575.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Barnaby (1)Boy born November 2013Barnaby (2)
Down syndrome with auricle partition defect, speech delay, and hearing aid.
This child is strong and active. Barnaby has very good eye contact and always smiles when is spoken to. He is wearing a hearing aid which has improved his hearing a lot. He is crawling and tries to stand against the furniture. He pronounces syllables and is started to talk in his language. He is always very curious, observes and follows the adults face and mimicks them.

He is interested in toys and objects and he knows how to manipulate them. His attention concentration during music class is very good. The boy knows his staff members and strangers. He is eating food designated for the allergic children. He has started to try to eat hard food by himself and can drink from a cup with help. Our facilitator says that he is very healthy and that his developmental performance is very good.

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Devin6 Girl, born March 2010
deaf, post-op Congenital heart disease (VSD)

From someone who met her and spent quality time with her: Devin is just full of personality. She likes to play with blocks and loved the fruit snacks we brought. She has a sweet tooth. Devin is compassionate to the children in her room. When she sees someone who is crying, she will go over and pat them. She tries to comfort them. She is attached to her caregivers and likes to be with her favorite caregiver. Devin enjoys being held and hugged. She seemed to understand what we were asking her to do. She followed our gestural communication. She was able to sit on the floor and play then get up and walk and run too! Devin also scribbled on the paper as we encouraged her to do.

Devin Collage

Devin’s file states that she has a good appetite and that her favorite foods are cookies and candy. She has a pair of watery eyes and she is a lovely girl. She is shy and a little bit timid. She is nervous with strangers, but will open up slowly. She likes playing with blocks and watching tv. Though she can’t hear it, she seems to understand what is going on. Devin was sent to live with a foster family on Sept. 15th, 2011, but due to her hearing loss, they brought her back to live in the orphanage on April 18th, 2012. When Devin came back into the care of the orphanage, she started receiving cognitive rehabilitation training twice a week, one hour each time. She is still receiving this training.


Devin’s mental development is the same as other orphanage kids the same age. She will make the sound of “ah” when she is crying or screaming. She does not make sound generally. She is under language therapy for deaf children (two lessons a week, one hour each time), but she has not made much progress. In daily life, we found that she is very moody and often gets cranky. On 11/12/2014, she was taken to a Mental Health Center for an exam and the doctor prescribed Olanzapine- 1/4 pill twice a day(morning and afternoon). Her orphanage said she is stubborn and that because she cannot hear, it is hard for her to communicate with other people . Once she meets someone new, she is not so happy and she will get mad and cry. If people she knows take her to play, she will be very happy and smile. Devin walks well and can run. She can walk upstairs by holding the rail. When she walks downstairs, she needs to hold the hand of an adult and the rail with her other hand. She can put on and take off her clothes, shoes, and socks.

What Devin really needs is a loving family of her own who signs and who can teach her sign language so she has a way to communicate with other people. The language training she is receiving won’t help her much because she can’t hear. Anyone would be frustrated, crabby, and stubborn in an environment like that with no way to communicate with others. And the medication- that is not necessary and could potentially be causing other problems. Her stubbornness should be viewed in a positive light because it shows she has not given up- she is a fighter. This girl will grow and change by leaps and bounds once in a family and once learning a language of her own…Devin needs out!

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Breena (2)

Breena (1)Girl, born August 2011
Down syndrome, mild B Thalessemia

Breena is 3 years old, and adorable! She has Down syndrome, with no known heart issues. Her medical states she has mild B Thalessemia which requires no transfusions. Her motor skills and language are a bit behind her peers, which is to be expected. She is quiet, smart, and loves to play with her friends. Breena is a sweetheart! She is ready for her family!

$36.52 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Felicia (1) Felicia (2)Girl, born January 2012
Cerebral palsy, bilateral corneal leukoma, congenital heart disease, congenital nerve deafness

Felicia is an energetic and adorable little girl. She really likes to cling to her nannies. Each time she sees them, she will extend her little hands and want the nannies to hold her. She is also rather sensible. When the nannies are busy, she will cleverly go to the side and play on her own, sometimes raising her little head to look and then continuing to play in her own little world.

Little Felicia has rehabilitative training every day in the mornings and afternoons, so that she is able to become more agile. She has congenital nerve deafness. She does not respond to her name, and she cannot hear someone calling her from behind or from another room. She has not been potty trained and cannot go to the bathroom on her own. When the nannies play with her, she is really adorable and rather likes to smile, especially when she plays with light up toys. Help us find a forever family for this little angel!


Lynn (2) Lynn (1)Girl, born November 2013
coloboma of eyelids, congenital atretobelpharia, and nutritional anemia

Lynn is a little girl looking for her forever family. She really likes to play with her hands and with toys. She loves to receive hugs and kisses from her nannies, and her favorite toys are colorful little balls. Lynn is able to lie on her stomach and prop up her body. She has not had any surgeries for her eyes, and she is not given any medication. She can crawl and cannot stand yet. She has significant delays. She has coloboma of eyelids, congenital atretobelpharia, and nutritional anemia. Lynn’s vision has no abnormality; her eyes can track objects moving through her surroundings. Her eyes are very sensitive and produce a lot of tears. She lives in a small family unit inside of the orphanage. Be a part of Lynn’s story by helping us find Lynn a loving family!

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janiceGirl, born 2011
Right lower limb shortening
Very good development, nice girl



Her biological uncle is filing paperwork for her!

Rosie (4)Girl, born July 2011
Down syndrome, hypothyroidism

*** Additional $4,000 agency grant also available ***

Rosie is an expressive little girl with Down syndrome, who makes faces like she’s a star in a drama! She was slow to grow and they found she had hypothyroidism. She has been on medication since August 2012, and has grown and developed a lot since then! Rosie is able to sit and crawl on her own, and especially enjoys rocking herself in a rocking chair. Sometimes she’s a little impatient when she sees caregivers feeding the other children, and will shout for attention, but is quickly comforted. By spring 2014 she was able to pull herself to standing on her own, and understood simple directions. When someone arrives to her class she will wave hello, and when her caregivers leave she blow them a kiss! Rosie can say “mama” and a few other simple words. Are you the mama she is waiting for?

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

OBoy, age: 2
Diagnosis: shunt placed at 2 months old due to hydrocephalus, delays in development

Kurt can sit unassisted and is learning to crawl. He smiles at favored adults and loves to cuddle. He enjoys playing interactive games with staff such as peek-a-boo. He will reach for toys and attempts to play with them once he has them (shakes them, explores what they do, etc). He turns his head toward noises and voices, but does not yet have any language skills.

Additional photos and videos are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Tyson CollageBoy, born Marh 2011
limb differences, lower limbs

It is impossible not to fall in love with 4 year old Tyson! He has the best smile, he is very easy-going, and super sweet. Agency staff met him in March and said he was one of their favorite kids and that he is personality PLUS! Tyson is diagnosed with a lower limb deformity- bilateral tibiofibula congenital malformations. This cutie is waiting for his family to find him. Are you his family?

From Tyson’s file: Tyson was found at the approximate age of 3 years old. He has normal intellectual development. He has an abnormal gait, but can walk without help. He started receiving preschool education right away and he can use words and terms well, He is independent when it comes to self-care and eating. He can take off and put on socks, shoes, and clothes on his own and he is potty trained. He can throw and kick balls and he likes the wooden rocking horse. He likes drawing and helping the other children. Tyson is outgoing, clever, and cute. He can get along well with the other children and he likes warm hugs, listening to music, singing, and dancing. When there is a familiar rhythm, he can dance with it and everyone applauds him.

This cutie is waiting for his family to find him. Are you his family?

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BlessingGirl, born 1999
Down syndrome

Blessing AGES out in June 2015!! A Family MUST file their I600A before her birthday in June or she will be LOST forever!!!

From a family who has met her:  She is very small physically and needs to be adopted right away while she still has time to grow and benefit from good nutrition and affection!! She appears very alert and bright, with a sweet personality!

From another family who met her:  This precious girl stole my heart. Whenever I saw her she was always so quiet, calm and very much to herself. I did not see her interact with other children but given the opportunity she will flourish!

From someone who met her in 2013: I met Blessing in 2013 while on a mission trip. I didn’t interact very much with her, but from what I saw of her she is extremely delayed. When she was not receiving physical therapy or in her Montessori-type class she was always in her little chair stimming by herself. I think she has institutional autism on top of her DS. She really needs a lot of love and care, and a family who understands how extensive her needs really are.

Blessing can be adopted with Kristopher, Brayden, Jett, Cambria, or Dylan.


A family with previous adoptive experience, of older children out of institutional settings, would be the best choice for Blessing.
$18,831.62 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

2011, Dec. 5th, KiraGirl, born December 2011
Down syndrome

Precious Kira recently turned three and is diagnosed as having Down Syndrome. Kira can hold her own cup to drink water and she can imitate adults. Though she understands simple language, she does not speak yet. Kira is described as mild and docile. She likes to get close to people and play with toys. She will wave her hands happily if you play with her. She is adorable and she gets along well with others. Kira likes to share toys and food with her friends! <3

The agency has videos where you can tell she has spunk and she knows how to give a high five too! She can army crawl like a champ and she has a beautiful smile! Can you stand the cuteness?

$32.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Henley (1)Boy, born December 2011Henley (2)-001
Down syndrome

This personable little guy is Henley. Henley is full of personality and loves to dance. He loves to listen to music and shake his body. His caretakers say that he has a good sense of rhythm. Though he does not have much language he is great at communicating his needs to his caretakers by pointing and shaking his head yes or no. This little guy loves to be active and has a hard time sitting still, but when gladly slow down for hugs and kisses. The lovely boy needs a forever family that will help him explore his world and shower him with love.


$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Annie (3) Annie (2)Girl, born 2009
cerebral palsy, epilepsy

Annie was found abandon at 1 yr old. Her evaluation in July 2012 stated….. During the test the patient can smile when teased, muscular tension of whole body is high, can not keep her head vertical stably, when held to stand her feet is crossed, when lying on stomach she does not use her forearms to support, she can not roll over, can not sit alone.  She can not get things on her own initiative, can not evaluate her adaptability.

From someone who knows her:
She’s doing really well. She’s on medication to control her seizures and it’s working fine. I have never seen her have a seizure, but I believe it has happened occasionally when she has been febrile with a cold or virus. Of course, does need her medication to keep her stable.  She loves her wheel chair.

Annie’s personality is loving and sweet. She is happiest if somebody will just spend time with her – laughing playing and cuddling her. But she is not whiny when other kids are getting the attention either, so she would be a great fit for a large family. She just enjoys movement and action, whether it involves her, or is going on around her.  One of her favorite games is when you push her wheelchair really fast between two people – she laughs so much at this!

She’s bright and has a great understanding of everything, but cannot communicate verbally.

Her disability is definitely severe, but she is emotionally very healthy. We would so love to see her in a family. Eventually she will need to leave our home, as she is absolutely not palliative, and we desperately want to see that move take her to a loving home! She is really such a beautiful child. She is like sunshine, she warms everyone around her. Even though she is trapped inside a body which will not do what she needs it to do, the beauty of her personality will not be contained. If we can find a family who can manage her physical needs, they will be so blessed by this precious daughter. It makes me so sad to think of her future if she has to remain in  her birth country.

$302.85 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Vienna1 Vienna3Girl, born December 2013


Isn’t Vienna a DOLL?  What a glowing face she has, despite her physical challenges!  The sweet girl has a very sad beginning, found abandoned on the street as a newborn.

Vienna is impacted physically in her upper and lower limbs.  Her fine motor skills are lower than typical.   She is able to sit up by herself, turn from side to side…she has good postural control of her head, neck and trunk.   Her lower limbs are in casts.

Vienna is very alert, friendly, smiley, and happy.  She makes good eye contact and is starting to speak/babble words.  Currently undergoing treatment, with a favorable diagnosis.  She enjoys when others give her cubes to play with.  She is highly recommended for adoption, and will do well in a family of her own.   The officials prefer a married couple for Vienna, with one parent who is home full-time.  They request families who have experience with special needs and the time to put into all of Vienna’s necessary surgeries.   Many corrective surgeries will be necessary ongoing.  Surgery to separate her fingers will be helpful.


$19.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

cherie1 cherie2Girl, Born Dec 2009
Crouzon syndrome

Sweet Cherie …. she needs a family desperately! Picture on the left is from December 2012, on the right is from summer 2012.  Additional pictures available.

Guardian AngelCherie needs a family fast!  From her medical records:  congenital anomaly of the skull, feet and  hands. Cleft hard palate, CHD, PFO, aortic defect.  Hydrocephalus


She was born end of 2009. She was born via c-section and a full term baby with Aperts Syndrome and Hydrocephalus. She has had multiple surgeries to include a separation of both her pinkies from her other fused fingers. She uses her hands and feet very well to get what she wants. She had a shunt placed for her hydro as well. Soon after her first surgery the shunt failed and after some time they did a second surgery. The surgery did not go well and a significant amount of brain damage was sustained and the second shunt was not able to be placed as a result of the damage. She also has difficulty with sight. Mostly though she threw any toy or object near her. She crawls and scoots to get around and does not speak but makes noises. She seems to know her name but does not make eye contact when her name is called. We were told she likes “baby toys”- things with bright lights, colors, noise, and also that she likes music. She is able to eat regular soft foods but is spoon fed, she is able to use a sippy cup. She currently spends most of her time in her stroller. We were told that she is developmentally around 18 months but we think more like 8-10 months from what we saw in 3 hours. She is a very sweet wonderful little girl who needs a family who can meet her needs and love her well.

Update Jan 2015, from someone who knows Cherie: The current description of her underestimates her. Yes, she does have some brain damage, but she’s a very smart little girl. She definitely makes eye contact. She understands speech directed at her and what is said over her head. She has several “signs” that she has made up to show when she’s hungry or wants a drink. I only see her weekly, but she clearly knows me and responds to me. She cried when I left her today; she usually does. (I know, no normal person wants to see a child cry, but in this case, it’s a good sign.) I so want to see a family come for her!  If anyone is interested in adopting her, I would be very happy to correspond with them.

From a family who met her in early 2015:
This precious little girl is an absolute delight & would VERY MUCH benefit from a family! She is extremely loving ~ she’s able to receive & give love. She loves to be held and rocked and can easily form attachments.  She completely understands what her caregivers tell her and responds to their instructions. She DOES make eye contact when she is spoken to directly, especially when she hears her name & even when she hears her name being called from across the room. Upon hearing the word “juice” (which she loves), she immediately starts grabbing for a cup to drink. I imagine that it would not take her very long at all to understand English because she will be in a family teaching her with love ~ the one thing she consistently responds to!
She is also funny because she can be a little “stinker” with an attitude when she doesn’t get things she wants or things don’t go her way. I’m extremely happy about this b/c these are very healthy child personality traits.  Can you imagine what love, commitment, & nurturing from a FOREVER FAMILY can do for this sweet baby girl?!? Can you imagine how she will thrive?!? She is WORTHY and DESERVES a family!!

$10,066.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Annie May (1)Annie May (2)Girl, born February 2013
Down syndrome

Annie May is just 2 years old and likes to play with toys and listen to music. She is a darling little girl who is just beginning to walk. She likes playing with her peers and responds well to her care takers. She could just thrive in a family!

$63.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Isaiah-168x300-croppedBoy, born 2014
Down Syndrome


Baby bug!  



$69.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Harry (1)Boy, born August 2006
Low vision

Harry has low vision but he can see quite a lot and he is very confident in his surroundings. He can see and recognize people and shapes, and he loves watching TV and playing with an iPad. His fine motor skills are good. Harry has lived in a foster home August 2013 that provides high quality care and education for orphans who are blind or visually impaired.He has lived with a foster family since he was young and he went to his local primary school. He is very clever and his school were worried that they didn’t have the resources to be able to teach him everything he wanted to know, so he came to his current program. A few days after he arrived, his teachers realized that he was too clever to still be at primary school and so he moved up to the higher program immediately. Harry is a lovely boy who charms everyone that he meets. He loves to talk! He is very active and likes to play, get picked up and start tickling matches. He is the King of tickling! He could easily go to a mainstream school and learn with sighted children.

$4.73 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Amelie Photo 2 April 2015 - April 2015AAmelie was born in May 2013 and has been diagnosed with hypochondroplasia and chondrodystrophy. Her heart and lungs are developed normally.


Amelie sits independently and walks when holding an adult’s hand. She is energetic and likes to play with colorful and noisy toys. Amelie is interactive and speaks in single words. She is emotionally engaged with her environment, caretakers and other children.


Bella (2) 20150225_112650Girl, born 2013
Down syndrome


Beautiful Bella was able to sit independently at the age of 1 year 2 months. She does not yet walk alone. She has delays in speech development. She is in a good general state.  Her emotional status is excellent- reacts to attention and hugs with a smile and shows discontent when she is not hugged.

The agency has additional pictures and adorable videos available!

$162.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Abigail Photo 16 Nov-2014 - Nov 2014 - AAbigail Photo 1 - April 2014

Abigail was born in June 2011 and has been diagnosed with spina bifida, scoliosis, and hydrocephalus for which she has received a shunt. Abigail also takes medication for epilepsy, but has not had any seizures since beginning treatment. She has strabismus.

Abigail is a bright and engaging child. She speaks in complete sentences, explores, and knows exactly what is asked of her. Abigail is interested in everything, likes to talk on the phone, plays with toys, and sings. She is known as the social butterfly of her orphanage, always smiling and joyful.

Abigail is able to use her hands very well, moves around freely on the floor and sits unassisted. She may sometimes struggle with solid food because she does not chew very well, but reportedly has no trouble eating cookies and candy. While Abigail is very vocal, not all of the words in her vocabulary are completely clear to understand.

Update April 2015: Abigail was examined again by her orthopedist and her diagnoses of spina bifida (myelomeningocele) with severe congenital scoliosis and paralyzed right lower extremity were confirmed. Her doctor believes that she may be able to walk in the future with crutches/walker and braces, but that she needs surgery soon to stop the progression of her scoliosis. Abigail’s doctor describes her as a beautiful and bright little girl who would bring happiness to any family.

From a family who met her in March 2015: Abigail is a beautiful girl with a bright personality and the cutest voice. She is very talkative and likes attention. She is able to use her arms to propel herself on the ground and feed herself with a spoon. She does not let her physical limitations stop her from doing what she wants. She has the most contagious laugh and likes to be in charge and sweetly dictate her surroundings. She’s such a tiny dynamite – she dramatically threw her hands on her hips and flashed a big smile as she stated her opinion. Abigail needs spinal surgery that cannot be performed in her birth country. She urgently needs a family.

From a family who met Abigail in October 2014: Abigail is the size of an infant in both height and weight. She’s a social child, engaged and engaging. She communicates constantly and purposefully, but her speech is very hard to understand. Abigail gets around quite well by scooting on her bottom. When she saw another child upset and crying, she moved over to her and gave her friend a long hug.

From a family who met Abigail in May 2014: Abigail is a little diva! Her personality is explosive. She is very smart. She told me all the names of the caregivers and children. When she sees someone she shouts, “Come” and taps on the ground next to her. She is so loving, compassionate, and so kind. She frequently hugs the other children on her own doing. She doesn’t have too much use of her legs at this time, but can scoot on her bottom. We put her in a walking position and she could put some weight onto her legs. She laughed so hard at herself when she was “walking.” She had a nasogastric tube in her nose while we were there. A virus was going around and she wasn’t drinking enough so they put it in the children to make sure they were getting enough liquids. They said it was temporary and she normally eats and drinks fine. She also can feed herself and loves chocolate. Whoever adopts Abigail will be so blessed. I think she will excel in a family, and the reward for being her mom would be the biggest blessing to anyone.

Please note: Married couples only.

$5,627.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

jadon-001anthony-002Older brother, Anthony
Boy, born 2010
HIV, third clinical stage



Younger brother, Jadon
Boy, born 2011


Anthony and Jadon are siblings who must be adopted together



Lacy - croppedLacyGirl, born October 2005
Spinal meningocele

Lacy was more relaxed and less shy with the agency staff than when they saw her earlier this year on their last visit to her orphanage in February. She has a soft, sweet voice and a beautiful smile. Lacy enjoys going to school in the orphanage and likes to study–her favorite subject is her native language. In her free time, she’s a cartoon fan. She and her best friend particularly like doing crafts together. Lacy told us her favorite animal is a peacock and proudly showed off the framed picture she had created of a peacock with a combination of drawing and a mosaic of seeds. Lacy has had surgery for meningocele, and surgery for one of her bilateral club feet. Although she can walk, she usually uses the wheelchair because her club feet aren’t corrected yet and walking is painful. Perhaps that can be addressed when she’s home with her new family so walking becomes easier. Lacy thanked the agency staff for coming. When Lacy was told we were looking for a family for her, she said she thought that would be a good thing.

Lacy is a beautiful 8 year old girl, who has recently had surgery to correct her club feet. Lacy was born with a meningocele, and club feet. She was found when she was an infant, and stayed with that family until 2013, at which time she entered the orphanage. Her overall development has been on target. She is unable to climb (before surgery), but could walk, even with her feet so badly turned. Lacy’s speech is excellent, and she knows a few words in English! As a result of her meningocele, she is not continent (a good evaluation here in the States would be helpful). Lacy is smart, very sweet, and a loving girl. She is very eager to have a family of her own!

$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Torrie-001Girl, born September 2013
Club hands, congenital heart disease and repaired fistula

Torrie is a gorgeous little girl!  Torrie needs a family who is able to work through her medical needs. Her file says she is active and lovely. She has a round little face, fair skin, double eyelids and eyes full of aura. She is a lovely and clever girl. She loves to laugh, eyes narrowed, whole mouth up and smiled happily when he laughs as long as the familiar people tease her. Torrie is developing very fast in all area at this time. She can make sounds like Mum and Grandma. She would make sound to you and ask for the toy or bottle if you refuse to gave it to her on purpose. She is so cute. She likes talking with you. Her hands are very nimble and strong. She is able to grasp spoon firmly and shake a small rattle. She can switch the toy from one hand to the other and laugh happily. Her leg strength is increasing. She can stand up steadily for a while if you hold her two hands.

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

kasmira-2014KasmiraGuardian AngelGirl, born March 2012
FAS, heart defect, developmental delays.

Kasmira had a difficult birth, and a suspected prenatal injury. Family history states alcohol use.

Kasmira was given up at birth; her older siblings have been adopted by a foreign family.

Update January 2015:
Kasmira is an active and lively child. She eats without help, drinks from a cup, goes up and down stairway without help, takes off her clothers, takes off her shoes, puts on stockings and tries to put on the dress. Likes to “read” the books, play with puzzles, always is interested in the activity; she likes to color and play with modeline. When she is “reading” the book and finds an animal she knows – she always points to it. Her sleep is well.

The girl’s language is improving little by little. She started to repeat sylables, single words. Her language understanding improved as well as the gross motor skills. But still she does not unite words into sentences as she does not pronounce correctly some of the sounds. Started to recognize colors, forms, recognizes pictures and symbols. She knows how to show the body parts on the doll and herself.

Kasmira‘s inborn heart defect at this moment is fully compensated and has no impact on the quality of her daily life. FAS is inborn and will be with her for her entire life. At this moment the most important is that FAS causes the delay in her development.  She is small for her age, and is a picky eater.  Kasmira is in the same setting – a group setting and twice last year  she was replaced from one group to another and this mean that a lot of caregivers and children were changed in her environment.  Despite this, she is improving so fast and so well according to our facilitator.

$200.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

AmberGirl, born January 2006
Cerebral Palsy

Cute as a button Amber recently turned 9 years old. Amber is diagnosed with having Cerebral Palsy. From the age of 4 to 5, Amber studied at the Sunshine School in the orphanage. At that time, she was independent and could take care of herself. Her comprehension was low and she could count from 1-20. Her writing ability and coordination was not great. She became used to writing with her left hand. At that time, Amber liked music activities. From age 6 to present, she has been attending primary school. She struggles with her learning and asks her foster parents whenever she can’t understand something. She knows primary Chinese characters and can read articles. In math she can read and answer questions on her own. She can walk and she will sometimes fall when running, but she can do any activity any other child can and she enjoys playing with the other children. Amber is lively and loves to laugh. She is polite to people and will greet familiar people. Sometimes her pronunciation is not very clear, but she communicates well with others for the most part. Amber can express her own thoughts and opinions and she really enjoys painting!

HuanBoy, born November 9, 2002
Congenital deformity of both external ears and congenital bilateral atresia of urethra

Huan is clever, lovely, gets along well with others, but is not talkative. He sometimes need others to communicate with him proactively. He likes to go for a walk outdoors led by teachers. He also likes to play the seesaw and slide with other kids. He has good self-care ability in his life, and is willing to help others do some things he can do. All of the caretakers like to spend time with him, and praise him as a bright and sensible and good child.

Huan has a $5,000 agency grant and his orphanage donation will be reduced, possibly even waived completely.

$162.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Hazel (1)Girl, born March 2013
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect

Hazel is a sweet baby girl with Down syndrome. When staff saw her in February she was very curious and alert.

Hazel (2)

At that time she had poor muscle tone, but she has since learned to raise her head while lying on her stomach, roll over, and sit on her own. She can also hold her own bottle while drinking. Though she’s not yet speaking she loves listening to music and responds when she hears a song. She especially enjoys being held, and playing with other children. She had surgery to repair a heart condition last November.

The agency has a $4000 grant available!

$490.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Janelle taggie 2 Janelle 3Guardian AngelGirl, Born June 2007

Isn’t Janelle pretty? She was born with CP and struggles some with epilepsy. She is not able to walk on her own, but would such a blessing to any family.

She will remain bed/chair-ridden for life if she is not adopted. More photos available.

From her medical records: microcephaly. Spastic tetraparesis (CP), steady movement
violation. Episyndrome J 80-83, Q 02, J 40.6. Strabismus. ZPMR.

This region typically waives the 10 day waiting period for children with special needs.

Update March 2014:
Janelle is very frail, very tiny. She is about the size of a 6-9 month old, and very pale. She has beautiful reddish light brown hair and eyes that are about the same color. She appears very weak, and doesn’t interact much. They are very concerned about why she is not growing and have her on a special diet. She is clearly a favorite of one of the nannies, who was carrying her the entire time (which is wonderful in terms of mental and emotional health and sensory input, and to decrease issues of psychosocial dwarfism). She does not interact much, but this may be due to her weakened state. She is alert and watches what is happening. She needs a loving mama and daddy to get her the medical care she so desperately needs- and fast.

$9,317.87 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Penny (1)

Girl, born Oct 2009
Down Syndrome

This precious toddler girl is said to be gentle and lovely by her orphanage staff! She has been in a foster family and also is able to do therapy at a Rehab Center close-by.

Penny enjoys exploring things, likes dolls and playing with other children. She also likes painting! She is quickly catching up with her peers in all areas. She knows how to dress herself and can feed herself as well. Now, all she needs in a mommy to tuck her in at night!

Penny (2)

UPDATE RECEIVED MARCH 2014: Penny is very healthy now and she can feed herself. She can put her own shoes on and understands some simple commands from the adult. She is very curious and can imitate people. Penny is a happy active little girl who likes to smile a lot. She can say some single words now and gets along well with other children.  Agency has videos available.

$2,006.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Jaxon (2) Jaxon (1)Boy, born September 2012
Ametropia, hearing loss-partial

Jaxon is a cute, mischievous little boy! He loves rocking horses and cartoons. Jaxon loves attention and affection! He loves playing games and will smile at his nannies. He does well in group activities. Jaxon’s speech is clear; he will call the names of his friends when he wants to play! We hope little Jaxon finds his forever family!

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Jane, born April 2012
Microcephaly; language and gross motor delay. General good health.

Joan, born March 2013
Healthy; normal development


Being adopted outside of RR

Dara Collage

Girl, born October 2006 (possible 2008)
Post-op cleft lip and palate

Adorable Dara is diagnosed with post-op cleft lip and palate. Based on her date of birth in the file, she is 8 years old, but in another place it mentions that she came into care as a baby and noted that she was was found in November 2008. It is important for a family to know that though the file says 2006, it is likely that she was born in 2008. It would also explain her size and why she is said to behind her peers. Dara lived in a foster family from Nov. 2008 until Feb. 2013. At that point she was moved to the orphanage. Dara is introverted and kind. She likes dancing and singing! She is observant and can help to take care of the younger children. Dara likes being praised and seldom fights with others in group activity. She is very obedient.

From Dara’s file: Dara has normal language expression and organization ability. She could not produce some words clearly after her cleft lip and palate surgery, but normal communication was not affected. She has basic self-managing ability, but still needs reminders from her caretakers for some things. She follows orders well. Dara is delayed when compared with children of her age. She is slower with recognition and understanding. She is learning counting, reading numbers, and writing.

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Hanya (2)

Hanya (1)Girl, born May 2009
Missing left eye; amblyopia of right eye

5.5 year old helpful Hanya is diagnosed with missing left eye and amblyopia of right eye. Hanya is an outgoing and careful child. She is very friendly to people she knows and a bit hesitant of strangers. Hanya is always willing to help her foster mother and her teacher. She listens well too. She enjoys watching cartoons, eating, and playing. Hanya is not a picky eater and she likes fruits and snacks best. She has good sleeping the family this sweet girl is waiting for?


updated yvonne2Yvonne-ChinaGirl, born July 2005
Down syndrome


Yvonne is a polite and friendly girl. “She likes to be tidy and beautiful,” said a visiting social worker. “So many times I saw her combing her hair.”

For the past year, Yvonne has lived in a group home in Hebei, China, where she gets to experience family life in the care of a foster mother and father. Although Yvonne has Down syndrome, she is described as “high functioning” for her condition. In the group home, she has taken on a big sister role and often helps her foster mom care for the younger children. Now 8 years old, she can read over 50 Chinese characters and count and write from 1 to 10.

Yvonne loves to perform and has natural grace. She was chosen to be the dance leader at her orphanage preschool. When she completes a project, she loves sharing it with her foster mom, and basking in her praise. Although she can be stubborn at times, Yvonne mostly listens and follows directions well.

Update Oct 2014:
Yvonne is outgoing and sensible. In her foster family, she is like an elder sister who takes care of her younger siblings. Whenever there are conflics between her siblings, she will do mediation for them. She acts like a little judge who is amiable but dignified. Therefore, her siblings all have faith in her. Yvonne loved on all the kids at the SWI too. She tucked them all in and told the visitors all about them.

Yvonne is also a good assistant of her parents in the foster family. When her foster parents are cooking, she always helps them with trimming vegetables, washing dishes or sweeping the floor. She does all these things as good as an adult. When her foster parents need to go out, she can take good care of her siblings so that let her parents don’t need to worry about them. She does so many things that her parents always praise her and love her so much.

$3,841.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Penda (2)

Penda (1)Girl, born December 2012
Blind, mild heart defect

Penda can sit independently for a short while and stand with support under the armpits. Her growth and development are behind same-age children in the orphanage. Penda knows her name and will listen attentively when she hears her name. She will laugh when people tickle her and she makes noises as she tries to talk. Penda is attached to her foster mother. She is waiting for a family who can help her learn the skills she will need to make her way in the world. Are you the family she is waiting for?

$2,268.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Laura LLGirl, born August 2004
Cerebral Palsy


From a family who visited in October 2014:  “I visited my son’s orphanage today and it was so very hard to see those children left behind and the care they will get. There was one room with about 15 children who were blind, had CP or other severe disabilities. They were just in one room the whole day/night and just lay there. They weren’t held, just fed and moved. It made my heart ache for the little girl who has CP and has been on my mind for the past year.  She is 10 years hold, has no future in China and has been on the shared list for over 5 years.  Please share her photo, story and donate to help her family find her!!!  She is beautiful and deserves a future. ”


Beautiful Laura is said to like to read and play with toys. From her file.. “When meeting a stranger she shows timid facial expressions initially, but as long as the stranger smiles kindly to her and play toys with her, she will accept and share her joy with the stranger gradually. In a word she is an adorable and good child.” Laura’s lower limbs are impacted and she needs to use a walker to help her stand up and to walk. She can communicate with others with simple words, but does not speak loudly. Laura is quite independent and can feed and dress herself. At times she needs reminders to use the bathroom. This sweet girl has been waiting a long time for a family. Are you the family she waits for?

$59.49 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Tallie (3) Tallie (2)Girl, born February 2009
Cerebral Palsy

Sweet Tallie is diagnosed as having mild CP. She is described as active and curious, with a ready smile! From a recent update: Tallie can walk and jump. Her right side function is limited due to the CP. She can speak in complete sentences and she can sing songs. Tallie is happy and extroverted. She likes colorful toys and to play games. you ready for her cuteness?

$90.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Flora 2526 (4)

Flora 2526 (1)Girl, born 2010
Cerebral Palsy – spastic quadriparesis

Flora has delays in her psychomotor development: leans to the side; sits with support and in a baby chair for feeding. She has support on her legs but she does not make attempts to stand up. Lifts up her head, when put on her stomach. She props up on her hands but keeps them clenched, she makes attempts to crawl. She reaches for a handed toy and tries to hold it.

Flora smiles when somebody is talking to her. She pronounces single words. She reacts to positive stimuli. She has established a relationship with person from the staff. She sleeps soundly. She does not cry without reason. She eats slowly and fastidiously. She does not regulate her physiological needs.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

AidenBoy, born 2013
PKU (Phenylketonuria); mental and speech delays

Aiden is 2.5 years old and is diagnosed with PKU. He was found abandoned when he was about one month old and has been living in the orphanage ever since. He was thin and small when he came into care, but he’s gotten good care and is doing much better. He was started on a special diet at age one. Aiden isn’t walking yet, but hopefully will be walking soon. He is diagnosed with mental development delay and speech delay.

Aiden is described as a happy child who has a ready smile and giggle. He likes to be held and cuddled, and to be close to his caregivers. Can Aiden be the son you’ve been searching for?

Aurora (1) Aurora (2)Girl, 2 years old
Atrophy of the optic nerve, amaurosis, congenital glaucoma, nystagmus, ROP (Retinopathy of the prematurely born) – 5th degree, blindness 100%; Specific disorders in the development of motor function; Delay in the neuro-psychical development.

When awake, the child demonstrates motor activity and initiative and her motor functions are at the following level: good muscle tone; good control of the head; she turns from back to stomach and vice versa; she gets on all four, and then transfers to a sitting position; she has good support in her legs – she pulls up with help to a steady support; when put in a Bungee, she actively jumps up; she moves in the space by scooting and rolling.

Aurora has a disability of the optic analyzer due to which the visual-motor coordination is difficult. Separate gripping skills are observed – she grasps when touched, transfers from one hand to the other, feels with her hands toys with different dimensions and textures, but she doesn’t explore with her mouth.

The hearing analyzer is within the norms – she listens and orientates to the direction of the sound. She demonstrates emotions when sung to.
The child is with adequate emotional reactions and preserved emotional tone. She accepts and maintains contact with an adult (she is emotionally responsive). To tactile and speech stimulation she laughs loud and pronounces a string of combinations of sounds with a melodic tone. She reacts with lots of crying to separation that is accompanied with rocking on all four, but she can be easily calmed down.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Tobias_2015Age: 1
Diagnosis: Repaired bilateral clubbed feet and congenital stenosis of the pulmonary valve

Tobias went through a series of casting of both feet followed by surgeries in order to correct his clubbed feet. He currently wears braces and orthopedic shoes. He is not yet putting weight on his feet for support. He can roll over and his starting to get up on his hand and scoot in an effort to crawl. He is very active when in his crib. He will move around, interact with toys and is very happy. When he is outside of his crib, he is more reserved and nervous of noises and crowds. He is easily calmed by someone talking to him.
Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

RoyceBoy, age: 1
Down syndrome

Royce keeps his head upright and turns it in the direction of sound. He turns from back to belly and vice versa. He has not started crawling yet. When in a lying position, he can sit up with some help. When placed in a position of supporting his body on his four limbs, he can maintain this position and then sit up. He stands up while holding onto a fixed support with both hands. He takes a sitting position by himself. He produces sounds, sound combinations and syllables. He responds to voices and to the tone of voice (he looks at the person and listens intently). He differentiates between familiar and unfamiliar people. He reaches out his hand for “hello” when encouraged by an adult. He takes a toy himself or grabs a toy that has been handed to him. He manipulates with toys at an elementary level – he examines them closely, waves them around and takes them to his mouth. He has recently learned to knock two cubes one into the other.


O OBoy, age: 2
Down syndrome

Noah can sit unassisted, pull to a stand and push himself around in a walker. He eats from a spoon. He says several single words and understands/responds to everything that is said to him. He enjoys interacting with his caregivers.

The agency has photos and videos from January 2015.


Wyman (2) Wyman (1)Boy, born November 2012
Post-op imperforate anus, lumbar scoliosis, syringomyelia

Wyman is a timid and shy boy. His personality is very introverted. When his caretakers play music, Wyman will excitedly twist and turn and dance! He can imitate sounds and say more than 5 words. Wyman knows his name, and really enjoys playing with toys and his caretakers. He can walk on his own and likes to look at picture books. Please help us find Wyman a home!

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Zadie (2) Zadie (1)Girl, born September 2013
Congenital bilateral hip joint dislocation, bilateral knee malformation and a depressed nasal bone

Zadie is a very adorable child! She has learned how to crawl. Every time the nannies call her name, she will quickly look at the nannies and giggle. She loves taking baths! Zadie is a good sleeper and is well-behaved. There is a little electric drum in the orphanage that she will crawl over to, hit and laugh as it lights up and makes sounds. She has congenital bilateral hip joint dislocation, bilateral knee malformation and a depressed nasal bone. Zadie is a little joy! Help us find Zadie’s forever family!

*From what we understand, the chances that Zadie may ever walk are slim.


Zhion (2) Zhion (1)Boy, born November 2013
Post-op heart condition

Zhion is a gentle and quiet little boy. His personality is somewhat introverted. He likes to let people hold him. The nannies say his smile is truly splendid. Zhion likes to listen to music and to play with toys on his own. Since Zhion has post-operative congenital heart disease, his motor and language development is lagging compared to children of the same age. Zhion needs a forever family! Help us find him a home!


Juliet has normal physical development and significantly delayed neuropsychological development. She has been diagnosed with early childhood schizophrenia and is reported to demonstrate aggressive behavior and restlessness (mild mental delay in a child with aggressive and self-aggressive manifestations). However, her videos seem to present quite a different situation: in the videos you will see her: walk; seek her foster mother’s physical closeness; cut with scissors; wave her hand for “Hello”; blow kisses; treat other people with some candy and allow to be kissed; press the buttons of a computer keyboard; point at things/places and vocalize so as to express her wishes; examine different objects with interest; pretend to be talking on the phone; draw and color; throw a ball; go downstairs; write, stick and erase with a rubber; follow instructions; play at a playground and go down the slide. The child does not demonstrate any restlessness or aggressive behavior in any of the videos, on the contrary-she is very positive, calm and outgoing.

The characteristics prepared by the kindergarten the girl attends also presents the child in a positive light: she demonstrates a desire to express herself verbally; understands instructions; joins organized activities; integrates in the group of children; actively participates in the educational process; has age-correspondent knowledge, skills and competences; The child’s sessions with a speech therapist are bringing about good results.

All this creates serious doubts about her diagnosis. In our practice we have seen cases where children have been diagnosed with severe psychiatric disorders only for the purpose of their foster families receiving more substantial funding from the state for having to take care of a child with such conditions. We feel that this might be the case here, as well. We will try hard to collect additional information about Juliet and we hope that there will be people able to see in between the lines and make their own judgment about this little girl’s actual condition.
Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Shaiy (1) Shaiy (2)Girl, born August 2012
Nervous system motor development delays

Shaiy is a rather peaceful little girl. She loves to smile and gets along with others very well. She likes to play with other children. She is especially interested in sounds and she likes to listen to music. When she hears music, she will wiggle her little body.

Shaiy’s hand movements are good. She can grasp a toy normally. She can play with toys on her own. She can use her fingers to pinch and pick up items. Shaiy is very interested in picture books. She can turn each page of the book. She can crawl, turn over and stand using the support of a railing. As of now, she still cannot walk. Her vision is average and she is able to see things that are far away.

Shaiy can now say “mama.” She is able to understand adults, she understands the meaning of “no,” and she is able to understand adult’s facial expressions. She knows how to cooperate when getting dressed. Sha recognizes familiar people near her and when she sees a familiar person, she will want to be held.

Shaiy is an especially adorable child. Please help us find her a forever family!

$72.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Mikkeli  (2)

Mikkeli  (1)Boy, born January 2012
Visual impairment

Mikkeli is a sweet boy who is visually impaired. He has been growing and learning slowly and he can walk by himself and feed himself. Mikkeli goes to preschool every day and he is encouraged to play with toys and other children, but his favorite activity is to sit on your lap and cuddle. Mikkeli laughs easily and he is a happy little boy. He is learning to speak and it is so cute to watch him! Are you the family that will get to cuddle with this little cutie?

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Lana (2)

Lana (1)Girl, born July 2004
Mild cerebral palsy

Lana is an open, cheerful, and lively girl! She has good daily habits. Her personality is open, cheerful, and lively, and she is intelligent. She is able to express herself clearly. Lana likes to draw and watch TV. She is in school and is a very hard worker. She excels in everything she works at, and she respects and loves her teachers and her classmates. Lana is bright and clever with an outgoing personality. We hope Lana finds her forever family soon!

Update from her host family: Lana is being hosted in the US this winter! Lana likes to be called Merry (a name from China). She is a very happy, energetic, smart, and outgoing girl, and has become more confident, independent, and lively. She is very funny and loves to laugh. She enjoys food and dinner table conversation. She is fond of animals and enjoys coloring. Lana also enjoys playing in the park, drawing/coloring, reading books, computer learning games (hidden objects/detective), petting the host family’s cats and dogs, shopping, and fixing her hair and making herself pretty. She is well behaved and follows instructions to the best of her ability as there is still a language barrier as expected. She likes meeting new people and going places in the host family’s “Jaguar” (a Ford truck). She’s eating well and learning conversational English. Lana has a big heart. Lana brushes her teeth, washes her hands, and uses the bathroom on her own, and she sleeps in her own room. She needs some assistance getting in and out of the bathtub, but otherwise manages very well on her own. Lana does not like the vacuum, hair dryer, or hand dryers in public restrooms. It is most rewarding to see Lana’s effort to fit into a new situation, and to see her become aware of her surroundings and being part of a family.


Mitch (2)

Mitch (1)Boy, born Feb 2014
Nervous system motor development delays, congenital heart disease

Mitch is a lively and active little boy! He is not afraid of strangers and he does not like to play by himself. He likes to listen to music and will move to it. Mitch loves playing with toys. He likes all kinds of toys, especially those that make sound. He responds quickly to his name.

Mitch can lift his head while lying on his stomach, and has learned how to use his hands to grab things. He is still young, so he cannot talk. But when he smiles, he will also laugh. Mitch always gives the nannies a big smile, and likes being around other children. He is especially charming. We hope Mitch finds his forever family soon!

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

KatieGirl, born March 2003

Katie is blind and has lived in a foster home for orphans with visual impairments since 2011. Every child has an individual education plan and the goal is to allow them to be independent and live life to the full. Katie is a sweet girl who was very shy when she first came to the foster home. It took her some time to adapt and get used to her new Ayis and classmates. In the beginning she simply observed the other children. She is completely blind. Katie does well in school and enjoys studying. She has a really good memory and understands most of her lessons, and loves to raise her hand to answer questions. She can be a little competitive at times, and loves to lead the other children in singing. She also does well in English class. Katie enjoys drawing and painting, and anything that has to do with music. She has done well enough in her studies that she is now able to attend the School of the Blind. She has been making good progress at the School for the Blind, She lives in an apartment with 3 other girls and her ayi and is learning lots of independent living skills. She is good at running and has run twice in the mini marathon! Are you the artistic, musical family Katie is waiting for?

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Qing (2) Qing (1)Boy, born August 2003
Malformed lower limb

Qing is being hosted in the US this winter! Qing is a sweet boy. He has really warmed up to the host family. The host family has had fun with him and Qing likes to take part in all family events. He plays really well with the host children. Qing is quiet, reserved, sweet, caring, contemplative, wise, funny, engaged, sad, loving, insecure, very even keeled, and incredibly intelligent. He enjoys playing with cars, doing puzzles, and reading. He also greatly enjoyed the car museum that the host family took him to. Qing has made some occasional statements that show the host family that he has experienced and felt more than an eleven year old should ever feel. He quickly follows those sentences up with something childish almost as if to sweep them under the rug. When he thinks no one is looking he will gently pat the younger kids’ backs. He is so polite and humble. Qing has a good appetite. He loves hot chocolate (though he keeps calling it coffee), cheeseburgers and spaghetti. He really hates pizza. The host family is hoping that by January 5th the start of his new prosthesis will be done.

Qing is introverted, not talkative and likes communicating with familiar people. He is bright and fond of studying, does things carefully, likes imitating and is an obedient and understanding child. He can draw pictures by himself, sing several children’s songs and can recognize and name many kinds of animals. He is fond of playing with other kids, willing to do outdoors activities, especially likes listening to music, watching TV and is curious. Help us find Qing his forever family!

Yeardley (1)

Yeardley (2)Boy, born July 2003
Right parietal bone segmental defect; Left upper limbs dyskinesia

Yeardley is being hosted in the US this winter! He has a good personality and seems to be adjusting well to life in the US. He is well behaved and seems easy going, happy, and obedient. He sleeps through the night and eats well. He gets along well with all the host family members. He loves playing with other kids! Yeardley likes to laugh and smile. He is willing to try any new foods or activities. Yeardley enjoys playing Wii or games on the iPad. He also likes soccer, Nerf guns/swords, jumping on the trampoline and laser tag. He eats a variety of foods, such as pancakes, oranges, pepperoni pizza, chicken wings, apples, yogurt, grapes, noodles, wild rice, and French fries.

Yeardley is a bright and happy kid! He has been diagnosed with a right parietal bone segmental defect and left upper limbs dyskinesia. He has normal living and eating habits, and is well liked by all the nannies and other children. We hope Yeardley’s forever family finds him soon!


Taya (2)

Taya (1)Girl, born October 2007
Down Syndrome

Taya is an extremely adorable child. If you ask her what her name is, she will tell you. If you ask her how old she is, she will extend her fingers to tell you that she is 7 years old. She is extremely intelligent. Taya loves to dance and in this aspect, she is very gifted. No matter what dance the teacher teaches, she is able to learn it all very quickly. Every Children’s Day, Taya is always the lead dancer. On the stage, she is just like a little star who leads the other little children as they copy and imitate her dancing. Now, Taya can dance “Gangnam Style,” “Little Apple,” “Go Baby!” and other dances. Taya also likes the piano. When she has nothing to do, she loves to sit in front of the piano, with both hands on the piano keys, and imitates playing.

Taya is very obedient, sensible and clever. Sometimes, she will even intentionally make strange faces to make you smile. If you take Ya’s picture, she will make her eyes big and wait for you to snap the shutter, and then she will narrow her eyes, stick out her tongue and make very funny faces. We truly hope Taya is able to find a forever family!

$675.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

S Boy, born November 2013
Poor Brain Development, Malnutrition

Linden is a likable and peaceful child. He does not like to move. He mostly likes to calmly lie on his little bed or sit on his bean bag chair, peacefully sleep or close his eyes to rest. Currently, he can control his head, he can lie on his back and turn over onto his stomach, he can sit but he cannot crawl. He has good fine motor movements. When you call his name, he is able to respond promptly. He is unable to differentiate between strangers and acquaintances. He really likes to listen to music. When he hears music, he seems even more peaceful, but his excited eyes tell us that he likes it. For the time being, he is unable to use body language to express his wishes. Linden is a happy and calm child. We hope Linden finds a family soon!

Alexandre (1)Alexandre (2)Boy, almost 2 years old

Osteogenesis imperfecta type III/IV. Emotionally he is doing very well and is very communicative!


He is very emotional and sociable child. Seeks attention by an adult. Motor functions are limited having in mind the main diagnosis and disease, but he shows initiative and willingness to manipulate toys. He grabs given to him object, transfers it from one hand to another, examines with eyes, putting in mouth, tapping. He has a good visual-motor coordination in four directions.

He often vocalizes, as cheers and syllabic chains are heard / ba ba, de-di, pa-pa/. He makes sounds when he is in his crib and when meeting with an adult he gets lively and the sound production is increased. When verbally stimulated he makes sounds reminiscent of pleasure of communicative exchange. He laughs when teased.

He began to understand the hide and seek game. He reacts very positively to this type of game. He removes a cloth placed over his face. He makes good eye contact. He likes the company of an adult. He initiates interaction with others through sounds and facial expressions. His facial expression is lively, he responds to facial expressions (smiles in response to a smile). When in contact he touches the face of the adult, follows them in space with eyes and get angry upon parting. He is a sociable and cheerful in interpersonal relations. He does not exhibit irritability in the company of other children.

His sleep is calm and rhythmical. Physiological needs – no deviations, gains weight, but he is fussy for the types of food. He is in the process of spoon feeding.

After the New Year the agency will get additional info, pictures and video of him.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

DannyDanny-001Boy, born October 2005
Cleft lip and palate, differences in his right arm, and vision impairment in both eyes

Danny is a smart little boy who adapts easily in new situations. He was born with cleft lip and palate, differences in his right arm, and vision impairment in both eyes, but this cheerful and vibrant boy is learning how to overcome any challenge! In August 2013 he went to the School for the blind in order to get a better education. He lives with other children in an apartment near the school. A helpful boy, he likes to assist his foster mom with chores, such as cleaning the table, sweeping the floor, and trimming vegetables, and he’ll help other children when they need it. When he first started learning braille, it was difficult for him, but he worked very hard and is learning numbers and the alphabet. His favorite subject is PE, and he attends running training with other children every week.

12/2014- He is currently in the states to receive a series of surgeries and is doing very well!

$4,000 agency grant available

$23.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

ElijahAge: 1
Diagnosis: Frontal schizencephaly; Hypoplasia of corpus callosum; Allergy to the protein in the yogurt (started on milk protein without complications); Atopic dermatitis.

Elijah can sit up unassisted, roll over, and move around in his crib. He plays with toys, smiles and laughs when familiar adults interact with him, and has started making sound combinations and babbling. The consult with the neurosurgeon in 2014 indicated that surgery is not needed. Elijah does not have seizures or any of the other complications that he is monitored for due to his diagnosis.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Lhih (2) Lhih (1)Boy, born April 2013
Cerebral Palsy

Zhih is such a sweetie pie! With regards to his mild cerebral palsy, it is a hard, long and slow process, but with strength, he will persevere. His rehabilitation has been very good. With the help of the nannies, he is already able to walk several steps. His personality is cheerful and he loves to smile. When he sees the nannies come into the room, he will perk up and he will say hello. He is extremely adorable. He likes to eat noodles and salted rice congee. Every time the nannies come to get him for his favorite meals, he is too impatient to wait and just crawls over to eat big mouthfuls. Zhih also especially likes to eat little steamed buns and shrimp crackers for snacks. Moreover, he has already learned how to grab these little snacks to eat on his own. All of the nannies were happy to see this progress. He even likes to go to the classroom. Everyone says that he will positively love to learn in the future. We hope Zhih finds his forever family soon!


ZhenBoy, born February 2014
Infantile hepatitis syndrome, syphilis, congential heart disease

Zhen is a charming and clever little boy! When Zhen arrived at the orphanage, he had syphilis. We immediately connected him with a hospital. The child promptly received medical treatment. Now, he is already cured and his health is renewed. He loves to listen to music and will wiggle his little body to and fro and dance to the rhythm of the music. His limb and intellectual development is very normal. Zhen is intelligent and everyone loves to play with him! He has infant hepatitis syndrome, syphilis, and congenital heart disease. We can’t wait to find a family for this little cutie!

$1,800.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Leine (1)

Leine (2)Boy, born March 2013
Mild cerebral palsy

Leine loves to smile! He loves getting his picture taken. The nannies describe his photos as “very dignified and handsome”. He is very affectionate. Leine has cerebral palsy. However, he does not have any issues with his intelligence. As for his motor development, he can lift up both of his legs very high and he can grab his toes with his hands. Currently, he is able to sit up on his own and he is able to stand using the wall for support. Leine is a very obedient child. He is peaceful and intelligent. We whole-heartedly hope that he will be able to find a loving family soon, where he can be carefully cared for and have a healthy and happy development, and enjoy a beautiful future!


Yancy (2)

Yancy (1)Boy, born April 2013
Post-op congenital heart disease (major)

Yancy is such a sweetie pie! He can walk freely on his own and is at the same development level as his peers. He loves to play with toys, especially sports balls, and really enjoys playing with others. Yancy loves to play “drop the handkerchief”, which is similar to “duck, duck, goose”. We hope this cute boy finds a family soon!

Jiles (2)

Jiles (1)Boy, born March 2013
Cerebral Palsy

Jiles is a quiet, sweet boy who loves to smile as he plays. He can crawl and can stand up with support. When he is standing up, Jing seems proud of this accomplishment. Jiles is a charming little one who loves to play with toys and eat sweets. We hope Jiles finds his forever family!


Trace (2)

Trace (1)Boy, born October 2001
Missing right foot, syndactyly of right hand, delayed language development

Trace likes outdoor activities and playing with other children. He is fond of music and watching TV. Trace is a very curious boy! He can express his feelings with accurate words and is willing to communicate well with others. Trace loves to be clean and is polite. He is good at caring for himself. He can follow directions and can take on and off clothes, socks and shoes. He enjoys outdoor activities and playing with toys. Trace also loves to eat! His favorite foods are fish, fruits and eggs.

$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Dale (2) Dale (1)Boy, born September 2011
Missing right foot, syndactyly of right hand, delayed language development

Dale is a shy boy who is always ready to greet you with a big smile! He loves music, games, and toys. He loves the nannies at the orphanage, and gets along well with other children. Dale has a good appetite and loves to eat chicken and bananas. He is a very cute child and is well liked. Dale hopes to find his forever family soon!


Wade (1)Wade (2)Boy, born July 2005
Cerebral Palsy

Wade is a cute boy! He is active and gets along well with others! Due to his cerebral palsy, he cannot walk, but has been in rehabilitation for his lower limbs. He takes initiative in his recovery, and has been making great progress. Wade can take care of himself for the most part and has so much hope for the future. We hope Wade will find his forever family!!!

Cora update (2)

Cora update (1)5 years old
Congenital eye anomaly: horizontal nystagmus. Aniridia and congenital cataracts in both eyes. Divergent strabismus of the right eye. Severely reduced visual acuity, without the possibility of correction.

Update December 3, 2014. During the past year and a half, since she lives with the foster mother, she has shown she has a potential that allows further development, improvement of mastered habits and skills, achieving new things, and making up for gaps. She is a wonderful child, who would thrive under the care of a loving family.

About her vision: the damage is genetic. Shortly before the child was placed in the foster family, she was brought by the orphanage in a medical clinic to do studies of her vision. The opinion of the experts was that surgically nothing could be done to improve about her vision.

She willingly goes to the kindergarten. Since this September, she has worked once a week with a resource teacher in the kindergarten: for correction of deficits.  She is not angry or aggressive child, she is cheerful and good child. She is obedient. She is affectionate and shows her attachment through caressing.  The girl sleeps in a regular bed. Her sleep is calm. She has a nap about an hour, sometimes a little more. After she wakes up she stays in her bed until someone tells her to stand up. She controls her physiological needs and self-care for example during the night.

She feeds herself alone and clean, and after she is done with her meal – she helps with cleaning the table. She dresses herself. She still has a problem in putting on her socks, she cannot oriented exactly where the heel is. Fasting zippers is also still difficult for her, as well as putting on a shirt with a picture on it – sometimes she rotates it in order to put it on the right way.

She loves water. In the summer they had inflatable pool in the yard, where she spends a lot of time. They were on the sea/beach for one day this year. She definitely had no fear from the sea.

She is a very charming girl. She is one of the many abandoned children, who deserves a chance for a better life, better opportunities and the chance to know the love of a family. She had the chance to be placed with an experienced foster parent (professional teacher) but she is not very emotional person and just doing her job but every child needs a hug and kiss every day, needs to feel loved and have a family!

Fawn (1)Fawn (2)

Girl, born April 2012
Heterochromia iridium; Bilateral hearing impairment; Mute

Fawn is a lively and active child who is very gregarious. She likes to play together with other little children and she is quite extroverted. She is especially interested in sounds and she likes to watch TV. When she sees little children on the TV, she will call out to them. The child especially likes to smile and when you play with her, she will smile happily. On occasion when she’s fussing, if you give her something to eat, she’ll be okay. The child is scared of little sticks and dolls.

Fawn can walk freely on her own and she can go up and down stairs. She can occasionally jump and both of her feet get off the ground. Fawn cannot talk at present but she can understand adults’ facial expressions. When adults want her to do something, she will immediately understand. When you leave her, she will wave her hand saying goodbye.

Fawn recognizes people she’s close with and when she sees familiar people, she will nod her head and open her mouth. Due to the fact that the child’s ears cannot hear sounds, her ability to imitate is very strong. When she sees an adult talking on the phone, she will also grab a phone and put it up to her ear and open her mouth like she is talking.

$27.86 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Walt (1)

Walt (2)Boy, born May 2001
Cleft lip/palate

This very mischievous child needs to be adopted before he turns 14 next May! Walt was picked up by the orphanage on Sept. 22, 2006. He had already had his cleft lip repaired.

Because of the cleft lip and palate operations he has received, his pronunciation is not so clear. He has good intellectual development, is bright, naughty. He is sure to be the participant for the bad things done by the kids in the institute. He can also look after younger kids and share with them whatever food nice to eat. When some younger kids are bullied he will go to help them proactively. Like other kids of same age, he likes playing games and singing.

Walt is introverted, does not contact with strangers, does not pay attention to the unfamiliar people who calling him. He is reserved, but is lively, mischievous, often strives with kids of same age, and likes watching TV. He likes to eat any food and never refuses snack food. He is a mischievous and lovely boy.

$19.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Deon (2)

Deon (1)Boy, born November 2013
Congenital Pigmented Nevi

Deon’s personality is peaceful, he is not noisy, and when he sees people, he likes to smile. When he lies on the rocking chair, he sees the nannies pass by him and likes to look at them. When the nannies hold him, he is very happy.

Currently Deon has a congenital pigmented nevus and still cannot sit by himself, he also cannot turn over. His eyes will look around nonstop, and he is very curious about all things that he sees. When the nannies tease him, he will laugh. He especially likes to hold the nannies’ hands.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

LhinBoy, born April 2013
Strabismus, brain damage, congenital heart disease

Lhin is an active and energetic child who loves to smile and is especially charming. He gets along well with others and likes to play with other children. He loves to play with toys and is especially interested in sounds. He likes to listen to music and when he hears music playing, he will be particularly excited. Lhin was preliminarily diagnosed with brain damage.

Lhin’s hand movements are nimble. He can crawl, sit, turn over, stand by supporting himself on a handrail, and presently he still cannot walk. The child’s vision is also normal and he is able to see far away. When you call his name, he knows and will turn his head. Lhin can recognize familiar people close to him and when he sees familiar people, he will take the initiative to ask for a hug. Lhin is an especially adorable child!


Fremont (1)

Fremont (2)Boy, born March 2009
Club feet, hydrocephalus, spina bifida

Fremont is now over 5 years old. He is extremely cute, and his big eyes are bright and sparkling, as if they could speak. Under his delicate nose, his sweet mouth has grown into quite the talker. Everyone really likes him. However, Fremont tends to speak a little childishly when he talks. All of his little friends around him like to imitate the way he talks. Whenever this happens, Fremont will happily laugh out loud. Currently, all of Fremont’s developments are very good. He can do everything that other children can do. However, his medical condition has only affected his legs, which are slightly weak. When walking by himself, his pace is a little slow. Fremont’s personality is optimistic, and his ability to adapt to new environments is very strong.

Fremont is a very strongly independent child. Ordinarily, he is very well-behaved. Also, the nannies do not need to worry about taking care of him, like brushing his teeth, washing his face, washing his hands, eating, taking off his shoes, going to bed, and other similar matters. He is able to do it all on his own, and he does not need other people’s help. When he is playing with other children and they finish playing, Fremont will take the initiative to return all of the toys to the toy box. The nannies all praise Fremont as a sensible and good child.

Tony (2)Boy, born June 2007
Congenital heart defect, and post op cleft lip and palate

7 year old Tony is diagnosed with CHD and post-op congenital cleft lip and palate. It is clear that his orphanage adoption director cares about the kids and wants them to find a family! She has said that Tony is a very well behaved child and she speaks very highly about him when talking to others about him.

From an August 2012 update in his file: Tony has already had surgery for his cleft lip and palate and has recovered well. He has a strong self management skills. He can put on his clothes and shoes, can fold up his quilt, and feed himself. He likes to play with toy cars and toy trains. He is studying in the preschool class of the institute. Tony can write and recognize numbers 1-10. He went into a foster family in July 2011 and got more delicate care from his parents. He is active, bright, polite and he likes to communicate with others. Although he doesn’t pronounce accurately, he has no problem with communicating. He has a good appetite and is not picky about food. He likes to play outdoors with his parents most. He likes to ride a bike and play ball on the playground with other children. He likes to please. We hope he could be adopted as soon as possible and have a happy and warm family.

Lane (2)

Lane (1)Boy, born October 2006
Bilateral hearing impairment, language development impairment

Lane is a shy, delicate and handsome little boy. His demeanor is really peaceful, and when he sees a stranger, he stands very still and does not talk. If you slowly come into close contact with him, then he will be very willing to communicate with you. Lane is skilled, his paintings are extremely good. Lane takes studying very seriously; after classes when he returns, he does his homework first. Afterwards, he will find a companion and play. He is also very sensible; he will help his home’s (foster care) grandmother with a few household chores. For example: sweeping the floor and wiping down tables. His daily habits are also very routine. He goes to bed at a fixed time, wakes up on time, and does not feel too lazy to get out of bed or sleep in. He likes to be clean and he will always bathe at a fixed time. The clothes that he wears are always neat and tidy. He is also never picky about the food he eats; rice, noodles, he loves to eat everything. He has a very small amount of food. He also gets along very well with children. Lane is also able to take care of himself: washing his face, brushing his teeth, putting on and taking off clothes. His imitation abilities are quite strong; if he sees words in a book, he will take a pen and will conscientiously study it and write it. His writing is outstandingly similar. Although he is deaf and cannot speak, he is intelligent, and he is a good child who takes learning seriously.


PippaGirl, born March 2012
Hydrocephalus; Meningocele

Pippa is an active and lively little girl and she loves to talk and smile. She has started to learn to talk, and she can say simple two-syllable sounds. Her pronunciation of single syllables is clear. She is a bit introverted and shy with strangers, but after a while she will be fine.

Although she has myelomeningocele and hydrocephalus, she has already had two surgeries and has a shunt for fluid drainage. She can sit well, and she can freely crawl back and forth in the room. She loves to imitate others around her. When she hears music, she will rock her body along with the rhythm; it is so cute. She loves to share toys and play with other children.

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Valerie 2014Miss FebruaryGirl, born February 2012

Down syndrome, congenital heart defect, auricle partition defect; inborn deafness; hip dysplasia, crossed eyes; horizontal nistagma; inborn II-III feet fingers webbed

Update as of November 2014:

Little Miss February‘s motor skills are developing: she can sit without support and starts to crawl, sometimes she moves by turning herself from one side to another; she does not yet crawl properly yet; she has started to stand up while holding an adult‘s hand. Her emotions are positive most of the time. She wants to communicate with adults and children and is requesting attention with sounds and signs and is seeking direct emotional contact. She observes the speaking person‘s face, looks and finds the person‘s face and keeps eye contact for a short time. She reacts when she is called by name, and with the help of signs she understands and implements simple instructions like: take, give, come. The muscle tone of her articuliation mechanism is low. Her mouth is often open and she puts her tongue out of her mouth. She is speaking more sounds and syllables when her mood is good. She started to pronounce the word „Ačiū“ (Thank you) and “Ate“ (Good bye). She has started to be more active and interested in toys. She has a hard time falling asleep but eats well. She eats only with the help of an adult, eating skills are not yet in place. She wears a hearing aid for average level of hearing disorder and needs surgery for her crossed eyes.

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SONY DSCSONY DSCBoy, born July 2001
Post op bilateral cleft lip and palate

Ages out July 2015

Ben Gabriel is a very outgoing, active, gentle, loving and sweet boy. His handwriting is super good, but sometimes he does need to be reminded to do his homework. Ben Gabriel likes to play with other children. He can help to clean the room. In fact, he always cleans the classroom and living room very well. He likes to help to do things. Ben Gabriel can change his clothes, take shower and wash clothes by self. He eats slower than other kids. He never fights with any child. His foster family and all the neighbors adore him. If his foster grandma comes home late, he always calls to check on her. When he goes out with the grandma, he always watch her very well. Ben Gabriel really wants to have a family who he can stay with forever.

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Leona collage

Girl, born January 2003
Sensitive special need

Look at lovely 11.5 year old, Leona! It seems unbelievable to think that she came into care as an infant and is still waiting for a family. Leona is diagnosed as having tested positive and treated for a sensitive special need as an infant. Her file is about 2.5 years old, so the agency she is listed with is trying to get an update from her orphanage. Leona is optimistic and active. She likes to smile at people, enjoys group activities, and likes playing badminton and jump rope with her friends. From someone who knew her: She is a girly girl who loves to dance and have her hair done with pretties. She was in the third grade in China and does pretty well in school. She likes to play games with her friends and watch cartoons on TV.

From her file: At the age of 7 years old, Leona went to preschool. When she was 8, she went to grade one in the primary school. She got along well with her classmates and teachers. At the age of 9 years old, she was an active girl, focused on her courses in school. She was getting average grades in school and she liked playing with her classmates. She enjoyed eating snacks such as biscuits, peanuts, and melon seeds. She likes eating porridge and bread for breakfast. She has a ready smile. She can speak quickly and fluently and knows her letters and numbers.

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JoshAge: 4
Diagnosis: strabismus and delays in development


Josh has developed fine and gross motor skills. He walks, plays with toys, has a developed pincer and tweezer grasp, tracks objects with his eyes and manipulates objects appropriately. He wears glasses to help correct his vision issues. He shows interest in new things. He examines toys and works to understand their function. He understands object permanence and plays hide and seek. He builds towers with blocks and looks at books.He understands and follows simple instructions and complies with what he is forbidden to do. He responds to being called by name. He is in his initial stage of imitating others’ speech. Speech production – random sound combinations, no purposeful words yet. He always carries around a toy with him (most often a toy rattle) and he puts it in his mouth. He would leave it for a while when he is playing with another object. He defends his position before other children. He deliberately initiates interactions with adults so as to play or go for a walk together. He does not often join group activities or games but he usually takes the position of a passive spectator. He has low threshold of tolerance as regards other children. He isolates himself at times. He eats with a good appetite. He often finds his portion of food not to be enough and gets annoyed. He has not yet started announcing and controlling his physiological needs so he wears diapers. In the last several months the child has started compensating the delay in his neuropsychological development. He is being monitored.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Jayda (1) Jayda (2)Girl, born September 2011
Down syndrome


Additional information coming soon.


This little girl is absolutely beautiful!


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MelissaGirl, born July 2013
Down syndrome

Melissa is able to crawl. She plays normally for a child of her age, both alone and with an adult. She makes attempts to get those around her to play with her. She knows her name and seems attached to her foster mother. She is able to understand simple instructions.


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oscarOscar Oscar faceBoy, born January 2012
Congenital limb deformities – most likely he has Arthrogryposis

Oscar has congenital limb deformities which has limited his mobility.

He is a very smart and happy boy. His eyes are very lively, he loves to smile and laugh, and when he smiles and laughs his eyes looks like little curled moons.

When you try to talk with him he will respond by making different sounds through his mouth, and always with a cute smile. When you tease him he will laugh. He will respond when his name is being called. He also knows different facial expressions, and he likes it a lot when you pick him up and talk with him.

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