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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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My Family Found Me

Congratulations to all of these beautiful and deserving children who have now found committed adoptive families through Reece’s Rainbow!
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All of these children are in various stages of the adoption process.  Once they are home, they will be removed from this page. Your prayers for these children and their new families are greatly appreciated!

Margeaux L18

photogirlGirl, Born December 1999
Down syndrome, oval window


Margeaux is almost 13 years old and is in a crib in her photo :(   She is considered quite low functioning, but it is these children we always see the greatest transformation in!   She is able to pull to a stand.   Full medical and behavioral information is available.   Older parents, larger families and single moms welcome.  Margeaux needs a family who is experienced in international adoption and the challenges of children with special needs who have been living in institutional settings.

Additional medical and social history available from the agency.

Update 2014:
Currently Margeaux receives schooling in the 3rd grade but she is not able to learn language, counting, or to recognize digits and letters etc. The teacher comes to her twice a week. Learning process is actually more of an interaction with the teacher; Margeaux listens to the teacher read, and they do some activities together. She reacts towards words like “let’s eat” or “let’s stand up now” etc. She is not verbal. Margeaux reacts towards the smell of food. She is satisfied when feels comfortable. Margeaux does not like environment changes; she does not like persons’ she is unfamiliar with.

Margeaux does not stand up on her feet (she needs support). She is able to change position in the bed by herself. Due to her severe mental delays, she is not able to try learning how to walk. She has leg malformation. Margeaux is being put in the wheelchair, several times a day she is taken out of the bed and being put on the buckwheat bag and also put on the toy horse. A doctor has said that the musculature of her legs could not be overstrained, she also does not like moving a lot.  Margeaux receives massages.

Margeaux has 4th level of care, it is the highest level; she is incapable to take care of herself and to perform simple self-care activities. She is not able to chew food, she is being fed only with purees.  She has inner anxiety, auto-aggression – she might hit herself on the face but she is not aggressive towards others. She sleeps well.

Margeaux is rapidly approaching the time where she will “age-out” and no longer be eligible for international adoption (by US law).  Her life means, and can be, so much more than this!  PLEASE do not leave her behind now that she has been given a voice and a chance through Reece’s Rainbow!

$10,505.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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Boy, born December 2008
Down syndrome

This little one is so smart and learns quickly. He loves to blow kisses and listen to music. He likes to clap his hands when you sing to him. He has made good progress developmentally. Balls are his favorite toy.
$1000.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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Boy, born September 2006

He has strong mental delays, strabismus


Someone needs to save this sweet boy from a lifetime in a crib.  He’s chewing on his hands for self-soothing.  We have another picture of him that’s fuzzy, but you can see his smile peeking out behind his hands — he has a spark!


$346.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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Sadie #53-4

Sadie photos (15)DOB: 2005, age 9

Diagnosis: Osteogenesis imperfecta; Osteochondrodysplasia

While Sadie’s physical condition is complex, she maintains a good spirit and great hope for a forever family. Her bones are shorter than average and fragile due to her medical condition. She has limited movement, but is learning to compensate with what she has. She has recently learned to feed herself and she plays with toys and manipulates other objects as much as her limited mobility will allow. She can communicate verbally very well and has directly expressed her desire to be adopted. She participates in dialogues, asks variety of questions and answers questions. She sings variety of songs, recites rhymes, sometimes with the help from an adult. She always reacts adequately to her name, as well as to praises and reprimands. She has gender and age orientation. She is attending school and enjoys participating in class. When she is in the orphanage, she will often attempt to “boss” the caregivers by telling them that a certain child is crying because he needs a diaper change or reminding them that it’s time to feed another child, etc.

The agency has several photos and videos of Sadie, along with detailed medical information.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

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Lene (pronounced like Renee)

Girl, born August 2010
Down syndrome, congenital heart disease, language delay


What a doll baby!  Love her little pigtails!

Lene responds to expressions of affection from other persons. She can adapt to any social environment.

NE243a Lene (2)

As of February 2012, her report said that the she attends therapy 3 times a week.


  • Large families okay (with adequate space in the home)
  • One trip – total travel time 21-30 days in country (one parent can leave earlier)
  • Average length of time from Dossier submission to travel is 7-10 months
  • Total costs estimated around $27,000

$7844.64 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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Boy, born March 2006
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Eyes and hair black

*The agency has a video of him at 6 years, 2 months old.  He is putting together a puzzle, playing on a playground, and adorable!  Video available for serious inquiries*

Oh my goodness, the grin on this boy!  Even with the poor quality of the picture, Jaeger’s personality shines!

The information we have is from 2009, when he was 3 years old.   He has received special ed services, starting in 2008.   He can understand and follow sample instructions, he begins games and has started potty training.  He eats well, and feeds himself.

He walks and moves well through obstacles.  He has good eye-hand coordination while playing, but not good eye-feet coordination yet.  He loves the pool.  He likes his caregivers and smiles and is very affectionate.

He is really a happy boy and healthy, with good skills for his age.

The paperwork also stated that at the time, he needed treatment for his teeth.

Update from 2010:

He starts his own games, he likes making strokes with pencil or crayons, he can now use scissors . He helps keep the toys in right places.

Jaeger is a social child, he participates with his peers, he integrates into a group, he walks, runs, jumps, climbs and turns without difficulty; but he is not aware of the danger.  He receives physical therapy and occupational therapy to increase his abilities.

$11,158.80 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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Guardian Angel
Boy, born July 2007


Raymond has arthrogryposis, and optic nerve atrophy, and he is cross- eyed.  He desperately needs a family to care for him and help him reach his full potential!  If Raymond is not adopted, he’s destined for a life in bed, with little outside stimulation.


$3879.55 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


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Boy, Born October 20, 2009
Baby Tyler is doing great!   He was born at 36 weeks gestation, and has an ASD and a VSD.   He is being treated with medication and is doing very well, but will need to be followed by a cardiologist once home.   Super easy program, hope he finds a family quickly.   Significant and detailed social and medical history available.



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Boy, Born March 2004


This adorable 6 year old boy with Down syndrome was found outside a police station in March of 2008. His age is estimated. He is reported to have adapted will to life at the orphanage and has made many friends. He is very helpful to the teachers and care givers. He is able to take care of his daily needs, and speaks a few words. His caregivers find him to be loving, humorous, very adorable and having a kind heart. This lovable boy needs a family that is experienced with childhood delays and can be strong advocates for him.

Contact Erin Mower at Holt International for more info

$38.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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