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All of these children are in various stages of the adoption process.  Once they are home, they will be removed from this page. Your prayers for these children and their new families are greatly appreciated!


susieGirl, born 2015

Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect: atrial septal defect
disorder of the brain, anemia

Listed: July 19, 2016

What a sparkle in her eyes!!


KirileeGirl, born March 2011
Down syndrome

Kirilee is a shy, sweet little one who will be 4 years old in March. She has Down syndrome, with the expected delays. As of this past September, she was standing with support, and was crawling. One wonders if an improvement in her diet would make a big difference…she mainly has milk and rice powder every day. Kirilee badly needs therapies to help with her motor skills and speech. She is a loving little one who is so sweet and quiet. Kirilee needs a family of her own to help her reach her full potential!

$1,146.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


NoelleGirl, born Dec 2013
Down syndrome

Listed: January 7, 2016

She is quiet and very easy to smile. When people play with her, she is very easy to laugh. If you clap your hands in front of her, she will reach for you and let you hold her. When someone is holding her, she stares at the person’s face carefully. She has a quick reaction and smile when people call her.

$2,857.99 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


20715035453-1-237x300Girl, born 2006
After-effects of early organic affection of the central nervous system in the form of intelligence deficiency, atactic syndrome (epilepsy).

Listed: August 3, 2012






DomenicBoy, born 2016

Down Syndrome


What a beautiful baby boy!!


$184.72 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



41214130041_4 41214130041_2Boy, born 2011
Down syndrome, Profound mental delays, Vomiting associated with other psychological disturbances, Umbilical hernia without obstruction or gangrene, Divergent concomitant strabismus, Other cardiomyopathies (open foramen ovale)

Listed December 16, 2014

$4,190.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



pennyGirl, born 2011
Cerebral Palsy (spastic diplegia), crossed eyes.

She can walk by herself.







Will-updateBoy, born 2011
Internal hydrocephalus compensated disgenesis of corpus callosum






Pepper (2)PepperGirl, born Feb 2010
Down syndrome

Pepper is an active, extroverted little girl who was born in February of 2010. She was abandoned only months after she was born and was diagnosed with Down syndrome and a heart condition. She received surgery for her heart condition and recovered well. She has good motor development and self-care skills, having the ability to wash her hands before and after meals, and dress herself. She is very helpful to her caregivers, often assisting with simple chores like folding towels. She can respond to simple requests, like when someone asks her to give them something. She can draw a circle, count from 1-10, and say words like “aunt,” “brother,” and “sister.” She can sing children’s songs and likes to watch TV to learn new songs and dances. She likes playing on the playground and playing games with other children!

From a recent update (1/2016)
Pepper is toilet trained but does need reminders. Her caretakers state that she is active, lovely, well behaved and obedient.Pepper is attending school at the orphanage. She can follow multistep directions. She can speak simple words like “Ayi(nanny), GeGe(elder brother) and JieJie(elder sister), etc. Pepper will point at eyes, ears, noses, hands etc. She loves to imitate others- do what they do and say what theysay. For example, she will imitate the nanny’s words and behavior. She will sing or dance when she watches music programs on tv. She can express herself. Her speech ability is a bit behind compared with healthy children her age.

A $4000 grant may be available to families from her current agency.

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Madeline June 2016 (1) Madeline June 2016 (2)Madeline was born in March 2015 and has Down Syndrome.

Madeline is a very active child and her caregivers are happy with her development. She can sit and stand unassisted and walks with support. Madeline eats and sleeps well, babbles, holds objects and transfers them between her hands. She has a big personality and makes sure that things happen the way she wants.


Mark, Hana and Eva



Boy, born July 2009
Behavioral disorders, attention, hyperactivity.
Good general condition. The course of development is within the standards development. Preliminary assessment – lack of school readiness.

Girl, born August 2010
Good general condition. Bedwetting. The level of mental and emotional development – age appropriate. Physically in good condition.

Girl, born October 2011
Good general condition. The course of normal development. Physically in good condition. The level of mental and emotional development – age appropriate.


MickMick was born in April 2013 and has Down Syndrome. His caretakers are happy with his development.

Mick eats and sleeps well. He can feed himself solids like cookies or bread and drink without assistance. He is reportedly using the potty, but may only be trip-trained. Mick follows simple instructions.

Mick is a very active boy who walks when held by the hands, but is expected to take his first independent steps soon. He plays with toys, absolutely loves music and dances well. Mick is an expert rocking horse rider, too.


From an RR family who met him in June 2015:  “First and foremost he’s adorable. He is extremely happy, always smiling! He loves to dance and listen to the music. He seems to have pretty low tone because when we were there, he wasn’t walking.  He was in a stroller a lot of the time. But he could sit up and I believe pull to a stand. He was honestly so adorable! I remember him clapping a lot. He definitely would thrive with some love! He wasn’t one of the kids who got a lot of attention.”

$600.75 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

5 siblings #1-50


Mark – Age: 6 Diagnosis: speech delays; mild cognitive delay
Ellie – Age: 10 Diagnosis: mild cognitive delays
Vallie – Age 11 Diagnosis: mild cognitive delays
Nellie – Age: 12 Diagnosis: mild cognitive delays
Allie – Age: 15 Diagnosis: mild cognitive delays


This sibling group was raised by their mother until her death in early 2014. At that time, they were placed in a group home due to their orphan status. The rules of their country dictate that they should all be adopted together. However, all the children desire a family and have agreed that they are willing to be split up if that means that they can have a family. The children agreed to be split into 2 smaller sibling groups for the purposes of adoption: Mark, Ellie, and Allie can be adopted as a sibling group of 3 and Vallie and Nellie can be adopted as a sibling group of 2. When asked by the agency if they were truly ok with being split up, Allie stated, “We have waited so long that it is obvious that no one wants us. We will do whatever it takes to be adopted”. The agency is seeking one family willing to adopt all 5 children, but will honor the children’s wishes and work with a family to adopt either the group of 2 or 3. Since the children chose how they would like to be grouped if separated, the agency cannot take any requests to separate the children differently than what is stated.

None of the children had received any type of education and as a result, the older children cannot read or write. It is believed that most of their delays are a result of a lack of education and experience. All the children are currently attending school and making some academic progress. None of the children have behavior issues and all 5 children are physically healthy.

The agency has photos and videos of all 5 children that were taken in June 2016. In the videos, Mark states that his favorite toys are the tractor, staffed bears, small cars; he likes going to school and he likes to play any kind of electronic games. Nellie says that her favorite subject in school is music; most of all she likes to watch TV in her free time and to dance folk dances; she likes to listen to any kind of music. Ellie says that she likes to draw; her favorite subjects at school are music and math; she likes to play outside with the children in her free time “moms, dads and babies”; and she likes to jump rope; Vallie says her favorite subject at school is PE; she likes all kinds of movies and music; she likes to play in the yard with the children in her free time (they play tag); they also go on walks; and that her grades at school are “so and so”. Allie says that her favorite subjects at school are chemistry and biology; she likes to listen to music in her free time, going on a walks with friends and siblings in the nature; all kinds of music and movies are fine with her; her favorite color is green.

*** We are eligible for a $40,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

Cullen #12-4

Cullen-Bulgaria cullen-2016DOB: 2001
Down syndrome

Listed: June 9, 2014


Update June 2016: Cullen was moved out of the institution and into a group home 18 months ago and he is thriving in that environment. He is talking, playing appropriately with peers, performing all self-help skills, and attending a special education school where he fully participates in games and activities. Videos taken in June 2016 show him engaged in pretend play and talking about his birthday (and he asks when he will get to have another birthday party!). The director of the group home says that he has been very healthy since moving into the home and she believes that he will thrive in a family. Photos and videos are available.

Update January 2012:  Cullen is in 4th grade this year. He knows the names of all the children in his class and has a best friend.   He pronounces short words and simple sentences. He can repeat numbers and counts to 5 with help. He is very musical and loves to dance.

Additional photos and videos of Cullen are available.  Cullen is 15 years old. He’s been living in a mental institution since the age of 5. He is completely healthy with no physical delays or health problems.  Cullen is in 3rd grade at a local special education school. He enjoys going on walks and field trips. He plays with blocks, mechanical toys and kitchen sets. He engages in pretend play. He likes to look at books and will look at the pictures in the book and point to objects in them upon request. He can identify animals and foods and choose them from photos. He has well developed self-help skills. He’s toilet trained, feeds himself, dresses himself, folds his own clothes and washes his hands and face independently before bed each night.

*** Cullen received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! ***

Brianna #1-48

Briannabrianna-2016Age: 2
Diagnosis: dwarfism

Brianna can walk when held by the hands. She can crawl, sits down on her own, can pick up a toy and can pull up to a standing position by holding on to something stable. She can push, pull, and drag objects tied with a thread; she can place blocks one on top of the other and then knock them down. She actively manipulates with objects. She memorizes and repeats some specific actions with objects. She knows the logic sequence of actions – feed the doll and tuck her in bed. She is happy when she sees a familiar person and gets upset when that person is not present. She likes body contact and reaches out with her arms to be picked up.She uses two word phrases. She imitates clapping with hands, giving a kiss, waving goodbye, placing a doll for a nap. She carries out orders – “give me” and “bring me”. She can identify parts of her body and point them. She plays with the other children and can share their space.


LylaLyla 1Girl, born August 2007
Learning delays/low IQ


Lyla is a beautiful little girl who is 5 years old. She came into care just last August, and was found to be a normal, healthy little girl who was developmentally on target. She adapted to the orphanage life quickly. She was “tested” after being at the orphanage only 3 months, and they said she had  “clear pronunciation, fluent, restless, no abnormal action, flexible hands and feet, understand general objects and use of some objects, poor initiative action”…then they slapped her file with a low IQ number. Lyla can speak in full sentences, understands directions, cares for her needs, helps out with the children younger than she is, and is a delightful little girl. She attends kindergarten and lives with a foster family.

Lyla loves to play games, loves to go to school, and is a very happy little girl. I am not sure what they expect of her as far as “initiative” is concerned…but considering the changes in her life these past months, she seems to be doing very well! Lyla needs a family to love her, and enjoy every minute of having this sweet girl as their daughter.

UPDATED 2015: She’s an extraverted girl with lots of energy. She would greet everyone with a smile, and would try to engage them. She moves and talks constantly. She has a sweet disposition, never saw her angry or upset. She often tries to trick us for fun, saying things like “I have to go pee” but then 10 seconds later say “Oh I tricked you!” Molly is funny in her own way, often saying or doing random things that surprise people.

One night, toward the end of camp, the kids were wide awake and full of energy so we brought out some coloring books, markers, and nail polish. Molly immediately grabbed at the markers and started scribbling, by the end of the night Molly seemed to have more lines on her legs and arms rather than on the coloring book. Because of her short attention span, coloring time ended soon after it started and nail polish was her next amusement. After covering her fingers in blues, reds, and yellows Molly came after the translators and volunteers in the room. Succeeding in her escapade, there was more nail polish on everyone’s skin and on the floor than on people’s nails. It’s hard to say no to an adorable little girl when she asks to paint your nails, even when you know it’s going to end up in colorful body parts instead of nails.

Her chronological age is 8, but we estimate her developmental age to be around 3 or 4. She has difficulty in focusing on one activity, and seems averse to learning when we tried to engage her. She moves and talks constantly, and sleeps very little, such as 4-5 hours each night.

$100.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


2007, Nov. 2nd, Shaun ShaughanBoy, born November 2007
Congenital bilateral atresia of external acoustic meatus; congenital bilateral auricles deformity

Shaughan is a terrific little boy with a very manageable need! He is in care of a very well-run orphanage. Shaughan is diagnosed with bilateral atresia of external ears (moderate conductive hearing loss). Agency staff met him last year and said he is VERY sweet. A few adoptive families have met him too and have said that he is very sweet and precious! Shaughan’s file states that he is not affected by the atresia of the bilateral auricles. He likes being with and playing with other children. When called loudly, he will turn to you and smile to you happily. He likes helping his teacher- when the teacher praises him or affirms him, he gets very happy. Shaughan is also willing to help other children. He is extroverted, active, and restless. He is waiting for his family to find him. Are you the lucky family?

$10,420.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Nevil #73-2


Nevil_2015Boy, age: 2 and a half
Special needs: congenital adrenal insufficiency (for which he undergoes maintenance therapy); muscular dystrophy Duschen-Becker (for which he has physical therapy, remedial gymnastics, etc.); bilateral cryptorchidism and delayed neuropsychological development.
He demonstrates interest in toys and plays with them for quite some time; reaches out his hands to a person he finds pleasant; rejoices when playing peekaboo; laughs aloud when jested; produces continuous random sound combinations.

When held, he keeps his head upright. He has more support in his legs. He sits only with steady support but not independently. He turns from back to stomach and vice versa; he turns in different directions when put on his back; he stands in a walker. He insistently gets to a toy that has attracted his attention. He prefers to play with hanging toys and rings that he studies with interest. With little help he can knock two blocks one against the other. He takes and holds in his hand a toy given to him but mainly shakes it. He is fed by an adult and drinks liquids given by an adult. He cheers to play of “peek-a-boo” and hiding. He doesn’t imitate sounds but pronounces accidental and long combinations of sounds.

Photos and videos from January 2015 along with a complete medical report are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Anna #41-3


Diagnosis: epilepsy (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome) Dandy-Walker variation, craniostenosis, infantile cerebral palsy, severe mental delay, hypotrophy.
Once in a while we receive a case file of an immobile child living in a state orphanage in Eastern Europe. No, living is not the right word- it’s an existence, a survival. We refuse to believe that lying in her crib, still and unmoving, is all life has in store for her…

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Clara #29-12

ClaraAge: 2
Diagnosis: Microcephalus; Infantile cerebral palsy; Severe delay in development


She pronounces sounds. She sits with help and in a positioning therapeutic chair. She can keep her head up when put on her stomach. She eats with good appetite but has unsatisfactory weight gain. She is calm when asleep and awake. Clara has recently started keeping her head up for longer periods of time. She can turn only from back to stomach. She sits only with support. She pronounces accidental sounds. She follows with a look moving objects for a short time and doesn’t reach out to them. She holds a toy put in her hand but doesn’t bring it up to her eyes or manipulate with it.She reacts positively to physical touch and when someone talks to her. She smiles and vocalizes in response.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Collen #11-56

CollenBoy, age 2Collen 2

Syndrome of the multifocal infantile hemangioma; Congenital cardiac malformation – Septal defect, Heart failure; Pseudo-hydrocephalic configuration of the head; Facial dysmorphism; Micrognathia, gothic palate; Allergy to the proteins of the cow’s milk and Piperacilin; Hypotrophy 3rd degree.

Collen sits with support. He can turn around from his back to his stomach and vice versa. He smiles when talked or sang to. He makes sounds but does not repeat syllables. He plays with toys. He is feed with a bottle and has good appetite.

Photos and videos from March 2016 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


Hadley (3)Hadley (1)

Girl, born April 2011
cerebral dysplasia, growth development delayed (head size not reach the standard)


At the age of 11 months, she can sit alone steadily.  Her left hand movement is normal, and her right hand is not very flexible; when playing with toy, her grip and flexing action is slow; Although her motor development delayed, she would express her love for music rhythm by her body language; for example, she sits in front of me, when I sing while clapping hands, after a while, she begins to imitate me, and shakes her head follow my rhythm, so lovely. At the age of 12 months, she can respond to the facial expressions of adult, can express her emotions.  At the age of 13 months, she can crawl while lying on the stomach.  When she sees her favorite toys, she would crawl to get them. At the age of 14 months, she can understand instructions; her hands and legs are getting more flexible gradually; she can stand for a long time with hands holding onto handrails; when asked to stand up or sit down, she would stand up with hands holding onto handrails or squat down following instructions; when she stands in front of mirror, she would do some interesting actions; for example, she would clap the mirror with hands, kiss herself in the mirror and make faces or make sounds to the mirror.  She is active, has a ready smile and no matter who teases her, she will smile happily.

An update on Hadley from January 2016 says that Hadley is not a picky eater.  She can follow simple instructions, she can also speak in simple words.  Her favorite thing to do is play with her friends.  Hadley will start attending pre school after Chinese New Year, to help with her interact with her peers and to help her catch up with her peers. With love and support, she has almost caught up in physical development with other children her age.  Her language, cognitive, and fine motor skills are behind compared to her peers.

$184.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Mallory Photo 1 May 2016 - May 2016MalloryMallory was born in November 2014 and has Down Syndrome. Her congenital heart defect was surgically repaired in June 2015. She takes no medication and is doing well.


Mallory tracks with her eyes, recognizes her caretakers, and reacts when someone speaks to her. She can roll over in the playpen and is interested in toys. Mallory lets her needs be known by crying and fusses when things she wants are taken from her.

Update May 2016: Mallory’s doctor and caregivers are quite pleased with her development.  Mallory is very active, sits and stands independently, eats and plays well, and responds to her name.

The agency has video available.

$15,205.65 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Maisie April 2015Sweet Maisie was born in April of 2012 and has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Maisie is a sensitive child who likes looking at the world around her as well as listening to music and watching cartoons. She reaches for toys and tries to babble. Maisie can roll from stomach to back and vice versa. She cannot sit unassisted, but has some head control and tries to pull to a stand against stable support.

Maisie is responsive to her caregivers and appears to understand everything they say to her. She recognizes familiar adults and loves to be held.Maisie Photo 2 August 2014 - August 2014

Update April 2015: Specific reasons are unknown, but Maisie’s condition seems to be deteriorating. She needs the love of a family as well as appropriate medical care and therapies quickly.

Update December 2015: Our in-country representative once again sought new information about Maisie and learned that she was born prematurely, weighing 1220 grams and 39 cm tall. Her APGAR score was 3-5. Maisie’s current diagnoses are cerebral palsy, bilateral hemiparesis, non-progressive retinopathy, esotropia, high muscle tone, mild anemia (no helminthosis), and developmental delays.

At this time, Maisie’s mobility is limited and she does not use a wheelchair. She has head control, but cannot sit unassisted. Maisie reaches for and holds toys, recognizes and smiles at her caretakers, and understands what is said to her though she does not respond verbally. Maisie is spoon-fed and sleeps calmly.

$1,003.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Jenya #

Jenya 3

Jenya 2Girl, age 2

As a result of her premature birth, Jenya had heart surgery when she was two months old, but has had no complications or further heart issues. She was on a breathing machine right after she was born, and has suffered some lung damage (current diagnosis of Bronchopulmonary Dyspalsia) and developed asthma as a result.

Jenya is a little over two years old. She is a very curious child, who enjoys toys and exploring her surroundings. Jenya loves to move, and is able to walk when holding onto someone hands or using a walker. She’s a great sleeper and eats mainly mashed foods. Jenya is reported to be attached to her caregivers and to be a happy child. She is delayed in nearly every aspect of development, including walking, cognitive abilities, and speaking. Jenya’s caregivers believe some of this is due to her premature birth and the orphanage environment, and believe being placed with a family could help with the physical development.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


Yahto (2) Yahto (1)
Boy, born March 2006
congenital cataract, nystagmus

Listed: September 25, 2015

Yahto is an extroverted and active 9 year old boy. His vision is impaired in both eyes, but that doesn’t slow him down! Yahto loves to play with other children and enthusiastically participates in activities. He also enjoys playing with toy planes and listening to everything that is going on around him. He is able to bathe, dress himself, and complete other general tasks on his own. Yahto is a smart boy who has also learned to identify his caretakers by their footsteps! Yahto is lively, polite, confident, and otherwise healthy. Please help Yahto find his forever family!

UPDATE:  The orphanage staff reports that Yahto’s mental ability compared to his peers is normal. He is able to take care of his own toileting needs and is well behave and obedient. Yahto’s gross motor skills are age appropriate although he does not run because he cannot see. He also has good fine motor skills. He attends a special needs class at the orphanage and the staff feels like he could catch up. Yahto can follow directions and his language ability is good. He is close to people and good at expressing his needs. He gets along well with other kids and adults. Yahto is warm, extroverted, happy and optimistic. He desperately wants a family and his orphanage has asked for help in finding him a family because he is a great boy!


*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


Barry, Paul, Simon & Valerie

Sibling group of four – 9, 8 and 6 years old boys and 3 years old girl

Barry is 9 years old and he is very energetic, open, smiling and curious about the world. He had problems with concentration and hyperactive behavior at school. But since he is treated pharmacologically his behavior is much better at school and at home. His develop is higher than at average level of children in this same age. He is a good kid and his classmates and teachers like him. He is willing to help others. He likes to play with his brother, loves to draw and enjoys visiting his siblings. He lives at the same foster family with his brother Paul.

Paul is very open and easy going 8 years old boy. His intellectual development is much higher that other children in this same age. He reads with the understanding, his speeches are rich and correct. He likes reads and always talk about his books. He likes to play with his older brother who is an example for him. He likes to talk about school and friends. In difficult situation he might cry. He likes to take care of younger siblings, especially of his sister.

Simon is happy and energetic 6 years old boy. He lives with his sister in the foster family. He uses single words, his speech is short and sometime not clear. He likes to sing the children songs, he knows the body parts and recognizes the colors. His physical develop is good. He is very independent according to his age. He reacts angrily in a difficult situation sometimes. He is under psychiatric care because of inappropriate sexual acting out, aggression and also autoaggression (self-aggression). His acting out is lower since he takes the medicines. Simon has the certificate of disability because of his hyperactivity and problems with his vocabulary.

Valerie is happy 3 years old girl. She lives in the foster family with her brother Simon. Her physical development is good – she can ride on the tricycle, she throws, catches the ball and runs. She eats independently. She is very creative and she likes to be a leader in the group. Valerie has a speech defect and she works with the speech therapist. Probably she has FAS. She is very bonded with her brothers, especially Simon. At the beginning of her stay in the foster family she was sometime autoaggressive (harm to self) but now it doesn’t happen.

These siblings are very nice kids who need stability and loving family who will take care of all of them. There is a strong bond between them and they are willing to be adopted but under one condition – they will be adopted together.

$153.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



Vaughn #1-36


Age: 6
Diagnosis: blind

Vaughn currently lives in a group home. He talks in complete sentences, enjoys musical objects/toys, counts, and can fit rings and cups onto shapes using his sense of touch. He’s currently attending kindergarten and receiving speech and physical therapy. He can name people after hearing their voice (knows all the adults and children in the group home this way), sings and memorizes poems, can state his name and age when asked, and is learning to be independent with dressing, and eating. He moves around with moving and unmoving support but his actions when up are still hesitant and uncertain. He can crouch on his own and after command and tries to jump while holding on to support. He goes up and down stairs led by one hand and holding on to the rails with the other. He performs the movements and exercises in PT with great deal of pleasure. He likes going to walks outside with an adult. He can walk with specialized walker completely independently and the physical therapist controls the process but doesn’t intervene. He can walk led by the hand or around steady support. He recognizes by touching his immediate environment in which he lives. He is oriented in time and place through smell, hearing, and acoustics of the premises.

Photos and videos from January 2016 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


jerryjerry-2016Boy, born 2014

Down syndrome

Listed August 25, 2015

NEW PHOTO!!  What a cutie!!

$108.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


sierra 2015sierraGirl, born 2010




Liam (2)

Liam (1)Boy, 7 months old
Hydrocephalus, Cleft Palate

Listed: May 23, 2016

The agency is looking for a homestudy ready family who would be willing to move quickly. This little guy would qualify for an expedite due to the surgery needed now. His vision is believed to have been compromised.

$270.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


March 2016

March 2016

London Girl, born 2013

Down syndrome
atrial septal defect, atrioventricular septal defect, other malformation of the cardiac septa, other congenital malformations of aortic and mitral valves, other malformation of the tricuspid valve, other specified pulmonary heart disease
other specified hypothyroidism

Is that red hair?!

$1,090.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


mandy1Girl, Born 2010mandy3

syndactyly of hands and feet, steeple tower head, psychological and motor delay, Congenital heart defect (patent foramen ovale, secondary defect of interatrial septum)

 The director is praying for a family before she transfers to the institution in the fall!!

Updated March 2016:
She is doing really well and making good progress in her development. She is facing transition to the institution in the fall. She doesn’t deserve a life in the institution. It weighs heavily on the orphanage director’s mind to have her moved out to the institution instead of a family.

She was born with multiple skeletal anomalies, including fused/webbed hands.  As a cautionary disclosure, Mandy does appear to have Apert syndrome.

The girl is smiling, laughing. Doctors consider that surgery may help to separate her fingers on the hands.   They give a positive prognosis regarding her mental development.  More photos are available.

This region typically waives the 10 day waiting period for children with special needs.   

$4,927.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


JulianaGirl, born December 2011
Down syndrome

Juliana is a playful, happy little girl who was born in December of 2011. She was diagnosed with Down syndrome upon admission to her orphanage. During her infancy, she was slow to adapt to her new environment in the orphanage, crying often and eating very little. With nurturing and care, her appetite and sleep improved. When her caregivers tease and tickle her, she would smile, wave her hands, and kick her feet in joy! When she was nine months old, she could turn her head to locate the direction of music and other sounds. She was able to sit independently in a chair at one year of age. Her caregivers describe her as introverted and she enjoys quietly watching her caregivers and peers. Her language skills, growth, and cognitive development are behind in comparison to peers of her same age. When her caregiver talks to her, she smiles sweetly and makes “ah ah” sounds! An update from 2014 indicates that her receptive and expressive language skills are limited to which she cannot understand words spoken to her and does not respond to verbal requests. She gets along with other children, though she seldom interacts with them. She is able to roll over and sit up by herself, and grab objects for a short period of time. She is in good health and we have a video on file of her playing and smiling!

A $4000 grant may be available to families from the current agency.

$120.29 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


TeddyBoy, born Sept 2009
Visually Impaired

Teddy is a loving, sweet, smart and silly boy. He has a smile to make your heart melt and a general cheeky attitude to go along with it! Teddy is a typical boy. He is very active, he loves running, jumping on the trampoline and riding bikes and scooters. He also loves to play with his friends, and he likes new challenges and activities. Teddy is learning Braille and how to walk with a cane and he has all the potential to be an independent adult in society as he grows up. He is a wonderful child. Are you the family he is waiting for?




BennetBoy, born 2008
anal atresia

The most handsome, sweetest, smartest, kindest 7 year old little boy is waiting for a forever family to choose him to be their son and be able to bring him home quickly without interference and delays. A family that sees beyond the medical diagnosis of anal atresia and into the eyes of a child longing for love. A family would be so lucky to call him their son. Bennett is super smart. He is very small for his age, but works very hard at all he does and never let’s his diagnosis slow him down. He enjoys life and is a wonderful friend and loves to be around little kids. He is inquisitive and caring … a gentle soul. Bennett’s agency fees have been reduced. Many families have met this amazing young man.

$90.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, born July 2003
Diagnosis: hydrocephaly, mental delays

Listed: December 9, 2012
She likes to play, tries to walk alone, but needs assistance. She doesn’t speak, but understands much.

From someone who met her in 2012:
When I walked into the room packed with children, her smile and wave and joy stood out more than all the chaos and heartbreak and noise. She was a darling and I just know she would be amazing to have as a daughter.

Violet has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! 


lee-2003Boy, born 2003
Profound mental delays, Microcephaly, Multi system degeneration
Other paralytic syndromes, Flat foot, Strabismus, Cardiomyopathy

Listed: May 4, 2016

Sweet boy needs out of his crib!


Lee has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! 


Dex (1) Dex (3)Boy, born February 2011
Down syndrome

Dex is a fun, active and outgoing little boy! He has been in foster care since he was 2 months old. His favourite thing to do is to look at books. He also enjoys playing with toy animals, listening to music and dancing. He plays imaginatively, creating sound effects with cars and trains or caring for dolls and putting play food on plates. He is a caring little boy who gives great hugs, helps with his baby foster sister, and is attuned to the emotions and needs of others.

He is independent with eating and will get every last grain of rice with his spoon.

His communication is developing, his receptive language is excellent and he is progressing in his expressive language using sign language and is beginning to sound out simple words. He is able to follow simple instructions and responds appropriately to discipline, apologizing by signing sorry where appropriate.

He brings much joy and life to his foster home!

$5,800.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Lulu (2)

Lulu (1)Girl, born May 2011
Post-op congential retinal glioblastoma; Artificial eye

Beautiful Lulu was abandoned in January of 2013 and was preliminarily diagnosed with leukocoria in her right eye and an artificial left eye.

Her hands are nimble and she can use one hand to grab the other. She normally grabs things and plays with toys on her own. She can do a few fine motor movements and she uses her fingers to grab onto and pick things up. Her left and right hands can pass things back and forth between them. She can grab onto cookies as well as fruit and eat them. She can walk on her own and she likes to jump and play in her crib. Lulu has post-operative retinal glioblastoma, an artificial eye and both her eyes cannot see things.

Lulu can call out, “ma ma” and sometimes she will baby talk. She understands what the nannies say and she especially likes to play together with the nannies; and when they tease her, she will smile happily. The child remembers the sounds of people she’s acquainted with and when she hears someone she’s familiar with, she will want to be held. She rarely cries and when the child is crying her heart out, if you grab a toy and give it to her, grab something to give her to eat or hold her she will be ok.

Lulu is a lively little girl who loves to smile and is especially likeable. She is very gregarious and she likes to play together with other little children. However, sometimes she is a bit shy. She is especially interested in sounds and likes to listen to music

$90.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Ethan MAA CollageBoy, born April 2004
deformity of right hand; deaf

Listed:  June 1, 2015




Family traveling soon to bring him home!



Sarah RK photoGirl, born May 2014
Severe growth developmental delay, crossed eyes

Since entering her institute Sara’s development has improved although she is slightly delayed compared to other children her age. Her adoption file was completed when she was around 15 months old. According to her report she could walk with her hand being held, pick up small objects with her fingers, hand objects to a care taker when asked and was learning to speak. She was said to be a sweet-tempered and happy little girl with a ready smile who enjoyed playing with other kids. She liked to be cuddled by adults and playing with toys that make sounds. Sara needs a family to help her grow!


David smilingBoy, born March 2004

Listed: October 9, 2011

David has cerebral palsy and his eyes cross.  He would do so well in a loving family!


Update March 2014:  This kid is AWESOME!!!! He seriously has no business in a level III/IV institution. His CP is so mild- he walked around, did all kinds of stuff. He’s smart and funny, he and my translator talked for about 15 minutes and she said he is a “very normal child and good at conversation.” He was very “appropriate”- I don’t know another way to say it- he was quiet and looked at us like “who are these strangers?” and looked to the nannies for approval, and only then spoke to us. My English (and butchered attempts at Russian) made him start to grin but he quickly got it under control and didn’t outright laugh at me (which makes him more polite than the majority of folks lol!) and he was very respectful.

I LOVE this kid- he needs a family immediately- someone to get him in school and get some botox in that left leg and get those legs stretched so he can walk easier. He would be an awesome addition to a family!

David has received a $10,000 older child grant


Kelsea (1)Kelsea (2)Girl, born 2005

Listed: December 8, 2015

Precious Kelsea is diagnosed as having a developmental delay and thalassemia. It is unknown if Kelsea is being transfused and the exact type of thalassemia she has. Her hemoglobin looks low, but it appears as if she has a more mild form of thalassemia. Madison has requested and update for her and will try to find out if she is being transfused. Kelsea may need a family open to any variation of thalassemia. An excellent resource for thalassemia.

Kelsea likes to dance, sing, draw pictures, and help with the younger children. She uses her expressions and language to express her emotions. She enjoys watching tv and singing children’s songs. Kelsea likes reading doll books and often will ask her caregivers to read to her. She can finish puzzles and likes to paint pictures of dolls, flowers, and grass. Kelsea is from a province that is very convenient/easy for adoptive families when it comes to the travel component. She’s waiting for her forever family to see her- maybe today is her day! Please share and help us find this beautiful little girl a family of her own.

There is a $3,000 agency grant for Kelsea’s adoption with her current agency.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


Nikkita (1) Nikkita (2)Girl, born January 2006
post-op congenital cataract, ataxia of both eyes, cerebral palsy, developmental delay




FarrahGirl, born March 2006
Cleft palate, post-op cleft lip

Listed: June 26, 2015

Farrah was born with a significant cleft lip which was surgically repaired, as well as a smaller cleft palate. It has not been repaired yet, so her speech can be unclear. Farrah can still communicate quite well and she is eager to communicate with people. She is attending a primary school near the orphanage and gets along well with her classmates. She can write her name and she can read and write simple pinyin letters. She recognizes numbers and can add and subtract. Farrah is an active girl who enjoys listening to music. She can care for herself and can help clean up and wash clothes on her own. She is very curious about new things.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


LaylaGirl, born May 2003
Cerbral Palsy

Listed: June 24, 2015






Elize (2)Elize (1)Girl, born November 2002
nerve deafness

Listed: September 25, 2015

Elize is a beautiful little girl who will be 13 years old in November. She is deaf, but is very outgoing and likes to communicate with her friends by writing or using sign language. She is in the 6th grade and does well in school. She is developing normally and is currently healthy. Please help Elize find her forever family!

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


LilyGirl, born 2011
Down syndrome, congenital heart condition

Precious Lily-who could resist that precious face. Lily is 4 years old and the life of the party. Though she has Down Syndrome and a heart condition, nothing stops this girl from enjoying life.

$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



daniella1Girl, born 2003
Cerebral palsy

Listed: December 3, 2015

What a beauty!!

She is very smart, friendly and quiet.  Love this girl!

Daniella has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! 


adamBoy, born 2012

Down syndrome

He used to live with his older brother, because his parents died. But his brother is very young, he is in his early 20’s, and when this boy got sick he gave up his custody because it is hard to care of the sick child.

His paperwork is just being started so he should be available in a couple of months.


JimmyBoy, born July 2002

Jimmy is blind. Jimmy lived with his grandmother when he was little, but when she died he moved to his local orphanage. When he came to the specila foster home for the visually impaired, he was very sad. The first time he smiled was when he received training on how to use his cane. He was so excited to be able to walk by himself! No one had ever shown him that he could be independent. Jimmy has now run twice in the (mini) marathon and he often goes to the park to run 3-5km. Jimmy has progressed enough in his studies to be able to attend the School of the Blind. He has already been studying at this school for 2 years. He has piano lessons and he is very good, he loves being able to express himself through music. His caretakers are so proud of the way his personality and character have developed. Jimmy has worked hard at his piano lessons for the past few years and they have seen his confidence grow as he is impacted by the music he plays. He is very talented! When asked he said that he loves to draw for fun and his favorite food is noodles. For his favorite studies in school he likes anything that has to do with calculators and math. His favorite song is Edelweiss from the Sound of music. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he adamantly answered a pianist! this talented boy is waiting for a family who can help him further his studies on both academics and music. Are you that music loving family?

$38.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


HenrikBoy, born January 2007
Visual Impairment

Henrik has low vision and has lived in a foster home for orphans with visual impairments since 2011. Every child has an individual education plan and the goal is to allow them to be independent and live life to the full. When he first arrived at the foster home, he was very shy. Though he had good verbal skills, he didn’t like to talk very much. He is still a quiet boy, but when someone walks in the door he is one of the friendliest children and loves to come running up to take the newcomers hand! Henrik has low vision, but has very good mobility. He loves to run around and play like all little boys his age. He enjoys all the toys, but especially ones that are musical. His favorite musical instrument is the drums, and he loves to sing all the songs he knows to anyone who will listen. Henrik especially loves to play with big toys-including drums, balls and cars. He also loves playing with his friends. Since coming to the foster home, Henrik has grown immensely in his self-help skills. He can now get his own water, put on his clothes, and feed himself. He had not been to school before coming to his foster home, but he is catching up with everyone else. Henrik started school at the School for the Blind in August 2013. Henrik doesn’t walk with a cane because he is mostly able to see obstacles in the way, and he can read braille. Henrik has a beautiful smile that he shares with everyone he meets! Henrik ran in the (mini) marathon and he often goes to the park to run 3-5k. This little boy is so sweet – he loves it when he is shown affection. He would be a wonderful son!

$99.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Josh L13

boysillouettenophotoJosh, the oldest brother, has grey-bluish eyes and light brown hair.

He has features of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),  specific developmental disorder of motor function, notable social negligence, other developmental disorders of speech and language, lisping

The boy is very active and dapper. He likes manly works like digging up soil and helping out in construction works. He is good in sports, especially in swimming and running. The boy is not able to focus attention for a longer period of time, he has difficulties in math and in reading. Taking into account the hyperactivity of the boy, he should do sports or other activities which requires physical efforts. Since the boy resides in an out-of-family care institution, he has became calmer, signs of hyperactivity have decreased, attends track and field hobby group and he participates in activities which takes place in the out-of-family care institution. The boy is longing for a family, he wants to have a mom and a dad. The boy takes care of his younger brothers, defends them if some conflict situation with other children arises. He has family relationship with his brothers.

Josh has a family in process to adopt him!



Raine (7)Girl, born January 2014
Vision Impairment

Adorable Alisha was just six months old when she arrived at her specific care home, and we often fight over who gets to cuddle our baby girl. She is a very happy baby. She is always smiling and loves to be held. She is very strong and often rolls from her back to her tummy and then lifts her arms and legs, which makes it look like she is flying! Alisha is in our baby home, where she gets lots of love and attention from the nannies. She was born with cataracts but had surgery to remove them shortly after she came to her current placement. She can see a little and focuses in on bright toys and faces. We love this beautiful little girl! A volunteer also recently said: She can crawl or walk with a push toy or holding someone’s hand. She has glasses prescribed but is still getting used to them.

$9.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



RianneGirl, born May 2011
Right eyeball atrophy; Small left eyeball








MatildaGirl, born April 2006





Braydin Braydin2Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome

Almost 2 year old Braydin is one of the most handsome little guys around. He is said to have a ready smile and he is doing really well developmentally. He is inquisitive and likes to explore. He is simply adorable and doing so well!

$90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


billyBoy, born 2012

Protein-energy malnutrition of moderate and mild degree
Generalized idiopathic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes
Mild mental delays
Other congenital valgus deformities of feet
Convergent concomitant strabismus


Matthew #01-10

Matthew #01-10 (2) Matthew #01-10 (1)Age: 6
Diagnosis-very mild CP in his legs

Matthew walks and runs, though he does have an awkward gait due to the mild CP. He throws and catches a ball. His speech is excellent. He is able to ask and answer questions, share details about his life, count to 5 and hold a conversation with people. He gets along well with other children and adults. He does not have any behavioral concerns. He has a good memory. He participates in games and other activities and follow the rules set to complete the task. He is described as “sociable and affectionate”.

Photos and videos from July 2015 are available through the agency. In the videos, Matthew walks, runs, answers questions about his life and engages in conversation with an adult on the video.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


Patience 8 Patience 2Girl, born Oct 2002
Cerebral palsy

Patience moved from the orphanage to a foster home in 2011. At that time, she also began receiving some schooling. She is happy, outgoing and polite. She likes to sing, recites children’s song, likes to express herself, is easy going, likes to take part in activities. She can help the caretaker do housework. She can read words at level of grade 2 or grade 3 kids. She has right view and correct cognition of things. She has good fine motor skills and is good at cross-stitch. She has an optimistic personality, and she is a kind-hearted girl. She always smiles at you.

She recovered very well from her surgery and likes outdoor play. She can walk by herself but one leg is still stiff. She has a hard time walking. She is wearing a leg corrective device and uses a cane. She falls sometimes. Better to use wheel chair to assist.

$1,917.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


LanikaiGirl, born October 2008
Cerebral palsy

Lanikai is a lovely little girl who is 6 years old! She arrived at the orphanage when she was almost 3 years old, and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and mild strabismus (crossed eyes). Lanikai is a sweet little girl, who so desperately wants to walk without help. She practices every day, and will sometimes cry in frustration when her efforts are not enough. Lanikai can walk with a walker, but is unable to stand or walk unassisted. She can use the walker to go where she needs, and is able to handle her toileting needs alone. Lanikai would certainly benefit from physical therapy. Her speech skills are good, and her fine motor skills are also good. Lanikai often asks the nannies when her new Mommy is coming for her. They always give her the same answer…”Your Mom is waiting for you afar. You just need to recover well, and your parents will come and take you home soon”. Lanikai always gives a content smile at this answer, and the happiness and hope are apparent in her eyes. It’s time for Lanikai to come home!

$10,359.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Fallyn #1-19

Fallyn2 2015 Fallyn 2015Fallyn 2Girl, two years old
Turner syndrome, neuro-sensory disorder in hearing, Persisting anemia, suspected for minor thalassemia

The agency has many photos and video, from October 2015

Fallyn was raised by her birth mother for the first year of her life. Her birth mother is deaf and mute, and Fallyn was developmentally delayed upon entering the orphanage.

She has undergone multiple hospital and specialist visits since entering the orphanage in order to receive a proper diagnosis. An MRI was done to check for CP or other conditions and results came back normal. She was severely anemic and had other deficits in her blood work upon entering the orphanage. She was given iron and Vitamin D supplements until her blood work came back in the normal range. She was diagnosed with a neuro-sensory hearing loss in late 2014, but no intervention or follow-up has been done as of her most recent report. .

Fallyn can walk independently. She looks around in her environment, smiles when teased, follows what happens around her and observes children and adults. She understands the voice tone of the adults. She cheers up when paid attention, vivifies and shouts out. She cheers up when contacted by a child, touches them and smiles wide. She reacts with cry to pain. She can be upset for a short time.

She pronounces syllables (ba-ba, da-da, ta-ta), sounds and crowing sounds. She turns when called by her name. She shouts loud to attract attention and doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. She has preference and linking to specific adults. She demonstrates cheerful emotion when seeing specific adults and is upset when they leave. She takes away toys form the hands of the other children. She interacts with the adults, seeks contact and attention but prefers to play alone and no one to invade her personal space. She reaches out, picks up a toy with both hands, transfers it from one hand to another, lifts it to her mouth and plays for a short time. She would shake it to produce sounds. She studies the toys for a long time from all sides. She prefers to play with her hands and touch them and her face. She claps with her hands. She has a favorite toy (a stuffed fox), holds it, “talks” to it and brings it up to her face. She eats with a spoon and drinks from an open cup.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


Gabriella (1)

SMALLGirl, born February 2014
osteo-genesis imperfecta (OI)

Gabriella might have fragile bones but she has a mighty heart! She is currently living in a foster care center that focuses on caring for children with bone conditions. She is not currently getting pamidronate or any IV treatment for her condition as it is a difficult procedure in her home country. She has started to sit up on her own. It was scary for her but she kept on trying and is now a sitting expert and loves to be able to sit on her own. She is learning to feed herself and is also an expert at making a big mess when she does! But she is very happy to be learning more independence. She is described as being curious and social. Gabriella hasn’t had a bone fracture since the beginning of 2015. Gabriella will likely benefit immensely from having an IV treatment of bisphosphonates, such as pamidronate, every 3-6 months.

$720.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


judah-263x300Boy, born 2015

Cornelia de Lange syndrome
congenital heart defect


sweet baby boy!

$45.45 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Guardian AngelDaisy-2014Girl, born March 2005

Epilepsy; Other paralytic syndromes (cerebral palsy); Microcephaly; Coloboma of optic disc; Severe mental delays; intracranial injury

Daisy is a sweet flower who needs a family to really blossom!  Otherwise, she’s destined to a life in an institution.

From a missionary who visited in August 2014:  What a sweet sweet girl. She is vision impaired but she can see her bottle coming from the other side of the room! She gets very excited! She is fed a puree diet from a spoon, she has a very good appetite. She is hard to photograph as she moves her head a lot but she is so beautiful! Such amazing brown eyes.Her smile lights up the room! She stands with assistance and can even take a few steps. She can vocalize lots of noises. She would be such an amazing daughter to a lucky family.

$101.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Joseph #11-48

Joseph2015 (6) Joseph2015 (2)Boy, age: 2




madelineGirl, born 2011

FAS – Congenital malformation syndromes due to known exogenous causes,
kidney hypoplasia (kidney function is retained)

Pretty in pink!




EmeryBoy, born September 2009
osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism)

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E five year old Emerson is diagnosed with osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism). At 5 years old, after a period of acupuncture and moxibustion, Emery could change positions from lying on his stomach to sitting. He could stand with support and could walk with one hand being held. He could walk forward by pushing a small cart. He is still receiving acupuncture and moxibustion therapy. He knows his gender, understands big and small, in and out, and he can take off simple unlined clothes. He can wash his hands without help and he can help people do things he is capable of doing. Emery is docile and adorable. He gets along well with other, likes to be held, teased and accompanied. He will smile when he is happy and he likes to listen to music. Emery will dance along with the music. Emerson is a beautiful little boy! Who will be blessed to be his lucky family?

MANY videos available from the agency.

$87.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


lazarus2lazarusBoy, born 2000
Down syndrome

He needs out NOW!! Please let’s find him a family!!

A Family must file the I600a before July 2016!

From a family that met him 3/14:
I love him. Quite simply, I really truly love him, and I hope someone goes and gets him immediately! If you could meet him, you would never want to let him go!!! He was in the bed next to another child I was talking to, and he fluttered his hand to me, and then grinned the cutest, most precious little smile I’ve ever seen! I turned and spoke to him and he turned on the full charm- he is very good at eye contact and a total flirt! His facial expressions are hilarious- and although I didn’t hear him speak, he is VERY good at communicating his needs/wants! He has so much personality. He pushed his covers off, and I noticed his tights had slid down almost to his knees, but before I could fix them, he gave me a sheepish grin and tried to reach for them, to cover himself up. I pulled them up for him, and he grinned a huge thank you, but then started wiggling his foot and pointing to it and frowning and sighing. The nanny came to adjust it, and they shared that he likes his tights fixed “just so” lol. The staff is quite worried about him, his belly is very distended and although he eats very much and well, he is not growing. (They pulled his shirt up to show me their concerns and he politely pulled it back down lol). His legs are very thin, but this is a great orphanage and they definitely feed the kids very well, so I would guess he has some type of digestive issues, maybe Celiac that keeps him from absorbing the nutrients very well and could cause that type of bloating in the abdomen. He can pull to sitting and stand and tried to take steps even, and is quite eager to do so- but his stomach weighs him down and his legs are just very thin to bear his weight very long. This sweet, wonderful, charming little guy needs a family FAST to get his medical needs straightened out so he can enjoy his life. He has the most adorable little face and his smile will steal your heart. He has so much eagerness for life, and his receptive language seemed to be good, but I hate seeing him without the medical care that is so easily available in the USA. Definitely one of my favorite kids ever- he totally stole my heart!

$5,117.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



Graciella-001Girl, born March 2008
Down syndrome

Here’s Graciella, an adorable little girl who is in kindergarten and loves to color! Graciella demonstrates great independence, understands what is spoken to her, feeds and dresses herself. Graciella can count to 10 and loves to talk to others around her. Graciella-002Graciella is in need of a loving family who will continue to bring color and adventure into her life!

$1,090.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Polly #11-52

PollyGirl, age: 1

Diagnosis: Multiple malformative syndrome – congenital anomalies with predominant affection of the facial area and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; Internal hydrocephalus without necessity for neurosurgical intervention; Delay in the neuro-psychical development.

Polly has undergone genetic testing with all the results coming back normal. Her emotional tone is very good. She loves interacting with other children and her caregivers. She has a special bond with one specific caregiver. She is a very social baby. She is making sounds and attempting to communicate. She smiles when spoken to and laughs out loud when played with.

Additional photos and videos will be available soon.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Belinda #11-55

bELINDA2 BelindaAge: 12
Diagnosis: Familial laden – the mother is with oligophrenia and the child was born from close kinship relationship; Prematurity 2nd degree; Congenital relapsing ichthyosiform erythroderma; Microcephalus and malformative stigmas; Hypotrophy; Delay in the physical and neuro-psychical development; Severe mental delay

Belinda spent the first 9 years of her life in an orphanage where she was extremely neglected and malnourished. She is now in much better living conditions and has made developmental progress as a result. She learned to walk at age 12! She walks around the medical ward that is well familiar to her. She sits down and stands up from the chair and can move it according to her choice. She manipulates well with both hands and has well developed fine motor skills. She seeks independently her favorite toys and aligns blocks well. She has formed an emotional bond with an adult. She has a favorite place in her crib as well as in the play room. She perceives and expresses positive and negative emotions. She reacts to speech and differentiates between familiar adults and strangers. She demonstrates attention to objects and toys that are interesting for her, as well as to the specialized classes. She has moderately developed memory for favorite toys and persons. She has developed time and spatial characteristics with respect of the different places she goes to, as well as with respect of the start and end of activity, the regimen for eating, and presence and absence of adults. She is with good emotional tone. When talked to or teased, she smiles and recognizes the members of the team. When someone talks to her or explains and shows something, she shows interest in repeating words and actions, however she can’t speak yet. She is not aggressive. She makes attempts to pronounce her first syllables. She pronounces sounds and laughs loud. She understands almost everything that she is told. She can carry out elementary orders according to verbal instructions. She doesn’t express herself with words but with specific vowels. She is interested in specific objects and toys; she seeks them and plays with them. She likes to be nicely dressed and to be paid attention. She interacts well with the personnel and with the other children. She goes on walks daily and interacts positively with the other children.

Photos and videos from November 2015 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


RyanBoy, born February 2012
S.E. Asia
Down syndrome

This 3-year-old is said to be active and happy when playing with other kids in his care center. He appears to be in good health and have good motor skills. He was left in a hospital at birth, and a few days later came to his current care center. He has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and to have small stature. His fears include dogs, the dark, and heights. He reportedly will not eat with the TV on but eats well when music is played. Exploring his surroundings is one of his favorite activities. He obeys simple commands but often says “no” when he refuses or disagrees with something. An adoptive family should have access to excellent medical and developmental resources for this child to thrive.

$14,965.12 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Kaitlyn (2)

Girl, born March 2013
Down syndrome

Kaitlyn is an adorable little one who will turn 3 years old in March! She was born with Down syndrome, so she has the expected developmental delays. Kaitlyn has no known heart issues, or other health concerns. Her motor skills are progressing, and she is an active little girl. Kaitlyn is very loving and social, and really enjoys playing with new toys! She also enjoys playing with Katrina, who was born on the same day as Kaitlyn, and also has Down syndrome! Kaitlyn and Katrina can be adopted together, if your family can handle all the cuteness, hugs, and kisses! Video is available from the agency!

The agency hopes to place Kaitlyn and Katrina with the same family. They were born on the same day, both have Down syndrome, and there is a possibility they may be twins. If so, we do not want to separate these two sweet girls! What fun times are ahead for the family who brings these two little ones home to be their daughters!

$1,498.45 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!