JimiBoy, born August 2012
Cleft lip/palate, developmental delays

Jimi is a stubborn, fussy and energetic little boy. He has jet-black hair, an apple-like little face and two bright eyes. When he needs something, his bright big eyes will gaze at the nannies. He is not very agile at rolling over, but he can lift up his head for a while when lying on his back. Sometimes he will suddenly have a temper or cry loudly. Jimi likes to play by himself while lying on his bed. He is afraid to see strangers, and he is a little guy who likes to act like a pampered child in the arms of the nannies. In November of 2013, he had “left cleft lip repair surgery + nasal plastic surgery.”

This child does not have obvious signs of cerebral palsy, but his limb and intelligence development are delayed. He is small in size and cannot sit or make sounds. The nanny says he is somewhat closed off and doesn’t like to be around lots of people. He likes to play by himself. He will smile if a familiar person calls his name.


Fremont (1)

Fremont (2)Boy, born March 2009
Club feet, hydrocephalus, spina bifida

Fremont is now over 5 years old. He is extremely cute, and his big eyes are bright and sparkling, as if they could speak. Under his delicate nose, his sweet mouth has grown into quite the talker. Everyone really likes him. However, Fremont tends to speak a little childishly when he talks. All of his little friends around him like to imitate the way he talks. Whenever this happens, Fremont will happily laugh out loud. Currently, all of Fremont’s developments are very good. He can do everything that other children can do. However, his medical condition has only affected his legs, which are slightly weak. When walking by himself, his pace is a little slow. Fremont’s personality is optimistic, and his ability to adapt to new environments is very strong.

Fremont is a very strongly independent child. Ordinarily, he is very well-behaved. Also, the nannies do not need to worry about taking care of him, like brushing his teeth, washing his face, washing his hands, eating, taking off his shoes, going to bed, and other similar matters. He is able to do it all on his own, and he does not need other people’s help. When he is playing with other children and they finish playing, Fremont will take the initiative to return all of the toys to the toy box. The nannies all praise Fremont as a sensible and good child.

Tony (2)Boy, born June 2007
Congenital heart defect, and post op cleft lip and palate

7 year old Tony is diagnosed with CHD and post-op congenital cleft lip and palate. It is clear that his orphanage adoption director cares about the kids and wants them to find a family! She has said that Tony is a very well behaved child and she speaks very highly about him when talking to others about him.

From an August 2012 update in his file: Tony has already had surgery for his cleft lip and palate and has recovered well. He has a strong self management skills. He can put on his clothes and shoes, can fold up his quilt, and feed himself. He likes to play with toy cars and toy trains. He is studying in the preschool class of the institute. Tony can write and recognize numbers 1-10. He went into a foster family in July 2011 and got more delicate care from his parents. He is active, bright, polite and he likes to communicate with others. Although he doesn’t pronounce accurately, he has no problem with communicating. He has a good appetite and is not picky about food. He likes to play outdoors with his parents most. He likes to ride a bike and play ball on the playground with other children. He likes to please. We hope he could be adopted as soon as possible and have a happy and warm family.

Lane (2)

Lane (1)Boy, born October 2006
Bilateral hearing impairment, language development impairment

Lane is a shy, delicate and handsome little boy. His demeanor is really peaceful, and when he sees a stranger, he stands very still and does not talk. If you slowly come into close contact with him, then he will be very willing to communicate with you. Lane is skilled, his paintings are extremely good. Lane takes studying very seriously; after classes when he returns, he does his homework first. Afterwards, he will find a companion and play. He is also very sensible; he will help his home’s (foster care) grandmother with a few household chores. For example: sweeping the floor and wiping down tables. His daily habits are also very routine. He goes to bed at a fixed time, wakes up on time, and does not feel too lazy to get out of bed or sleep in. He likes to be clean and he will always bathe at a fixed time. The clothes that he wears are always neat and tidy. He is also never picky about the food he eats; rice, noodles, he loves to eat everything. He has a very small amount of food. He also gets along very well with children. Lane is also able to take care of himself: washing his face, brushing his teeth, putting on and taking off clothes. His imitation abilities are quite strong; if he sees words in a book, he will take a pen and will conscientiously study it and write it. His writing is outstandingly similar. Although he is deaf and cannot speak, he is intelligent, and he is a good child who takes learning seriously.


SONY DSCSONY DSCBoy, born July 2001
Post op bilateral cleft lip and palate

Ages out July 2015

Ben Gabriel is a very outgoing, active, gentle, loving and sweet boy. His handwriting is super good, but sometimes he does need to be reminded to do his homework. Ben Gabriel likes to play with other children. He can help to clean the room. In fact, he always cleans the classroom and living room very well. He likes to help to do things. Ben Gabriel can change his clothes, take shower and wash clothes by self. He eats slower than other kids. He never fights with any child. His foster family and all the neighbors adore him. If his foster grandma comes home late, he always calls to check on her. When he goes out with the grandma, he always watch her very well. Ben Gabriel really wants to have a family who he can stay with forever.

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Leona collage

Girl, born January 2003
Sensitive special need

Look at lovely 11.5 year old, Leona! It seems unbelievable to think that she came into care as an infant and is still waiting for a family. Leona is diagnosed as having tested positive and treated for a sensitive special need as an infant. Her file is about 2.5 years old, so the agency she is listed with is trying to get an update from her orphanage. Leona is optimistic and active. She likes to smile at people, enjoys group activities, and likes playing badminton and jump rope with her friends. From someone who knew her: She is a girly girl who loves to dance and have her hair done with pretties. She was in the third grade in China and does pretty well in school. She likes to play games with her friends and watch cartoons on TV.

From her file: At the age of 7 years old, Leona went to preschool. When she was 8, she went to grade one in the primary school. She got along well with her classmates and teachers. At the age of 9 years old, she was an active girl, focused on her courses in school. She was getting average grades in school and she liked playing with her classmates. She enjoyed eating snacks such as biscuits, peanuts, and melon seeds. She likes eating porridge and bread for breakfast. She has a ready smile. She can speak quickly and fluently and knows her letters and numbers.

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JoshAge: 4
Diagnosis: strabismus and delays in development


Josh has developed fine and gross motor skills. He walks, plays with toys, has a developed pincer and tweezer grasp, tracks objects with his eyes and manipulates objects appropriately. He wears glasses to help correct his vision issues. He shows interest in new things. He examines toys and works to understand their function. He understands object permanence and plays hide and seek. He builds towers with blocks and looks at books.He understands and follows simple instructions and complies with what he is forbidden to do. He responds to being called by name. He is in his initial stage of imitating others’ speech. Speech production – random sound combinations, no purposeful words yet. He always carries around a toy with him (most often a toy rattle) and he puts it in his mouth. He would leave it for a while when he is playing with another object. He defends his position before other children. He deliberately initiates interactions with adults so as to play or go for a walk together. He does not often join group activities or games but he usually takes the position of a passive spectator. He has low threshold of tolerance as regards other children. He isolates himself at times. He eats with a good appetite. He often finds his portion of food not to be enough and gets annoyed. He has not yet started announcing and controlling his physiological needs so he wears diapers. In the last several months the child has started compensating the delay in his neuropsychological development. He is being monitored.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

41022135652 Daniel (1)Boy, born 2000
Slight mental delay, TB contact in the family


Daniel wants to be adopted.  He’s polite, has a great sense of humor, and lives to play soccer!


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Jayda (1) Jayda (2)Girl, born September 2011
Down syndrome


Additional information coming soon.


This little girl is absolutely beautiful!


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Evan and Raymond_Sept2014Age: 6 and 8
Diagnosis: Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome

The boys live together in the orphanage. They both walk, run, play with toys, participate in group activities and attend mainstream classes at school. In the videos they answers questions. Raymond uses mainly “yes” and “no” but he clearly understands what he’s asked and answers the questions appropriately. Evan is much more verbal. In the videos, Evan counts to 10 and Raymond counts to 5 . They are saying the name of their teachers at school (they’re mainstreamed) and who are their friends there. They are also seen writing and drawing. Raymond writes several letters on the paper.

Additional photos and videos from September 2014 are available.

Because we only have this file for a short time, they will not be able to receive donations until a family is found.

Easy travel, larger families, older parents and single moms welcome.

KeaganBoy, born Feb 2013
Cleft lip and palate

Keagan is a sweet, young boy with a cleft condition. He may require multiple surgeries. He is able to track objects and move both eyes freely. Keagan’s growth rate and developmental are good. He loves music and will move around to the music. He babbles to his caretakers and smiles at them. He also likes to wave his arms. This precious child is waiting for a family who can help him access the medical care he needs so that he can continue to progress and have a happy life.

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MelissaGirl, born July 2013
Down syndrome

Melissa is able to crawl. She plays normally for a child of her age, both alone and with an adult. She makes attempts to get those around her to play with her. She knows her name and seems attached to her foster mother. She is able to understand simple instructions.


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Ricky (2)Boy, under 2 years old


Ricky needs a special diet due to PKU. Additional pictures and video available from the agency.



Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

oscarOscar Oscar faceBoy, born January 2012
Congenital limb deformities – most likely he has Arthrogryposis

Oscar has congenital limb deformities which has limited his mobility.

He is a very smart and happy boy. His eyes are very lively, he loves to smile and laugh, and when he smiles and laughs his eyes looks like little curled moons.

When you try to talk with him he will respond by making different sounds through his mouth, and always with a cute smile. When you tease him he will laugh. He will respond when his name is being called. He also knows different facial expressions, and he likes it a lot when you pick him up and talk with him.

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Age: 3
Diagnosis: congenital adrenal hyperplasia – salt-wasting form,developmental delays

Rodney shows interest in toys and plays with them. His attention is easy to attract. He listens to songs with great interest. He demonstrates curiosity and observes the events around him. He performs simple actions when directed with verbal instructions or gestures. He produces continuous sound combinations spontaneously, both when he is communicating with adults and when he is on his own. He is beginning to mimic sounds made by adults as well. He eats from a spoon. He has formed an emotional relationship with an adult staff member. He tries to attract the attention of friendly adult staff members and he initiates interactions for the purposes of playing. He has fully adapted to the daily regime that is observed for children at his age. He accepts other children’s presence and closeness. He moves around by crawling and he also walks around a fixed support or while held by the hands.

Additional photos and videos are available.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Louis (1)Boy, born September 2011
Limb difference


Louis is a handsome little boy. He loves to play outside and is described as clever. He has upper limb deformity that makes some tasks difficult but he always tries to help his caretaker in any way that he can. He can raise his left arm up to the horizontal position but his right arm has more limited mobility and drooping. Both wrists have restricted movement and stiffness. His favorite food is dumplings and he can understand and produce simple words. Louis can walk alone and has good balance. Could Louis be your son?

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OAge: 1
Diagnosis: Congenital abnormality of corpus callosum

She plays for a longer period with toys, which she takes alone and explores their functions. She tries to imitate observed in the adult actions with objects. She tries to browse books, takes objects out of the box. She says a few words and short sentences such as “give me water”. She responds to her name and follows some simple instructions. She is now walking too.

Photos and videos from September 2014 are available.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

ScottieBoy, born January 2011
Down syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Corrected Patent Ductus Arteriosus


Scottie is a sweet little boy who has been living at his children’s home since he was three months old and adapted easily to his group life there. He has stable routines and is receiving weekly physical, occupational, and language treatments. He has good hand-eye coordination and can thread large beads. Scottie can mimic conversations and can follow commands. He is active and has bonded well to his main caregivers and he is described as being curious and having a stable emotion. Scottie likes to “sweet talk the caretakers”, and responds very well to positive reinforcement. This cutie is looking for his forever family who will be dedicated to him and his long-term growth and development. He deserves to be cherished by a loving forever family!


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MoisesBoy, 4 years old

severe physical delay and polymalformative syndrome.

Polymaformative syndrome affecting all systems: Congenital cardiac malformation – interatrial defect – secondary Type, big left-right shunt. Conservative therapy. Anomaly of the foot – bilateral club foot – with orthesis. Cleft soft palate. Bilateral partial atrophy of ocular nerves. Pseudobulbar palsy. Hypospadias. Protein–energy malnutrition 3-4 degree.
The child has motor deficit, he can not move independently in the space and upright by adult. He turns himself from back to stomach and vice-verse.

He catches given toy and implement longer manipulative actions with it. He transfers it from hand to hand. He pronounces different sounds and sometimes syllables. He is happy and smile in games. He is nurturing with tube.He is crying and restless in bathing and dressing up.

Additional info coming soon.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

FinneasBoy, born July 2011
Cystic Fibrosis

Finneas has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. He is receiving medication and is otherwise doing well physically. Recently, improvements have been noted in his speech and motor skills. He interacts with his peers and is learning to walk with adult assistance. He plays appropriately with toys and has a good emotional tone.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Spencer (2) Spencer (1)Boy, 5 years old
Mild mental delays, family history of mental illness, malnutrition, physical delays, strabismus


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Joaquin (2)Joaquin (1)Boy, born 2011


Update from 2013:
Joaquin is walking with support.  He can reach out, grabs and holds a toy, putting it in one hand and then the other.  He plays continuously. He gets alive at attention, becomes angry at separation, when upset, he cries continuously and is hard to be calmed down. He is active and calm. He can pronounce syllables- ba-ba. The child’s psychomotor development is delayed under all indicators. He has a good emotional status.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

OSiblings; Piper (2004) and Tate (2005).

Tate is an active, lively and smiley child; he is suffering from asthma with predominantly allergic component; Bronchial asthma – atopical, moderately severe asthma, with moderately frequent fits. He is using inhaler for his asthma. He has been diagnosed with mild mental delay. He is self-oriented and is specially oriented. He is roughly oriented for time. His concentration is mildly decreased, the properties of attention are improving when he is doing an activity that he is interested in. His impressive speech is underdeveloped – his vocabulary is poor. His communication is mainly nonverbal, accompanied by mimics and gestures. He has good emotional background, positive emotions are predominant. He shows fear of situations accompanying child’s development. He understands instructions. He attends school activities and study hall. In classes he is quiet and calm. He is studying by an individual educational program and finished 2nd grade, and willingly works with the resource teacher.

Piper is motorically active. She is coordinated; she knows the position in her body in space, as well as all physical activities. She is familiar with her bodily expression; her fine motor skills are in the process of development. She has been diagnosed with mild mental delay. She seeks support, she need reminding when solving simple problems. Her notions are limited; she is self-oriented and is specially oriented. She has monomorphic dyslalia, she understands the meaning of words. She is lively and active. She is trying to be noticed and is positively influenced by praising. She frequently plays with her brother. When invited she participates in group activities. She is studying by an individual educational program and finished 3rd grade. When the setting is friendly and supporting she shows curiosity and interest for learning about objects, asks questions and if the approach is right she can establish closeness. She still has some problems with bedwetting but it now happens very rarely and sometimes in cases when she changes the environment.

Piper and Tate have been in orphanages all their lives. Tate brother has been in this orphanage (for children from 7 to 18 years of age) for over a year, and sister for about two years and that according to him there is a visible progress in the development of both kids, they both have been developing since they were placed in this orphanage.

These children are socially and educational neglected and given they are approached in the right way by specialists, they will compensate their educational and developmental deficits. Tate is more calm and introverted, and sister is more touchy and emotional.

These children are very attached to each other, they know they are brother and sister and they want to be adopted together because they have never lived separately. They are looking for each other – they have normal and “sweet” relationship between siblings and are happy together. When Piper was asked whether she wants to have a mommy, she said “I do not have a mommy but I want to have mommy very much and her to be a mommy for me and my brother”. These two children just need a chance and love, encouragement, support and personal attention. They really need to find their own family forever, who will show them the real meaning of the word “family”. A family who will help them catch up with the missed hugs, emotions, kisses – who will show them that there is someone, who really will love them forever and in this way they will have more and more motivation for mastering of knowledge and skills.

Because we only have these children’s file for a short time, they will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for them.

ellis130729223506Boy, born 2013
Spina bifida

Please look past all the pink, this adorable baby is a BOY! The picture is a year old; hoping to get an updated one soon.

Updated pics and info Jan 2015:
He is a very nice boy. He is trying to stand on his feet and moves around in walkers. He is very smart. He desperately needs a family to help him blossom. He has very good potential.
$198.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption.

Henry 3 Henry 1Boy, born June 2008
Post-op Congenital Heart Defect -TOF


Henry is diagnosed with post-op CHD-TOF. He is quite shy. His foster brother, Cailin, is the leader of these two. Henry has received heart surgery and has recovered very well. He was taking a nap in the kindergarten and was unhappy to be woken up to have his picture taken when Madison staff met him. He and Cailin are good brothers and are always together. Henry is a smart boy!


$9.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Blake Photo 23 May 2014 - May 2014Blake was born in May 2011 and has been diagnosed with spina bifida at the thoracic level. In July of 2011 he had surgery to place a peritoneal shunt. He has also had surgery to repair a hernia. Blake has cryptorchidism (both sides) and convergent strabismus. Blake’s orthopedic doctor is optimistic that he will be able to walk with leg braces in the future.Blake sits unassisted and has full mobility in his arms and hands. He is described as a smart and very happy boy who likes to play with toys, has a good imagination, and interacts well. The clarity of his speech has improved and he uses a rich vocabulary. He forms sentences, answers questions, and sings songs. Blake can identify and label three colors and many objects. He receives therapy three times a week at a specialized center for children.

From a family who met Blake in May 2014: Blake is a little quiet and shy when he first meets someone, but give him goldfish crackers and toys and you’ve just made a friend. Once he’s comfortable, you can really see his personality. He is like the leader of the orphanage. He likes to know what going on and who’s doing what. Before he goes to bed, he makes sure all the other children are in their beds and then he says, “Okay, Blake, sleep now.” Blake is so smart and such an old soul. He is very articulate, can repeat words in English, and can name all the people and children at the orphanage. He can count to 10 and sing songs. He can sit up alone and scoot on his bottom. He has use of his right leg. When we put him in a walking position, he would pretend to walk using his right leg, even moving the leg forward. He told everyone, “Look I’m walking.” Blake can drink from a straw and eat without problems. He feeds himself. He does seem to have a weak cough reflex. Blake told the caregivers that he didn’t have a mama and papa which broke my heart. I think he would do well in a home and make all of his dreams come true.

Additional information is available directly from the agency.

Married couples only due to child’s court appointed guardian in this case.

StephanieAge: 6
Diagnosis: developmental delays

Stephanie has been in her current placement for 2 years. She is making constant improvements in this environment. She is becoming more independent. She can eat on her own, drink water from a cup, she tries to keep clean. She is willing to put her shoes on and dresses by herself, and with some help she succeeds. Her fine motor skills are also improving. She is a calm child. She rarely becomes irritated. She communicates willingly with the other children and adults. She enjoys listening to music, dancing, watching cartoons, but her concentration is still low. She plays willingly with different toys – dolls, ball. She goes to a kindergarten, normal socialization, well integrated in the group.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

dillon2014-4dillon2014-1Boy, born 2000
Down syndrome


From a missionary who visited in August 2014:    Dillon loves cuddles and attention. He also loves getting his photo taken with other people, then takes his own “photos” with his hand. He grabs you and says “cheee” and takes a selfie with his hand. So adorable!  He has a killer laugh.  He is smart and helps out the caregivers.  He doesn’t speak but verbalizes sounds and makes his needs known. He will be a lovely son.


From a family who visited with him in 2014:  In all my interaction and time with Dillon, I never saw the slightest sign that he was aggressive or had the ability to hit children. In fact, out of all the boys there, Dillon is the most gentle, softhearted, and kind. I did see some horse play and pinching between the other boys, but never Dillon. Dillon is calm, extremely happy, and joyful, and very soft and slow with his movements.

From another family who met him:
He is beautiful! absolutely a treasure. a teddy bear my hubby says. When he first met me, he kissed my hand to say hello, and then he kissed (my husband’s) hand.  He has a beautiful smile! We visited him again later that night. He gave me a huge hug. He just wraps his arms around you very tight! He is quiet, but sat next to me and loves to spend time with you. Today, when we arrived and gave the kids cookies, he was so happy. We have a video where he sets down what he has in one hand just to say hello to the camera. He is full of smiles. When we left, I went up to him and he put the world’s hugest smile on his face and put his arms out in a straight “t”, armed and ready for a tight hug! An absolute treasure is the best way to describe him He is more than that.  He loves to play soccer. He runs and plays and laughs. He will be a huge blessing to a family! Also very gentle!

$4,012.23 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Boone update 473 (2) Boone update 473 (1)Boy, nearly 2-years-old
a condition after surgery for internal hydrocephalus (valve installation) and meningomyelocele regio thoracolumbalis; lower flaccid paraplegia; equinovarus in the right slight convergent strabismus of the left eye.

The child performs a full range of movements with his upper limbs. His latest check-up examination with a neurosurgeon was in March, 2014: head circumference 46 cm; the child is in a good general condition, conscious, satisfactory tonus, with clinical evidence of normal functioning of the shunt.

The boy plays with different toys in a different manner. He prefers musical toys.The child is emotional. He smiles, laughs and rejoices when involved in joint games and activities. He distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar people. He is insistent in seeking adults’ attention and affection. The boy imitates sounds and is trying to pronounce his first words.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

472_photo2_Jul14472_photo1_Jul14Boy, 5 years old
hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, symptomatic epilepsy (no seizures and medication since Jan 2011), latent infantile cerebral palsy and mild mental delay.

He walks independently; his gait is stable, although characterized by some CP features. He gradually improves his coordination and movements.

He eats well independently. He drinks from a cup with a little help by an adult. He uses the potty purposefully but he does not control his physiological needs yet, although he has developed notions about them. The boy takes off his shoes, socks and trousers by himself. He enjoys helping with household chores: cleaning the table, putting the toys back on their places, arranging objects and throwing garbage at the respective places

He seeks getting attention and interactions with familiar adults and he easily establishes contact with strangers as well. He prefers interacting with adults but he also joins some of the joint activities with the children from his group- he watches them and tries to do what they do. He follows various instructions very well, even such that have been addressed to another child. He can easily be persuaded with words.

The child has slightly delayed development. He shows good results from the physical therapy and pedagogical rehabilitation. The staff at the orphanage reports that this boy has very good potential for further development if raised in a family environment.

Update July 2014

The boy is very sociable and extremely responsive to interactions. He maintains very stable eye contact, listens intently to what he is told, responds adequately, smiles back at people, initiates interactions and comes up with his own ideas about what to do.

He is very independent and often refused help during my visit and preferred to try harder and do things by himself.
He has such a good attention span for a child his age and he obviously greatly enjoys being involved in educational activities.

As reported by the orphanage psychologist, he is striving for perfection and would not stop performing a given task until everything is in order and in the right place. He would not proceed to a next task before putting the things from the previous one back where they belong and he would not leave a room before closing its door. He is quite sharp and does not need instructions to be repeated to him. He is eager to please and get adults’ approval and praise. He is not embarrassed to seek an adult’s help when needed.

It is very easy to communicate with him, despite his unclear pronunciation. He has a lot to share and does whatever it takes to make himself understood and make his wishes known. Seeing how he is doing in an orphanage environment, he would undoubtedly just flourish in a family.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

ONadia 2563Girl, 5 1/2 years old

She is extremely sweet and smart, and doing very well!!!

She has been diagnosed with: “Children’s Cerebral Palsy. Spastic quadriparesis, average degree” and shows very good potential for development. She has exceptional spirit and constant striving to prove herself, which is also stimulated by the foster mother.


Update August 2014 – This girl’s intellectual development has been progressing very well since she’s been placed in the foster home. She knows a lot – she asks questions, has conversations with the people in the complex. She is able to lead dialog with people and uses full and complex, meaningful sentences. Sometimes for people who are not used to with children’s speech is difficult to understand every word. But with the time when used to her pronunciation everything become more understandable. She has very good vocabulary for her age. Her speech still is not clear, mainly because her CP but we are sure that with more constant and daily work with speech therapist everything just will gone.

She has undergone four surgical interventions in connection with her cerebral palsy. Two of which were on her Achilles tendons, and two of her hip joints, in which she had implants put, because of dislocation of the joints. The last operations was in the middle of June so she is still recovering, that is why she is unable to crawl or stand up straight with someone holding her by the waist. Her therapy is gentler ever since her last operation. More operations are planned, because she still can’t overcome the abduction in her hip joints. Her upper limbs are less spastic than the lower once, her left side is better than the right one. She mostly uses her left hand while eating with a spoon, drawing or throwing something, she can hold the bowl with her right hand while eating with the left one. She tries to chew on both sides while eating.

She knew some English already! She counted to ten, then she translated words from Bulgarian to English: elephant, rabbit, dog, boy, etc. She counts to 30 in Bulgarian; she knows the colors and named them. She knows the alphabet, when asked with what letter begins some word or someone’s name – she says the letter. The foster mother told me that they practice adding and subtracting (and also her fine motor skills) at home with a bead frame.

She is a very beautiful, charming and sweet little girl, who has a lot of potential if she is given the opportunity to develop in a good and loving environment. She is smart and intellectual preserved, has the ability to speak and lead conversation with people, just needs a little bit more individual attention, love and cares that will help her to achieve more and more. She is able to learn a lot, given the fact that everything she showed me has been thought only in a year and four months. She deserves to have her own family that will love her and take care of her, she will benefit enormously from having her own home and family with resources that will help her reach her full potential and become everything she can. She is so radiant, smiled and positive child, who needs the chance to keep her smile on her beautiful face forever!

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Dakota-updateAge: 3
Diagnosis: Spina bifida aperta at L1 – S2 – surgically corrected, bottom flaccid paraplegia; Internal hydrocephalus – VP shunt was placed on October 03, 2011; Brain atrophy and agenesis of corpus callosum; Partial atrophy of the optic nerve; Accidental cardiac murmur; Iron-insufficiency anemia

Due to the spina bifida, the child is moving in the space by crawling and with the help of his hands (the legs are lacking movements and sensitivity). He sits actively and makes attempts to pull up to a standing position by holding on to a support. He demonstrates motion activity and initiative. He gets to an object desired by him. If a toy is taken away from him by another child, he cries. He is with good visual-motor coordination (eye-hand, hand-hand), picks up objects and transfers them from one to another hand, all the while the eyes following the movements. He traces with a look a falling object. He follows with a look in all four directions (left/right/up/bottom). He has a palmar grip. He plays with the toys according to their purpose.

The speech background is at the level of accidental combinations of sounds and doubling the syllables. He “babbles”. He uses at least three conscious words. He understands simple orders – “come here”, and “give me this”. He turns when called by his name. He differentiates between familiar persons and strangers. He differentiates the tone of the speech. He hums 2-3 melodies of children’s songs. He makes a good eye contact. He is in the beginning stage of imitation. He is calm and with good emotional tonus. He is emotionally responsive. He purposefully seeks the contacts with adults and children. He demonstrates jealousy if not paid attention. He is easily calmed down when picked up. He eats with appetite from a spoon and fed by an adult. He drinks independently from a cup.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

MalachiAge: 1
Diagnosis: Hypothyroidism

After birth, doctors suspected Malachi had Down syndrome. They later decided that he did not, but no genetic testing was ever done. His heart was checked at the national cardiology hospital and was determined to be normal. He’s also had brain scans, hip Xrays and other testing, which is all normal. At this time, his only medical diagnosis is hypothyroidism and he is on medication for this condition.

Malachi has been living with a foster family since he was just a few months old. He stands up in his crib holding on to the side. He sits independently and crawls. He walks while holding on to an adult’s hand. He currently has 8 teeth and eats from a spoon. He waves hello/goodbye and claps his hands to cheer. He listens when spoken to and laughs out loud when teased. He differentiates between familiar and non familiar people. He picks up and holds toys. He is saying individual words. He loves to be hugged and smiles when spoken to.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Sally (1) Sally (2)Girl, born 2011
Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Agenesis of right kidney.


Motor Development – she turns independently and many times from back to stomach and vice verse. She makes attempts to sit up on her own and when the upper part of the body is lying down on the slightly raised support, she is able to sit up without any help. She is happy from everything that she achieved alone and is looking for a suitable place to lie down and exercise alone the sitting. She moves in space by moving herself in seated position. She actively uses the opportunities for movement. The child shows desire for walking and held by an adult by the armpits, she walks with diligence, but she has no stable support in her legs, sank/drops herself, and holds her legs bent at the knees and wide apart, often raises her legs in the air and does not touch the floor. When climbing stairs when held by adult, she steps steadily on her feet and rotates them consecutively, stepping on the next step. When placed in a walker she moves by pushing herself with her chest. When placed reclining in front of adult, she exercise pressure with her foot on a cylinder module.

Habits – developmental age – 12 months. She drinks from a cup with adult’s help, feeds with a spoon given by adult, bites off but does not chew the food, she just sucks it putting it on her palate. She alone takes a piece of bread put on the table, with her lips. She shows desire for independent feeding and enjoys when the spoon is put in her hand. She reluctantly accepts when placed on pot, but more often performs her physiological needs in it.

Pictorial activity – 15 months. She alone leaves traces on a paper, holding the pencil with lips. She is happy of joint drawing with adult, with a pencil placed between her fingers.

Emotional-social development – developmental age – 24 months – with positive attitude, feisty. She shows initiative and independence. The child reacts with joy of close to her adult’s approval and with displeasure to ban, she is radiant, calm, and actively spends the awake time. She enters in interaction with the other children in the group.

Speech – developmental age – 21 months. She understands adult’s the speech, pronounces 10-12 words – sentences. She tries to connect two words in a sentence. More often expresses her reluctance for something, in verbal way. She makes transfer of her vision, received from the perception of real object, in the perception of the relevant image on the picture and identifies them – she names 5 images in pictures – ball, phone, cup, shoes, baby.

Update July 2014.
Yesterday we visited the little girl 2555. We are amazed by this little girl – she is one of the sweetest girls I have ever seen and at the same time she is fighter who doesn’t want to give up on the smallest of things! She is so full of energy and life! She is very smart and intellectually preserved, and mentally developing very well! Her potential is huge! I am honestly in love with this little girl! She made me laugh as she is really funny, smile with tenderness, and at the same time, I had tears in my eyes knowing that she still does not have a family to help her and love her through the difficulties she is going through. The orphanage staff helps her a lot and takes the best possible care for her but they can never be compared to what mommy and daddy can give. I truly hope that the family forever for little girl will find her very soon!

30626164933 smBoy, born July 2009
spina bifida (myelocele), hydrocephalus (subcompensation),  moderate mental delays, functional systolic murmur, astigmatism, crossed eyes, delay of physical development, spastic talipes paralyticus, spastic dislocation of the hips.


$804.94 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Sadler 1049Boy, born 2004
Moderate delays in neuro-psychical development, Secondary hypothyroidism, nanism

Sadler understands and keeps the rules in the group and in school. He works with a speech therapist and psychologist in order improving his development of physical processes and speech.

Sadler is smiley, good-natured. He loves to be object of an adult’s attention. He recognizes different emotional conditions – happiness, resentment, sadness.

He uses simple sentences. He knows the children from the group, he knows the names of the children and the adults from the staff in the Home and the school. He is able to have a conversation, he asks questions, and answers with simple sentences to asked questions. He shows interest and involves himself in organized activities with the children from the group.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

JohnAge: 12
Diagnosis: Defect of the development of the skull and facial bones

John has well developed gross and fine motor skills. He loves to play sports. He has age appropriate self help skills. He assists with tasks in the orphanage such as cleaning the dining room, serving food, and cleaning his room. He is doing well in school. He has started computer classes, which he enjoys. He has a good attention span and a very good imagination. He answers questions accurately. He can tell a story based on pictures. He enjoys interacting with other children his age. He likes to watch cooking shows on TV and dreams of becoming a chef. He has age appropriate behaviors and acts appropriately in the presence of other children and adults. He participates in group activities. He helps the children who have physical disabilities that impact their mobility by bringing them items and pushing their wheelchairs.

One of John’s best friends is in the process of being adopted. John has verbally expressed his desire to be adopted and come to the US. He is in an orphanage that prepares children for being adopted and works with families during the adoption process to ensure the child is prepared to join a family.


From an adoptive family who met him in July 2014:  “Met this boy who is every bit of amazing!! His picture isn’t a good resemblance, it makes him look older. He is actually smaller looking in person. He is so thoughtful, kind, and has wonderful manners. Yesterday they asked if he would bring us a chair and he quickly gave us his chair and asked his friend to give his chair and then went for other chairs. He quickly says thank you for everything and today thanked us for spending time with him and said he had “it was a pleasure”! He wants a family, three boys from his group home will be going home this year. He loves to cook and the nannies say he can prepare entire meals. He is 11. Very bright, he knows all the workers schedules, he loves responsibility and smiled so much to be in charge of the keys for the gate. A young girl in a wheel chair asked him to push her and he was happy to do so. This is an amazing son just waiting for a family. Please help me find them!!! ”

The agency has additional photos and videos of John.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGirl, born October 2011
Significant gross motor delays, low vision, deafness in one ear, frequent respiratory illness

The was born at 25 to 26 weeks gestation and has had some of the usual problems associated with very premature babies. As of her last medical examination, she showed delay in general motor skills development, with improvement since last observation period- can sit independently, can stand continuously if placed to solid support, walks with assistance and crawls. She can reach, hold and play with a toy, placed in front of her. The left ear is with normal hearing, the right ear does not react. Can hold her attention for a while. Can articulate some sounds- ma-ma, la-la. Medical conditions that persist are asthma and diminished vision likely due to oxygen therapy after birth.

The agency has additional pictures and short videos of her, as well as more medical information.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

31209225022 IveyGuardian AngelGirl, born 2001


From a family that met her early 2014: She is SO smart and funny and has the best sense of humor. When we were in there, she asked the staff if it was possible to get a family for herself, but they felt the answer would be no- because no one would want someone as badly disabled as she was. She can do nothing for herself physically, her limbs are twisted very badly, and unlike many of the others, she cannot feed herself. She lies on the couch and another older girl, also disabled, comes and feeds her. But she is amazing- despite her lack of formal schooling, she has memorized poems, and such. But she is also a fantastic conversationalist. She reads, can write some (limitations of her arms), has an incredible memory and method of delivery of things she has memorized (she also sang for us). She loves the color yellow and loves dressing up to feel pretty. She also loves to watch cartoons, but is ok with “serious dramas” on tv too lol! she’s spending her days on a couch, wishing for a family she fears will never come because her limbs are twisted and she cannot be “useful.” I am praying with all my heart that there is a family out there that recognizes that a person’s worth is not measured by what they can physically do- and will cross the ocean to call her daughter, because I truly believe she would be an incredible addition to a family. She’s spunky and overcame her hesitation about potential rejection, in order to ask me if I would please see if I could find her a family.

$837.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

RossBoy, born March 2010
Meningocele, unrepaired

Ross is 3 years old and loves to play with blocks and stack them up high! He has a meningocele on his back and this has not been repaired yet. Ross is not walking yet because he has a difficult time feeling his legs. He also cannot control his potty skills yet. Ross is a super cuddler and loves to be held. He can communicate simple words and instructions, follows directions, and crawls using his arms. When his aunties move away from him, he moves right back next to them! His caregivers say that Ross is loving and kind.

$4.95 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Silvie (1)

Silvie (2)Girl, born August 2009
Down syndrome

Silvie is an adorable little girl who can be timid but also talkative. She likes to imitate adult actions and to listen to music. Silvie is able to walk independently and likes to help her caretakers with their work. She is energetic, likes to play games and gets along well with others. Silvie likes to participate in social activities and likes to sing. She also enjoys reading picture books. Silvie is waiting for a family who will sing with her and read her bedtime stories. Are you the family she is waiting for?

$15000.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Zander updateZanderBoy, born 2009
Background retinopathy Microphthalmus of the left eye; coloboma affecting the iris, optic nerve papilla, both eyes. Asthma with predominant allergic component; Iron-deficiency anemia; general developmental delays
Update August 2014:

The pedagogue who works with this boy for two years, said that definitely there was improvement and progress in his development since she had started working with him. She said that he started eating transitional food and now is not eating from a feeding bottle; she said he chews well but slowly; he is calm while eating. He spontaneously pronounces syllables like “ma-ma”
He can push himself with the walker and he is doing a really good job in it. He really holds onto a toy when he has in his grip; he mostly bangs it on a hard surface or if he has two, one in each hand he bangs them together, but he really has his attention on them. When someone takes his toy or if he loses it, he starts to look for it. He can crawl really well, and in the instance that our representative saw him crawling, it was after a ball taken from him on purpose by the pedagogue. He was right after the ball and he caught up and got his ball back, which was very impressive, taking into account that he is diagnosed with detached retina. He can sit up straight holding on or leaning towards a fixed support. He can walks if he held by both hands – his legs still are a bit weak for him to walk all by himself, and that if it’s worked with him toward strengthening his legs he will be able to walk well.

The most surprising thing about him was that he could take a toy that was within his reach, without it making any noise. Apparently he has some vision left, the doctor in the Home said that he may “see shadows”, and that’s how he is able to reach for toys that are close to him. He seemed to reach mostly on his left side and with his left hand. He could detect toys from a big yellow bucket to a small red car, so he definitely has some partial peripheral vision left, no one was sure exactly how much though. Even the test that was done on him is inconclusive saying “following light?”. Otherwise it reads “Total detachment of the retina bilaterally. Retinopathy of prematurity fifth degree.”

He is a really cute boy who is definitely behind in all the areas of development, but he has the potential to develop a lot more. He is a blind boy, who otherwise is healthy. He needs more specific care, more patience and a lot of love to help him master tactile senses and some social skills. He needs people who will teach him to orientate in the environment. He is a good child, with very good potential. He needs more security and stability that only a loving family can give him. He is so young and can achieve many things! Having his own family who loves him and cares for him will benefit this child enormously.

Additional pictures and video available from the agency.
Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Addie 1Girl, born September 2001
Post-op Spina Bifida

Addie needs to be adopted PRIOR to her birthday in September 2015!

*An agency grant of $5,000 is available*

Addie is dearly favored by one of the adoption officials who desires for her to have a loving family and good future. Addie is very artistic and likes to paint. She is also quite smart! Addie wants a family of her own more than anything!! Although Addie has paraplegia of both lower limbs, both of her hands are very flexible and her mental development is normal. Addie lives with a foster family and she has formed a deep bond with the family. Addie is outgoing, bright, and inquisitive. She has great expressive language and understanding ability and likes to communicate with others and to express herself. She can write, recite a lot of poems and does things seriously. Addie has great receptive ability, likes imitating, and is a sensible child. She likes playing with kids, listening to music, and drawing. She gets along very well with the foster family and her teachers. Everyone likes her a lot.

$4.77 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

JohnathanBoy, born April 2002
Cerebral palsy

Johnathan is a strong, kind, brave boy who is also gentle and has a good temperament. He was quiet and timid when he first came into care, but now he is more outgoing. He does everything very carefully, and knows to feel grateful. He likes to sing and when he sings Grateful Heart, it brings tears to many people’s eyes. Johnathan also likes to draw and he is good at comforting others. He likes to play games and he likes going to school. He is able to walk freely with the help of his little blue walker. Johnathan has seen many friends get adopted and he is so afraid of being left behind.

$103.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Haddie2Girl, born January 2013
Cerebral dysplasia, strephexopodia of both feet, neuroblastoma of left eye

Haddie is a quiet girl who can recognize familiar people, turn when her name is called and searches for dropped toys. She likes to play with colorful toys, cuddling with her nurturer, and is she finds something funny, she will laugh loudly. She is describes as being a smart and happy girl.  Additional pictures available.



$63.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Neal Photo 3 rec. Jan-2013Guardian AngelSweet Neal was born in January of 2009 and has been diagnosed with perinatal encephalopathy and psychomotor development delay. We have reports that his doctor has stated that there is a possibility that Neal may be able to walk in the future, but there are no guarantees. He is able to express himself very well. He is a very kind little boy and is very much loved.

Update August 2012: Neal is very shy with people he does not know well, but his caretakers state that he is very outgoing and personable with those he knows well. He can say poems and he is very friendly and sociable. He once told his caretakers that one day he will walk, and they are working on therapy. Currently, he is not so strong but little by little he is progressing.

Update from January 2013: Our agency staff representative visited Neal in January and provided the following update. Neal speaks, understands the speech addressed to him, and recognizes everybody. He is very articulate, using complex sentences and knows poems and songs by heart. With physical therapy he has acquired better head control and is using his hands more. Therapists are working on his legs as well. With the help of physical therapy his doctors feel he will, little by little, develop his muscles. At this point he can stand for a second, which is big progress. Plus he is very smart and he himself wants to stand, walk and be stronger. It is very touching when he says so. It has only been a year and a half that he has been at the orphanage, and all that period of time they have done therapy, only not so intensive. If an intensive therapy was available for him he would have better progress.

Caregiver update March 2014: Everybody agrees the progress that Neal has made by now is huge. He’s able to move his hands and is doing really well. A very smart and sweet boy!

Additional photos, video and personal information available upon request from the agency.

From a family who met Neal in May 2014: Neal is a very shy boy when he doesn’t know you, but it is clear that he is very smart and aware of his surroundings.  Everyone from the orphanage director down raves about Neal’s intelligence.  He knows everyone, can tell you what has happened or will happen, memorizes parts of TV shows, recites poetry and sings songs.  Despite his limited mobility, Neal is now potty-trained and notifies his caregivers when he has to use the restroom.  Neal’s caretakers report that every morning when he wakes up he tells them, “I know my mama is coming.”

$423.29 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

mirabelsept2013Girl, Born August 2009


Miss Mirabel is also a real cutie!   What a great smile she has :)  Mirabel is 4 now and facing imminent transfer.   We’ve had many successful adoptions from this orphanage and region!  Please help us share Mirabel’s need for a forever family!  Mirabel will remain bedridden for the rest of us her life if she is not adopted.


Guardian Angel
From her medical records:  congenital malformation of the central nervous system, cerebral hernia, hydrocephaly subcompensated, flail legs

From one of our families who visited with her in August 2013:  ” We saw Mirabel this morning.  She is in the laying down room.  The nannies were carrying them outside.  She can’t hold her head up, support herself, sit, or stand.   It looks like she has no control over her legs at all…flopped to the side when the nannies carried her. She does, however, have good use of her arms.  She kept reaching up to try to touch me.  I gave her a set of the rings to play with.   She was SO happy to have something to play with. She kept smiling at me. I really think that there is a smart, aware little girl in that broken body.”


More photos available.  Married couples only.  Large families and older parents welcome.  Travel required.

$7820.65 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


This almost 5-year-old boy has infantile cerebral palsy, microcephaly, club feet, congenital megacolon and hypotrophy.


Cliff laughs aloud when jested and smiles when involved in interaction. He follows moving objects with his eyes. He listens to adults’ speech. He has a good appetite. His sleep is calm.

 The agency has additional pictures and videos available for interested families.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Caleb updateBoy, Born November 29, 2007
Down syndrome

From a missionary who visited with him in August 2010:  “Caleb is extroverted, active and restless. He has a ready smile, enjoys playing with other children. He loves listening to music, watching cartoons. He is energetic and likes being outdoors!”

Update 2013:

Caleb can walk, run, jump, climb, and is good physically. He expresses his needs well to his foster mom, and knows his eyes, nose and ears, etc. He even understands simple English. He can feed himself. He is an outgoing and active boy, likes being with other kids, the other kids like him also. His favorite toys are cars and toy bricks. He likes to play with trampoline, slider, water and sand.

$10,646.13 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Banning2Boy, born March 2004
postoperative dura mater meningocelec, abnormal walking, minor pigeon chest, hypoplasia of 1st vertebral body on pars sacralis and right sacro-iliac joint, partial expansion of soft tissue on back of 1st pars sacralis

From his file report in April of 2012- Banning is a sunshine boy. He has many good characteristics. He always tries to finish the task perfectly. Banning is active,polite, open, and he knows to keep himself clean. He shares his toys and food with other friends. Banning is very clever and learns fast. He loves to do housework and he cares for his friends. He is considerate to the teachers and a little helper to them. The other kids like to go to him when they need help. Because of his condition, he had troubles in moving or doing sports, but he is a strong-minded child and he keeps practicing. Now he can walk, run and jump normally. Though his gait is different than others when walking, he shows confidence while walking and running. Banning is an optimistic child. He laughs happily when he is happy and he jumps up and down. When he is unhappy he won’t talk and there are tears in his eyes. At this time he may need the teachers’ comfort. He knows to care about people around him and he has close relationship with the teachers and caretakers. They are often moved by him because he often says “take care” “thank you” to the teachers.

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

GavinBoy, born May 2006
post op CL/CP Hep B carrier

Gavin is a fun loving boy who just started school at home last September. He is learning a lot and is so happy to finally be able to count numbers and different objects he sees. Gavin is still working on learning his colors. Gavin is a charmer and he loves getting to play with his friends. His doctors have corrected his cleft palate and lip and they note that he is a Hep B carrier. Gavin can hear well but he still must eat softer foods. His favorite thing is to watching little bear cartoons and play with cars and legos.

$4.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

MarniGirl, born March 2012

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

GwynneGirl, born June 2007
post-op meningocele

Gwynne is the life of the party! She is 6 years old and has been diagnosed with meningocele. In 2011 she had it removed and had surgery on her legs to help them with flexibility. Since then, she is not able to fully use her legs, but she is able to crawl and get around by scooting. Gwynne loves to dance and sing, and especially enjoys playing pretend with her friends. She is super social and able to fully communicate all her wants and needs. Gwynne needs help with toileting because she is not able to do this on her own yet, but other than this, she is very independent. She is currently in a program that is also trying to help her get stronger with therapies!

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

JohnsonBoy, born March 2004
Cerebral palsy, Thalassemia

Johnson has normal mental development, a little limp due to Sequelae of cerebral palsy so he can not do strenuous exercise. During the period in the foster family, he received contracture of Achilles tendon surgery in November of 2012, and has recovered well. Johnson is studying in Grade 2 in the nearby school. He can manage his daily life, such as have dinners, go to toilet, put on and off clothes, get along well with family member. He has good study records and likes Chinese class the best. Johnson also likes reading stories and drawing. He can persist in his opinions and can get along well with teachers and classmates. Occasionally he is buried in meditation but he also likes kicking the football, riding the bike and playing on the PC. He is open and generous.

$8.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

photoboy11 year old boy
Diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.

The child likes to play soccer, basketball and badminton. He likes physically activities. Klive looks very smile and smart. I think that he does very well at school because there are people who understand him and people that he can speak to. He likes his life at the boarding-school and when we asked him if he wants to back there, he said yes. I am sure that if Klive lives with parents who have commands of sigh language and pay him the needed attention, he will advance a lot as he is very smart and looks really motivated. He is an open, communicative and bright child! He is healthy and active little boy, who for sure will flourish in a family environment!

Klive has normal intellect. Good emotional background. Positive emotions prevail.

Klive is sociable, active, lively, open, and lightly and boldly interacts with people. Has does not have habits for keeping distance. He constantly seeks contact with the children from the group. Shows willingness and cooperates with the adults. He has acquired good manners. He can work individually as well as in group.

Photos are available from the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

KeltonBoy, born July 2012

Kelton has arthrogryposis which affects all four of his limbs. Arthrogryposis is a condition that makes the joints in his arms and legs stiff and limits their range of motion. His head is long and narrow as well. Kelton will require a lot of medical intervention to get him independent and more functional which may include surgeries, physical therapy and serial casting for his joints. He is not walking at this time. As is typical with his condition, all other areas of his development are currently progressing typically with peers.


Shylah 503DorothyGirl, born June 2010
Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Recurrent urinary tract infections, Hypotrophy second degree, Delay in the neuropsychological development

Dorothy walks independently, tries to run; understands and follows simple instructions; manipulates with toys and objects; holds a pencil and scribbles with it; produces random sounds.  The child manifests emotional deficit – performs stereotypic movements, demonstrates self-aggression. She likes listening to music and she tries to dance. She loves to swing on a swing and does so with great pleasure.

Since her placement in a foster family, Dorothy has started responding to emotional stimulation with far more diverse facial expressions as compared to before. She is currently in a process of enriching her notions and acquiring self-service skills and habits. Some progress is seen as regards her social and emotional development as well as her fine motor skills.

Additional information is available from the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Angie 443 (1)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGirl, Age: 6
Diagnosis: Delayed mental development

She has well developed gross motor skills. Her fine motor skills are slightly delayed. She uses 30-40 words purposefully and can repeat words after an adult says them. She communicates using short sentences. She follows 2 step commands and expresses satisfaction once she’s completed an assigned task. She dresses/undresses herself and enjoys selecting her own clothes and shoes to wear. She loves listening to music and participating in musical games. She cleans up her toys when she’s done playing.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

kylerBoy, born April 2009
Congenital Heart Defect

Kyler is 3 years old and super cute. He can be spoiled but is close with his caretakers. In April 2013, he had surgery called a “right double-way Glenn operation.” The doctors say that he has a complex heart defect: transposition of the great arteries, pulmonary stenosis, and an ASD and VSD. The doctors told him that he is a brave boy but will need to have another operation next year.

Kyler can be quite talkative but when he gets around strangers he becomes shy. He likes getting to play with the other children but since he has a heart problem, he cannot go to school with his friends.

$2,104.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Beau 442

Beau is nearly 12 years old. He has Hydrocephalus after shunt installation and mild mental delay. According to the latest check-up, the shunt is functioning very well.

The boy is joyful, playful and active. He is outgoing and enjoys interacting with other children. He is not aggressive or confrontational. The boy is adaptive and is well-settled in his environment. According to the staff in the institution he likes drawing, listening to music, training aikido and cricket, adapted for children.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

TirzahGirl, born Oct 2002
Amniotic banding causing hand deformity (and some missing toes)

Tirzah is an active and optimistic girl. She likes to play with other children. She is very shy when meeting new people. Tirzah is a very sensible child. When someone visits her, she would share greeting with them. She likes long hair. She likes to collect the beautiful hairpins. Tirzah likes the beautiful clothes. She likes to put on beautiful dress in summer. She likes to go outside with the volunteers.

Tirzah is a child who likes the crowed places. She likes to communicate with volunteers about the things which happened at school. Tirzah gets well along with them. Volunteers think Tirzah is very sensible and like her very much. The volunteers always take her outside. She is very grateful for the volunteers. Tirzah likes to do crafts. When the craft teacher comes, she is very happy. The volunteer teacher says that Tirzah is very patient. She is very careful.

$9.96 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Maddie (2)

Maddie (1)Girl, born July 2010
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect (ASD)

Maddie is a clever child, curious about anything new and with a passion for life. She is somewhat introverted but will play with other children. She is a happy child who often asks her caregiver for a hug. She likes colorful toys as well as dolls.

$15,081 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

KodaBoy, born December 2007
Cerebral Palsy


Koda is a handsome boy who is doing very well developmentally. His cerebral palsy seems to be more on the mild side. He can run around and likes to play. Can’t you see this sweet boy playing at the park with his new family?


$76.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Harley-2015Girl, born Jun 2000
Down syndrome

NEW PHOTO OF HARLEY!!!!    Such a light in her eyes, she needs a FAMILY.  She can be adopted with Dylan, if a family is approved and interested!

From one of our adoptive families who met her in August 2014:  ” Harley was so sweet and gentle.   She reached for my hands several times and is very aware of her surroundings. She is walking and just a gentle little love. However, she knows how to express her dislikes as well.   One of the other children was crowding her and she did not like it so she let her know in no uncertain terms that she was not pleased.  She really is a doll!”

From someone who met her in 2013:

It is so difficult to believe we celebrated Harley’s 13th birthday when we visited the orphanage. She’s so very tiny and still very much a baby. She is very loving and sweet. She clings to you when you hold her and always smiles when you bounce her up and down and tickle you. She doesn’t walk or talk, and is very limited. Harley is capable of walking with assistance and can take a few steps on her own if you push her hard enough! She can babble a little bit.

Update March 2014:

This little girl has spunk! She is now walking while holding hands with the nanny, and has opinions of her own about exactly who she will walk with and when she will do it. She may look like a 5 year old in size, but she has a ton of personality and independence! She seemed quite obedient, as they asked her to sit in her bed for a bit while they got her things together.

She doesn’t speak that I heard, but is very observant and watched everything that was going on. Her receptive language skills seem much better than her expressive ones, since she nodded and complied with everything they asked, even though she had just woken up and seemed a bit bleary eyed. The staff said she has a very good attention span. She is very cute – so tiny for her age- she looks just like a kindergartner, not a 14 year old.

$10,422.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Gideon4 Gideon6Boy, born 2002
mental delays, cardiopathy and microcephaly

Every person – be it a child or an adult – wants to get attention and recognition. Gideon is not an exception: he speaks loudly so that adults couldn’t ignore him. He is persistent too. Once the goal is set, he tries to achieve it. He likes to interact with others and join the children in their activities: playing outside, drawing – if it’s what the other children do, or swinging even if there is already somebody on the swings.

However he can also play calmly on his own. He doesn’t like to draw or to paint for a long time but he tries to make the best piece of art he can. And of course if there is a chance to play in sand or to throw pebbles into seawater – this is the biggest fun for the energetic boy!

Gideon also likes to watch children’s movies and sing songs. And even if his singing is not perfect and sometimes you cannot make out some words, with his loud cheerful voice and a lively smile Gideon brings joy and genuineness into this world.

Additional pictures available.


$380.75 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Janie Photo 2 - April 2014Janie Photo 4 Jun-2013Girl, Born August 2012
Down syndrome, cataracts


Look at this sweet chunk!    Janie was born in August of 2012 and has Down syndrome.   Her heart is healthy, but she has been diagnosed with cataracts.  Janie is a sweet, quiet girl who loves to eat and sleep.   She is interested in her environment and smiles and babbles when someone gives her attention.   Janie can roll over on her own and is well loved by her caretakers.

Update February 2014: Janie is doing well.  She is an active girl who responds to music with clapping and rhythmic babbling.  She likes playing in her playpen, too.  Janie has received a crystalline lens implant in her right eye and now responds to light.  She is being monitored by her doctors for progress with her vision and to decide how to treat her left eye.

Additional photos, videos and reports are available upon request from the agency.

$1,346.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Reed Dec 2013Reed is a 3-year-old boy with spina bifida, hydrocephalus and CP.

He is passive while in his bed, he can’t control his head and his legs do not support him. The staff changes his body position. He reacts to strong noisy interactions with spontaneous quailing.  He cannot speak and make sounds. He takes liquid food from a nasogastric tube. He gains weight and sleep well.


UPDATE:  the caregivers said that they believe that he is aware of his environment and what is going on around him. He does move his eyes when people are in the room and seems to be aware that people are there and talking.

Additional information and a video clip is available from the agency.

There is a $5,000 agency grant for his adoption at this time.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Andrey (2)

Andrey (1)Boy, born Nov 2004

Andrey has normal physical and mental development. At the age of 1 year, he responded to calling of his name, was able to figure out strangers and acquaintances. At the age of 2 years, he could take out building blocks from a cup, be cooperative when putting on clothes and respond to asking of his things. At the age of 3 years, he could find dropped toys and walk with one hand held. At the age of 4 years, he could ask “what’s this?” on his initiative, know the meanings of inner, outer, big, small, dress independently, wash his hands, and speak simple and short sentences. Now he is able to sing simple nursery rhymes, knows simple shapes, figure colors, and answers simple questions. Since he has hydrocephalus, he cannot walk steadily and he walks slowly. Usually he enjoys reading books and playing toys. He is an active, outgoing, and lovely little boy who has a quick smile.

$5.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

ManningBoy, born June 2002
Brain cyst; exotropia; sight impaired

Manning has normal physical and mental development. The PE check shows: deformity of porencephaly; concomitant exotropia; serious far sight and weak sight, otherwise normal. At the age of 3 years, he could go upstairs and downstairs by himself and have meals. At the age of 4 years, he could go to washroom by himself. He likes listening to nursery rhymes, and was able to be self-cared basically. During the time he lived in the orphanage, he was shy. He was sent to a family life- like environment. Since there are parents and siblings in the family, he has become more outgoing and active. He could get along well with his teachers and classmates at school. He is an average student. He enjoys drawing and is the best one in the family.

$9.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Trixie (1) Trixie (2)Girl, born Oct 2004
Microphthalmia and nystagmus

Trixie is blind and participates in a program that provides high quality care and education for orphans who are blind or visually impaired. Trixie is a healthy little girl. When she is in class, she loves to sit where she can see the light come through the window. It’s the only thing that can distract her during school time, she is a model student! Trixie is a good listener, works seriously, and learns quickly. She especially likes oral expression in English and French. She also loves to sing solo! When she grows up, she is going to be a teacher, and she will be an excellent one! She is patient and kind, and loves to explain concepts and ideas. Trixie has a very outgoing personality. She enjoys speaking with others, playing with her classmates and welcoming visitors. She will be friendly to anyone! She has a good amount of independence and can perform all necessary self help skills. She loves eating spicy food. Trixie loves girly things, including wearing dresses, doing her hair with bows. She loves being told that she is beautiful, and she is!
She has been attending the School for the Blind for over 2 years. She lives in an apartment near the school with 3 other girls and their ayi. She walks to school every day and she has good cane skills. She can walk to the local shop on her own and buy groceries, and she also has some chores around the house to help her ayi. She likes helping to cook and to clean the house. Trixie’s energy and joy in life are an inspiration to both the staff and other children.

$20.70 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Bonn31030224641 BonnBoy, born October 2007
Moderate mental delay, convergent concomitant alternating strabismus

updated pics March 2015;
can not talk properly, unknown reason



Bonn’s grant of $19.80 has been gifted to Andy

Diagnosis: Retrolental fibrodysplasia on both sides.

Kolby is blind but is with preserved intellect and is very smart and sweet!

Kolby can crawl and walk a few steps when held by hand of an adult. He is able to hold a toy that was passed to him. He recognizes familiar and unfamiliar voices. He repeats everything said by adults and is learning children songs. He is able to answer questions correctly with yes or no. He is able to raise himself around fixed support and to sit. He enjoys the proximity of a loved adult, he likes to be hugged. He prefers to play with rattles, creating strong noise by hitting them into objects. He has a positive attitude towards himself and the surrounding. He does not show any signs of aggression or autoaggression.


Update July 2014
Kolby is very beautiful and charming little boy who has a lot of potential!! If he has the chance to find and live in supporting family environment – with a loving, caring family, who helps him show and develop his potential, he has the abilities to achieve a lot. He is just 4 and he can speak, walk and freely lead a dialog with adults. This child just needs someone, who will love and direct him and then I am more than sure that growing up he will have more independent and free life – life that everyone needs and deserves. He memorizes very quick, his intellectual capacity is very good. This child is looking for contact and socialization most of the time – just because he is motivated by himself, he needs it. He misses one of the most important sense that can master skills and information with (his vision), but he has fully preserved intellectual capacity, as well as auditory. He can achieve a lot if he finds his family forever, who will support, help and show him how to master new, and more and more skills. This child really needs his chance for better future, full of love and care that will help him to be complete adult in the future!
Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Gabe (1)

Gabe (2)Boy, born December 2008

Gabe participates in a program that provides high quality care and education for orphans who are blind or visually impaired. Gabe was only 18 months when he first arrived and he was terrified. He didn’t want to leave his ayi, and would cry whenever she put him on the floor. He didn’t smile a single time his first week. He didn’t speak at all, but would only cry if he wanted something. He enjoyed playing by himself with a few toys, but didn’t care to interact with the other children. He also didn’t want to walk. He has had both eyes removed due to Retinoblastoma, but he is cancer free now! He has two prosthetic eyes.After a short time, Gabe began to get used to his new environment. He started smiling all the time and began to enjoy exploring his new home. At first he walked incorrectly, but with the patient help of his ayis, he can now walk and run normally. He quickly learned that adults liked it when he showed affection, so he started hugging everyone all the time. Gabe has learned to talk, get his own water, eat by himself, and other self help skills. He is a fast learner and did so well in his last class that he moved up to be with the older kids. He has lots of energy and is learning how to sit still without fidgeting during his lessons. He has been using a cane to walk with and he walks very confidently – he has excellent skills in orientation and mobility. It has been amazing to see Gabe learn and grow. He is an amazing boy!

$288.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Linny 3Linny (2)

Guardian AngelGirl, born Feb 2010
Post-operative meningocele/paralyzed on one side

Linny is a beautiful little 3 year old whose original diagnosis was Congenital meningocele. After having surgery she was developing normal physically and mentally. At 21 months old she was admitted to the hospital with a severe head injury for which she needed surgery. She is now paralyzed on her right side. She can no longer speak and can not walk.

She is introvert, limbs, intelligence and language development is slow. Her left hand can hold milk bottle to drink. She can understand what adults said, and their facial expressions. She can communicate with others by eyesight. She can response to the sound who called her.

Staff will make her rehabilitation training everyday. She likes toys with sound, and likes music.

$3165.30 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Quentin Photo 1 rec. Jul-2013-croppedBoy, Born January 2012

Down syndrome


Quentin was born prematurely, but is now considered physically healthy.   Quentin’s development is delayed, but at 16 months old he could sit with support, creep on his stomach, reach for and play with toys, and respond to his name.   Quentin is happy, curious, and expressive, clearly enjoying contact with adults and physical affection.   He tracks sights and sounds and responds properly to the tone of voice in which someone speaks to him.  Quentin cannot yet stand, walk, imitate sounds, or feed himself.  Additional photos and reports are available upon request.


Married couples and single moms welcome.  Older parents and large families welcome.  Only one parent has to travel.

$0.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Scarlett Photo 2 March 2014Scarlett Photo 7 rec. 3-6-13-croppedGirl, Born September 2012

Down syndrome, CHD


Beautiful Scarlett was born in September of 2012 with Down syndrome and a heart defect.   She reacts to sounds, follows objects, smiles when being talked to and eats and sleeps well. She currently lacks head control and has low muscle tone.

Update March 2014:

Beautiful Scarlett was born in September of 2012 with Down Syndrome and a heart defect. She reacts to sounds, follows objects with her eyes, and eats and sleeps well. Scarlett is an active child who plays with toys and insistently demands attention She is smiley and content when she receives it.

Additional photos, videos and medical information available from the agency upon request.


Update July 2014:  Scarlett can now sit unassisted, stand with stable support, but does not yet walk.  At this time, she is not very active and does not play much with other children.  Scarlett’s heart defect is expected to close on its own as she grows older.
Video from July 2014 available for review by interested families.

$530.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Evan Photo 3 rec. 1-22-13-cropped
Boy, Born September 2011
Down syndrome


Sweet Evan was born in September of 2011 at 34 weeks premature.   He is currently able to turn to the side and roll to his stomach and back, but is not able to sit up yet.   He is described as a very joyful, smiley and happy boy.   He likes to play with toys and responds when being spoken to.   He does not yet make sounds on his own.

Additional photos, video and report available from the agency, upon request.

$1198.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Vaughan Photo 4 Apr-2013Vaughan-2014Boy, Born February 2012

Down syndrome


Brown hair, brown eyed Vaughan was born in February of 2012 with Down syndrome.  He has an infectious smile and big brown eyes.

Update April 2013: What a sweet and active boy. He always wants to play and brings your attention on him. He is very smiley and very happy boy. He moves a lot and likes to play with toys. He can roll over and sits up with support. He babbles. He eats and sleeps well and does not get sick very often.

Update July 2014: Vaughan continues to be an active, alert and happy child who loves to dance.  He walks, climbs, sits up, points, understands instructions, and finds ways to communicate his needs.  Vaughan babbles and is described as an all around fun kid.
Even though Vaughan was born prematurely at 36 weeks gestation, he is very healthy.  It is reported that he does not have a heart defect and currently requires no special care.

$1,103.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Faith Photo 3 Apr-2013Girl, Born August 2010

Down syndrome

Faith was born in August of 2010 and has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. She has been seen by a cardiologist and the report shows that she has no cardiac concerns or problems. Faith is very active; she can walk holding onto a stable object and likes to listen to music. She is a somewhat serious little girl who makes sounds, recognizes her caretakers and smiles when teased.

From an adopting family who met her in January of 2013: “While visiting with our little girl [at the same orphanage] we had the pleasure of getting to spend time with sweet “Faith”. She is such a delightful little girl with the most amazing smile. She loves to be held, touch your hands and listen to music. She is not defined by her diagnosis and shows true determination for life. She is such a happy little girl and is waiting patiently for her forever family who will give her the chance to reach her full potential.”

Additional photos, videos and medical information available upon request.

$2,730.33 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


BensonBoy, born August 23, 2001
Mental delays

Benson needs to be adopted PRIOR to his birthday in August 2015!

Benson is outgoing, social and enjoys playing basketball with other children and the game of dropping the handkerchief. He is self-confident and loves being praised for doing a good job. He enjoys going to parks or going shopping. Benson is a happy child and the caretakers all love him. Can’t you see him shooting hoops in his own backyard?

Benson has a $5,000 agency grant available.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Hale (3)Hale (5)Boy, born January 2011
Down syndrome


The little one is ready to roll!  Hale enjoys public dances and goes to strangers willingly.  He loves to see people’s reactions to his noise making.  He is curious and he likes to go to noisy places.  Hale is a little shy with strangers; but, he is outgoing and active with other children. He loves to explore and participate in  group games. He is walking and has begun potty training at his foster home.  Can’t you see this beautiful boy as part of your family?

$670.25 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

WillWillBoy, born December 2004

Will is a handsome young boy who has been diagnosed with Hemophilia.


Despite his condition, he is an active and energetic boy. Will is a happy boy with a contagious smile. He is outgoing and gets along well with others. He enjoys singing songs and watching cartoons.

$1,029.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Cade B 319Boy, born July 2007
Vision issues – weak vision in both eyes; inborn high level of shortsightedness with the degeneration symptoms in the background of the eye.  Specific mixed developmental disorder

Cade is very loving, non-conflict child and friendly. When he faces difficulty, he asks for help from a child or an adult. Very careful in the environment he is not familiar with. Cade is taught according to the individual program, always performs his tasks, asks a lot of questions. Has knowledge and visualizations of the environment he is at and further from him, about the people as well. Is good singer, likes to read poems, is able to speak about his experience.

Cade is a very active child, his movement is in co-ordination and balance. He eats without help and is clean, can undress himself, while dressing up – needs a minimum of help from an adult.

Cade likes to draw and play pretend.

$2500.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

MartyBoy, born in November 2001Gary and Marty
mild hydrocephalus

Marty is a loving, kind child who rarely becomes angry but when he does, he gets over it quickly. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when he was found as a baby. He was cured and now is considered to be healthy. Marty stated it perfectly when he exclaimed, “It is good luck to be healthy again.” Marty attends 4th grade where he is especially good with computers. He is of normal intelligence and a great helper to the teacher. He can say many words in English including: no, hello, thank you, goodbye. He also loves all sports, especially basketball. His favorite color is red.

Marty’s best friend is Gary. They are truly close and Marty said his greatest dream would be for them to be adopted together! Marty is not opposed to a large family. He desperately wants to have a forever family. He also commented, “but if you can’t find me a family it will be OK because in the future I will be able to help other children find forever homes.”  Now who wouldn’t love to have a son with such a sweet, caring and positive attitude?

13 year old Marty and 11.5 year old Gary are foster brothers who are VERY close! They wish to be adopted together and the orphanage hopes they will be as well. BOTH boys now have their orphanage donation waived!!!! The agency has a partnership with their orphanage and just visited in November. After the staff finished interviewing the boys, Marty said, “This is the third time you have come here to meet with us… Why don’t we have a family yet?” Oh my heart…no child should even have to ask that. Can you imagine? These boys NEED to find their forever family and it needs to be quick too since Marty doesn’t have a lot of time!

Marty is a 13 year old boy (ages out next November) who dreams about becoming a teacher. He is diagnosed with mild hydrocephalus. He perseveres in school as he is a leader in his class. His favorite classes are drawing and singing. He’s quite an extroverted young man and is friendly, playful, helpful, and kind. And my favorite…he smiles A LOT! His mental acuity is normal and he is equal to his peers. MARTY HAS NO ORPHANAGE DONATION and he has a $3,000 AGENCY GRANT with Madison Adoption Associates. Agency fees for his adoption will be $3,500.
$525.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

GaryBoy, born Feb 2003Gary and Marty
Double eyelid drooping (post-op ptosis) and binocular ametropia


Gary is outgoing and will smile when teased. He can chat with others and likes to sing. He is a sensible and polite boy. He gets along very well with children. Gary can read and is full of curiosity. He can do many simple things by himself. Gary has been told about adoption and shown some children’s photos who have been adopted. He likes it very much and wants a family of his own!

Gary’s best friend is Marty.  The boys are very close, and wish they could be adopted together.

Update Dec 2014:
13 year old Marty and 11.5 year old Gary are foster brothers who are VERY close! They wish to be adopted together and the orphanage hopes they will be as well. BOTH boys now have their orphanage donation waived!!!! The agency has a partnership with their orphanage and just visited in November. After the staff finished interviewing the boys, Marty said, “This is the third time you have come here to meet with us… Why don’t we have a family yet?” Oh my heart…no child should even have to ask that. Can you imagine? These boys NEED to find their forever family and it needs to be quick too since Marty doesn’t have a lot of time!

Gary is an 11.5 year old boy who is diagnosed with droopy eyes, which is also known as ptosis. This is a very minor need and can often be corrected. He too dreams about becoming a teacher one day! His favorite food is an apple. He loves movies and his favorite animal is the monkey. He has an extroverted and playful spirit. He is kind, friendly, a follower, and also smiles a lot! His mental acuity is normal and equal to his peers and he was found to be very polite. GARY HAS NO ORPHANAGE DONATION and he has a $3,000 AGENCY GRANT with Madison Adoption Associates. Agency fees for his adoption will be $3,500.

$488.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Boy, Born August 2006
Down syndrome

UPDATE Nov 2013:  Mark is doing well, and his overall health is good!!   

We did not receive any information on the treatment he received for leukemia — but GOOD HEALTH is GREAT news!!

UPDATE December 2012:   It has been determined that sweet Mark is also battling leukemia.  We are waiting for additional medical testing and details, but PLEASE pray for him and help us find his forever family!  THANK GOD for a new photo, he has grown so much!   Trying to get his new photo in a larger size, but SO glad to finally have one!   Mark is up and walking and doing SO well!   Updated info coming soon!


609-02 This gentle boy has smooth, baby soft skin. He has dark skin and dark hair, potentially from an African/black parent. He is just darling, with a round chubby face. He was born on 8/2006. He enjoys playing with toys and with other children. His legs are rather weak so he scoots around quickly to reach his destination. He smiles brightly when he is spoken to. He waits for his loving family because he has Down syndrome. His family will be so lucky to be able to help this angel reach his fullest potential!

$11,198.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Joey1Joey_Fall2009Boy, born November 2006
Congenital Heart Defect


Joey’s file is outdated (from 2009).  He has had one surgery on his heart. He is introverted and loves his nanny.  He loves to be cuddled and play with cars.

There is an advocate who has been following him for about 2 yrs and is willing to talk to anyone who is seriously considering the adoption of Joey.  There is also a video available for serious inquiries.

$522.90 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Trisha & brother

Trisha has gone into domestic foster care; Tyler is not available.

O girl (1)Guardian AngelKendall-2014Girl, born January 2006
cerebral palsy, bigeminal epilepsy, deep mental handicap, inner hydrocephaly, convergent squint

Kendall is a true orphan, as her mother has passed away.


From a missionary who visited in August 2014:  “She is a total sweetheart. She loves being picked up, held and tickled. She can stand with support but her feet don’t sit flat on the ground. She needs a family who can get her the therapy she needs. She responds to the caregivers she has a bond with, she will pull herself along the ground to get to them. Her giggle is precious. She really is an amazing little girl who would light up her families life.”


From someone who met her:  She was gorgeous, when I spent time with her she had been taken into the playroom by a caretaker and she was lapping up every single second, she couldn’t stop laughing and grinning; it was a joy to watch! when I compare to pictures I received of her later in her cot it does not look like the same child! She needs a life and love, she could bloom, I know it!

10 day wait often waived here. Married couples only, larger families welcome.

$222.42 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

GMarciairl, born December 2010
Down syndrome, extra digit

Marcia is a spunky, and very cute, little girl who is 2 years old. She came into care when she was about 4 months old. Marcia  has Down syndrome, and an extra thumb on her right hand. She is so sweet, and so full of life! Marcia has no known heart conditions.

She is out-going, and not afraid of strangers. She loves blocks and rattles. Marcia is crawling and can walk while holding the rails (as of March…she could be walking unassisted now). She can imitate actions, and loves to blow kisses! Marcia is very curious, according to her report. This was so good to see! She is attentive, and very interested in everything around her.

Marcia needs a family who will help her reach her full potential…we have no doubt there are great things ahead in this little girl’s life!

$85.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Lydia Rose 2 Lydia RoseGirl, born August 2007
Cerebral Palsy

Lydia Rose is a shy girl; she has a ready smile and is fond of singing.  She is a very happy, obedient and good intelligent little child. At the age of 2 years and 6 months, the scissor step disappears and she can basically finish the actions such as putting off the shoes and socks. She can conduct the simple communication. At the age of 3 years, she can have meals with bowl and spoon. She can wash hands and face with help of the caretaker. Now little Lydia Rose can stand for several minutes alone. She can hold objects to walk. She has the prominent hand movements. She move flexibly and can hold things. Her intelligent development is well. She can conduct the daily communication. Lydia can take off clothes and go to the toilet without help.

Update and pictures from August 2012.

$2,651.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

FaithGirl, born June 2007
Delayed mental development, congenital mild cleft upper palate

Faith is 5 years old, she goes to kindergarten like other kids. She knows 1-5 numerals so far, can recite 3-4 songs. She can speak daily use words. Seeing other kids break the rules, she would put up her hands and report to teachers. She can’t speak clearly, but could be understood. She can have meals, dress, zip, button and wash face and feet by herself. She loves to be beautiful, likes clothes with colorful background instead of just one color. She likes to play in the park, she cheers, jumps like a happy bird when she reaches the park. She doesn’t like to stay home and watch TV, when she is upset, she pouts her lips and ignore others; when her requirements are satisfied, she smiles immediately. In the kindergarten, she performs good and cooperate with the teachers actively.

Faith is optimistic, shows affection initially.

$153.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Wendy 2Wendy Girl, born Sept 2003

Down syndrome, mild to moderate mental delays, normal physical development


Wendy lives with a foster family that includes a father, mother and 3 siblings. Wendy is studying in orphan special education school. She has Down’s syndrome, but she is very forthright and sincere, and active. Now she is 8 years and 6 months old, and she is very obedient. She likes going to school, every day she goes to school, she will say hello to her teachers and classmates. She likes music and dance, she can dance very well, can recite several children’s songs. Although she can not speak clearly, she can recite them fluently.  Wendy can write all names of her family, and she likes drawing, usually she can take a piece of paper to draw figures. She is willing to learn new things and forms good life habit. Every day she can mend bed, put toys in order, clean floor and etc. the result of investigation: although she has Down’s syndrome, she is very forthright and sincere, and active.

$2,982.44 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


CallahanBoy, born March 2011Callahan (2) PRC
Down syndrome


Callahan is such a little muffin!!

He is making good progress.  He has been in a foster family since Sept 2011.


$108.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


30115211711Boy, born April 2006




Jefferson’s grant of $3,139.00 has been gifted to Ian.




Boy, born 2001




Taken into domestic foster care!

Sullivan’s grant of $109.40 has been gifted to Julia.

Boy, born September 2006

He has strong mental delays, strabismus


Someone needs to save this sweet boy from a lifetime in a crib.  He’s chewing on his hands for self-soothing.  We have another picture of him that’s fuzzy, but you can see his smile peeking out behind his hands — he has a spark!


$346.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

20525191619 (5)Girl, born March 1999
Down syndrome


She looks so thoughtful, doesn’t she?  She only has until age 16 to be adopted — let’s not let her wait that long!    This princess needs a Mama!


Rania (along with GraceLynnKinley, and Emmalyn) are in a facility for older disabled children.  We are blessed to have the photos and info we do to fight for these girls to find forever families.   We may be their ONLY chance at a future.   We are seeking an experienced adoptive family who will take a chance on one of these girls, and help open the doors for other older children waiting in this institution.


Married couples only.  Older parents and large families welcome.   Previous adoptive experience of older institutionalized children is preferred.


$20,090.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


NE243a Lene (2)P-OD

Lene (pronounced like Renee)

Girl, born August 2010
Down syndrome, congenital heart disease, language delay


What a doll baby!  Love her little pigtails!  Lene responds to expressions of affection from other persons. She can adapt to any social environment.

As of February 2012, her report said that the she attends therapy 3 times a week.


  • Large families okay (with adequate space in the home)
  • One trip – total travel time 21-30 days in country (one parent can leave earlier)
  • Average length of time from Dossier submission to travel is 7-10 months
  • Total costs estimated around $27,000

$7844.64 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

abner-2015Boy, born December 2009Abner
Diagnosis:  after-effects of general disease of the central nervous system (neuroinfection); spastic tetraparesis with strong motor disorders; general mental delays, including speech underdevelopment; undescended testicles; shortcut frenulum of tongue; convergent squint



Taken into domestic foster care!


Abner’s grant of $1,626.55 has been gifted to Irina.

Guardian Angel
Boy, born July 2007


Raymond has arthrogryposis, and optic nerve atrophy, and he is cross- eyed.  He desperately needs a family to care for him and help him reach his full potential!  If Raymond is not adopted, he’s destined for a life in bed, with little outside stimulation.


$3879.55 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


Boy, Born October 20, 2009
Baby Tyler is doing great!   He was born at 36 weeks gestation, and has an ASD and a VSD.   He is being treated with medication and is doing very well, but will need to be followed by a cardiologist once home.   Super easy program, hope he finds a family quickly.   Significant and detailed social and medical history available.



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