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All of these children are in various stages of the adoption process.  Once they are home, they will be removed from this page. Your prayers for these children and their new families are greatly appreciated!

Friedrich, Kurt, Liesl, Louisa, and Brigitta L5

Five siblings:   half-brother, born summer 2006;  brother, born summer 2009; sister, born spring 2011; sister, born spring 2012; and sister born spring 2013

Listed: July 2017

Friedrich has blue eyes and blonde hair. He finished 4th grade at school. The boy studies according to his abilities with a help of support activities. If he is not provoked for aggression, he is very thoughtful, diligent and precise in classes. He enjoys to play with Lego, likes to draw, make things from various materials, as well as he likes to sing and dance. The boy is nice and sincere by character, he is bonded to his siblings and he is always good to them, has never been aggressive towards them. The adopters should take into consideration that the boy’s behavior issues endanger himself and others around, as during the episodes of aggression the boy becomes affective and he is not able to calm down for a long period of time. Diagnosed with mixed disorder of behavior and emotions. He agrees to be adopted only together with his siblings.

Kurt has blue eyes and light color hair. He is quiet and sincere child. He likes various TV shows and enjoys playing various games outside. The boy has learning difficulties and he needs to study according to specialized curriculum. The boy attends speech therapist, sand therapy and he loves to attend modern dance classes. The boy wishes to sing in a choir because he likes to sing. He has difficulties with reading, but he is admirably hardworking, he works a lot additionally by himself as he wishes to gain recognition. The boy is bonded to his siblings. He is diagnosed with small stature and needs a consultation with an endocrinologist.

Liesl has blue eyes and blonde hair. The girl attends kindergarten, she gladly plays with other children, she likes to draw and sing. She is hard-working in the learning process, but she is not successful in many things, she finds it difficult to learn letters and do writing tasks, her attention is unstable. The girl may sometimes have urinary problems. She tries to put her belongings in order, is able to dress herself, she is friendly and sweet in communication with others. She is joyful by nature, although sometimes may be naughty, but it is possible to come to an agreement with her. The girl is close to her siblings, especially to the oldest half-brother. She is diagnosed with nocturnal enuresis and a behavior disorder.

Louisa has brown eyes and light color hair. The girl enjoys to play with other children, she colors, draws and sings. She has a good voice and she can keep the tune. The girl is diligent and hard-working, she helps the foster mother in the household jobs. She is friendly and sweet in communication with others. The girl is close to her siblings with whom she lives together, and she is happy to meet her other siblings (Fredrich and Liesl). She is diagnosed with a speech and language development delay.

Brigitta has brown eyes and brown hair. The girl enjoys to play with her siblings, with whom she lives together (Louisa and Kurt), towards other children she is more reserved. By character she is more naughty than Louisa, with difficulty obeys instructions, tends to argue, sometimes may be aggressive towards others, to get her way may even bite others. The girl likes to sing, to color coloring books, to make various hairstyles and to dress up. The girl is close to her siblings with whom she lives together, and she is happy to meet her other siblings (Fredrich and Liesl). She is diagnosed with a speech and language development delay.

All five children meet each other regularly, because the foster families are friends with each other. They celebrate together the children’s name days and birthdays, as well as participate in events for foster families.

$5,515.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Boy, born 2016
Down syndrome & atrial septal defect


Tate is a lovely and cheerful boy waiting for his adoptive family. Other than Down Syndrome and an atrial septal defect, Tate is a healthy little boy. He loves to hold toys and makes sounds to react to people. He is also able to roll over on his own and lift his head by himself. He asks others’ attention by making “Ba Ba” sounds, and asks to be held by reaching out his both hands. Tate smiles and laughs a lot. He was the unwanted and unplanned third child of his parents who couldn’t accept his disability. A family that will love him and care for him is exactly what he needs.

$3,995.29 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, born summer 2012
Down syndrome

Listed: May 11, 2017

Marina is a cute and sociable 4 year old girl with Down Syndrome. She has straight, black hair and a shy smile. She’s described by her care takers as pleasant, she plays well with other children and can communicate with single words.

The agency has photos to share at the appropriate point in a family’s adoption process.

*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant!  From May 15 through Dec 31, 2018, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant***

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


guardianangelclioGirl, born 2012

Blindness, both eyes; Aphakia

Listed: Feb 2017

She needs a family ASAP!

$623.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


jayden1Boy, born 2016

Down syndrome


Oh sweet pea!!

$405.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Nika1nika-2017-2Girl, born July 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: August 2, 2016

New pic January 2017! 

UPDATE 2017:  Two and a half year old Nika is waiting for her forever family.  She is a lovely little girl who has Down Syndrome. She can crawl and walk freely. Nika can speak simple words, and loves music, playing with dolls and mirrors. She is closest to her caregivers and the other children she shares her room with. Nika is quiet and sweet with a ready smile. I have been praying for Nika that she will have her forever home soon. I believe in miracles that God will lead a forever family to her.

Nika is an adorable little girl who has just turned 2 years old! She arrived at the orphanage when she was about 4 months old, having been found at a coal yard. Nika has Down syndrome, with no known heart or other health issues. While her development is delayed, as expected, her overall development is good. She has good fine motor skills, and at the time of her report (August 2015) she was able to say several words. Nika was crawling at 13 months of age. Nika loves to look at herself in a mirror. She will pat her reflection, and touch her head to the mirror. Nika loves dolls, and enjoys playing with her nanny and the other kids in her room. Nika is a delightful and loving little one, who waits for her very own family!

$1,332.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Holland 2015Holly 2Girl, born Oct 2011
Blind (retinal glioblastoma; secondary retinal detachment; glaucoma; left eyeball after enucleation)

Listed: Dec 21, 2013

Holland has delayed development. When admitted, she was 4 months old. At that time, she could make the sound of “gugu” if being teased and could hold your fingers if you touched her hand. At the age of 8 months, she could turn over and sit alone, hold the milk bottle to drink milk, and jump if you held her arms. At the age of 1 year, she could crawl forward and backward, knew her name, and could respond if you called her name. At the age of 1.5 years, she could walk with holding hands, imitate speaking, and could understand simple language. Now she can walk alone, can speak simple sentences. Her cognitive ability is not good due to her visual impairment. She likes toys with sound. Holland is quiet, lovely, shy, and sometimes likes toys and music. She likes playing games with familiar people and can smile when happy. Under careful care of everyone, she is growing up healthily and happily. She has built stable and close relationships with the nurturers.

Update from someone who met her in 2015:
Look who I saw on our orphanage visit. She looks great and is very confident in getting around. My heart just melted when I saw how great she is doing! Just look at her hair growing back!

$1,392.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



Scott photo1ScottBoy, born 2014
spinal meningocele, anal atresia

Listed: March 1, 2016

oh sweet baby!

Scott was left at the orphanage when he was only four days old. He was diagnosed with anal atresia and received corrective surgery for this. Part of his lower digestive tract was removed during surgery, which may affect his bowel control in the future. Scott also has a tumor on his waist that will require surgery for spinal meningocele. Scott can sit and crawl. He says “mama” and “papa” and understands what is said to him. Scott likes playing games and has a ready smile. He also likes to be cuddled and comforted by the nannies at the orphanage. Could you be Scott’s family?

UPDATED:  Scott, age 1.5, is a real miracle. He was abandoned as a newborn infant in August of 2014 with multiple problems, including a heart defect, anal atresia and spina bifida. Within the first 12 days of his life, he had two intestinal surgeries that both failed. After the second surgery failed, the local surgeons decided to give up.  He was sent to Little Flower for hospice care.

The good people at Little Flower write:  When this beautiful little boy arrived at our home we discussed the various options for treatment.  We could not bring ourselves give up and let him die because of a simple, correctable defect, so we transferred him to Beijing so that surgeons could try to repair the damage from the first two surgeries.   During that surgery he was diagnosed with short bowel syndrome.  We knew that meant a very long road for this little guy, but hoped that he might beat the odds.

Because of the failed surgeries, much of his intestine had been removed; this made it nearly impossible for him to absorb nutrition.  The doctors tried many, many things to help him, including various feeding pumps, numerous types of specialized infant formula (and even donor milk) as well as parenteral nutrition.  He was discharged from the hospital over and over, but repeatedly needed to be re-admitted with dehydration and serious infection.  He was not able to gain any weight and as hard as we were fighting, we just weren’t sure he would be able to pull through. His hospital bills were growing and it was getting harder and harder to raise funds for this little boy whose prognosis was so poor.

Finally, a very special donor agreed to help him and we were able to admit him to the hospital for long term care and specialized feeding. We hoped that if his remaining intestines had a chance to rest for a prolonged period, perhaps they would be able to recover. It took him a few weeks to stabilize, and then slowly he started to gain weight.   When he was 10 months old he had another surgery to close his colostomy.  This little fighter was not going to give up!  However, it still took another 5 months for his intestines to heal enough for him to wean off the parenteral feeding.  Gradually, he began to get his nutrition from his bottle and baby food.

After 10 long months of hospitalization, Scott returned home a changed boy! He is now very stable and able to eat just like the other babies.   He sits up, crawls, and babbles – he has a lot to say!   He still needs surgery for his spina bifida (his cardiac issue is now resolved), but we are SO glad that his gastrointestinal issues are finally under control.  We are grateful to the doctors who were willing to take a chance on this “hopeless” little guy and worked so hard to provide the medical care that he needed to survive.  Now Scott needs a family of his own!

$1,046.05 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption


Curtis2 CurtisBoy, born March 2014
Down syndrome, post-op congenital heart disease

Listed: April 29, 2015

What a little love muffin Curtis is! Curtis is diagnosed as having down syndrome and is post-op CHD-TOF (elsewhere in his file it mentions an ultrasound reported PFO, ASD, and PDA).


Curtis has typical delays for a child with down syndrome. He could distinguish the difference between strangers and those close to him at the age of 6 months. At 9 months he was rolling over and could clap his hands and use his hands to get his favorite toys. Shortly after Curtis3he was crawling and able to recognize his name and respond when called. He has been beginning to learn some simple words and trying to pronounce them. Curtis is gentle and cute. He likes to snuggle and receive hugs from his caretakers. He likes when others play with him and when he is happy he will shake hands with other children and kick his feet happily. Curtis gets along well with the other children and is good about sharing his toys. Could you be the lucky family that gets to snuggle with this little teddy bear? Please help us find a family for Curtis now so he can get home while he is still so young!

$1,828.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


clyde-2016Boy, born 2013
Down syndrome, HIV, disorder of brain, atopic dermatitis, torticollis, atrial septic defect, biliary tract issue

Sweet baby boy!

Listed: September 22, 2014


$10,252.44 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Finley and Fern

Boy, born September 2013
spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy; congenital pes planus; hearing loss, unspecified; optic atrophy; strabismus; other specified congenital malformation of the heart

Finley will be transferred end of August 2017!!
From a family that met them July 2017:
Finley is precious and has the most adorable dimples! He walks very well and we are told has recently made incredible progress! The nannies love him and say is very friendly and helpful, and especially enjoys helping to set the table. He is soft spoken, but communicates well. We adored him!
Fern is doing so well! We were told he has improved dramatically with a change in medication. His smile just lights up the room!
Updated pics, video and info 7/17!!

Fern:  Boy, born 2016
other specified congenital malformations, atrial septal defect, patent ductus arteriosis, laryngeal hypoplasia
congenital hydrophenosis, congenital vertical talus deformity, esotropia, vitamin deficiency, cytomegaloviral disease

This region often waives the 10-day-wait.

$365.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


nolan-2016Boy, Born September 2004

Nolan is such a handsome boy!  He needs a loving family!

Listed: August 4, 2010

From his medical records:  long-term effects of some early trauma (right-side hemiparesis), mild mental delays, seizures, flat feet, farsightedness

He has fine motor skills, understands everything, he talks but it is hard to understand him.  Nolan is very physically active, happy and cooperative, friends with other children.   A family living in the states who has 3 children, one who is significantly disabled, has taken a special interest in Nolan but cannot add Nolan to their own family due to the needs of their children. Per the family, “Nolan’s eyes and smile caught our heart. He is close in age to one of our own children. We hope this gift will enable someone to give Nolan the chance to live outside an institution.”

A family must have a completed homestudy to commit to Nolan.  Due to the size of Nolan’s grant, 50% of grant funds will be available upon receiving a travel date, and the other 50% upon passing court.

Nolan has a grant of $19,597.50 available towards the cost of his adoption!


brendenBrendenBoy, born July 2012
Hydrocephalus, spina bifida

Brenden is an absolute sweetheart. He has hydrocephalus and spina bifida and has had surgery for both. Brenden has limited movement in his lower body, but has already made some progress and can move his legs a little bit on his own. He is working on sitting up and is almost there. A visiting therapist thinks that, with braces and a walker, Brenden will be able to walk in the future. Brenden loves to play and chat and is starting to say several words. He is definitely a precious little guy!

Update Jan 2015:

Brenden is an absolute sweetheart. He has hydrocephalus and spina bifida and has had surgery for both. He also has sickle cell anemia. Brenden has limited movement in his lower body, but has already made some progress and can move his legs a little bit on his own. Brenden can sit up independently. A visiting therapist thinks that with braces and a walker, Brenden may be able to walk in the future. Brenden loves to play and is talking more every day. He also loves to sing and will often choose his favorites to sing with his foster family. He is definitely a precious little guy! 


$10.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, born April 2009Tallulah (1)
Down syndrome

Listed: May 2, 2013


Update May 2017:  Meet Tallulah! This active and spunky little girl came into care as a baby, and was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and a slight heart issue which has healed as she has grown. No surgery was necessary. Tallulah’s development has been good. She is a little one…her current height is 39″, and she weighs 35 pounds. She loves to play on the playground with her friends, and really loves to bounce. She is very flexible, and loves to climb.

Tallulah is engaging, social, funny, and a precious little girl! Her nannies say she is very bright, and able to learn new skills quickly. Tallulah has excellent receptive speech, and her expressive speech, though not always clear, is coming along. She attends school at the orphanage. She has been waiting for her family, and really hopes they hurry. I am sure she would also wish for lots of siblings and friends, and a big back yard with a swing set! Please make Tallulah’s wishes come true!

The agency has a video available.

Update 2015: She is potty trained and can take care of herself. She speaks two or three words phrases now. But she understands everything. She understands what others are talking about and she can follow instructions.

She is attending special education preschool in the orphanage. In the special education class, she learns life common sense and children songs, poems, counting, drawing, etc. Her motor skills are as good as healthy children. She is flexible, active and lovely. She likes to dance. She always dance with television when there is a dance show. Her body is very flexible. She can run and jump. She is extroverted, she’s happy most of time. She’s been living group life here in the orphanage always. She gets along well with other children and caretakers. Although her language is not so good, she understands others well.

She likes to build blocks and play with beautiful Barbie dolls. She also likes to dress up beautiful dress or outfits. There is another Down Syndrome child in the pictures (Bruno). They came to the orphanage about the same time and have grown up together. They are very close. They both are extroverted, active and cute!

$4,360.59 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Isabelle #2-2

Isabelle Sept 2013 (1)Girl, Born February 2002
Down syndrome

Listed: September 27, 2010



Isabelle’s file is no longer available — she is either adopted, in foster care, or in the process of adoption.

*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***