KandieGirl, age: 13
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Kandie is currently living in a group home. She has well developed gross motor skills(walks, runs, etc). She talks using simple phrases and questions. She can memorize poems and songs. She understands everything that is said to her, though like some kids with Down syndrome, she has difficulty with inferring, so the staff uses short simple sentences and concrete vocabulary when providing directions. She can count to 5 independently and to 10 with some assistance. She can write a few letters. She works hard while in school and does not have any behavior issues. She is completely toilet trained. She bathes herself with supervision from an adult. She serves and cleans off the table after meal time when it is her turn (all the children in the group home take turns doing this). She makes her own bed. She enjoys playing with the other children, watching TV and listening to music.

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