ErinGuardian AngelGirl, born November 1999


Erin’s grant of $3169.35 was gifted to Mindy.

Boy, Born July 1999
Down syndrome




Daniel’s grant of $1207.00 was gifted to Jasper.

Shaina (2) Shaina (1)Girl, born June 1999
Down syndrome


Shaina’s grant was gifted to Heidi and Erin.

Anna MichelleGirl, born August 2001
post op CHD, blind



Anna Michelle’s grant of $5,071.76 has been gifted to Averi.


Josie Lynne 2-001

Josie Lynne 3Girl, born September 2001
postoperative varus of feet

Josie Lynne’s grant of $220.50 has been gifted to Chelsia.

Jianna (1) Jianna (2)Girl, born May, 2001
Down syndrome


Jianna’s grant was gifted to Heidi and Bella.

Mitchell (2)

Mitchell (1)Boy, born December 2000


Mitchell’s grant of $9.00 has been gifted to Barry.

Johnny WYnnBoy, born October 2000



Johnny Wynn aged out — his grant was gifted to Jasper.

40223154407 CalderBoy, born August 1999
Emotional disorders


$459.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

dannyBoy, born August 2000 (ages out 8/18/2014)
Deaf, Hep B

Danny’s grant of 399.15 has been gifted to Manny.  

ShepardBoy, born May 2001
Down syndrome


Shepard’s grant was gifted to Rogers and Jeff.

Eliah (1) Eliah (2)Boy, born March 2000
Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate (after repair)


Eliah’s grant of $337.95 was gifted to Danny; another older boy in the same country.

SaraGirl, born November 2000
Poor eyesight, slight inversion of foot



Sara’s grant of $300 has been gifted to Francesca.

DanielBoy, born March 2000
Congenital Cataract


Daniel’s grant of $2435.90 was gifted to Don Michael; another older boy in the same country.

Jojo2Jojo1Girl, born July 2000
Cerebral Palsy



Jojo’s grant of $2,661.84 was gifted to Twyla.


Zebadiah-001Boy, born July 2001

Zebadiah’s grant of $190 was gifted to Averi.

Garion2 GarionBoy, born August 1999

HIV, mental delays, nonverbal, possible autism



Garion’s grant of $5,227.70 has been gifted to Micah.

RussBoy, born March 26, 2001
Cerebral Palsy


Russ’s grant of $2,005.00 was gifted to Ezra, another older boy in his country.

Mindy (2) Mindy (3)Girl, born December 1999Guardian Angel
Cerebral Palsy  


Mindy’s grant was gifted to Daphne.

benBoy, born July 2001



Benji’s grant of $5,065.46 was gifted to Anna Michelle.

Y1999reign-2014Girl, born May 1999




Reign’s grant of $8484.67 has been gifted to Blaine and Garion, who were both also at risk of aging out.


30520133548Boy, born January 1999

Cerebral palsy; Moderate mental delays


Dagmar’s grant of $8737.8 has been gifted to Porter and Davian.


Jasper (1)Jasper (2)Boy, born January 2001
Down syndrome



Jasper’s grant of $9,429.36 has been gifted to Erich and Benji, boys who are also at-risk of aging out.

MannyBoy, born September 28, 2000



Manny’s grant of $728.75 was gifted to Johnny Wynn.

EzraBoy, born August 2001


Ezra’s grant of $2009.95 has been gifted to Ward.


Holly Rose (2)Girl, born Nov 6, 2000
Moderate mental delays



Holly Rose’s grant of $2,110.50 has been gifted to Jasper.

Girl, born February 1999

Francesca’s grant of $527.81 has been gifted to Isolde.


Girl, Born April 1998



Guardian Angel

Girl, Born January 12, 1996


Karen is the older, biological sister of Chrystyna.   She is a beautiful Roma girl with dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.  She is 17 years old.  She is healthy and smart and has no diagnosed special needs.    She goes to school and has no negative behavioral issues.  She is just a teen in need of a loving family!


Karen and Chrystyna are living in different orphanages, but in the same region.  It would only be possible for Karen to be adopted WITH her younger sister.  Due to her age, she can not be adopted on her own.

If you might be seeking a sibling set, please inquire!  Both girls need a loving family!


Boy, Born October 1998

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

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