IllianaBorn November 1999

Down syndrome




Illiana’s grant of $4,503.30 has been gifted to Delylah.

Averi (1)Girl, born October 2001Averi (2)
congenital deformity of absent joint structure of the whole body




Averi’s grant of $5,261.76 has been gifted to Emily.

Micahmicah2015-1Boy, born November 1999




Micah’s grant of $6453.50 has been gifted to Alex.

Anna MichelleGirl, born August 2001
post op CHD, blind



Anna Michelle’s grant of $5,071.76 has been gifted to Averi.


NatalieGirl, born 1999
Mild Mental Delays

Natalie will age out in DECEMBER 2015!!

From a family that met her in early 2015:

She is a very sweet girl. We didn’t spend much time with her but she seemed very quiet and smart. I don’t know what her special need is but it must be very mild.

$38.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


TyrekTyrekBoy, born March 2002
Visually Impaired




ChelsiaGirl, born January 2002
Delayed Development

Chelsia ages out in January 2016 – she needs a family to be in country to adopt her, prior to her birthday!

Beautiful Chelsia recently turned 13. Normally that would be very exciting, but for Chelsia it means she now has less than a year for her family to find her and for them to be in her country. Chelsia must be adopted before her 14th birthday or she will age out and likely face a life in an institution. Chelsia is diagnosed with delayed development. Chelsia is shy at first, but she likes communicating with people once she is familiar with them. She enjoys reading books and watching tv. Chelsia’s teachers say she is not good at math, but it does not seem to affect her socially. She is energetic and is often found with a smile on her face! Chelsia enjoys playing with toys, but she enjoys puzzles and drawing the most. She can express her will and she is very polite. She is independent with taking care of her own needs and will help adults when she is able. Chelsia has a good appetite. Her favorite foods are dumplings, vegetables, fruits, sweets, and snacks.

$0.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!

For more information on how to adopt this child, please visit our Contact Page.

Jianna (1) Jianna (2)Girl, born May, 2001
Down syndrome


Jianna’s grant was gifted to Heidi and Bella.

Mitchell (2)

Mitchell (1)Boy, born December 2000


Mitchell’s grant of $9.00 has been gifted to Barry.

Johnny WYnnBoy, born October 2000



Johnny Wynn aged out — his grant was gifted to Jasper.

Yerick (4)Boy, born November 2001




Yerick’s grant of $242.50 has been gifted to Marshall.

40223154407 CalderBoy, born August 1999
Emotional disorders


40212230604 (2)Boy, born January 2000
Secondary cardiomyopathy


Eben is a communicative, friendly boy.  He studies well at school, and is interested in computer sciences.

Eben’s grant of $1,128.92 has been gifted to Morris.

dannyBoy, born August 2000 (ages out 8/18/2014)
Deaf, Hep B

Danny’s grant of 399.15 has been gifted to Manny.  

ShepardBoy, born May 2001
Down syndrome


Shepard’s grant was gifted to Rogers and Jeff.

Eliah (1) Eliah (2)Boy, born March 2000
Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate (after repair)


Eliah’s grant of $337.95 was gifted to Danny; another older boy in the same country.

SaraGirl, born November 2000
Poor eyesight, slight inversion of foot



Sara’s grant of $300 has been gifted to Francesca.

DanielBoy, born March 2000
Congenital Cataract


Daniel’s grant of $2435.90 was gifted to Don Michael; another older boy in the same country.

Jojo2Jojo1Girl, born July 2000
Cerebral Palsy



Jojo’s grant of $2,661.84 was gifted to Twyla.


Zebadiah-001Boy, born July 2001

Zebadiah’s grant of $190 was gifted to Averi.

Garion2 GarionBoy, born August 1999

HIV, mental delays, nonverbal, possible autism



Garion’s grant of $5,227.70 has been gifted to Micah.

RussBoy, born March 26, 2001
Cerebral Palsy


Russ’s grant of $2,005.00 was gifted to Ezra, another older boy in his country.

Mindy (2) Mindy (3)Girl, born December 1999Guardian Angel
Cerebral Palsy  


Mindy’s grant was gifted to Daphne.

benBoy, born July 2001



Benji’s grant of $5,065.46 was gifted to Anna Michelle.

Y1999reign-2014Girl, born May 1999




Reign’s grant of $8484.67 has been gifted to Blaine and Garion, who were both also at risk of aging out.


30520133548Boy, born January 1999

Cerebral palsy; Moderate mental delays


Dagmar’s grant of $8737.8 has been gifted to Porter and Davian.


Vm (1)Nehemiah-2014Boy, born January 2000
Cerebral palsy, difficult mental handicap




Nehemiah’s grant of $5,407.12 has been gifted to Denzel and Elijah.

MI (1) Blaine-2014Boy, born Sept 1999

Cerebral palsy, deep mental handicap, hydrocephaly, complete vascular leukoma, corneal staphyloma, inborn optic atrophy



Blaine’s grant of $5,155.67 has been gifted to Nehemiah.

ErinGuardian AngelGirl, born November 1999


Erin’s grant of $3169.35 was gifted to Mindy.

Jasper (1)Jasper (2)Boy, born January 2001
Down syndrome



Jasper’s grant of $9,429.36 has been gifted to Erich and Benji, boys who are also at-risk of aging out.

MannyBoy, born September 28, 2000



Manny’s grant of $728.75 was gifted to Johnny Wynn.

EzraBoy, born August 2001


Ezra’s grant of $2009.95 has been gifted to Ward.


Emily (1)

Girl, born Feb 2002
Williams syndrome
perforate in the right tympanum




Emily’s grant of $5,953.76 has been gifted to Toni.

Heidi 2HeidiGirl, born 2001
Down syndrome



Heidi’s grant of $18,233.30 was gifted to Tara and Emmaline.

Holly Rose (2)Girl, born Nov 6, 2000
Moderate mental delays



Holly Rose’s grant of $2,110.50 has been gifted to Jasper.

Shaina (2) Shaina (1)Girl, born June 1999
Down syndrome


Shaina’s grant was gifted to Heidi and Erin.

ReidBoy, born Dec 2001




$5,126.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Isolde2isolde-2015-1Girl, born November 1999
Cerebral palsy

#AGINGOUT November 2015

Isolde is described as creative and eager.

From a volunteer who visited with her in July 2015:  “Isolde is a girl who knows what perseverance, hope and love is. A girl who has seen many of her friends being adopted and she is happy for them. She asks how they are doing and she loves seeing their pictures again. While looking at the pictures she kept repeating: ‘*name of child*, papa and mama now?!’ She understands the concept of love. She really cares about the children around her. She asks the children with parents, if they have been visited lately. And one day she asked me if I loved one of the other children. I told her yes and I told her I love her as well. She looked a moment at me, thinking, and slowly a smile covered her face. She wrapped her arms around me and whispered ‘I love you too.’ From that moment on I couldn’t pass her by without a hug. She would pull my arm, call my name, try to follow me, until we hugged. She is so happy for her friends who are adopted, but she has been passed by over and over again. She understands the concept of a family. Isolde has cerebral palsy. Because of this she has a hard time walking. She learned how to walk a couple years ago. She persevered until she could walk. She is such a fighter. Every day she would practice together, until she couldn’t stand on her legs anymore. For a while she received physical therapy and her walking improved and her muscles got stronger. Last year there was no money for physical therapy in the facility anymore and she lost a lot of her ability. Now there is a simple form of physical therapy again and her walking has improved again. Right now she is able to walk with a walker. She does need something to hold on very tight with two hands. (That can also be a person or some bars.) She let her legs being stretched, as if she understands (without words in her own language) that stretching will help her. Stretching her legs gives her a lot more flexibility. She accepts the pain that comes with stretching, so she can also have the relieve after the stretching. After the stretching she can almost straigthen her legs (which is totally impossible for her without stretching). Isolde uses the bathroom by herself and she can dress herself (sometimes with a little help). I expect that she is also capable of washing herself for the most part. She can eat and drink by herself. And she is very helpful and loving with smaller children. I have never seen her hurt anyone. She is very patient and I can’t say it enough, she is so loving to everyone she meets. She is able to talk, although it is hard to understand sometimes, because of her cerebral palsy. With the right therapy (at least physical therapy and speech therapy) she will be able to achieve so much. As a child Isolde has been operated on her feet/ankles. I don’t know if she gained a lot of abilities with it, but at least she lost them again. But whenever someone invests time and energy in exercizing with her, she already gains a lot of abilities again. Let’s end this with some examples of her (social) functioning. Isolde is best friends with Duane. She has been for years. She loves him like no other. They are not in the same group currently and she tries to spend time with him whenever the nurses let her. She will go hug him and talk to him. She will tell him she loves him. She tries to help him to stay standing when he’s getting tired, eventhough she can hardly stand on her legs by herself. She wants to spend as much time with him as she can. Isolde understands the idea of consequences. One day I was walking around with her, behind the wheelchair of Duane. Duane was acting out and behaving not very well. And she would tell him to stop. She’d tell him that if he wouldn’t stop, he would have to go back to the group and that they couldn’t walk around anymore and spend time together. He kept acting out and she got a bit upset and just kept telling him: ‘Stop, don’t do this.’ We had to bring him back to the group and she was obviously upset and disappointed Another day I took her for a round alone and on the other side of the building (out of sight for the nurses) I put her wheelchair on the brakes and challenged her to get out. We walked around until she was tired. When I brought her back to the group, she kept hugging me and thanking me for walking around with her. Isolde has to get out fast! Her chance is almost gone. I am so afraid that she will lose her positive spirit if she stays trapped in a facility for the rest of her life. She can achieve so much. I am convinced that she can live a close to normal life. Isolde is very dear to me. I’ve spent quite some time with her in the last 5 years. I feel strongly that she would do great in any family, as an only child, as a child in a bigger family, as the oldest or the youngest. And I expect that she will thrive in no time. I expect that she will do great, that she can embrace life to the fullest. When I look at how happy she is for others who get adopted, I can only imagine how happy she’ll be when it is finally her time. I always try to keep the updates basic and not too emotional, but I cannot stay basic with this girl. She deserves a family and she needs one so badly. And I am truly convinced that she would make a great daughter. Please share her as much as you can, because time’s up! And maybe, maybe this is your daughter!”


$12,571.31 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Girl, born February 1999

Francesca’s grant of $527.81 has been gifted to Isolde.

Boy, Born July 1999
Down syndrome




Daniel’s grant of $1207.00 was gifted to Jasper.


Girl, Born April 1998



Guardian Angel

Girl, Born January 12, 1996


Karen is the older, biological sister of Chrystyna.   She is a beautiful Roma girl with dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.  She is 17 years old.  She is healthy and smart and has no diagnosed special needs.    She goes to school and has no negative behavioral issues.  She is just a teen in need of a loving family!


Karen and Chrystyna are living in different orphanages, but in the same region.  It would only be possible for Karen to be adopted WITH her younger sister.  Due to her age, she can not be adopted on her own.

If you might be seeking a sibling set, please inquire!  Both girls need a loving family!


Boy, Born October 1998

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

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