Jonah1Boy, born June 2000
moderate mental delays and an organic lesion of the central nervous system.




Guardian Angelkiersten-2016Girl, Born  April 2000




Kiersten’s grant of $9,471.28 has been gifted to Angela, Kara and Soleil in her same country.


Dante L3

boysillouettenophotoBoy, Born April 2000

Down syndrome




Dante’s grant of $15,036.00 has been gifted to Fritz, Gabriel and Brady – older boys in his country who also have Down syndrome.


Girl, born April 2002
Down syndrome



Kylie’s grant of $5,161.40 has been gifted to Charlene and Jennie — older girls in her country who also have Down syndrome.


emilyemily-2016Girl, born January 2001
Cerebral palsy, knee joints contractures, valgus feet, severe mental delays

Listed: September 25, 2015

She is so full of life!  She just needs a family!



Averi (1)Girl, born October 2001Averi (2)
congenital deformity of absent joint structure of the whole body




Averi’s grant of $5,261.76 has been gifted to Emily.


AlexBoy, born December 1999

Moderate mental retardation, nonverbal, congenital malformation cleft of hard and soft palate, cleft lip (operation in February 2007).



ChelsiaGirl, born January 2002
Delayed Development



Chelsia’s grant of $333 has been gifted to Beth.






40212230604 (2)Boy, born January 2000
Secondary cardiomyopathy


Eben is a communicative, friendly boy.  He studies well at school, and is interested in computer sciences.

Eben’s grant of $1,128.92 has been gifted to Morris.


40205120958Boy, born February 2000
Secondary cardiomyopathy



Edison’s grant of $62.10 has been gifted to Dean!


Eliah (1) Eliah (2)Boy, born March 2000
Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate (after repair)


Eliah’s grant of $337.95 was gifted to Danny; another older boy in the same country.


SaraGirl, born November 2000
Poor eyesight, slight inversion of foot



Sara’s grant of $300 has been gifted to Francesca.


DanielBoy, born March 2000
Congenital Cataract


Daniel’s grant of $2435.90 was gifted to Don Michael; another older boy in the same country.


Garion2 GarionBoy, born August 1999

HIV, mental delays, nonverbal, possible autism



Garion’s grant of $5,227.70 has been gifted to Micah.


brilynn-4Girl, born March 2002
cerebral palsy, anemia



Brilynn’s grant of 1,452.50 has been gifted to Winnie.


RussBoy, born March 26, 2001
Cerebral Palsy


Russ’s grant of $2,005.00 was gifted to Ezra, another older boy in his country.


Y1999reign-2014Girl, born May 1999




Reign’s grant of $8484.67 has been gifted to Blaine and Garion, who were both also at risk of aging out.



30520133548Boy, born January 1999

Cerebral palsy; Moderate mental delays


Dagmar’s grant of $8737.8 has been gifted to Porter and Davian.



Vm (1)Nehemiah-2014Boy, born January 2000
Cerebral palsy, difficult mental handicap


Nehemiah’s grant of $5,407.12 has been gifted to Denzel and Elijah.


MI (1) Blaine-2014Boy, born Sept 1999

Cerebral palsy, deep mental handicap, hydrocephaly, complete vascular leukoma, corneal staphyloma, inborn optic atrophy



Blaine’s grant of $5,155.67 has been gifted to Nehemiah.


DaniGirl, born Feb 2003dina

Listed: May 13, 2013

Dani is now 13 years old; she needs to be adopted prior to Feb 2017, or she will remain an orphan.

Danielle is a sweet girl who came to the institution at 5 years of age. She tends to have an episode when the weather suddenly turns cold. She will usually start to feel better after lying down for half an hour. Danielle is a very polite and sensible little girl. Usually, when she has nothing to do, she likes to help the nannies with whatever she is able to help with. She enjoys playing games with other children and really loves to talk. She is lively and open, and is well liked by everyone.

Danielle has become an active little girl. She likes to go jogging in the morning with the other kids and can run 400-500m. She did not attend school due to flare-ups of her condition, and because she has not been attending school, her intelligence is a bit lower compared to her peers. However, she has good language ability and can communicate with others normally. She enjoys singing songs and can recite some poetry. She can also write numbers. Danielle is also very hospitable. When guests come, she will warmly greet them, ask if they would like to sit down, and will shake their hand to say goodbye when the guests are leaving. She also considers herself as the Big Sister and will take care of the younger children.

Dani’s caregivers say that she is very hospitable, kind, and helpful. She likes to help clean up after the younger kids in the orphanage. Her favorite thing to do is SING!

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


Jasper (1)Jasper (2)Boy, born January 2001
Down syndrome



Jasper’s grant of $9,429.36 has been gifted to Erich and Benji, boys who are also at-risk of aging out.


Emily (1)

Girl, born Feb 2002
Williams syndrome
perforate in the right tympanum




Emily’s grant of $5,953.76 has been gifted to Toni.

Holly Rose

Holly Rose (2)Girl, born Nov 6, 2000
Moderate mental delays



Holly Rose’s grant of $2,110.50 has been gifted to Jasper.


ReidBoy, born Dec 2001




Reid’s grant of $5,126.70 has been gifted to Leonard and Marshall.




duane-2016Boy, born November 2000

Down syndrome, neurodystrophy, psychological and motor development disorder, alalia

Listed: October 21, 2012