Your Leadership Team

Reece’s Rainbow was begun in June of 2006 by our Director, Andrea Roberts. Since that time, the organization has grown exponentially, and many new volunteers have stepped up to assist with the increasing needs of our families and waiting children. God never intended for this to be a one-woman-show! We are seeking additional volunteers to help us in various areas, so we can continue to grow and effectively meet the needs of our adopting families. If you would like to offer your time and services to the children of Reece’s Rainbow, please do not hesitate to inquire! Even if it is not listed here, if you have a talent or a vision, something you’d like to add to the services offered by Reece’s Rainbow, please do not hesitate to ask. Reece’s Rainbow relies on private donations to fund our operations, so these are volunteer positions only at this time. We are grateful for your help and new ideas!

Founder & Executive Director,
Andrea Roberts

andreaCurrently residing in Maryland, I am the mother of two sons, one of whom is REECE 🙂 Reece is my biological son. Reece’s Rainbow was a vision I woke up with one day in early 2006. After getting involved with an orphan aid organization supporting children in Ukraine, I learned what Reece’s fate might have been had he born in a different country. I was angry and appalled and moved to action. It was impossible to sit back and not defend him in every way possible! God clearly placed Reece in my life for a special purpose, so Reece’s Rainbow was born out of passion, an intense love for my child, and a calling to make a difference, one orphan at a time. It started with (5) children in Ukraine and has grown to over (1300+) children finding their families in (26) countries around the world. (800) more are still waiting, and the program grows every day.

I have two Bachelors degrees from the University of Alabama, 1993. In my life before Reece, I was in sales, marketing, and client support, so my love of working with people and my expertise in meeting the needs of my customers is now entwined with a God-given passion to serve orphans with Down syndrome. I am available to new families and sponsors with questions 7 days a week. Please do not hesitate to write me!

Grants & Operations Manager,
Michelle Zoromski

michelleMichelle is the proud mother of five children, including two daughters with Down syndrome — one biological and one adopted through Reece’s Rainbow. Michelle is responsible for the majority of donation documentation, grant disbursements, and donor questions. She ensures the accounting for all of our children’s grants is accurate and up to date. She also works on the website, setting up the new children and the new families profiles. Michelle is a *vital* and much appreciated part of this leadership team!

Director of Graphic Design,
Lucille Brown

lucilleLucille has personally transformed the face of Reece’s Rainbow in cyberspace! Her dedication to RR and her expertise in web and graphic design and internet marketing makes her an amazing fit to lead this very important team. Lu is responsible for designing our website and all of our graphic designs and logos, the design and layout of our information pages, site graphics and headers, writing code to make things work the way she wants them to, maintaining our Reece’s Rainbow blog, designing child blog buttons for new adopting families and advocacy warriors, our facebook page and twitter, on top of being an amazing Christian and an inspiration to this organization! Questions about the use of Reece’s Rainbow graphics, the blog, facebook or twitter, please email Lucille.


New Family Liaison,
Debbie Hannon

Debbie is serving as the New Family Liaison. She is the proud mother to 14 children, including 9 who have Down syndrome – one bio, and 8 adopted through Reece’s Rainbow. Debbie’s responsibilities include fielding questions and inquiries from new families, then connecting those families to our agency partners. For Ukraine inquiries, Debbie counsels new families regarding adoption requirements for both USCIS and Ukraine. If you have any questions or want to inquire about any of our waiting children, please don’t hesitate to contact Debbie.


Warrior Ministry Coordinator,
Laurie Rhoades

Laurie is serving as the leader of our Warrior ministries, one of the most popular programs within Reece’s Rainbow. Not everyone is in a position to adopt or to even donate, but prayers are free and SO valuable! Please visit here to learn more about how you can be a Prayer Warrior for one of our waiting children. And if you’d like to volunteer or make suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask!

The “Guardian Angel” project is designed to bring awareness and donations specifically for our “other angels”. This team of folks is led by Laurie Rhoades, a former business owner and mom to two children, one of whom is adopted. Her experience with advertising and marketing will be a great asset, and she is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for our “Other Angels”, those children with special needs other than Down syndrome. If your heart is with these “Other Angels” and you have time and or ideas to share, please contact Laurie.
We also now have a Family Warrior Program to help raise awareness and our individual families’ needs! If you would like to be a big part of bringing a child HOME, this is a great new way to do just that! Any questions, again, please contact Laurie.


Brian Zoromski

Brian Zoromski, Michelle’s husband, is the technical guru behind the website. He writes code and makes sure our server is running well.