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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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501(c)3 Registration and Approval Information

Our incorporation tax ID is 20-5466141

Our IRS tax exemption ID is 17053081317008

We qualify for Public Charity status under IRS code 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi)

Reece’s Rainbow is registered and compliant with the non-profit corporation rules and regulations of the State of Georgia.  Reece’s Rainbow is also registered and compliant with the State of Maryland.


As of October 15, 2014:

  • 1200+ children with Down syndrome and other special needs are already home with their families!
  •  300+ additional children have committed families in various stages of the adoption process!
  • We have/had programs and waiting children in 26 countries worldwide.  Our most active programs right now are in Ukraine, China, and Bulgaria.
  • We have disbursed more than $9,000,000  in adoption grants to our adoptive families.

Further tax info and operational accounting information is available publicly at

Year Total Funds In Percentage Operational Operational Expenses Grant Funds Disbursed Children Home
2013 $2,489,593.35 7.60% $189,974.94 $1,773,792.40 231
2012 $3,097,778.89 5.90% $183,369.83 $2,488,288.74 247
2011 $2,493,185.62 10.40% $259,741.72 $1,749,153.89 194
2010 $1,522,535.70 6.50% $99,397.41 $732,684.69 159


There is no better time than NOW to:

  1. GIVE
  3. ADOPT!