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Maximus #

Boy: 2012 Moderate cognitive and speech delay Maximus like to play with musical toys.  He understands his name and reacts when called.  He can point to body parts when asked too.  Maximus is nonverbal, but can point to pictures of familiar objects.  He prefers to interact with adults and shows affection when they are familiar […]

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Clifton #

 Boy: Born 2012 specific disorders of motor function development, Moderate mental delay, ectopic left kidney, strabismus Clifton lives with a foster family.  He loves to listen to music and dance and is always looking for a dancing partner! His foster family is working on him walking longer distances independently.  He is learning how to play […]

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Paddy #

Boy:Born July 2012 Hydrocephalus, Thalassemia, astigmatism Paddy can turn over on his own, and sits independently. He will walk holding hands or using a walker, but does not like to walk over uneven surfaces.  He likes musical toys and has recently started imitating simple actions like a ring stacker.  Paddy likes to interact with familiar […]

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Vada #

Girl: Born 2003 Sarcoidosis — receiving treatment Listed March 2017 Vada has good fine and gross motor skills but displays some cognitive delays.  She works with a resource teacher and likes to study. Art is her favorite subject.  She likes to looks pretty and enjoys having friends.  She has a good connection with familiar adults […]

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Patty #5-1

Patty #5-1 Age: 1 Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy  Patty can sit without support. She moves toys from one hand to the other. She demonstrates emotional attachment to specific adults and is shy around strangers. She plays appropriately with toys. She says some words and is also able to imitate sounds. A recent update from Patty’s social worker […]

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Mayson #11-61

Age 2: Diagnosis: Hemophilia B & esophageal atresia Mayson is 2 years old and is living in an orphanage where the doctors and staff work diligently to address his medical needs. He has a gastric feeding tube (G-tube) and this is how he receives all of his nutrition. He walks, says a few simple words, follows simple […]