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Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome, CHD (PDA) Sue is an absolutely adorable little girl who has Down syndrome and a heart condition (PDA). She is described by her caregivers as a bright girl with a ready smile who is pleasant and gregarious and likes playing with other children. She has made great progress and […]



Boy, born 2012 PRC Down syndrome, CHD Elijah was born with Down syndrome and a Congenital Heart Defect. He seems to know how to have fun! His caretakers describe him as cute, outgoing and delightful, and say he rarely cries. When you hug him and talk to him, he instantly smiles. He loves to listen […]



Boy, born 2010 PRC Down syndrome Listed: July 2017 Emmett is attending school and doing very well, plays well with other kids, and follows instructions. Emmett is able to walk, run, and use a spoon to feed himself. He enjoys watching TV and can focus well on the TV. He is able to follow instructions from […]



Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome, CHD Reese is an adorable little girl, born in July of 2014, who is described as gentle, kind, thoughtful, and loving. Reese was born with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease-complete endocardial cushion defect (type A). She rarely gets sick and she is said to have a good appetite. […]



Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome *** Grant Funds up to $5000 available for families, from the agency *** This is sweet and silly Jolie. Jolie loves to watch cartoons, but her favorite thing to do is to play outside. It is estimated that she was born in March 2013. Jolie has some developmental delays […]



Boy, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome, post-op CHD *** Grant Funds up to $5000 available for families, from the agency *** A REPORT FROM APRIL 2017 SAYS:   On admission, William is about 6 months old. He is fairly quiet and a smart little boy. He had heart surgery in 2015. After back the institute, he […]



Boy, born 2013 PRC Down syndrome *** Grant Funds up to $5000 available for families, from the agency *** When Devan was found abandoned in September 2014 it was estimated that he was about 1.5 years old. When Devan first arrived in the orphanage, he was a very unhappy baby who was very “weak and […]



Boy, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome *** Grant Funds up to $5000 available for families, from the agency *** Meet Jude! Isn’t he just adorable?!  He is still in the baby room at his orphanage, so he doesn’t get a lot of floor time. Therefore, he is not crawling yet. However, he can roll over. […]



Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome *** Grant Funds up to $5000 available for families, from the agency *** Sweet little Julia was found abandoned at approximately 16 months old. She lived in the orphanage for a time, but has been with a foster family for the last year. In August she was walking with […]



Boy, born 2017 PRC Down syndrome, CHD (post op) Meet Jamie! This bundle of adorableness recently turned 1 year old! He has been in care since he was a few months old. Found to have Down syndrome, they also discovered a heart condition (ASD/VSD) which has been corrected. Jamie now spends his days gaining weight. […]



Boy, born 2013 PRC Down syndrome Would you look at the smile on this little guy? Ronen is such a happy kiddo! When you talk with Ronen’s nannies about him, they cannot help but boast about how much progress he has made! They say his learning abilities in particular have made astonishing progress! When he […]



Girl, born 2013 PRC Down syndrome Viola is as cute as can be! Viola is a happy, sweet and expressive little girl, who was born with Down syndrome. You can see her contagious smile in her photos as well as her hilarious pouting face! We are told that she is incredibly happy and gets a […]



Girl, born March 2006 PRC Spina Bifida, spinal meningocele Listed: Oct 2018 Tessa needs to be adopted prior to her 14th birthday (early 2020)! Tessa is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! Tessa was initially diagnosed with spina bifida and spinal meningocele, and later with chronic kidney disease and moderate […]



Girl, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome, CHD Darling Elia is an active, smiley, and loved little girl with down syndrome and a congenital heart defect- VSD. Elia has good fine motor skills. She is closest to the caretaker who looks after her and really likes to interact with her. Elia plays and gets along well […]



Girl, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome Jewel is a beautiful little girl who is described by her caretakers as extroverted, active, and smiley. Jewel can walk alone steadily and can climb up and down stairs. She can take off her socks and shoes, use a cup to drink, and can eat without help. Jewel lives […]



Girl, born 2012 PRC Down syndrome Julie is an adorable and cheerful little girl who gets along well with all of the caregivers and children in the orphanage, though she has a favorite nanny! A little mimic, she is very good at imitating other’s movements, and is especially flexible. She enjoys watching TV and playing […]



Girl, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome Meet sweet Audry! Audry was found wrapped in a blanket in a flower bed when she was about a month old. She was born with Down syndrome. Audry has the developmental delays typical of a child with Down syndrome, but her skills are improving every day! She gets along […]



Boy, born 2017 PRC Down syndrome, CHD Several videos available! Pacey is a precious baby born, born in May of 2017 with down syndrome and a congenital heart defect- ASD. Pacey is kind-hearted boy who gets along well with the other children and who is good at sharing toys with others. He really likes colorful […]



Boy, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome Ridge is an extroverted, active, and smiley little boy, born in June of 2016 with Down syndrome. Ridge can crawl, walk with his hands held, and stand and walk with his hands holding onto something for support. He can hold his own bottle and transfer toys between hands. Ridge […]



Boy, born 2009 PRC bilateral microphthalmia with surgical removal of cataracts. He has low, but functional vision. Jack is charismatic 8 year old boy who wants a family to take him home from the orphanage. Jack has low vision but doesn’t let that suppress his bright personality. He does have some vision and is amazing […]



Boy, born 2010 PRC Cerebral palsy Baker is a, handsome, active, and talkative boy. Baker loves listening to music, playing games, and singing. He is known to share snacks with the other children around him and communicates well with his teachers and classmates. Baker is diagnosed with strabismus and cerebral palsy that affects his right […]



Boy, born 2005 PRC Morquio **URGENT- AGING OUT!** Stellan is a smart and sweet young man, born in April of 2005. Stellan’s file lists malformation of vertebral column as his special need, but it has been determined that he has Morquio (MPS). Stellan is a model student who loves not only language, but acting as […]


Darcy Joy

Girl, born 2009 PRC Spinal meningocele Determined Darcy is described by those who know her as joyful and optimistic. Darcy was a camper at an advocacy camp run by another agency in November of 2017. Agency reps and Darcy’s camp partner said that she was a true delight, full of personality. She was ready to […]



Boy, born 2010 PRC Cerebral Palsy Listed: September 2018 Oskar is an extroverted and handsome boy, born in July of 2010, who usually has a huge smile on his face, whether he is at home or at school! His smile is so amazing that he makes everyone around him happy just by being with him. […]



Boy, born 2006 PRC HIV+ Listed: September 2018 Hudson is a great kid who is all boy. He spent about two years in the local orphanage, where he was taken care of by a blind couple who worked at the orphanage, before being moved to a group home with other children who also have HIV. […]



Girl, born 2017 PRC Down syndrome, alpha thalassemia (carrier only) Listed: August 2018 Shannen could not be more precious! Shannen makes great eye contact when adults are talking to her and she can tightly grasp onto things, such as her caregiver’s fingers. She knows how to roll over. Shannen’s caretakers describe her as quiet and smiley. […]



Girl, born early 2012 PRC Down syndrome Listed: August 2018 Felicia is a beautiful little girl with a darling smile, born in February of 2012 with down syndrome. Felicia loves to play and is said to be lively and friendly. She is not a picky eater and likes a variety of foods. Felicia enjoys playing […]



Girl, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome Listed: July 2018 Meet Penelope! She is a lovable and charming little girl who is 3 years old. Penelope came into care when she was about 6 months old. After a few months at the orphanage, she was placed with a foster family, where she has blossomed! Penelope was […]



Boy, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome Listed: July 2018 Conner is an adorable little boy, born in May of 2014 with down syndrome and anal atresia. He has had three surgeries, including a colostomy and anoplasty. Conner receives early childhood education and rehabilitation to work on his cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and language abilities. […]



Boy, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome Keane is an adorable and kissable little fella! By 8 months of age, Keane was able to hold his head up while lying on his stomach, roll over on his own, follow moving objects with his eyes, and grasp toys near his hands. Keane is described as quiet and […]



Boy, born January 2006 PRC Down syndrome Precious Andre is getting dangerously close to aging out. An older boy with his need can be difficult to match. Please don’t turn away. Listed: June 2018 From a family who met him: “My daughter lived with him in the same swi for 9 years. They were best […]



Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome Listed: June 2018 Zoey is an adorable little girl!  Zoey had a recent update that described her as very smart, active, smiley, and outgoing. Her gross motor skills (walking, running, and jumping) are all on target for her age and she is doing well with fine motor skills too. […]



Girl, born 2016 PRC Down Syndrome Listed: May 2018 Delia is a smiley girl who loves to give her caregivers hugs! They describe her as a quiet and obedient toddler. She especially enjoys music, and will shake her body when she hears a tune. She also enjoys playing with drums, the toy piano and shaking […]



Girl, born 2014 PRC Down Syndrome, Burn scar on L leg, birthmark on R leg Listed: May 2018 This little girl is pure happiness! Betsy enjoys playing with toys, looking at picture books, and she especially loves outdoor activities. Her favorite toys are rubber balls she can throw, though she doesn’t really aim where she […]



Boy, born 2011 PRC Down syndrome Listed: May 2018 Tyree is a sweet little boy, born in December of 2011 with down syndrome. Tyree goes to class in the rehabilitation and education classroom of the orphanage from 8:00 to 2:00 Monday through Saturday. He is said to be an active and positive boy with a […]


Eliza Jane

Girl, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect Listed: May 2018 Eliza is a delightful little one who turned 2 years old in March! She is such a happy and social little girl. Eliza was born with Down syndrome, and has the typical motor delays. She has had surgery to correct her heart issues; […]


Parker John

Boy, born 2014 PRC DS/CHD (post surgery) Listed: May 2018 Wanted: family who loves to laugh, play together, and has room for one more! Parker is looking for you! This handsome guy is 4 years old, and waiting. Parker has Down syndrome with the typical delays. He is very outgoing, loves to play, loves musical […]



Girl, born 2008 PRC Spina bifida, kidney issues, hydronphrosis, and lower extremity paralysis Listed: May 2018 Patti is a sweet 10 year old that has been through some tragic experiences. She was hosted in the US in 2015 and her file was later prepared for adoption. In 2015 her host family states she had great […]



Boy, born 2013 PRC Bladder exstrophy and anal atresia Listed: April 2018 Oaklee is the cutest little boy, born in October of 2013, who is also reported to be very happy and smart. Oaklee has no intellectual or physical disabilities. He likes cartoons, musical toys, singing, dancing, and being cuddled. He likes eating chicken and […]



Boy, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome Listed: April 2018 Owen is a smiley, energetic and intelligent 2 ½ old little boy.  Owen has a good appetite and loves bath time. He is very active, he loves to walk and run.  Owen enjoys playing with colorful toys such as dolls and toy cars, as well as with the […]



Boy, born 2008 PRC Congenital heart defects (including single ventricle, double outlet right ventricle, pulmonary artery stenosis, VSD, ASD); He has had three surgeries Listed: April 2018 Heart Warrior Grayson is a handsome 10-year-old boy who is said to be positive, active, smart, respectful, and loving. He enjoys sliding and riding the wooden horse out […]



Girl, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome, nystagmus, congenital heart defects (PFO and ASD) Listed: April 2018 Margaret is a sweet baby girl, born July of 2016, with a gentle disposition and a ready smile. She is closest to the caretaker in her room and her caretaker would add that she is active and lovely. Margaret […]



Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome, esotropia Listed: April 2018 Elinor is as cute as a button!! Elinor’s caretakers say she is cheerful, active, curious, friendly, and that she has a warm personality. She is well-liked by all of her caretakers and the other children. Elinor is working hard to learn how to do things […]



Boy, born 2012 PRC Down syndrome Listed: April 2018 Marshall is an absolutely adorable little boy! He has the most beautiful smile and he loves to be cuddled. Marshall will shyly look at strangers when he is being held. He can hold a pencil and write lines on paper. He will point out pictures in […]


Shelby Mae

Girl, born 2012 PRC Down syndrome Listed: April 2018 Shelby loves to dance! Outgoing Shelby is always ready for fun! She’s always ready to join in games or music classes. Shelby was born with Down syndrome so she’s a little behind her peers in development. Shelby can run, climb stairs, and copy simple drawings. Her […]



Girl, born 2013 PRC Microphthalmia, delays Listed: March 2018 Olivia is an energetic, smiley, and beautiful little girl who likes listening to music and playing outside. She is especially close to her caregivers and loves to be cuddled and tickled by them. Olivia is diagnosed as having microphthalmia, which means that both of her eyes […]



Girl, born 2008 PRC Down syndrome Listed: March 2018 Mary is a beautiful little girl, born in July of 2008. She is described as sunny and is said to enjoy singing, dancing, playing games, and building with toy blocks. She can say some simple words, such as “thank you, teacher,” “aunt,” “Good morning!” and “I […]



Boy, born 2007 PRC Epilepsy, mental retardation, and Tuberous Sclerosis. Listed: March 2018 Brady is a sweet young man that one of our Reece’s Rainbow families met when they traveled to bring their daughter home that won their hearts and they desperately want him to find his family. Brady will be 11 years old this […]



Boy, born 2008 PRC Down syndrome Listed: Feb 2018 Mason, born April of 2008, has an infectious smile! Mason can walk and can go up and down stairs independently. He likes playing on the slide, riding the wood horse on the playground, and chasing and playing with other children. Mason can use a spoon to […]



Girl, born 2008 PRC Down syndrome Listed: Feb 2018 Lyla likes to smile at familiar people. Lyla’s caretakers describe her as shy and well-mannered. She can walk, get out of her bed, find her bed, and get in her bed on her own. She can drink water out of a bottle, grasp biscuits, and use […]


Tabitha June

Girl, born 2010 PRC Down syndrome and congenital heart defects- ASD and PDA, which she has since received surgery to correct Listed: Feb 2018 Tabitha is a cute and quiet little girl!  Tabitha can speak short sentences and interacts well with her caretaker and her teacher. She gets along well with the other children and […]