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Owen was born in July 2014 and has Down Syndrome. His heart is reportedly healthy. Listed October 2016 Owen is an active child who can cruise along furniture and likes to play with toys. Owen responds to the people around him, communicates with gestures and sounds, and understands at least part of what is said […]


OWEN for the Miner family — AZ

Mark & Virginia Miner met at church as teenagers, fell in love, and married when Mark graduated from college. Virginia is a musician and artist at heart and an extraordinary mama for the kiddos. Mark works at the local university as an engineer & instructor, and is very thankful for flexible hours. God has given […]

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Owen #11-41

Boy, 6 years Diagnosis: Von Willebrand disease, epilepsy, strabismus and delayed neuropsychological development. Owen has been diagnosed with Von Williebrand disease and as a result is also anemic from the bleeding episodes. He is also reported to be very hyperactive and he’s currently being given medication to help calm him down so that he can focus better. […]