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Jolene 26HA

Girl, born March 2005 Eyes: Gray Hair: brown Character: sociable Diagnosis: Down syndrome Jolene has a healthy heart, and is waiting for her forever family to find her! Jolene’s grant of $176.50 has been gifted to Mara.   ***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or […]


OLENA for the Puderbaugh Family — NM

UKRAINE With nineteen children between us, we had thought our family was complete, but Heavenly Father knew differently. Last summer I was drawn to all of the beautiful children on the Reece’s Rainbow website and inquired about a few of the older boys. For one reason or another, none of them worked out. Finally one […]

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Mordecai L42

Boy, born fall, 2013 Brain damage, speech articulation disorder Listed: July 2017 The boy has blue eyes and blonde hair. He is benevolent, likes to be in the focus of attention, he builds contact with ease. The boy likes to play with toys. He requires elevated supervision and cannot eat or drink independently. He still […]


Katie & Barbie

Sisters, 6 & 4 years old Listed March 21, 2016 Katie is a very energetic and open girl. She is very independent and takes care of herself. She lives in a foster family. She is attending preschool and enjoying it very much. She likes art activities and her drawings are very colored and clear. She […]



Girl, age 7 P-OD Fetal alcohol syndrome, behavioral disorder, PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale), emotional neglect, history of abuse Listed: January 29, 2016 Annabelle is in the foster family since 2013. This is a very energetic girl. She likes art works, mapping of bands, puzzles. Annabelle was a witness of a violent crime.  Annabelle has been […]



Boy, born Oct 2011 congenital internal hydrocephalus operated;  anemia;  protein-energy deficiency Listed: Jan 2013 Ezra has had a shunt placed, and is doing better.  His adoption may necessitate consultations with medical personnel, to safely transport him home. From someone who met Ezra in 2013:    Ezra is absolutely precious! He is sweet and adorable and […]



  “It Makes a Difference to This One” is our newest awareness campaign!     Please let the world know that it DOES matter, each child, each adoption, each family, each CHANCE to be found….matters.   Grab our buttons & other graphics from the blog!    Click Here to put our ‘It Makes a Difference’ […]


Apostilles, Deeds, Records

HOME DEEDS:  A certified copy of your home deed can be picked up at your local county courthouse.   The cost is usually only about $5.   CERTIFIED DOCUMENTS DO NOT NEED TO BE RE-NOTARIZED….WHEN YOU SEND IN YOUR DOCS FOR APOSTILLE, YOU CAN SEND THOSE BY THEMSELVES WITHOUT AN ADDITIONAL NOTARIZATION. BIRTH CERTIFICATES:   These certificates can […]


Adoption Process

This information is provided to potential adoptive families/individuals at no cost to you. Your adoption agency will also help you with this, but some people like to know ahead of time exactly what to expect. Families applying with Reece’s Rainbow must already be in contact with a licensed home study social worker to complete their […]