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Girl, born March 2012
Epilepsy; Developmental Delays

Listed: Oct 2015

Marvelous Mavis is a lovable 3 year old girl who will steal your heart! She is quick to smile and loves being picked up and held for comfort. Shortly after entering into the orphanage Mavis was diagnosed with epilepsy which is now managed by medication and careful attention to her diet. Mavis’ skills are steadily improving and with the support of her foster family she can now sit, and stand with assistance. When playing on her own, Mavis sits quietly; seemingly enjoying her surroundings! Mavis’ foster family “hopes she will soon find a family who will love her so she can enjoy the love of her forever parents and have a happy childhood”.


ZECHARIAH for the Dawson Family–TN

My family and I cannot believe our handsome little boy Zechariah has been home for almost two months now! It seemed as if it took forever to get Zechariah and now we cannot hardly believe how time is flying by with him. Before, I had always imagined how perfect and wonderful Zechariah was going to be once we got home. Now, after meeting him and finally having him home, his greatness far surpasses everyone’s expectations. He is very active and loves to entertain the entire family. People tell us when meeting Zechariah how lucky he is to be with a family who loves him so much. We truly believe we are the lucky ones. Everyday we get to see this marvelous little boy learn and adapt to new surroundings with a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts. It seems as Zechariah has fit into our lives as if he has always been here. We thank God daily for allowing Zechariah to be a part of our hearts. My family and I all agree that we cannot imagine life without Zechariah. Thank you Reece’s Rainbow for helping us find this marvelous blessing.

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