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LAURA for the Hadley family — AL

The Hadley’s adoption journey is the culmination of a long awaited heart’s desire. Jon and Kari had discussed adopting or fostering multiple times. However, God was clear that the time was never right either through multiple military moves and deployments or Kari’s numerous (4) pregnancies. Then after the birth of their 4th son, Kari began […]

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Boy, born July 2002 PRC Blind Jimmy is blind. Jimmy lived with his grandmother when he was little, but when she died he moved to his local orphanage. When he came to the specila foster home for the visually impaired, he was very sad. The first time he smiled was when he received training on […]


J + J + J Fundraising

Jakob Klcovansky and Jakob Kegel are two Swedish runners whose friendship goes a long way back. All the way to the first day of catholic elementary school, in fact. During the last few years, they have made a habit of running ultra marathons together and in so doing, they have raised money for several different […]



Boy, born June 2004 PRC Blind Listed: October 30, 2013 Edward participates in a program that provides high quality care and education for orphans who are blind or visually impaired. When he first arrived he was very afraid of the unknown, especially sounds that he hadn’t heard before. He didn’t want to talk to strangers […]