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Boy, born 2008
Down syndrome, CHD

Listed: May 2019

Lance lives in a large Asian country and has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, postoperative repair of congenital heart disease, bilateral cryptorchidism and postoperative repair of right indirect inguinal hernia. His file states that Lance has good self-care skills, he can fold his clothes, take off his shoes, and put them away. According to his file, he loves listening to his teacher tell stories, he can read simple words, and understand basic questions. Lance’s file says he enjoys finger painting and singing and dancing to songs. His file indicates he likes to run, jump, and play sports.

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Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: April 2020

New pic & video from May 2020!

Camille is an adorable little girl, who is said to be active and smiley. Camille can walk, run, and go up and down stairs. She has a strong imitating ability and likes holding writing utensils to scribble. Camille recognizes her name and understands simple instructions. She occasionally calls “mama.” Camille can build a tower with blocks and she enjoys chasing adults and listening to musical toys. She also likes playing with other children and wants to excel.

Camille’s gross motor skills are basically normal. She can walk, run, and jump independently, but her balance ability lags other kids of her age. Her fine motor skills are generally normal. She can independently complete finger pinching, eating, washing hands, washing face, etc., but her coordination skills are relatively poor. She clearly speaks “Mama, Ayi (aunt), Chifan(eat rice), Nihao(hello), bye-bye, Zuo(sit down).” However, she doesn’t usually speak clearly. Sometimes when she says a word, she will utter “ah ah ah” in a hurry. She understands instructions, such as “throw the rubbish into the garbage can” and “set the table and chairs for lunch/dinner.”

When seeing caretakers standing and feeding other kids, Camille would bring a stool and ask the caretakers to have a seat. She is gentle in character and gets along with other kids peacefully. She has strong imitation ability, such as learning from her caretakers how to fold clothes and quilts. When watching TV, she will imitate dancing. She is extroverted and very enthusiastic towards visitors. She is not picky about food and she has a good sleep at night.

Camille has a $1,000 agency grant for her adoption with her current adoption agency.


Andy, Brenda, Carl, Dani

4 Siblings!

9 year old boy, 8 year old girl, 6 year old boy and 4 year old girl

The oldest boy, Andy (age 9) is creative and can draw beautifully. His social skills are developed according to age. He is able to communicate verbally and can clearly tell about his wishes and feelings. He likes sports activities. He is inquisitive and tries to do his homework. He has difficulties in concentrating on a task that requires longer time and can quickly gets tired, offended and angry. His language development is delayed. He has difficulties in dealing adequately with conflict situations, respecting borders, accepting criticism or correction and has anxious behavior. He tends to disobey the rules and react to remarks with anger and resentment. He is friendly with peers but not always friendly with his sisters and brother. He is a strong leader. His psycho-emotional state is stable and he needs to continue to learn to control his emotions.

Brenda, the 8 year old girl is loving, kind, generous and hardworking. She likes to sing, dance and swim. She likes to dress up, wear dresses, create hairstyles and help with household chores. She likes to go to school but has difficulties in Latvian, English and mathematics. She has language delays. She is friendly with peers and makes eye contact with adults and shows affection for them. If something is not right, she tends to get very angry and resentful. She is always interested and feels responsible for her siblings.

Carl, the 6 year old boy, is inquisitive, explores his surroundings and shows a desire to learn something new. He likes to play with Lego, toy cars, puzzles and play board games. He is also active and likes to play ball and ride a scooter. He is beginning to read and put syllables together. He has language delays and his social skills are developed according to his age. He fits well into the work of groups and follows the rules of behavior adopted by a group. He has become more independent and shows a sense of humor. He attends a pre-school institution and is in an educational program for children with language development delay.

Dani, the 4 year old girl, is very kind by nature and knows how to and likes to care for others. She likes to play with dolls and ride a scooter. When playing with peers or younger children she is like a teacher and enjoys instructing others. She has a tendency to get angry when something is not right and defends her opinion. The girl creates a game with a story and various events. She has language delays and her social skills are age appropriate. She has great motor skills developed appropriate to the age. She is becoming more and more independent. She begins to realize that her actions have consequences and is learning to limit herself. She shows care for younger children and attends kindergarten.

The children have suffered from emotional, physical and sexual abuse as well as neglect. They have received social rehabilitation for children who have suffered from violence, medical assistance and appropriate education. Rehabilitation has made the children more balanced and aware of what to do in an emergency. They need special attention and love, patience and strict boundaries.

$27.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Beckham L1

Boy, born 2012
autism syndrome, severe mental retardation

Beckham builds contact slowly, insecurely, he needs time to trust. He has signs of autism. Emotionally closed, tense and impulsive. Beckham has begun to make eye contact, responds to adult’s call. Demonstrates wish for physical contact. No interest or initiative in displayed items or games. Stucking in action observed. Does not engage in contact with other children, but is able to roll a ball if adult suggests, but only temporarily. He likes to throw a ball (can do it for a long time), jumps very well, keeps his balance. Beckham enjoys to be in water – dabbling and splashing. He also enjoys working with communication board. Understands adult’s instructions on self-service skills – eating, washing, sleeping, going to the toilet. He is able to eat and drink independently. He can put on and take off his shoes. Studies according to specialized learning program.



Girl, born 2009
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect (repaired)

Listed: June 2019

Sweet, adorable Kennedy is a “girly-girl” who just needs her family!  Kennedy has Down syndrome as well as CHD that was repaired in 2011. Kennedy now lives in a family home with 4 other children. She is excited when seeing others and will run over and hold their hands and walk with them. She loves to sing songs and help her teacher hand out snacks. She can walk and run, and walk the balance beam. She loves to “play house”, helps others, and has good self-care skills.
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Boy, born 2014

Listed: May 2018

Georgie was transferred to his current home in April 2018. He had experienced neglect and under-stimulation in his previous orphanage but already his development is progressing and we look forward to seeing Georgie learn and explore the world. Georgie is functionally blind and has very little light perception. He has been doing so well in his transition into this new chapter of life. Everyday we are more captivated by his bubbly, sweet, gentle disposition.

Georgie is rapidly changing and developing. He is learning how to scoot around, bear weight, and explore with his hands. He had no experience in his previous home with self feeding, but already is making great progress and is self feeding with minimal support. He had no English exposure previously, but in just a month his English understanding is already developing and he responds to several commands. He is weak, but gaining strength. He can pull up to a stand using a surface for support.

Georgie loves making silly noises and often vocalizes silly babbles, finds interesting surfaces to tap on, or picks things up and throws them to hear their clatter. Georgie is very social. He loves to be held and swung around. He sometimes whimpers when he is put down and communicates non-verbally that he wants to be held. He mimics sounds others make and often bursts with excited laughter when playing with other adults and children. We are so excited to see him begin to hit the milestones he is already working towards.


UPDATE NOV 2018:  Georgie is totally blind. It has been confirmed that he has no light perception, Leber’s is suspected. Georgie can now crawl, walk independently, climb up and down stairs (with a railing), and balance on a balance board. He self-feeds. He is good at predicting parts of a routine. His language, both receptive and expressive, is growing steadily. He can respond to various commands in English such as “Come”, “Clap”, “Spin”, and “Touch your head”. He will follow sounds and voices and will seek them out when it’s a preferred person/object. He is showing an increased ability to self-entertain and will seek out toys in his environment. He loves to repeat songs and commonly heard phrases. He likes to interact with others through playing echoing games and will giggle and laugh when playing. Georgie has a relaxed, easy-going personality. He also loves to be silly and will find reasons to laugh. Some of his favorite activities are playing in water, swinging, and playing catch. He is social and loves to be held and cuddled.


Archer #

Boy: 2012

Listed: Jan, 2018

Diagnosis: Atypical Autism; Chronic suppurative otitis media; Chronic rhinitis; Reduction of hearing;
Delays in psychomotor skills development.

Archer is  living in an Eastern European baby home. Short, smiling and calm, Archer’s main diagnosis is atypical childhood autism.  He does not speak, but he pronounces sounds and syllables, and he performs stereotypical movements. Archer loves to be alone, and her prefers angles, areas near the window, mirror or door.

Physically well-developed, Archer’s height and weight are normal for his age. He walks by himself, improving his balance. He also climbs, going up and down stairs held by a hand. He can easily open doors.

Archer eats with a spoon, drinks from a cup and goes to sleep by himself. He is not potty trained.  Archer makes short-term contacts with the children he knows by touching them with a hand or pulling their clothes gently.   He prefers to play with music toys that have buttons, which he pushes to release the music by himself.

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This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding. 
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Girl, born 2013
Down syndrome

Listed: December 2017

Tabitha loves to dance along to music! She can walk, run, feed herself, use words for her needs, and take her shoes on and off. Tabitha has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Her file notes that she is receiving balance training and massage therapy at the orphanage. Her caretakers are very fond of her and hope that she will be in a forever family soon. They describe her as cheerful, playful, and adorable! The agency has additional photos and videos available.

Tabitha’s current agency has an extremely generous grant of $10,000, to offset the expenses for Tabitha’s adoption!
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Boy, born 2007
Down syndrome

Listed: December 2017

Zander is a cutie; he has been going to school inside the orphanage. He has been working hard in physical therapy and has improved his balance significantly. He is able to run and jump now. Zander can hold a pen to draw on the writing board and he can do some fine motor activities, such as beading, holding small objects, etc. Zander can eat food without help and he can put on and take off his shoes independently. He is cooperative with dressing, as he does need some help. Zander’s language and cognition are significantly delayed. He is much more like a 3-4 year old in that aspect. Zander is described by his caretakers as cute and they say he gets along well with the other children in his class. Zander likes to go to class, participate in activities, and play games with other children. Zander needs a loving and supportive family who can give him more direction, encouragement, and services he needs to continue to progress.

$5000 grant available from his current agency! The agency has videos available, too.
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Boy, born January 2010
Down syndrome

Listed: January 2013

Alan just turned three years old, and although he can stand by himself and crawl all over the furniture, he is not quite yet able to walk. His foster father has been taking him on tricycle rides to strengthen his legs and improve his balance. Alan seems to be enjoying himself immensely!

Update 2014:
Alan has truly blossomed! He is very smart and also very clever! With his foster mother’s assistance he can count to ten; she is also teaching him colors and shapes. With his new found knowledge, Alan believes he is now a teacher and he can often be found teaching his younger foster sister a school lesson.

One of Alan’s favorite things to do is to play outside. Although he wishes to play outside everyday, he knows when it rains he has to stay inside and always lets his foster mother know this. Alan has great physical strength and he can run and jump. His favorite game to play is hide and seek. Alan is also a little ham and whenever the camera comes out, he will stop what he is doing and pose. He also has some pretty impressive dance moves. As soon as the music starts playing he will start dancing by shaking his hips.
*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


Barric L44

Boy, born early 2015
significantly premature child, post-haemorrhagic obstructive hydrocephalus, chronic bronchitis, psycho-motor and physical development delay

Listed: July 2017

The boy has greyish-brown eyes and brown hair. The boy smiles a lot, he likes contact with other people, is interested in toys, likes to be outside, enjoys taking bath. When the boy lays on his stomach, he tries to raise his head and hold it for a short time. He eats well porridge or root vegetables with meat, he is spoon-fed. Mostly is seated in a specialized chair with head positioning.

Physiotherapist: tone imbalance. Slight spastic distally, active reflexes, weak torso; Weak head and torso control in all positions against gravity. In lying down on the back position the head is turned to the right, turns to the abdomen without lifting his head from the surface. The head in comparison to body proportionally large. Poor attention and motivation persistence. Interested in flashing, scintillating texture items. Emotionally labile. The development dynamics is minimal.




Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome, CHD

Listed: Dec 20, 2016

Cullen came into care when he was 3 months old. He has Down Syndrome and congenital heart disease (atrioventricular septal defect, PFO and pulmonary hyptertension). He was hospitalized for about three months in late 2014 for heart surgery and currently takes heart daily heart medications. A social worker who met Cullen recently describes him as an alert, active little boy. He has good balance and can take 2-3 steps on his own. He babbles, but doesn’t yet speak words. He likes to ride on rolling toys and plays well with others.
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Boy, born 2013
Down syndrome & CHD

Listed: June 2016

The agency’s team visited Levron for the third time in April. We glanced at this paperwork then looked a little closer. It was his 3rd birthday! So we sang, and Levron got 2 packages of fruit snacks rather than the standard 1 package per child.

My favorite memory of Levron from the April trip is how much he loved looking at himself in the mirror! He looked and giggled and kissed himself then looked at himself again. It was just too adorable! Another thing that brought peals of laughter from him was playing peek-a-boo! And his laugh is so cute! We couldn’t help laughing with him!

Levron was sooooo close to walking when we met him! He stacked cups for us and really loved looking at books. He babbles but isn’t saying words yet.

Additional information and photos are available in this blog post.
*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant!  Through 2020, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant! ***
A $4000 grant is available to families adopting a child with Down syndrome through the current adoption agency. This grant is available through February 2017.



Boy, born May 2010
Developmental delays

Listed: Oct 2015

At the age of 3 years, Haiden can walk without help, can find toys without help, but obstinate sometimes, did not like being disturbed, likes playing alone most time, his language development is delayed, call mama when happy.

Currently, he is attached to familiar people, likes hugs, can jump, run, interact with other kids. He develops well, has balanced nutrition. He has routine life, good life habits, good match of diet.
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Daniel and Donald L5

2 siblings, adoptable separately or together: older brother, 2012, and younger brother, 2013

Listed:  October 1, 2014

Older brother has blue eyes and light brown hair.  He crawls, he also walks around if being held by both hands. He stands up by sticking to something. The boy makes a longer eye contact with an adult, he plays with toys, responds to his name. His appetite is good, he does not try to eat with a spoon, needs to be fed. Sleeps well, sometimes swings before falling asleep. Sometimes has a tendency to swing and beat his head against the floor. He has been diagnosed with effects of neonatal central nervous system hypoxia in a state of diffuse muscle hypotonic syndrome, psychomotor retardation. OU astigmatism, hypermetropia, OU nystagmus, esotropia. Language development delay.

Younger brother has blue eyes and light brown hair. The child crawls, he does not eat independently, needs to be fed. The boy is emotionally labile, often cries, plays alones, likes musical toys. He has been diagnosed with OU Nystagmus horizontal. OU Astigmatism mixtus. OD Esotropia. Psychomotor development delay. Speech development delay. Muscle tone imbalance.



Boy, born June 2009
Complicated CHD, left hearing test is failed to pass, HBcAb: Positive; mild abnormal intellectual development

Listed: March 2014

According to the last up date on Jake from the home he is living in: “We arrange gentle indoor light for all children as well as quiet indoor environment. We help him do the body exercises in the morning and afternoon respectively in order to strength his body and facilitate his development. We also show him bright colors and train him to grasp building blocks. The caregivers often teach him pronounce words and he could make ah-ah, ya-ya sound. We also sing songs for him. He is given some gentle and lovely music in order to training the auditory sense. He is trained swimming once per week before one half year old in order to strength his body. Since he is in the process of development and growth, and receives balanced nutrition, moderate exercises everyday as well as has large and bright living condition and good life quality, therefore, he has normal physical development.” An update has been requested as his file is old.

*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***



Boy, born July 2012
Down syndrome

Listed: Nov 2013

Sept 2015 Update: Leon seems like a bright boy and from our short time visiting him he integrated well and seemed content. He was very smiley! A family wanting to adopt a child with Down syndrome would be very blessed by Leon.

January 2016 update: Leon is nearly ready to walk by himself! He loves to move around either by crawling or when holding onto something for support or someone’s hand he can walk. He tried taking a few steps unaided but his balance wasn’t quite there yet. He looks for things hidden such as when I put my phone under my leg he searched around for it. He is very eager to engage and play with those around him.

Leonis a cute boy who loves to get around. He crawls all over the place and will stand up and walk when holding onto something or someone! Most of all, he enjoys his independence when in the baby walker. While he feeds well from a bottle, he has not yet transitioned to solid food.

Leon communicates with sounds and gestures but is not yet saying words. He is very interactive with others and smiles when he sees loved ones. He loves to reach out and be with other children as well as his caregivers. He is especially fond of hugs and watching TV.

A specific adoption agency is offering a $1500 grant towards Leon’s adoption!
*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant!  Through 2020, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant! ***


Riley (L)

Boy, born Nov 2008
mixed developmental disorder, FAS, light level of hearing disorder, body carriage disorder, hypertrophia, low height.

Listed: September 24, 2013

Update as of January 2013:   He has no preferred activity; his play is chaotic and he is easily distracted.   Child can name and show his body parts, recognizes objects in the pictures, knows and names colors, but needs help in putting correctly the pyramids rings, but if he is helped – then achieves the task, puts together puzzle out of 3-5 pieces.

Riley is very emotional. He seeks contact with other persons and obviously expresses joy when he is provided with individual attention. He most often communicates by mimicking, but he has started to speak – still his articulation is not correct, his language comprehension still has some limits.

Sometimes he has difficulty during the eating time, and needs assistance with hygiene/self-care.  His balance and coordination is disturbed. Riley has difficulty to follow the rules and order in the group.  Riley’s behavior sometimes distracts other children’s activities. He has been observed to have self-aggression. His mood changes often.

*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***



Girl, born Aug 2010
Cerebral palsy

Listed: January 2013

She can laugh aloud. She waves her head when happy. She grasps little toys with left hand and put them into her mouth to bite them. She can sit alone for a short time. She looks around when someone speaks to her.

Fern has a good physical state, has balanced nutrition, has a routine life every day, good living habits but is choosy about food.

From an adoptive parent who saw her in April 2014:
Let me start by saying my heart broke for this little one. She is unable to sit up or feed herself. She cannot walk. She was brought to me in the crib. She smiled when I spoke to her and she grabbed my hand when I placed mine in hers. She laughed when we tickled her and she seemed to enjoy my attention. The nannies say she can smile and laugh when tickled. She can chew and swallow food. She has a familiar caretaker and smiles when she is with her. She is described as a very content child. She is easy going.

Note: Fern’s updated file pictures do show her sitting up, although she may be supported by leaning on the wall in one picture. She desperately needs a family who can get her out of the crib and into therapy so she can be all that she can be!

*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***


Luca 33F


Boy, born April 2006

Eyes Grey

Hair blond

The character of a calm, balanced, affectionate, inquisitive.


***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any of these children and encourage all of our Prayer Warriors to continue their efforts! When and if this country program re-opens for adoptions, we will relist this child and begin seeking an adoptive family immediately.***



Alexa 23HA

Girl, born November 2008
Eyes: Gray
Hair: brown
Character: sociable

Alexa is quite a tiny girl; fair, with a gentle face.  She seems balanced in personality — neither hyper-active, nor melancholic. Alexa is sociable and friendly.  She can walk and run, and plays with others and toys.

From an adoptive family who met her in November 2012:  ”  I saw Alexa for a brief moment today.  She walked across the large room and down the hallway with a caregiver toward us and seemed very interested in us.  I saw her smile for the first time, and it was beautiful!  She has gorgeous full lips and pretty hair.  She has some serious strabismus, but of course that is relatively easy to correct with glasses.  It just made me feel so bad about how little she must be seeing clearly.  She is just a beautiful little girl.  I just wanted to put a personality with her photo.  I think she is quite soft-spoken and gentle.  She seems like the kind that would love to snuggle and just seem safe in a mama’s arms!    I would also want anyone considering her or the others from this orphanage that these kids are well taken care of.  The caregivers have a good relationship with the children, are animated when they talk to them and have been so kind to us.  The director is a very kind woman who is genuinely happy for our son to be adopted.   Our son will be the first from his orphanage with DS to be adopted, and based on their reactions, they would be thrilled to see more of these kids adopted. ”

Alexa is facing transfer.

Alexa’s grant of $1135.00 has been gifted to Brittany.  


***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any of these children and encourage all of our Prayer Warriors to continue their efforts! When and if this country program re-opens for adoptions, we will relist this child and begin seeking an adoptive family immediately.***



Hayden (L)

Boy, Born July 2005
has siblings (not available for adoption)

Listed: May 22, 2012

January 2010:   Psychical and physical developmental delays. He cannot name colors, geometrical shapes, and he does not understand the concepts of size and amount. He is not interested in toys and does not play with them. He gets agitated when someone lightly provokes him. He does not participate in general children activities. Stereotypical movements are noticed (swinging, swaying, rocking). Phonemic hearing is not developed, his audio perception is delayed, speech pronunciation delays, and his vocabulary is narrow. His balance and coordination are delayed.

Hayden is active and curious, he is interested in his surroundings. His comprehensive language is limited, he speaks using the sentences of two-four words. He often repeats the heard word several times. He likes active games and active activities, however he prefers to play alone. He likes singing, dancing, and enjoys musical activities. He struggles to communicate, collaborate, and play with peers. He has trouble paying attention. He has no interest in toys and prefers playing with things like a tape-recorder, tv, electrical switch, etc. He does not know his colors. He could be characterized as quite impatient and impulsive. Independence skills are under developed. He eats independently, he needs help from an adult to dress and undress and to do all hygienic tasks. He seeks out attention from adults in various manners. He likes helping in daily chores by dusting, wiping off the table, and tidying the toys. He cannot express his opinion.
*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds.
For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***