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Boy, almost 3 years FAS, microdeletion syndrome 15q13.3, facial dysmorphia, speech delay, hyperopia (wear glasses) Listed: May 2017 This sweet boy is very energetic and friendly. He loves kisses and cuddles. He was neglected by his biological mother and made a huge progress after his placement to a foster family. He attends a small preschool […]



Boy, born Jan 2010 PRC Down syndrome Listed: Sept 2013 Look out for Kyle, the “little athlete” He loves music and likes to “dance”… wiggling his hips and waving his hands, wiggling following the music.  He speaks a few words.  He can also feed himself and use the toilet when asked. The staff says: “ […]


Kyle 14G

    UPDATE: September 2013 Sadly, we have learned that since Kyle’s transfer to the institution a few months ago, he has passed away. Grab This! Kyle’s grant of $7,184.70 has been gifted to Natalija.  



BOY, Born December 23, 2005 Listed: September 27, 2010 Kyle has CP, but he can walk.  Kyle may be adoptable with Preston and Eric. *** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***


Kyle 2H

Boy, born November 2006 Eyes: Blue Hair: brown Diagnosis: Down syndrome   Kyle’s grant of $5055.00 was reallocated to Kyle 7-1.   ***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any […]


Traveling Now

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These families are in country now…meeting their child for the first time as a result of your life-saving donations

Families are still eligible for FSP donations until they are HOME with their new child, so it is not too late to help them with your sponsorship gifts.

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Kurt L7

Boy, born 2008 Older brother Kyle has been adopted. Listed:  October 1, 2014 Younger brother Kurt has blue eyes and brown hair. He lives with a foster family. He is calm by his character. The boy is fearful therefore, under the influence of fear, he might get aggressive. The boy loves animals. He has been […]


I Will Never Stop Praying

UPDATE October 2013: We have learned that Kyle has passed away. He is now in the arms of his Heavenly Father. Since 1999 some 60,000 Russian orphans were adopted by US citizens. In all of those years, prior to President Putin putting the ban on American adoptions, 19 of those 60,000 died after being adopted […]


This week we were saddened to learn the fate of one of our former Russian Waiting Children, Kyle. He has been transferred to an institution where his care has not been good. His new photo is startling and horrific. It was painfully decided over the summer to reallocate our Russian children’s grants. We feel this […]


Awareness Graphics

(Click Here for the ‘Pot of Gold’ Series) Social Media Awareness Graphics You can add any of our awareness graphics to your blogs or right click and download to share on social media! #downsyndrome #adoption #specialneeds #orphannomore Thank you for all you do to support Reece’s Rainbow! Add This to Your Blog! <div align=”center”><a href=”” […]



  “It Makes a Difference to This One” is our newest awareness campaign!     Please let the world know that it DOES matter, each child, each adoption, each family, each CHANCE to be found….matters.   Grab our buttons & other graphics from the blog!    Click Here to put our ‘It Makes a Difference’ […]



BOY, Born October 29, 2006 Listed: September 2010 SIGNIFICANT RISK, PLEASE ADOPT ME SOON!! Eric has been transferred now .  The daily suffering and mere existence is heart-wrenching.  Try to imagine a life like this!   Eric will remain bedridden for life…he needs a family quickly!   Eric may be adoptable with Kyle and Preston. *** […]



BOY, Born July 5, 2006 Cerebral palsy After-effects of inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system; optic nerve atrophy; conductive and neurosensorial hearing loss; atopic dermatitis; cryptorchidsm; severe mental delay Preston will be institutionalized and remain bedridden for life…he needs a family!  He has been waiting far too long! Preston may be adoptable with Kyle […]