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TOMMY for the Knuth family — NE

 photo fwbutton150.pngTony_0911knuth-tommyTen years ago, Grace never would have believed she would one day be a single, adoptive mother, let alone a mother to two children with special needs. But God, in His goodness and wisdom, has filled her life with challenge, purpose, and LOVE.

Grace is blessed to be on staff at her home congregation. She serves the Lord as a disciple who makes disciples who makes disciples of Jesus Christ. What she likes best about her job is that God does all the work! For four years she has been given a front row seat to watch Him draw people to Himself and make them new.

That same mighty, life-changing God has also been at work in Grace’s heart and home. He is continually proving Himself strong and faithful on her behalf. His best and most miraculous work so far was in the recent adoption of her first child, Samantha Love. Sam came home last year from an orphanage in Eastern Europe where she was abused, neglected, and unloved. Both mother and daughter have been changed forever by the miracle of her redemption. Now, with room and love to spare, Grace knows it is only right that she extend that love to another child.

“Tommy” has been living in Sam’s former orphanage for 13 years. It’s time for his miracle. His redemption! Grace and Sam cannot wait to bring him home.

Adoption is a spiritual battle field. If you believe in the power of prayer, Grace would welcome you to join her in praying for “Tommy”, his orphanage, and this adoption process. And if you are so led, she and Sam would be blessed by your partnership in raising “Tommy’s” ransom.

6/19/14—COURT IS JUNE 27

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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KAMI for the Knuth family — NE


Follow the Knuth family’s adoption journey on their blog


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