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Jacob’s Ladder: In Memory of Timmy Kroll

Sweet Timmy was much beloved, and gone way too soon.  His short life has touched many people, and he will be lovingly remembered.   $9,332.00 has been gifted in loving memory of Timmy Kroll.   A list of donors will be provided to Timmy’s family. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please email



Girl: 2010 Diagnosis: Mild intellectual disability w/Autism Spectrum Disorder Karmen’s birth parents are both reported to have an intellectual disability. Karmen was diagnosed with ASD due to a weakness in social and communication skills. She has lived with the same foster family her entire life. Karmen speaks in 3 word sentences. She has difficulty answering […]



Girl, born 2009; Mild Mental Delay Girl, born 2002 (sister) Listed: April 25, 2016 Updated pics/info August 2016 Emma is going to be transferred into the school orphanage for mentally delayed children, and it is not the best place to anybody. The orphanage may keep her only till summer 2016, and then she will be transferred! She […]


A CHILD for the Newby family — NC

We are the Newby family from North Carolina. Our journey into adoption began with the birth of our son, Nathan, who was our surprise blessing after 17 years of infertility. Our Nathan was born with Down syndrome in 2015. He brought us into a world of acceptance and love like we had never known. We […]

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Boy, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome Listed: November 2017 UPDATE April 14 2017: According to Wyatt’s foster mom he is a sweet boy who loves helping with chores. He is curious about everything and loves to explore! His favorite things are hugs, playing with other kids, music and dancing! Wyatt was the orphanage favorite and […]


Antonio #

Boy: 2013 Special needs: prematurity (born in 36 g.w.), intrauterine hypotrophy; born with necrotizing enterocolitis and peritonitis- surgically treated with installation of ileostoma; mild degree of post-ischemic encephalopathy; periventricular leukomalacia; infantile cerebral palsy-mixed form; condition after surgery for necrotizing enterocolitis; protein-calorie malnutrition of 3rd degree; severely delayed physical and neuro-psychological development; severely delayed speech development; […]


Guest Blogger: Chandres Pickett and Phyllis Stephenson

Family for all Ages Being Called to Adopt an Older Child by Chandres Pickett and Phyllis Stephenson As a society, we typically think of family and children with a vision of newborn babies, soft clothing, and new beginnings. This new journey fills us with hope and wonder for the future of our children. We dream of children […]


Grayden #

Boy: 2006 Listed: May 2017 Grayden was born prematurely and suffered an intraventricular hemorrhage. His diagnoses include Congenital Cardiac malformation (moderately large inter-chamber cardiac defect), atresia of the duodenum – condition after surgery, moderate mental delay, hypotrophy first-second degree, Iron-insufficiency anemia and lagging in the neuro-psychological development. The child is active, walks alone and takes part […]


Kelan #

Boy, born: 2004Diagnoses:  Grand Mal seizures; Epilepsy Partialis; brain edema; attachment disorder; Nocturnal Enuresis; learning abilities. Listed: April 2017 Kelan is from Eastern Europe.  He was placed in a baby house shortly after birth and is currently residing in a group home for children.  Kelan’s attention is lacking.  He can concentrate on routine tasks for […]


Kessler #

Boy 2008 Listed: April 2017 Diagnosis:  Infantile cerebral palsy – quadric paresis; Severe to deep mental delay; Delay in the neuro-psychological development. Kessler lived with his birth parents until he was almost 3-years-old when he was placed in an orphanage.  He currently resides in a group home. Kessler can turn from his back to his […]


Charity, Levi & Micah

Three siblings CO-4 Listed: March 2017 Charity: age 12, good student, but 3 years behind in school as parents didn’t send her. Great memory. Perseverant. Levi: age 9, Learning disabilities (already having to repeat a grade), untreated Strabismus – Ametropia Exotropia. He has language delays and is in speech therapy. Micah: age 6, average student, […]


Grady and Vanessa #

Grady, boy, age 10 Vanessa, girl, age 16 Listed: Feb 2017 Vanessa will be able to be adopted past age 16 as long as she is adopted with her brother, Grady. Grady is an adorable little boy who is very social and loves to communicate and interact with others. He has lived with a foster […]


George, Rose, Yvonne and Nadia #

These four siblings are available to be adopted together.  Nadia must be adopted prior to her 17th birthday, WITH her younger siblings, to be eligible for adoption.  Yvonne is only available with her younger siblings, as well. Listed: Feb 2017 George, Age 13 George is a handsome, energetic, and great at making friends. He is […]


Katie & Barbie

Sisters, 6 & 4 years old Listed March 21, 2016 Katie is a very energetic and open girl. She is very independent and takes care of herself. She lives in a foster family. She is attending preschool and enjoying it very much. She likes art activities and her drawings are very colored and clear. She […]



Boy, born October 2006 PRC Hearing Impaired Listed: January 26, 2016 Kipper is a handsome and outgoing boy who is 9 years old. (Note: his photos from his file have spots on them…these are not skin blemishes) He came to the orphanage when he was about 3 months old. They discovered he had hearing loss, […]



Boy, born 2011 Congenital malformation of spine and bony thorax; Congenital absence, atresia and stenosis of large intestine (operated, fixed, working properly); Mixed specific developmental disorders; other disorders of nervous system Listed: November 2015 What a cutie pie! From a family who met him 4/17: His nannies love him, he’s so cute, he’s smart and has a […]


Jairus, Juno, and Betty L6

Siblings, born March 2008, April 2009, November 2010 The children reside in a foster family since March 2011.  The below update is from 2015. Listed:  July 31, 2015 Jarius: Older brother is a quiet child. He likes to play with Lego and toy cars. He is good at drawing, coloring pictures and handicrafts. His  medical diagnosis – […]


Jesse #11-51

Boy, age: 4 Diagnosis: External hydrocephalus; Arachnoid cyst; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis Listed: June 2, 2015 Update November 2015: He demonstrates interest in musical and mechanical toys. He will play for a short time – studies a toy, puts it in the mouth, transfers it from one hand to the other. He […]



Boy, born August 2006 PRC Hydrocephalus Listed: May 2015 Denny has got some spunk and personality! Denny is diagnosed with hydrocephalus. His orphanage has asked for help in advocating for him because they feel he is special and are surprised he has waited so long. From an April 2015 update: Denny’s mental development is normal. […]



Girl, born 2005 Diagnsis: mental delays, light degree tetraparesis (CP) Listed: October 14, 2012 Miss Nadene has regressed greatly in the orphanage. She has bad memory and attention. She is very shy and quiet. She needs help often but she can walk with support. She could use the love of a family to really blossom! […]


Jovan (L)

Boy, born June 2007 mixed developmental disorder and FAS Listed: September 24, 2013 Update from Dec 2012: After arrival the boy had attachment difficulty to the other children, had hard time while sleeping, was angry and upset, would not play with other children, his language was not clear, would cry without reason, would not eat and […]



Boy, born July 2008 PRC Zach is an adorable boy diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. His limb, intelligence, and language development is delayed compared to peers. Zach had some new medical testing done and the results indicate that it may be likely that he has Progressive Muscular Dystrophy and not Cerebral Palsy.  A family should […]



Boy, born April 2005 Down syndrome PRC Listed: December 12, 2012 Louie is walking, running, jumping and crawling, can stand with one foot for 5 seconds, can jump with both feet.  His balance is good.  Louie can use the scissor deftly, like cutting paper, can draw simple pictures, can imitating drawing fish. He would like to […]



Boy, born July 2003 Diagnoses:  mental retardation, convergent squint, hypoplasia of optic nerves, hypochromic anemia. This little one is an orphanage favorite and is said to steal your heart when you meet him. He has a wonderful personality and is quite the little helper. He understand speech and he can talk but has speech problems. […]


Gabriella 43F

  Girl, born July 2003 Gray eyes Brown hair Character:  She can follow simple directions and perform small tasks, but doesn’t always do so.  She has delays and poor memory.  She does best in familiar surroundings.  She is stubborn, polite, unpredictable. Physiological needs under control nurse. ***This child is in a country that is currently not […]


Zeke (L)

Boy, born March 2009 FAS; complex developmental disorder and autism features, CP ataxic form; mixed developmental disorder, low height, hypermetropic astigmatism, functional heart murmur Listed: May 21, 2012 From a family who met him in 2015: “Zeke is seriously one smart cookie!! He is walking GREAT now and was even jumping from a play mattress to […]


Lexi (L)

Girl, born September, 2004 has siblings (not available for adoption) FAS; Mixed specific developmental delays; short-stature; strabismus; hypertrophy; flat-foot; repaired hernia. Listed May 20, 2012 Lexi was born prematurely at 34 weeks gestation weighing 1530g. She has had trouble gaining weight. She has a history of bronchitis and otitis. She started walking at the age […]


Kolya 15H

Boy, Born July 2000 6e1n-15H Kolya is 15 years old, and has been waiting for such a long time! From his advocates and friends:   Kolya – very delicate and sensitive child who catches every touch, every word or a smile. He may long to sit next to a nice man and just hold hands, enjoying the […]