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This update and new photos were added in October 2022. Vivian is a beautiful girl who has been living at her children’s home since she was an infant. She has multiple disabilities including a Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy. It’s believed that Vivian has some level of both a hearing and vision impairment, […]



Update: Gross Motor Skills: He can stand steadily and kick balls. He can walk backwards. Fine Motor Skills: He can turn through books with his thumb and index finger and draw straight lines with a pencil. Cognitive abilities: He can recognize his shoes, looks at books, study pictures and balls, etc. Social Skills: He likes […]


Damian #

Damian is able to speak and understand everything but prefers using mimics and gestures to communicate. He prefers sporting and free activities. He orientates well and quickly when solving puzzles. He likes riding a bicycle, playing with pins and mini-soccer. Damian participates in playing activities, both individual and group, but often does not follow the […]



Lillian loves being held so that she can pay close attention to everything that is going on around her. She does not walk or speak yet, but can kneel down and crawl around independently. Lillian also can make sounds when she needs something. She still has weak chewing and swallowing skills so eats mainly milk […]


Brian #

Brian recognizes familiar adults and has formed an attachment to his favorite caregiver. He is uncomfortable around strangers. He is working with a physical therapist and a teacher on fine and gross motor skills. He can pick up toys and transfer them from hand to hand. His teacher reports that he understands what is being […]


Joplin, Jake, Jewel and Jillian

If you’ve always imagined yourself surrounded by laughter, hugs, the pitter patter of little (and not so little) feet, and, if we’re being honest, noise, you’ll want to check out Joplin, Jake, Jewel, and Jillian.  They are a precious sibling set of 4 who need a family ready for the adventure and joys of raising […]


Ian #

Ian walks with support and can take some independent steps. He’s easily comforted with hugs and affection. He loves music and will smile and dance when he hears it. He also loves cars and trains. His expressive and receptive speech are delayed. He is not yet speaking and the difficulty with communication (his foster mother […]


Ukrainian Orphan Supplies Project

In March 2022, as a result of the invasion of Russian military, 2 orphanages were evacuated out of Ukraine with millions of other Ukrainian refugees. These 46 orphans, along with 4 caregivers and the caregivers’ children, were then moved to Italy, where they are currently housed as refugees. The orphanage was evacuated quickly, so the […]


Help for Ukrainian Orphans, Orphanages, and Caregivers

Money given on this page will be disbursed through trusted intermediaries on the ground in Ukraine to orphanage staff for salaries, diapers, medical care, food, travel expenses in the case of evacuation, etc. Thank you for helping!! Funds are sent to in-country people, and receipts obtained. A list of donors will be provided to Oleg’s […]


A GIRL for the Pedersen family — UT

Wil and Heather have been married for 17 years. They met at College, Wil was Heather’s neighbor across the way. They fell in love and that is where their journey began. William was in the Army Reserves for 24 years he recently retired in 2022. He has lovingly and proudly served his country serving 2 […]


I Will Never Stop Praying

UPDATE October 2013: We have learned that Kyle has passed away. He is now in the arms of his Heavenly Father. Since 1999 some 60,000 Russian orphans were adopted by US citizens. In all of those years, prior to President Putin putting the ban on American adoptions, 19 of those 60,000 died after being adopted […]


This week we were saddened to learn the fate of one of our former Russian Waiting Children, Kyle. He has been transferred to an institution where his care has not been good. His new photo is startling and horrific. It was painfully decided over the summer to reallocate our Russian children’s grants. We feel this […]


Even if you can’t adopt, you can be a guardian angel for an orphan with special needs! The Guardian Angel Program is part of our Warrior Program. To find out more about being a Guardian Angel, please CLICK HERE

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A BOY for the Miller family — SC

Well, here we are again! We are the Miller Family— Christian, Megan, Bentley, Sawyer, Flynn, Charleston, Lottie, Elsie, Portman, and Gaines. We are a large family, blended with bio and adopted children. Lottie (Perla) and Elsie (Rae Ann) were adopted from Ukraine in 2021 and advocated for here on Reese’s Rainbow. Our girls have been […]


MAX & LENA for the Darrow family–TX

   Ukraine Follow the Darrow family’s adoption journey on their blog at n (Ray)and Amber (Alex) have been married 7 years.  They are blessed with 3 biological kids.  Their oldest Ian is almost 6.  He is sensitive, intense and passionate about everything, and loves to take things apart and figure out how they work.  Chava […]


Staggering Statistics

Take a minute to read through this carefully.  It is mind boggling… In Central and Eastern European countries alone (this would include Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, etc, but NOT Russia), there are more than 1.5 MILLION CHILDREN who have been abandoned by their families for one reason or another and are living in “public care” (that’s […]