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In 10 years, $11.5 million in grant funding disbursed, and more than 2000 orphans have found forever families, you KNOW how far your giving goes collectively through Reece’s Rainbow!

Set up an auto-bill-pay donation from your bank, or through the Paypal link below, to give just $5 a month for our adopting families!
Each month, 5 families will be featured. On the 5th of the month, all the donations will be divided evenly among those 5 families. The 5 new families will then be revealed.

100% of your donation to 555 for Families goes to the families. We do not take the 10% for Voice of Hope.

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Donors and Families:
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How to Help:
Helping is easy. Donors are needed to donate $5, $25 or any other amount monthly. You can also make a one-time gift. These small (and larger) donations really add up and help families who are close to traveling.

Who is Chosen:
Five (5) families will be chosen by the 5/5/5 committee which is made up of 5 women and men who have adopted from Russia, Latin America, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, China and Armenia

What to do:
Make your monthly donation here: You can set it up as a recurring donation and then you don’t have to try to remember monthly.  To set up a recurring donation, click on the PayPal button above, and check the box “Make This Recurring (Monthly)”.

This Month’s Families:
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See below to see the families selected each month and the total amount raised, which was divided equally amongst all five families. You can also meet this month’s families

July 2015 The Stacey Family
The Hoang Family
The Smith Family
The Lowman Family
The Joss Family
$3,588.25 January 2016 The Lamb Family
The Lawrence Family
The Chinchak Family
The Reber Family
The Hutson Family
August The Soto Family
The Brook Family
The Knapp Family
The Pruyn Family
The Williams Family
$3,323.15 February The Nowrey Family
The Schlittenhart Family
The Jenks Family
The Jones Family
The Higdon Family
September The Parris Family
The Sanborn Family
The Scheid Family
The Dirkes Family
The Horton Family
$3,862.15 March The Sherley Family
The Rowe Family
The Murray Family
The Lavey Family
Lene’s Family
October The Ballard Family
The Watkins Family
The Quesenberry family
The McBride family
The Sellers family
$3,729.40 April The Patterson Family
The Lanz Family
The Lenig Family
The Adair Family
The Pittman Family
November The Davis Family
The Obenauf Family
The Kroll family
The Whiteley family
The Winslow family
$3,006.15 May The Tomasik Family
The Goodhue Family
The Pelc Family
The Royaards Family
The Kimrey Family
December The Kelley Family
The Merrick Family
The Robinson Family
The Wierenga Family
The Carmichael Family
$2077.22 June

The first year of 555 has seen such tremendous growth! Let’s keep that momentum going!







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