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Maggie Mae

Girl, born 2014 PRC Dwarfism, cerebral palsy   This sweet girl needs a family!  Her report says she’s introverted and doesn’t yet speak.  She’s said to show little expression on her face — poor girl needs some loving attention to thrive and reach her full potential.    


Elsie and Evie

Elsie and Evie are sisters who have been diagnosed with dwarfism. As of March 2017, they are 5 and 6 years old. Elsie is a shy girl who can walk independently, feeds herself and is potty-trained. She is verbal and able to express her ideas. Evie has not mastered these skills and her speech is […]


BRIANNA for the Shupe family — VA

Jeff and Wendy were married in 2010. Having both come from previous marriages, they each brought with them 3 children…..six all together. Wendy had experienced the joy of adoption in 2003 when her daughter Cassie was adopted from Kazakhstan. Jeff and Wendy knew that God was calling them to bring another child into their family, […]

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Brianna #1-48

Age: 2 Diagnosis: dwarfism Brianna can walk when held by the hands. She can crawl, sits down on her own, can pick up a toy and can pull up to a standing position by holding on to something stable. She can push, pull, and drag objects tied with a thread; she can place blocks one […]


Aniah #3-8

Age: 13 Diagnosis: dwarfism Listed: April 15, 2016 Aniah walks, plays with toys, enjoys music class and playing hide and seek. She is not talking at this time, but responds to her name and basic commands. Photos and videos from April 2016 are available through the agency. *** I am eligible for an Older Child […]


Aimey #1-28

Age: 13 Diagnosis: Osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism) Aimey has reduced fees through the agency. After birth, Aimey was placed in an orphanage for children with brain damage and then transferred at age 4 to a notorious mental institution. She has lived her entire life in settings where she had no chance to develop her cognitive skills or […]


Guardian Angel Project

Become a Guardian Angel for an ‘Other Angel’!  CLICK HERE or Email Laurie to Sign Up! Choose a child..Advocate for a family..Fundraise up until your child is home with his or her forever family! Put our Guardian Angel Button on and share pictures and profile information about your GA child on facebook, your blog etc… […]