GradyBoy, born February 2003
chondrodysplasia dwarfism

Grady is 11 years old and he has been diagnosed with chondrodysplasia dwarfism. Grady is very active and he is able to walk, run, and go upstairs independently. He is not included on formal education classes due to his size, but he is learning and reciting poems. Grady knows fruits, animals, and vegetables. Grady likes to help out his caregivers with the tasks that he is able to do. He likes to help stack chairs and clean the tables. Grady is able to fully follow directions of his caregivers and communicates all of his wants and needs. Aside from his diagnosed dwarfism, Grady is considered to be a health boy.

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KrebChris and Yvette met in college and have been married 20 years. They have 3 biological children 16, 13, and 8. Their youngest was born with a rare form of dwarfism. Along their journey they learned how bad conditions are for people with dwarfism, all over the world. Their adoption process began simply by wanting to open their home to one of these children, anywhere in the world. Eventually, they received their referral for a little girl with dwarfism. She came home December, 2011 along with their son who is a double amputee.

Yvette began advocating for children with dwarfism, as many orphanages still viewed this need as unadoptable. As she advocated and found families for many children with dwarfism, they have also grown their family with 2 more boys with this need. Tao is now 4 and came home 11/2012, and Dawson now 12 came home 4/2014.

They are unexpectedly in process for one more little boy. The more they learned of this child’s potential condition, the more they knew that although it wasn’t their plan, it was most definitely God’s. Their new son just turned 4 and obviously has albinism (meaning he will most likely be legally blind.) It was Chris who noticed he looked like he also had dwarfism. After researching the two conditions together they found he probably suffers from a rare syndrome that falls under the OCA-ID diagnoses. The most concerning part is they he is chronically and severely immunocompromised. Last year he almost died from a basic childhood illness. Treatment in the US is available, however left untreated it is expected he will die by age 6.

The Kreb family is racing to bring him home by summer to start treatment before fall. This adoption is unexpected and there is little time for them cut back and save has they have for the previous 4 adoptions. They are asking that you partner with them in raising the much needed funds, and praying Superman home (that is the exact translation of his Chinese name!!!)


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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EmeryBoy, born September 2009
osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism)

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E five year old Emerson is diagnosed with osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism). At 5 years old, after a period of acupuncture and moxibustion, Emery could change positions from lying on his stomach to sitting. He could stand with support and could walk with one hand being held. He could walk forward by pushing a small cart. He is still receiving acupuncture and moxibustion therapy. He knows his gender, understands big and small, in and out, and he can take off simple unlined clothes. He can wash his hands without help and he can help people do things he is capable of doing. Emery is docile and adorable. He gets along well with other, likes to be held, teased and accompanied. He will smile when he is happy and he likes to listen to music. Emery will dance along with the music. Emerson is a beautiful little boy! Who will be blessed to be his lucky family?

MANY videos available from the agency.


Janelle taggie 2 Janelle 3Guardian AngelGirl, Born June 2007

Isn’t Janelle pretty? She was born with CP and struggles some with epilepsy. She is not able to walk on her own, but would such a blessing to any family.

She will remain bed/chair-ridden for life if she is not adopted. More photos available.

From her medical records: microcephaly. Spastic tetraparesis (CP), steady movement
violation. Episyndrome J 80-83, Q 02, J 40.6. Strabismus. ZPMR.

This region typically waives the 10 day waiting period for children with special needs.

Update March 2014:
Janelle is very frail, very tiny. She is about the size of a 6-9 month old, and very pale. She has beautiful reddish light brown hair and eyes that are about the same color. She appears very weak, and doesn’t interact much. They are very concerned about why she is not growing and have her on a special diet. She is clearly a favorite of one of the nannies, who was carrying her the entire time (which is wonderful in terms of mental and emotional health and sensory input, and to decrease issues of psychosocial dwarfism). She does not interact much, but this may be due to her weakened state. She is alert and watches what is happening. She needs a loving mama and daddy to get her the medical care she so desperately needs- and fast.

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Joaquin (1)Back in 2002, Lynn was raising her two children and going to the University. One afternoon she received a phone call from her sister, who was on a work trip in Nevada. Her co-worker John was with her at the time. John picked up the phone and began to chat with Lynn. They discovered a similar sense of humor and many mutual interests: hiking, kayaking, traveling, books, music, etc. History was made.

Fast forwarding several years, after being a family of four, with two growing children, their family grew even more and they were blessed with 2 more wonderful children. Their family now includes four extraordinarily bright, talented and loving children including a son (20) in college, a daughter (15) and two younger sons (7 and 5). With their oldest son enjoying success in college and getting out on his own, the time seemed right to try to fulfill a dream of trying to help a child in need.

As a teenager, and after reading of the struggles of Eastern European orphans, Lynn dreamt of being able to help, to be able to give them the life that every child deserves with a loving family. John, who has an adopted cousin, was on board with the idea. Both John and Lynn believed that no child should be denied the basic things we often take for granted. Loving parents, a supportive family, education, and good healthcare, in a place where people with disabilities may enjoy every opportunity.

In their search, it only made sense to reach out and try to help a special needs child, one of many such children all too often overlooked by adoptive parents because of the potential challenges they may bring. Little Joaquin was challenged at birth with Achondroplasia , a common form of dwarfism. He also has minor heart defects, and developmental delays, most likely for institutionalization. He will need continued monitoring for hydrocephalus (water on the brain), and orthopedic problems that are common with his condition.

Joaquin touched their hearts from the moment his sweet little face showed up in their search. The more that they learned about him, the more that they realized how very well he would fit in to their family. If already felt as though Joaquin were a part of the household. Gage, the youngest in the family wrote Joaquin a poem about how much he loves him. Matthew the next oldest is trying to find the perfect spot to put Yoan’s firetruck bed. The older children just cannot wait to meet their baby brother. The whole family is excited and anxious to help bring him home to his “forever family”.

Now, John and Lynn are trying their best to expedite Joaquin’s adoption. He has already been an orphanage for too long. He is behind in his development and needs to come home to bloom and flourish. John and Lynn’s desire to speed up Joaquin’s adoption are further fueled, by the knowledge, that in Bulgaria, when a child turns 4 , they will most likely be transferred from the “baby” orphanage into one for all older children. Imagining the fear a child would go through leaving the only people he has known to go to a whole new orphanage, John and Lynn decided to do whatever they could to try to avoid that and to make his next move be to their family instead.

Please join them along their journey to give Joaquin the life, love, family, and opportunities he deserves. Any help with fundraising and prayers to allow them to complete this process before he has to move again would be greatly appreciated.  Blessings from our family to you and yours.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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Even if you are not in a position to adopt, Reece’s Rainbow provides a very personal, meaningful, and powerful way to change the course of a child’s life!

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ZekeZeke B 234 (1)Boy, born March 2009
has sibling (not available for adoption)
FAS; hypermetropia; nanism (dwarfism); suspicion of autism; mixed developmental delay

From a family who met him in 2015: “Zeke is seriously one smart cookie!! He is walking GREAT now and was even jumping from a play mattress to join in the fun. He actually knows a few words in English as well, and I taught him to fist bump (and blow it up, ha ha) when I came in and he remembered it when I left and hour and a half later. I was blown away by his attention to detail in the books we were reading — he will excel academically. He was very attached to the American volunteer who is regularly in his groupa — all of the kids love her and are lucky to have her attention.”

December 2014 UPDATE: Age 5 years: His height and head circumference are behind for his age. Zeke saw a neurologist who concluded that he has very small eye lids, his nose foundation is dented, and he has a thin upper lip. He can pay attention for short amounts of time. He has been evaluated in all aspects and is delayed physically and mentally. He struggles with fine motor skills and skills of independence. Control of waist/pelvis is not sufficient; is unstable when sitting. His emotions are inadequate. His cognitive processing is limited. He is developmentally delayed in all aspects.

Zeke can sit and crawl. When someone helps him to stand he balances on his tip toes. He can take a toy with his hand. He does not imitate actions that are shown to him. He has an attachment to small details. He tends to play alone. Often his emotions do not correspond with the reality.

Zeke can count up to 10, speaks in 2-3 words sentences, says poems, very active in musical activities, sometimes has anger expression difficulties and autoagression, has difficulty to move from one task to another, has broad and stable vocabulary, sentences not yet full, and sometimes he is lacks the simple logic. His hearing understanding is not in full potential. Made psychological autism test , observed many features of the autism. Diagnosed with complex developmental disorder and autism features, CP ataxic form; FAS, mixed developmental disorder, low height, hypermetropic astigmatism, functional heart murmur.

A U.S. mom had these observations about Zeke: He’s a doll! He’s cheerful, helpful, and very friendly. Every time we entered the room he was the first to greet us (Labas!!). Zeke has a little issue with following directions. I don’t know him well enough to be able to distinguish if it was a willful issue or a cognitive issue. As far as I know he has FAS and possibly very mild CP effecting his legs/ Achilles’ tendon. Zeke is a very likable kiddo!

Update from a volunteer who spent extensive time with him:
I met Zeke in the summer of 2010 while volunteering; in the years that I’ve known him, Zeke has made considerable physical, cognitive and emotional progress, and has become an active, curious, quirky, good-natured, and nurturing young boy. As his physical abilities have improved, he has become much more independent, both dressing and feeding himself. He does, however, need some direction and encouragement with these endeavors. Zeke best completes such tasks when given positive reinforcement and clear sequence of events to follow. For example, if simply given a pile of clothes, he often has trouble focusing his attention. It is more effective to ask him what he needs to do first, second, and third, and to tell him how quick/good he is when he has completed a step in the sequence. If he is feeling unmotivated, it can be helpful to tap into his nurturing side (ex. “Put your socks on! Your feet will get cold and wonder why you didn’t dress them!”) or to incentivize him with tickling—his favorite activity in the world.

In the past year, Zeke has become an avid performer, bravely singing in dancing during musical lessons and performances in the children’s home. Even half a year ago, he would need a bit of coaxing to get up and join the other children in song. During this year’s holiday show, however, when the music teacher asked for volunteers to stand up and perform, Zeke was the first to rise to the challenge. He also really enjoys musical children’s films, often performing the routines from memory during playtime. One of his favorite toys is a little piano with a microphone into which he sings his favorite songs.
Zeke has a few other favorite games, which mostly revolve around caretaking and repetition. For instance, following the examples of the caretakers, he feeds, bathes and swaddles dolls, making sure to lovingly and carefully execute these tasks in the correct order each time; when waiting for the thermometer to show the doll’s temperature, he pets her head, rocking her back and forth. Another current favorite of his is petting me and telling me not to cry in a concerned, soft voice. After establishing that he has comforted me, he gets in his toy car, wishes me all the best, drives around the room, and comes back to take care of me again. Zeke has also grown to love animals, and when given the chance to be with a dog or horse, he always pets them, sweetly telling the animals that they are good and that he loves them.

Zeke is an incredibly nurturing, loving child, and delights in physical affection. He loves to be petted and hugged, and gladly returns the favor. He is very concerned with maintaining good relationships with the adults in his life and is sensitive to admonition. If he is beyond the point of being motivated by positive reinforcement, a serious look and stern voice usually suffice. If he sees that he has accidentally hurt me, he becomes quiet and sad, and seeks reassurance that everything is ok. Zeke is less sensitive with respect to the children around him, as he is possessive of his favorite toys and the other children habitually seek what another has. In the last few months, however, Zeke has made a great deal of progress expressing his emotions and restraining himself when he gets upset. Whereas he would previously go after the child to repossess his toy, I have consistently responded by wrapping an arm around him, telling him that we will all gladly help him if he calmly explains to us what is wrong, and he is now much better at seeking our help and articulating his feelings. When he is agitated, it’s best to take a calm, light-hearted approach to ease the tension; he thinks it’s hilarious when adults copy his little squeals and shenanigans, so he usually laughs if I playfully copy his whining, which gets him out of his rut and allows us to calmly seek a solution.

All in all, Zeke is a joyful, enthusiastic, loving child who responds to physical affection, positive reinforcement, and clearly established expectations. He has a friendly attitude towards new people, and seeks a great deal of hugs from the adults in his life. I have the utmost confidence that with patient, gentle and loving guidance, Zeke will continue to grow into a capable, kind young man who will enrich the lives of those around him. In the five years that I’ve spent with Zeke, he has certainly filled my life with more love than I could have possibly imagined.

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