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Sawyer #4-5

Age 9; born 2010 Arthrogryposis with knee joint contractures, bilateral club foot, Hypotrophy. Sawyer is able to move around the room by scooting on his bottom. He can talk in sentences, but his articulation is not always clear. He plays with toys, responds when spoken to, follows simple directions, and assists with self-help tasks such […]



Girl, born 2017 Updated pics & medical info, April 2019: spina bifida, arnold chiari syndrome congenital malformation of optic disc arthrogryposis Multiple congenital malformations Listed: May 2018 Video $1,416.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Polka Fundraising for O’Briens

  Polka fans rally around the O’Brien family as they work to adopt a third child into their home. Fans of many different polka groups are quite possibly familiar with CeCe (age 8) and Adhu (age 6). Both Cece and Adhu were adopted by Paula and Scott O’Brien. These two youngsters are often seen at polka […]



Girl, born November 2005 PRC arthrogryposis Listed: Feb 21, 2016 Sweet 10-year-old Bailee is diagnosed as having arthrogryposis, which affects her knees, ankles and elbows. She is a very capable and independent girl despite her limb differences. In November 2015, she received surgery to improve her mobility and she is currently going through rehabilitation for […]



Boy, born 2013 Multiple congenital arthrogryposis, internal hydrocephalus, open oval window updated pics Jan 2015 and medical info: Multiple congenital arthrogryposis, thymic hypoplasia, hypoplasia of abdominal wall muscles, crossed eyes, additional chord in the heart. He had surgery. He is developing well. Smart boy. Needs out asap. From a family that met him 11/15: “Mathis” […]



Boy, born July, 2013 K-H Darby has Arthrogryposis – both upper and lower extremities.  Additional pictures available. Married couples and single women may adopt Adoption process approx 8-12 months Three trips – both parents need to travel for trip one Trip one is 10-15 days Trip two – about 6-8 weeks after trip one, for […]



Boy, born Dec 2008 Eric has arthrogryposis and compensated hydrocephalus. He has had a surgical repair of spina bifada. Listed: Jan 2012 Eric is a smiley little fellow who likes to feel his caretaker’s heartbeat or pulse, because it comforts him. He would be a wonderful little brother in a household of older children. Overall, […]