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A CHILD for Jeff and Mollie family — OH

We are Jeff and Mollie, parents of 9 living children, as well as one, Hannah, who passed away in 1991. Three of our children still live at home, while the others are married and living independently, or in college. We have one grandson at this time! His name is Austin and he is two. He is the center of attention most of the time and we love opportunities for him to come and stay the night.

We met while Jeff attended college and Mollie’s mother met him in a bookstore and invited him to church. It was in church we met for the first time, became best friends, dated, and in March of 1978, we became engaged then married in 1979. We both had a calling from God to serve in some capacity in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. We moved to the area near Chicago and attended Bible college. After graduation, we began our career in the field of ministry. We’ve had the privilege of Pastoring 3 churches and working in a Bible college in Texas. We have been completely in love with each other and with our children. As a family we are actively busy serving in our churches in a variety of ways. We are a musical family of pianists, guitar playing and singing. Our family has known the satisfaction that comes in truly making a difference in the lives of those who need us in our communities and churches, from our seniors and our ministries to people with special needs, and those in our inner cities and nursing homes.

Our family loves to laugh and have fun but also practices our faith and applies a “person centered” approach with each of our family members.  We are a family of a variety of backgrounds and races. We adopted our oldest son from Honduras and another daughter from Seattle who is part Eskimo Indian..
We do have our times of stress but have learned to talk things out and pray together about our differences and show love and support to each other.

What is important to us is making a difference in the lives of children with special needs. Our first born daughter Hannah, was born with Down syndrome. She died at age 4 after her 4th heart surgery. We were told we would never have more children and began to adopt. Then we had three more biological children! Each person in our family is so unique and plays a vital role in our family structure. Jeff is now a retired Pastor but does teaches others through an online Bible college. Mollie works with the state of Ohio as an independent provider for adults and children with special needs. We also have helped churches start ministries to include people with special needs within the congregation. We feel this is so vital today. Not long ago, we saw a photo and read the narrative on Vivi and wanted to help her so began to call families we knew. After not finding someone who would undertake this we decided why not us? We want to adopt her ourselves and pray Vivi can be a part of our family. This will more than likely be our last adoption as we are getting older! We know that God can open the door for us and make this happen and we would appreciate your prayers and support. We are both in good health and love our busy happy family life and feel Vivi would be loved and happy here!
4/24/2020 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

*** The child the family is adopting has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant! ***



Girl, born 2016
Down syndrome, CHD-ASD

Update and video from May 2020!
Rae is described as gentle and quiet.  She is relatively weak physically and delayed in terms of gross motor skills and speech development.  She’s not yet potty-trained. She holds her bottle and drinks milk. She can sit up on her own, but she cannot run, jump, or climb up/down stairs. When playing, she occasionally reached out his hand. She cannot pick up tiny things yet. Rae doesn’t have any schooling, and isn’t particularly attached to a caregivers. She’s begun to utter one syllable sounds. Her file says she likes to play hide and seek — I bet she’s adorable playing “Peek a boo”! Please help this tiny girl find her family, where she’ll be loved and treasured for exactly who she is.


Precious Rae has the most expressive faces! Rae was born with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect- ASD. She was reported to have developmental delays commonly seen with children with Down syndrome, but she has been diligently working to meet milestones. Rae’s caregivers say that she is calm and easy-going. At the time her file was prepared, she loved when her caregivers would give her a massage and when they would hold her and talk to her. When the nanny would tell her stories, she would quietly listen and when the nanny would call on her, she would look at the nanny. Little Rae desperately needs an update and we’re hoping one will come for her soon!

There is a $1,000 agency grant for Rae’s adoption with her current adoption agency.


CALEB for the Beck family — TX

We are Jaime and Gary and we hope that our story can help you understand why we have chosen the wonderful yet difficult path of adoption. We are the parents to three internationally adopted children from China, Shawn 8, Ryan 5, and Robin 3. We are often asked why we chose to adopt internationally rather than have our own biological children. We answer them how Vernon Pierce, a pastor and foster parent, does. He describes the mirrors between adoption and Gods love. He says “I like to tell people that we were the people in the back of the filing cabinet with the red stamp saying: Do not adopt. You look at the file on humanity and it says: Prone to rejection, prone to running away, prone to disobedience. There is no reason why God should have loved us and yet God did love us. He set his love upon us and it was a redemptive love to reconcile us to himself, to restore us to himself and restoring a people to himself. We were meant to be part of the family of God. We fell away and God still brings us back to himself”. When we adopt, we willing to choose the “red stamps” of life; those who are hurt, both physically and emotionally. We as parents set our love upon them and watch as Gods redemptive and restorative power work through us to directly change our children. It’s a truly powerful and miraculous thing to watch. It is also why we believe that the most profound thing we can impart to our children is the love of Christ. While we set our love upon our children we also disciple them with this message, that it is only Jesus who can save and change a heart from the inside.

In 2012 we started our journey with the adoption of a 2-year-old boy, Shawn, born with a cleft lip/palate. We followed his adoption up with two others in 2016 and 2017. Ryan was adopted at 3 and was diagnosed with Lamb-Shaffer Syndrome, a rare genetic deletion causing intellectual disabilities, speech impairments, and ataxic muscle movements. Little Robin arrived home at the age of one. She was diagnosed with cleft lip/palate, a heart defect, and hearing loss. As with all institutionalized children, their early childhood trauma and fear manifests in various ways. We meet them where they are, set our love upon them and trust God to redeem and restore the broken, just as Christ does for us.

Each one of our children has their own individual stories. Yet, they all share a similar heritage and can relate to each other through their medical needs. While they recognize the others struggles or disabilities they don’t capitalize on them but overlook them; the abled helping the disabled, the better signer helping the non-verbal to communicate more effectively, playing as a sibling unit despite ability.
We are seeking to adopt Caleb, a 7-year-old with arthrogryposis. We had the privilege of speaking with Caleb’s American foster family and gaining insight into his personality. His foster parents describe Caleb as a peacemaker with a sweet personality. He tries to find ways to accomplish tasks on his own despite his physical disability. Caleb also lives with foster siblings that have a variety of needs, ranging from Trisomy 21, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Clefts. His foster parents feel that Caleb would thrive as a middle brother who could not only look up to his older brother but also be a helper to his younger siblings. Caleb is receiving excellent care at his healing home but cannot reach his full potential there. He has already had seven surgeries and will require several more to achieve greater range of motion in his extremities. We have a translated letter written by Caleb expressing his desire to be adopted. You can also hear the sadness in his voice as he feels overlooked while he watches all of his friends be adopted.
We are humbled that you have taken the time to read our profile and thank you as you consider donating to help us bring Caleb home!



Girl, born 2010
Down syndrome

Chloe is a playful and happy girl!  Staff report that “Chloe fills every room with laughter and joy. She loves to play, socialize and have fun in all aspects of her day. Chloe is the youngest member of her community group home, and she is very loved by all her older sisters and caregivers! She is a very social girl who enjoys spending time with others. She is able to express herself through use of gestures, simple phrases and sentences. Chloe is friendly, greeting those she knows with a big smile and hug! She also displays confidence and has been observed introducing herself to new people and is willing to spend time with them. She is caring and will make sure that all of her friends are included in any games or activities that are taking place! She can be a bit mischievous – she has been caught several times sneaking into her sister’s room to eat snacks with a big smile on her face!”

“Chloe is independent in most self care skills throughout the day. At times, her caregivers will supervise her to make sure she is completing a task correctly like dressing. She enjoys mealtimes and can feed herself with a spoon. She can brush her teeth and toilet independently. She loves selecting her own clothes and wearing pretty dresses! Her caregivers report she will change clothes if she prefers to wear something else over what has been selected for the day. Chloe attends a special school outside of the Project and Welfare Center. She attends school 5 days a week. Her classes at school include fine motor activities, exercise, language, art and self care skill development. Despite some difficulties with focus and concentration, Chloe has shown she has an ability to learn and is making progress in her subjects. Chloe loves many activities, especially if she can do them with other children or a carer. She enjoys dancing, singing, playing games with her sisters, watching stories on TV, going for a walk or to the playground, drawing/crafting, and having her picture taken! Chloe LOVES all things girly including dresses, painting her nails, and sparkly headbands.”

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Chloe’s adoption with her current adoption agency.
*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


TOBIAS for the Fach Family — AL

Colin and Kym have been married sixteen years and have nine biological children. Colin is a firefighter/paramedic and Kym is a homeschooling Mom.

Since even before they were married, Colin and Kym talked about adopting one day. It has always been something that was on their hearts. They had several friends who had adopted, and Kym followed their stories and their blogs and passed along their stories to Colin. They were always curious about what those friends had said of their adopted children: “I just knew that child was mine.” They wondered: “What did that feel like, to look at the face of a child half the world away, and to know that child belonged to you?” It was a mystery to them.

One day, Kym was sitting at the computer following still another adoption story, when up popped the face of a little boy staring right back at her. That face. Those eyes. She knew instantly what her friends had meant when they had said they “knew.”

The face looking back at her was her son.

She immediately sent a text to Colin and asked that he check out the little guy’s file. He too was moved. But they already had nine kids of their own – one still a baby – they had a family trip which had already been planned, and Colin was looking at leaving one fire department to go work for another. It wasn’t a good time.

Three months later, when life was a bit slower, Kym asked Colin if he ever thought of that little guy. Without saying a word, Colin pulled his phone from his pocket, turned it on, and showed her the Reece’s Rainbow page that had been opened all that time. “I’ve never closed the file. I look at him every day,” Colin said quietly. And then he said, “I think we need to bring him home.”

Obviously, the budget is tight when you’ve got nine kids eating you out of house and home, so Colin simply trusts and prays daily: “God, I’m just a lowly firefighter with a firefighter’s salary. If this is supposed to happen, You’re going to have to come up with the money to make it happen.” And so far, GOD HAS PROVIDED! For every piece of paperwork, document submittal, or fingerprinting appointment, God has provided them with the exact funds they have needed to pay for those things at the time they have needed them.

There is still so much to be done and more money to be found, but they have great confidence that all will come through at the time it is meant to, so they forge ahead and eagerly prepare their kids, their hearts, and their home, for the new little Fachling who will join them next year.
3/11/2019 — COURT in MARCH



Boy, born 2008
Down syndrome, CHD

Listed: May 2019

Lance lives in a large Asian country and has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, postoperative repair of congenital heart disease, bilateral cryptorchidism and postoperative repair of right indirect inguinal hernia. His file states that Lance has good self-care skills, he can fold his clothes, take off his shoes, and put them away. According to his file, he loves listening to his teacher tell stories, he can read simple words, and understand basic questions. Lance’s file says he enjoys finger painting and singing and dancing to songs. His file indicates he likes to run, jump, and play sports.

*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


LOLA for the Obenauf family — MI

Stephani has always wanted to be a mother. Since she was a little girl, she knew she would have a big family and at least some of her children would arrive through adoption. She thought her family was going to be starting in 2009, when she found out she was pregnant. Sadly, God had other plans and her daughter Emma was stillborn.

In 2011, Stephani was introduced to Reece’s Rainbow through a friend who was adopting. She would spend hours looking at the children, reading their stories, and hoping that soon, the time would be right to adopt. That time finally came in 2015 when Stephani adopted her daughter Octavia from Eastern Europe with the help of Reece’s Rainbow!

Now, Stephani is back and ready to add a sibling to the mix. “Lola” will join Stephani and Octavia to be a family of three! “Lola” has Down syndrome and a heart defect like Octavia.

Any and all financial support and prayers are greatly appreciated!
The Obenauf family has met their $5000 matching grant from RODS Racing!



Boy, born 2016
Down syndrome

Listed: May 2018

Knox is an adorable little boy! He was placed in a foster family in June of 2016 and he seems to get along well with all members of the family, but is very attached to his foster mom. Knox feeds himself and sits independently. At the time Knox’s file was prepared, he could follow simple instructions and could sit, crawl, and stand independently. He claps his hands when he sees his friends coming and likes to wave goodbye too. He vocalizes and says a few simple words, such as mom and dad. Knox is described by his caretakers as active, chubby, and adaptable. He smiles when praised, likes to be held, enjoys listening to stories, and likes to ask for hugs from people who are familiar to him. We can’t wait to see this little guy continue to grow in a forever family of his own!

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Knox’s adoption with his current agency.



Girl, born 2004
HIV+, has appointments monthly at a government ART center. CD4 count is 750. Viral load is undetectable as of Feb 2018.  She started ARTs in Dec 2016. She looked very sickly when she arrived at SCH, as she hadn’t started ARTs yet, but now her face has filled out and she looks healthier.

Listed: Feb 2018

Sara has a smile that lights up any room she walks into. She has a quieter personality but enjoys joking and laughing with people she knows well. She has a best friend in her home whom she does everything with.

Sara makes friends easily, and enjoys playing games and lending a helping hand. She likes dancing, jumping on the trampoline, and singing.  Sara has a very kind heart and likes to show affection by hugging those she is close to. When she is upset she likes to cuddle up to a caregiver and hug them. Sara is so eager to learn. She loves to learn everything she can get her hands on and enjoys working on homework with caregivers. Sara speaks her native language fluently, and is learning spoken and written English and is doing well with it. She can read simple chapter books in English and is able to sound out most words she does not know. She knows multiplication facts and can add and subtract. She is an excellent student and the only thing holding her back is that she got a late start to school.

UPDATE NOV 2018:  Sara has the biggest smile. It lights up her whole face and turns her eyes to sparkly gems. She is kind and sensitive, girly and silly. She is often found whispering secrets in her foster sisters’ ears and giggling with delight. She adds joy and friendship to those around her.

Sara has many friendships with the other children in the house. She gets along very well with children both younger and older than herself. She is a good friend. She generously shares with those that she cares about. She values quality time with caregivers. She likes to verbally process and openly shares stories and daily events. Telugu is her first language and she is most comfortable praying and communicating in it but Sara can communicate well in English too; she’s able to express her emotions and functions well in daily conversation.

Sara loves dressing up in pretty frocks and jewelry. She also loves to dance and sing – especially when it is with her friends. She has a lot of joy as she embraces life. She is excited to try new experiences. Sara isn’t the life of the party but she loves to be part of the group. She doesn’t want to miss out on anything and is an active participant in all of our group activities.

Sara is developing well and progressing in her academics. Her English has been improving rapidly, her vocabulary is growing, as is her confidence. Due to a late school start she is behind in her academics. She is currently working hard at catching up and is being taught an American school curriculum. She enjoys math and science the most but she is working hard at all of the other subjects as well. Physical education has become one of the highlights of her day. She also enjoys jumping on the trampoline after school, crafts and special movie nights.

Sara constantly expresses her deep desire to a have a family of her own. She longs to belong and be loved by a family.
*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***



Girl, born 2006

Listed: Feb 2018

Molly has cerebral palsy. She can sit independently for short periods of time. She has a feeding tube to supplement her nutrition and help her gain weight, but she continues to eat her meals by mouth. She likes self feeding with hand over hand support. She is potty-trained using a Rifton chair. She tries very hard to communicate using limited sign and speech. She has an eye gaze-controlled computer which allows her to communicate with others. Molly is laid back and content. She loves to be included and likes being silly and goofy. She is very intelligent but has a difficult time showing what she knows given her communication limitations. Knows her English alphabet and can read simple words. Can spell her name. Enjoys playing games (she is competitive) and listening to stories (she can recap the plots of simple stories by selecting images that correspond with the plot). Likes to color. Enjoys being social and playing with other kids, especially make believe (baby dolls are her favorite).

Jan 2019 Update: In March 2018, due to increasing hip pain and subluxation of her hip joints, Molly underwent a major double hip surgery: femoral derotation and osteotomy to correct the alignment of her hips and femurs. She was in a spica cast (immobilizing her hips and knees) for over a month. She then spent much of the year re-gaining the strength and movement that she had lost while immobilized. She is a fighter and persevered through significant discomfort over the past year. She maintained her joyful, sweet spirit throughout! Molly celebrated her 12th birthday in December. She was very excited to receive a new traditional dress for the occasion and to get henna designs drawn on her arms. She loves getting fancy and looked so gorgeous! Molly was also very enthusiastic about her cake as she loves all sweets. Over the past year, Molly developed a new interest in make-up and will request to wear it by reaching up and rubbing her hand on her lips and cheeks. She also was introduced to the movie “Frozen” and it has become a favorite. She will “sing” (vocalize) along to favorite songs such as “Let it Go”. Molly may not stand out as one of the youngest or one of the sickest, but she is so worthy of a family. She would be a beautiful addition to a family and a beloved daughter, sister, and cousin.
*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***


Todd #21-12


Boy, Born 2007

Good general condition, hydrocephalus with a shunt installed, spina bifida aperta, lower limb paraplegia, congenital anomaly of the excretory system – agenesis of the left kidney, hypotonic right ureter, osteogenesis imperfecta (which has not been genetically proven), convergent strabismus, logorrhoea, delayed neuropsychological development.

Listed: Sept 11, 2013

Todd can sit independently. He talks and easily carries on conversations with adults. His intellectual development is right at the “normal” level on testing. He has a caregiver that works 1:1 with him daily.

Families who have visited the orphanage where he lives report that he is a very smart and friendly little boy. He is able to carry on a conversation and answer questions appropriately and plays hand held video games.

Update, 2016:
Todd recently turned 9 years old.  He engages in symbolic and role play, which includes the activities and roles typical for his environment (how a doctor’s visitation goes; how one gets medical supplies; how one organizes a birthday party; what happens during the lesson with the resource teacher).   He knows the staff members. He takes the initiative in meeting new people. Todd eats independently. He eats common food. He chooses his clothes depending on the season and the temperature in the building. Todd leads a dialogue and asks a lot of questions.He loves telling stories and improvising depending on the specific interests of the person he is communicating with.

Additional photos and videos are available.
*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds.  For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***



Girl, born 2006
Apert syndrome, craniosyntosis (frontal skull reconstruction done, midface advance needed, would be best done in the US), syndactyly of feet and hands (fingers surgically separated–has 4 digits on each hand).

Listed: November 2017

March 2020 Update: Rebekah is continuing to improve her literacy in both her native language and English. She is working on reading and writing sentences and expanding vocabulary. She is able to do small simple addition with single digits, and is working on moving on to double digit addition. In pre-vocational classes, she is learning to make paper chains and improving her needle and threading skills.

Rebekah feeds herself independently and calls people by name. She can identify objects and colors. She is independent in indicating her needs and independent in her self care. She is attending on site school where she can write numbers 1 to 200. She loves counting things. She knows and writes all of her upper and lower case letters. She is reading and writing 3 letter words. She can spell her name.She doesn’t want to miss out on what is happening, she is eager to be a part of the fun. She enjoys sitting with adults and telling stories. She loves to color, draw and write. She is proud to be a helper and to be independent. She is working on pre-vocational skills of washing dishes and sweeping and fine motor skills like beading, threading, and cutting with scissors. She is well liked by all the staff and is helpful in the home. She has several very close friends with whom she gets all very well.
*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds.  For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***


Charlie and Milo are turning two!

What a fantastic last year! These boys have truly grown by leaps and bounds since their first birthday bash. Our family has been greatly blessed in so many ways. We are blessed with these two boys – starting each morning greeted by their smiles, filling our days with their antics, and saying goodnight after singing songs and reading stories with them. And we are blessed with a tremendous community of love and support – friends and family who love Charlie and Milo to the moon and back and professionals who are also friends that have helped the boys learn and achieve so much.

We have more than we could have ever imagined back when we first learned Charlie and Milo would be joining our family and that they would also have an extra chromosome. In all the things that matter most, we are tremendously wealthy and infinitely grateful.

It is our hope that all children would grow up in a loving family and have everything they need to grow and become all they have been created to be. This is why we believe the greatest gift you can give Charlie and Milo and our family is to help make this hope a reality.

In honor of Charlie and Milo’s birthday, thank you for considering a gift to Reece’s Rainbow. Thank you for bringing a child one step closer to the family that is waiting to love him.


A list of donors will be provided to Charlie and Milo’s family. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please email


Brogan #

Boy:  2010

Intercranial trauma (surgery done at 11 months for it), mild-moderate delays, seizures.

Listed: June 2017

Brogan is amiable, friendly, at times is too enthusiastic. He cooperates with others; participates in group activities; He shows that he is proud with his achievements; often searches for the approval of the adults and insist to make things independently. He likes role games and pretend games. Brogan easily memorizes and reproduces what he learned and his attention is more sustainable and focused. Because of that he is secure in his expressions and does undertake initiative in the learning process.   He likes to impose his opinion in the game and to be a leading figure, but agrees with the opinion of the others as well. He willingly communicates with the others, without too much physical closeness, and seeks approval of his foster parent. His understanding corresponds to his age and environment. He is able to lead a dialogue with others and is empathetic towards others. When communicating with  others he uses non-verbal methods as gestures and mimics for better communication. He has some vocabulary is working on that. He knows his first name and his age. He understands and uses the specifications for emotional states, features of the character, for himself and others as well. He loves to listen to tales or stories, expresses interest towards the pictures in the books. He can tell overall if he likes certain story or not. He has established perception of his body structure. He has developed feeling of good and evil. He has developed a sense of justice. He is more patient. He has vast desire to explore the world around him and is constantly asking questions until he receives a satisfactory answer. He demonstrates care for the others and his foster parent.

He loves to play with car toys, constructors, to listen to music and dance. He enjoys independent and group games with peers. He had surgery at 11 months old for inter-cranial trauma.  He shows mild to moderate delays and occasional seizures if ill or upset.

*** I am eligible for a $2,000 Grant! ***
This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding. 
For more information on this child, email


Joran #

Male: 2004

Listed: 5/2017

Joran is a happy, loving young boy. He has Infantile cerebral palsy and spastic quadriparesis. He also has epilepsy and a severe mental delay. His motor skills are severely impaired and he cannot walk alone without a supporting equipment. He is extremely sensitive to sounds and touch. When he needs attention, or is hungry, he will cry. He shows emotions in different ways but is very calm and positive.

Joran enjoys listening to music, watching cartoons, listening to stories and looking at pictures. He is very dependent on adults for everyday needs.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds.
For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***



Girl, born 2015
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect

Listed: May 2017

Blythe is a beautiful one-year-old baby girl. Blythe is a quiet and easy-going baby. She loves when adults talk to and smile at her. When someone is talking to her, she smiles and listens so well that it seems like she understands exactly what you are saying- she just might have excellent receptive language skills! Blythe is very curious about new things and likes playing with bright colored toys and toys that make sounds. She is very observant and good at following objects, as well as holding onto objects, including her feet- she loves to play with them. Blythe is a sensible, loving, well-behaved, and happy little girl who likes to play a little before putting herself to sleep. We bet she’d love being rocked by a mom or dad, listening to stories and songs told and sung just to her. Blythe was born with down syndrome and a heart defect- endocardial cushion defect (complete).



Girl, born February 2011
Down syndrome

Listed: Dec 20, 2016

Daniella, 6, is described as an active and bright girl though her intellectual capabilities are behind that of her peers. She can use simple language, but cannot speak whole sentences. Her caretakers believe she has the intent to speak but is unable to do so clearly. Instead, Daniella often expresses herself through her actions. She enjoys listening to children’s songs and being read short stories. Daniella can run and enjoys body rhythm training where she is asked to do movements that imitate different animals. She can feed herself, put on her shoes, and clean up after herself. She is not potty-trained and must wear a diaper. Daniella gets along well with her caregivers and peers in the institute. She enjoys watching TV and playing house (i.e. cooking, cleaning).   Daniella’s video.
*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant!  Through June 2020, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant! ***



Boy, born 2010

Other congenital, malformations of brain; Disorder of brain, unspecified
Cleft hard and soft palate with bilateral cleft lip
Atrial septal defect; Iron deficiency anaemia

Listed March 11, 2016

Update from a family who hosted him:   If there is ever a boy who is destined to be someone’s son, it is Seth.  Hosted in December 2019/January 2020, he truly showed what an amazing and sweet kid he is.  Seth longs for a family of his own, a mom to hold hands with and hug, a dad to share a snuggle with and a laugh.  He was one of five kids during a Christmas hosting, and he did fantastic even with the chaos.

Seth does have additional needs.  His Cleft Palate has been repaired at some point, and we had no issues regarding his cleft palate during his month with us.  When adopted, he will need some speech therapy.  But that does not stop him from communicating!!!  He can speak some English, and LOVES learning more English!  Every day during hosting, he would sit down and do English lessons, and openly try to engage in English discussion.  However, when nervous, Seth has a slight stutter.  He is proficient at using a translation service like google, and his favorite thing to write was: I love you mom.

Seth is a funny kid, and has a great sense of humor.  We would openly joke for Christmas all he was getting was underwear (he wanted a digital watch)…and it was an ongoing joke with him all hosting.  He also loves all other boy things: legos, playing games on the tablet, and going for walks to the playground.  He hesitates to try new things, but once encouraged…he was unstoppable!  He loves the trampoline park and bowling.  His favorite food is pizza.  He also can eat applesauce by the jar full, as well as crackers.

Seth is a big helper, and really loves to try to please.  We do not require our host children to assist with lots of chores, but every day he would find the broom, or mop, or vacuum and he’d busy himself.  All he wanted in return was praise and a hug.  Seth was really open with affection, and loved to hold hands, be rocked, he loved bedtime stories, hugs and kisses, and would love to show off his video games. He related well to anyone in his host family, but did struggle with meeting strangers.  He did warm up to people once he realized they were family friends.  He would comply with just about any request (not so much on eating vegetables, but everything else), and was very appropriate with his interactions with his host family.  We had no major behavior issues during his month-long hosting.

Seth bonds well with family.  He longs for a connection.  He is meant to be someone’s son.  His ideal family would be aware of cognitive delays associated with FAS, and be trauma informed with an understanding of institutional life.  He has spent a large portion of his life in an orphanage.  His orphanage director is very eager to find Seth a forever family, and very supportive of his future.

While in America, we asked Seth his birthday for paperwork we were completing for the trampoline park, and he has no idea when his birthday was.  He said no one had ever celebrated him.  A few days later, all the host families came together for a birthday celebration for Seth.  He was so pleased to have his very own cupcakes, and grinned all evening as we looked at pictures.  On departure day, he was very very sweet and cried a lot as he boarded the plane.  He’s still very young, he needs family to watch out for him, to teach him, and to love him for the amazing little boy he is.  Seth is very capable of learning, his behavior issues were very minor, he has the worlds best smile, and a heart of gold.   Seth would thrive in a family where a mom and dad could love him.



Girl, born March 2014

Listed: Jan 13, 2015

Update August 2019: Maddie is such a sweet girl with an easy going personality. She has spastic cerebral palsy and microcephaly. Maddie prefers to keep her head tilted to one side, but has made a lot of progress in her ability to move it to look the other way. She tends to be very stiff but does great at tummy time and will lift her head up to look around. Maddie also loves to be held and can easily be soothed when you pick her up for some cuddles. Maddie does have a lot of muscle spasms, but we do not think this is seizure activity. Maddie takes a muscle relaxer medicine which seems to help her a lot.

Despite her delays, Maddie is very observant of her environment; she can often be seen looking at those around her and she has gotten good at tracking people and objects with her eyes. Maddie cannot yet sit on her own, but can sit supported on a chair or a bench with a little help in the right places. She attends therapy three days a week for stretching, exercises, and stander time. Sometimes she loves it and sometimes she hates it. Maddie is an easy going girl, except sometimes at meal time when she does not want to eat, but she will gobble down anything that has peanut butter in it. She smiles so big when we sing songs and will make herself known if she doesn’t get to see the pictures when we are reading books.

In December 2018 Maddie got a g-tube. She still eats blended food by mouth the same as she used to, but we use her g-tube to ensure she gets enough liquids and consumes all of her medicine. By mouth she has trouble swallowing thin liquids. Maddie is a petite girl, but has had a good growth spurt in the last year.

Although Maddie does not talk, she knows how to communicate. She will smile when happy and will cry to alert discomfort or hunger. She has been working hard in school to learn so many things. Maddie can read and spell almost any one syllable word and her name. Every single week last year she came home from school with a 5/5 on her spelling test. She knows opposites, what happened next, and basic addition and subtraction as well. To show off these skills she uses magnetic letters on a magnetic board and will choose the next letter with her hand. Maddie also likes to use her yes/no board for simple questions and being able to be given choices like what movie she wants to watch that day. Maddie is so smart. With access to more communication devices she will tell great stories.

Maddie knows who her people are and prefers them over anyone else. She loves kisses and will instantly return the favor with a big smile. Sometimes when she really gets going she will let out a belly laugh that forces you to laugh as well.


Jovan (L)

Boy, born June 2007
mixed developmental disorder and FAS

Listed: September 24, 2013

Update from Dec 2012:
After arrival the boy had attachment difficulty to the other children, had hard time while sleeping, was angry and upset, would not play with other children, his language was not clear, would cry without reason, would not eat and only chew the food, had difficulty walking.

Now Jovan’s language is clear, he has learned to dress himself, and washes himself without help.  His walking skill improved very much, his walk is good, runs, walks up and down the stairway, but due to the delayed development he sometimes makes movements with his hands and it seems that it is hard to control this.

Jovan is very good boy, likes to be closed to a person, communicates with social worker, is sensitive. He has good memory, likes to tell stories and is very happy when the care giver is listening to him and asks questions as he likes to answer the questions. Is able to learn a short poem by heart, likes to play and participate at the musical activities. Has a very good sense for rhythm, dances. Likes to work with puzzles, and coloring books. Can name animals, colors, knows letters and numbers, is very noticeable and polite. But sometimes is upset and stubborn, it is observed if communication with him is gentle his stubbornness disappears and he becomes of a very good mood.
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Boy, born July 2006
Spina Bifida (postoperative meningocele), postoperative right club foot, postoperative hernia (and one leg shorter than the other)

Listed: July 8, 2013

Jory was found abandoned beside the road at the age of 3 months. He has had corrective surgery to treat tethered spinal cord syndrome, meningocele and congenital cleft spine as well as right cross/club foot. He has normal intelligence. He likes to listen to music and sing. He likes playing with trucks, cars, and balls. His right leg is slightly shorter, but does not seem to impact him. He can walk, run, jump, and go up and down stairs well. He is currently in kindergarten and is doing well. He is patiently waiting for his family to find him.

UPDATE June 2016:  Jory is developing very well in all areas. He is able to express his feelings through words and art forms, especially drawing. He is very talented in drawing, and it is all self-taught! His drawings are full of details and stories, and his choice of colors and lines are amazing! Like most other boys of his age, superheroes are often the theme of his drawings. He loves his group home and his friends. He is caring, and able to stand up for himself when necessary. Academically, he excels at school. He knows a lot of Chinese characters and is able to read books with a little assistance. He knows how to use a dictionary, and he says he wants to make friends with his dictionary. He is very active and full of energy, even though he has to stay in bed because of a broken leg. He is eager to be able to walk and jump again. He is very humorous, and he enjoys making others laugh. He loves singing so much that he would sing along all the way on the school bus, which is a 45 minute ride! He also likes legos. He is fascinated with how things are made and how they work.

Jory has been watching his foster siblings and his friends getting adopted one after another, and he often wonders what would happen to him and if anyone would “pick” him. He says if he gets adopted, he would like to have mom and dad who are kind to him, who would bring him Legos, just like the other parents who adopted his foster brothers. It is hard for him, or any other waiting child, to truly understand that unconditional love means you don’t have to make an effort to be loved, you don’t need to earn your adoption and forever family. It is our hope that he can have a family of his own who will love him, cherish him, enjoy him, and show him what true love means.”

In talking to them, it sounds like Jory would greatly benefit from a comprehensive Spina Bifida team to look at all his problems and take an integrated approach. He needs good and consistent PT as well as custom braces, which are things not available to him currently. While Jory is able to walk despite having one significantly shorter leg, it is not safe for him to do so again until he is adopted and has these services/devices. His shorter leg has decreased bone density, so he has broken the leg once, hip once, and dislocated the hip once by walking. These injuries required three major orthopedic surgeries, and he has been on bedrest much of the last three years. The only benefit to this is that he has had private tutoring and is actually ahead of his peers academically!

Jory desperately needs a family to adopt him and help him get the medical care he needs so that he can walk again like he wishes to!
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Blog for Reece’s Rainbow

B l o g  A b o u t  R R
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Blogging is one of the most effective ways to raise orphan awareness. Hundreds of Reece’s Rainbow advocates have amazing blogs that tell the heart breaking – and heart warming – stories of these special children. Below is a list of advocate blogs that you might enjoy following. If you would like to have your blog added to this list, please email with your blog address.
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Reece’s Rainbow advocacy blogs:
Poppies Blooming



Girl, born August 2007
Tuberos Sclerosis — Congenital Bourneville-Pringle Syndrome

Listed: April 2013

Amelia likes to dance, listen to stories, read picture books, and play hide-and-seek. She came into care around 8 months of age and was sponsored by Half the Sky Foundation’s nurturing program for infants. At 9 months, she could sit steadily alone for a few minutes, grab her feet with her hands, and hold her hands up to be held. At one year of age, she could hold toys and stand when leaning on objects. She enjoyed sitting and rocking on the wooden horse. At 15 months, she was more outgoing and could stand for a long time when holding onto a support. She could grasp toys nearby and she could walk slowly with assistance. When it was time to take a nap, she would shake her head “no.” She could pick up objects with her thumb and index fingers.

Her condition became more serious in 2009, and we hope to see her come home soon so that she can receive the best medical treatment for her condition. Her caregivers exercise her daily to improve her symptoms, and say that “she has already taken the first step in life and will do better in the future.”
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Boy, born January 2007

Down syndrome

Listed: June 17, 2011

Because Teagan has Down syndrome, his physical development, intelligence and mental development developed slowly and was delayed compared to kids of similar age obviously, especially motion and flexibility of his limbs were slightly poorer. In recent years, with the efforts of this institute and foster parents, he can stand by holding onto objects, walk slowly. Now according to his growth foster parents offered him speech rehabilitative and limb training every day.

Teagan is shy, has a ready smile, likes to listen to music very much. When music plays all of his attention is attracted. When being glad he will swing his body following the musical rhythms. He likes to play toys very much, in particular toy cars are his favorite toys. We hope that he who is shy could become more and more active.

UPDATE 2013:
Teagan can sit, can understand simple language. His life is regular, has 3 meals per day, has dinners and goes to bed on time. Every day he tells stories, plays games and has outdoor activity under the guide of the foster parents.

Full social history and medical records available.  Single moms permitted, only one parent has to travel.

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