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ELORA for the Joy family — FL

Kevin and Marta have been married for 15 and are blessed with 3 amazing kids – Greyson (16), Kasia (13) and our youngest, Mila (3) who was adopted from China about a year ago. God had opened their hearts during their 1st adoption process to Down Syndrome and Mila became part of their family in […]

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Meredith Joy

Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome Brave Meredith is quiet but loves to smile! She is quite independent and likes to play with toys that make noise. She makes good eye contact, is responsive to others, and can stand with support. Meredith is believed to have Down syndrome, but no official diagnosis has been made. […]


Emma Joy

Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome When Emma Joy first entered her orphanage she had a poor appetite so the caretakers needed to give her extra care by offering smaller meals more frequently. At the age of 1.5 years old she could sit on a bed and play with a toy alone and could walk […]



Girl, born 2009 PRC vision impaired Joy is a precious little girl who is 6 years old. She came to the orphanage as an infant, and was found to be blind in both eyes. Joy was moved to a foster home, where she has been well loved, but has not had the opportunity to learn […]


Eliana Joy 23HA

Birth Date: July 2006 Gender: Female Eyes: Gray Hair: light brown   ***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any of these children and encourage all of our Prayer Warriors […]



Girl, born Nov 2002 Paxton is a wonderful, kind teenager who would love to be in a family. PAXTON IS AGING OUT SOON! Paxton has congenital tricuspid atresia. She had a bi-directional Glenn Shunt in 2007 and TCPC surgery with fenestration on 23-Dec-15. Prior to the 2015 surgery she had poor circulation which has caused […]


Hope Eloise

Girl, born August 2014 PRC Down syndrome, CHD (repaired) Hope is ready to give hugs! Adorable Hope is a delightful little girl. She has a sweet, and gentle disposition. Hope eagerly engages with familiar people and is often smiling or letting out a big belly laugh in delight. But she’s no push over! If she […]


Sade #

  Girl: 2013 Listed: July 2017 Sade has been diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly and is currently residing in a specialized facility where she received medical care and permanent rehabilitation services. Sade enjoys interacting with adults and will communicate with them by touching their face and laughing when they tease her.  She happily observes other children at […]


Boothe #

Boy: 2011 Boothe is a calm, pleasant, boy who was raised by his birth family for nearly two years until he was abandoned. In 2013, he was placed in the Baby Home for orphans in Eastern Europe. He is attached to his caregivers and responds well to them. Boothe was diagnosed with cerebral palsy – […]


Jamal #

DOB: 2015 Jamal is a cute, radiant  boy with a big smile who lives in a Baby Home in Eastern Europe. Jamal needs a loving family to take him out of the orphanage, to take care of him and to help him discover the wonderful world. He smiles when someone plays with him and expresses […]



Girl, born 2006 Apert syndrome, craniosyntosis (frontal skull reconstruction done, midface advance needed, would be best done in the US), syndactyly of feet and hands (fingers surgically separated–has 4 digits on each hand). Rebekah feeds herself independently and calls people by name. She can identify objects and colours. She is independent in indicating her needs […]


Antonio #

Boy: 2013 Special needs: prematurity (born in 36 g.w.), intrauterine hypotrophy; born with necrotizing enterocolitis and peritonitis- surgically treated with installation of ileostoma; mild degree of post-ischemic encephalopathy; periventricular leukomalacia; infantile cerebral palsy-mixed form; condition after surgery for necrotizing enterocolitis; protein-calorie malnutrition of 3rd degree; severely delayed physical and neuro-psychological development; severely delayed speech development; […]



Boy, born January 2010 PRC Down syndrome Alan just turned three years old, and although he can stand by himself and crawl all over the furniture, he is not quite yet able to walk. His foster father has been taking him on tricycle rides to strengthen his legs and improve his balance. Alan seems to […]


Neli #

  Girl: 2015 Diagnosis: congenital malformation syndrome, mainly related to abnormal height. Delayed physical, neurological and psychological development. Neli resides in Eastern Europe and is approaching 2-years-old.  Neli was born with facial asymmetry, low-set ears, shorter left lower limb, muscle hypotonia and significant delay in neurological and psychological development.  Neli needs assistance when sitting up […]


Aria #

Girl 2007 Special needs: prematurely born in the 28th gestation week, after placental abruption; Infantile cerebral palsy, spastic quadriparesis – severe degree; spastic left side of the body; Glioependymal cyst of the right cerebral hemisphere- condition after surgery; Delayed neuro-psychical development; Severe mental delay; Generalized developmental delay with an active potential to make further progress and […]


Zadock #

Age: 4 Diagnosis: Down syndrome Zadock was raised by his birth family the first 5 months of his life and then placed in an orphanage. After being placed in the orphanage, he underwent heart surgery to repair multiple intra ventricular defects. His heart has been checked annually since his surgery and is healthy at this time. […]


Holly Jo

Girl, born Jan 2009 PRC Down syndrome, CHD Holly Jo was found abandoned when she was 6 months old. She has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and congenital heart disease – PDA. Holly Jo is said to be a happy, active girl. She enjoys playing with toys, watching cartoons, imitating, listening to music, and dancing. […]



Girl, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome Listed: Oct 2017 Shyanne is a gorgeous 2-year-old little girl who is described as gentle and timid. She can stand up while holding onto a chair and her limbs are very flexible. Shyanne loves to eat and will finish her bottle of milk very quickly. She likes to smile […]


Zion L26

Boy, born April 2007 HIV I, N II. Hepatitis B. Atopic dermatitis – remission. Allergy to the cow milk products; low physical development. The consequences of the prenatal defect of central system of nerves, the delay of psychomotor development. Zion has blue eyes, light hair, and is very joyful. Zion likes to ride bikes, play […]



Boy, born 2010 PRC Down syndrome Scottie is a sweet 7 year old boy who is described as a brave and joyful little boy.  He is a real cutie! Scott has Down syndrome. He loves to draw and paint and is polite and well behaved. He lives with a foster family and enjoys helping with […]



Girl, born 2006 Craniofacial differences, skull defect with rib graft, has limited vision in right eye. Normal intellectual abilities and normal gross and fine motor abilities. Honor grasps concepts quickly but is falling behind in school, largely in part due to teasing from other students. She doesn’t like going to school because of the teasing […]



Girl, born 2009 Down syndrome, Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy performed in May 2014. Excellent heart echo, no longer needs follow-up. Structurally normal heart. Normal-sized cardiac chambers. No PAH/COA. Good biventricular systolic function. Heidi is identifying her ABCs and is able to write her alphabet. With some assistance she is able to write numbers 1 through 10. She […]



Boy, born 2007 Cerebral palsy, deaf Nolan has cerebral palsy (spastic quadriplegia) and a moderate intellectual delay. He is also profoundly deaf. He uses and understands American Sign Language at a beginner level. He used to be able to walk independently with orthotics, but recently lost that ability. He has a g-tube for feeding due […]


MICK for the Busler family — TN

Forrest and Valerie’s journey toward adopting a child with Down syndrome started in May of 2014, while they were at the beach with family. In a still, quiet moment, as the sun was setting and the waves were lapping at the seashore, a vague perception came to Valerie that she might someday adopt a child […]

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BRENNA for the Hourigan family — MD

Michael Patrick & Sarah Hourigan were high school sweethearts and have been married for 10 years. They have been blessed with four biological children: Weston (8), Nellie (6), Trevor (5) and Collin (almost 2). Pat works in Biotech Manufacturing and Sarah is a full-time homeschooling mother. Pat & Sarah have always wanted to adopt and […]

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Boy, born 2016 PRC Down Syndrome, post-op ASD Sixteen month old Colt is a curious toddler who loves music! Whenever he hears it, he follows the music to shake and dance. Life of the party! His developmental report was completed in June when he was 13 months old. At that time, Colt could raise his […]


5 Siblings

A group of five siblings from Latin America between the ages of eleven and five years old have a close relationship to one another. They all attend school and it is noted that they are well integrated and adapted in their classrooms and have good relationships with their teachers and peers. A recent update indicates […]


Guest Blogger: Chandres Pickett and Phyllis Stephenson

Family for all Ages Being Called to Adopt an Older Child by Chandres Pickett and Phyllis Stephenson As a society, we typically think of family and children with a vision of newborn babies, soft clothing, and new beginnings. This new journey fills us with hope and wonder for the future of our children. We dream of children […]



Boy, born 2008 PRC Down syndrome, Heart Disease This playful, adventurous, sweet boy is Liam! He is 8 years old and will absolutely steal your heart. Liam can be quiet and introverted at times, but he is generally a very friendly kid! Whenever volunteers come to the orphanage he cannot wait to take pictures with […]



Boy, born 2013 PRC Down syndrome Nashville was found abandoned when he was around 6 months old and a birth note was with him indicating his age. He has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Nashville was described by orphanage staff as being lively, active and extroverted. They said he liked to play with other children […]



Girl, born 2012 PRC Down syndrome Magnolia was born in July 2012 and found abandoned when she was around 13 months old. She has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and post-operative congenital heart disease (VSD). A color ultrasound of her heart is available with her adoption file. Magnolia can run, jump, walk backwards and forward, […]


Ashford #

Boy: 2015 Diagnosis: Microcephaly Ashford enjoys the presence of adults and emotionally expresses himself with laughter, crying and sounds.  He laughs when tickled and smiles when he sees familiar faces.  Ashford is unable to sit, stand, nor does he have head control.  He prefers to be on his stomach.  He does not have coordinated movement […]


Amos #

Boy: 2004 Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus; Agenesis of the corpus kalozum; Moderate to severe mental delay; Delay I the neuro-psychical development. Listed: August 2017 Amos is a sweet young boy is suffers from Hydrocephalus, Agenesis of the corpus Kalozum, as well as a mental delay. He walks independently and can run and play with the other children. […]



Boy, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome, mild anemia Listed: August 2017 Nate is a gorgeous and active 14 month-old baby boy who likes being held by his caretaker. Nate likes bright colors and listening to music. He enjoys playing with the music rattle toy attached to his crib. He is attached to his caregiver and […]


VALENTINE for the Lafreniere family — MI

Don and Erin Lafreniere met on amateur radio when they were in high school and began an international on-the-air romance (Don lived in Canada and Erin in the United States). These high school sweethearts will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in January 2018. Erin, a former teacher, is now the stay-at-home/homeschooling mom of 12-year-old […]

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Zack Qi

Boy, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome, CHD Listed: August 2017 Zack, 3.5, is described as handsome, active, and adorable. Zack loves music and enjoys singing and dancing. He can be shy, but he gets along very well with his peers and teachers and warmly greets those familiar to him. Zack adapts well to new situations. […]



Girl, born 2013 PRC Down syndrome, Congenital Heart Defect (VSD) Listed: August 2017 Lois is an adorable little girl who will soon be turning two years old! From her pictures, you can see that Lois was in complete failure to thrive mode — just look at her now…the changes in her looks alone are simply […]



Boy, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome, CHD Listed: August 2017 Wendel is cute as a button! His happy, bright personality shines through in all of his photos and videos. Wendell does not have formal language skills yet, but he enjoys communicating with others through smiles, hugs, and some simple words, such as goodbye and coming. […]


WINSTON for the Lang family — PA

The Lang Family is excited to be adopting again. Peter and Daphne have been married for 25 years and have 1 biological child, 1 adopted child from Taiwan and two children adopted from China. They are stepping out of faith and following the Lord on a new journey.  This time the Lord led them to […]

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Anna Leigh

Girl, born 2012 PRC Down syndrome Listed: August 2017 Anna is full of fun. She is a social and outgoing little girl who is equally happy running and climbing up the slide with her friends or sitting quietly by herself working on a puzzle. Anna was born with Down Syndrome and has otherwise been healthy […]


GABRIELLA for the Owens family — AL

I wanted to introduce myself and my family to this new community we have been recommended to join! I am Amy, my husband is Benjamin, and we have two little girls. Lily has been home from Asia since October 2013 and she is 4 years old and our other little girl, Gabriella, is waiting for […]

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Boy, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome Listed: July 2017 Samuel is described as a bright and pleasant boy. He enjoys being held by his caretakers. He enjoys playing with toys. Samuel can crawl and sit without help. He will respond by turning his head when he hears his name, and he can understand simple instructions. […]



Boy, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome, CHD Listed: July 2017 Jasper likes to play with balls that are brightly colored! He can sit alone and crawl around. He will crawl to look at himself in a mirror. Jasper likes to play interactive games with caretakers. He enjoys playing peak-a-boo and will laugh out loud when […]



Boy, born 2012 PRC Down syndrome Listed: July 2017 Jay’s caretakers describe him as a gentle boy who smiles easily. He performs well in school and enjoys drawing and exercising. He gets along well with his classmates. Jay really enjoys playing outside! His current agency has additional information and videos available.


Kelvin Philip

Boy, born January 2007 Down syndrome Listed: September 23, 2013 From a family who met him in June 2014: This calm little guy came up to me with pleading eyes for attention and is just so polite. God has heard his prayers, and now he is listed for adoption! He is not overbearing or competitive at […]



Boy, born October 2013 PRC Down syndrome Listed: Oct 2015 This expressive kiddo is Zane! He is three years old and has Down syndrome. He is very verbal and loves to communicate with his caretakers! He especially loves to imitate what they say and will laugh about it. He loves the outdoors and playing games […]



Boy, born summer 2004 PRC Down Syndrome Listed: July 2017 Nick is gentle, active, restless, kind, careful and full of love! He can speak short sentences and express his needs. He enjoys helping his caretaker and helping to care for children. Nick also likes to draw and play with other children. He likes to be […]


CLARENCE and ARIA for the Dale family — ID

As a family, Jonathan and Laura Dale have a unique set of skills. The Dales were blessed with two biological children, the 2nd of which was born with severe medical complications and mental delays. It was a privilege they were able to enjoy for 12 short years before their daughter passed away from these chronic […]

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Marlon L48

Boy, born summer, 2011 Pierre-Robin syndrome, atrioventricular septal defect (plastics in 2012), soft and hard cleft palate (surgery in 2014), physical development delay, protein-energy malnutrition II, and secondary hypothyroidism Listed: July 2017 Marlon has grey eyes and light color hair. Since September 2016 the boy attends pre-school education group, he has adjusted well in the […]


Friedrich, Kurt, Liesl, Louisa, and Brigitta L5

Five siblings:   half-brother, born summer 2006;  brother, born summer 2009; sister, born spring 2011; sister, born spring 2012; and sister born spring 2013 Listed: July 2017 Friedrich has blue eyes and blonde hair. He finished 4th grade at school. The boy studies according to his abilities with a help of support activities. If he is […]


Barric L44

Boy, born early 2015 significantly premature child, post-haemorrhagic obstructive hydrocephalus, chronic bronchitis, psycho-motor and physical development delay Listed: July 2017 The boy has greyish-brown eyes and brown hair. The boy smiles a lot, he likes contact with other people, is interested in toys, likes to be outside, enjoys taking bath. When the boy lays on […]


SUSANA for the Motley family — NC

Mike and Ruth have been married for 18 years. They have 4 children – ages 18 to 5 years old and in addition an 18 month old foster to adopt African American child. When their 5 year old daughter, Emma was born, the family discovered she had Down Syndrome. Having Emma in their lives opened […]

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NIKA for the Calhoon family — TN

Cal and Melissa have been married for 22 years and have eleven children, nine biological and two from Liberia. Their oldest at nineteen is married, so they just have ten still living at home. Both Cal and Melissa had a desire to adopt even before they met. Melissa worked in an orphanage in Hong Kong […]


Karen #

Girl: 2014 Listed: July 2017 Karen loves social interaction and receiving lots of love and attention.  She has several special needs conditions, which include CP, microcephaly, epilepsy and Strabismus. Despite these challenges, she is able to do many things.  She can crawl to get around and walk with assistance.  She also does well playing alone […]


DAWN for the Fessler family — IA

Lin is a single mother of nine, 6 are grown and on their own, the oldest, Sara, has Down syndrome and lives at home as do as her brothers, Cody and Logan, who also have Down syndrome. The boys are two of Andrea’s originals and were adopted from Ukraine in 2008. Raising the boys has […]

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Pia #

Pia was born in 2002 and has been diagnosed with spina bifida (which has been surgically addressed), infantile cerebral palsy, club feet, slight lower paraparesis, and mild developmental delays. Listed: Feb 2017 Pia is an inquisitive and sociable teen who shows a generally positive attitude. She has a well-developed active vocabulary and easily makes conversation. […]


A Family for LEO and SJ

We always viewed adoption as a part of our family’s future. Mom was born with a metabolic disorder called Phenylketonuria (PKU) that when treated immediately and consistently throughout life, allows the individual to pursue a happy, healthy life. Untreated, PKU causes cognitive delays and other neurological problems. Because our home is already set up to […]


DWIGHT for the Kincinas family — IL

John and Sheryl met 16 years ago while working at an agency that provides supports for adults with intellectual disabilities. They were married five years later, while continuing to work at the same agency. They had always planned on adopting a child with Down syndrome, but their prayers were answered, and a lot of money […]

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2 CHILDREN for the Baerbock family — MN

Matt and Sara have been married for 15 years and have 7 children, 2 of them adopted from Ukraine. Shortly after their 5th child was born, they saw a photo on the Reece’s Rainbow website of a young girl who looked like she could be their daughter. They began the adoption process, and God richly […]

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