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ELORA for the Joy family — FL

Kevin and Marta have been married for 15 and are blessed with 3 amazing kids – Greyson (16), Kasia (13) and our youngest, Mila (3) who was adopted from China about a year ago. God had opened their hearts during their 1st adoption process to Down Syndrome and Mila became part of their family in […]

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Emma Joy

Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome When Emma Joy first entered her orphanage she had a poor appetite so the caretakers needed to give her extra care by offering smaller meals more frequently. At the age of 1.5 years old she could sit on a bed and play with a toy alone and could walk […]



Girl, born 2009 PRC vision impaired Joy is a precious little girl who is 6 years old. She came to the orphanage as an infant, and was found to be blind in both eyes. Joy was moved to a foster home, where she has been well loved, but has not had the opportunity to learn […]


Eliana Joy 23HA

Birth Date: July 2006 Gender: Female Eyes: Gray Hair: light brown   ***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any of these children and encourage all of our Prayer Warriors […]



Girl, born 2008 Intellectual disability. No spasticity. She walks independently but her gait is a bit weak. Social, interactive, beautiful, engaging, loveable child with a sense of humor who loves to laugh. She can feed herself. She has good receptive language in her native language, but is non-verbal. She can imitate some sounds. Enjoys playing […]


A Child for the Bradley Family — FL

Shannon and Elizabeth always expected that adoption would one day be a part of how their family grew. They just weren’t sure exactly what it would look like or when. Shannon was adopted into a loving home at 17 days old and adoption plays a big role in Elizabeth’s family too. The oldest of 4 […]

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Boy, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome Owen is a smiley, energetic and intelligent 2 ½ old little boy.  Owen has a good appetite and loves bath time. He is very active, he loves to walk and run.  Owen enjoys playing with colorful toys such as dolls and toy cars, as well as with the other children and […]



Boy, born 2008 PRC Congenital heart defects (including single ventricle, double outlet right ventricle, pulmonary artery stenosis, VSD, ASD); He has had three surgeries Heart Warrior Grayson is a handsome 10-year-old boy who is said to be positive, active, smart, respectful, and loving. He enjoys sliding and riding the wooden horse out in the playground. […]



Girl, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome, esotropia Elinor is as cute as a button!! Elinor’s caretakers say she is cheerful, active, curious, friendly, and that she has a warm personality. She is well-liked by all of her caretakers and the other children. Elinor is working hard to learn how to do things on her own, […]



Boy, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome Oliver is too cute for words!  Oliver is described by his caretakers as extroverted, active, curious, and adorable! All of Oliver’s nannies like him a lot and have nicknamed him ‘Hao Hao.’ Oliver loves to be outside and he is extra happy when it’s sunny, as he likes to […]


3 Siblings for the Perron family — MD

Brett and Jessica met 17 years ago while attending college in upstate New York. They currently live in Maryland with their 5 biological children. Clayton (13), Ava (11), Lyla (9), Allen (4) and Pierce (2), are the loves of their lives. Brett is a mechanical engineer and works as project developer at Ameresco Inc and […]

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BO for the Wingfield family — TX

Jared and Debbie have been married for 20 years and in that time they have grown their family in a very exceptional way. They both knew they wanted to have a large family, but through multiple IVF cycles, IUI’s, and miscarriages were still unable to have the large family they wanted. These challenges brought them […]

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Boy, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome Axel is an adorable little boy!  Axel is able to sit on his own and reach out for toys. He likes listening to music and will sometimes clap or nod along with the rhythm. In February of 2016, he entered a foster family on the orphanage grounds. Axel is […]



Girl, born 2008 PRC Down syndrome Mary is a beautiful little girl, born in July of 2008. She is described as sunny and is said to enjoy singing, dancing, playing games, and building with toy blocks. She can say some simple words, such as “thank you, teacher,” “aunt,” “Good morning!” and “I want to eat […]



Boy, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome Larsen is a cutie pie, born with down syndrome in July of 2014. Larsen was put into a foster family in December of 2015. He is a good sleeper and has a good appetite and is not a picky eater. He has a pretty good understand of what people […]



Boy, born 2007 PRC Epilepsy, mental retardation, and Tuberous Sclerosis. Brady is a sweet young man that one of our Reece’s Rainbow families met when they traveled to bring their daughter home that won their hearts and they desperately want him to find his family. Brady will be 11 years old this summer (2018). He […]


LUCILLE for the Johnston family — NC

The Johnston family is excited to be adopting for the third time, working quickly to bring home a little girl in need of a family. God graciously introduced them to the blessing of special needs when their son Isaac was born in 2010, and it was through his birth and young life that they learned […]

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Boy: 2009 Diagnosis: Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa; Toe Syndactyly bilateral feet; webbed fingers; anemia Walfred currently lives in a hotel so that his medical needs can be appropriately managed. His intelligence is considered to be delayed, though it is believed to be a result of frequent sickness and hospitalization. His skin is severely impacted by […]



Boy: 2008 Diagnosis: low intelligence, dyslexia Lochlan was moved to a residential setting for boys with learning, and emotional problems in 2017. He is doing very well in both the school and group home setting now.  He is described as lively, active, popular with his peers, and helpful to the teacher. He enjoys playing football, playing […]



Girl: 2010 Diagnosis: Mild intellectual disability w/Autism Spectrum Disorder Karmen’s birth parents are both reported to have an intellectual disability. Karmen was diagnosed with ASD due to a weakness in social and communication skills. She has lived with the same foster family her entire life. Karmen speaks in 3 word sentences. She has difficulty answering […]



Girl, born 2007 HIV positive, on antiretroviral treatment. The virus is well-controlled. She has a CD4 count of 742 on 3 Sept 2017 and her viral load is less than detectable as of Jan 2017. She takes abacavir lamivudine and nevirapine twice daily. Olivia is endearing, imaginative, creative, silly, likes to make people laugh, and […]



Girl, born 2004 HIV+, has appointments monthly at a government ART center. CD4 count is 750. Viral load is undetectable as of Feb 2018.  She started ARTs in Dec 2016. She looked very sickly when she arrived at SCH, as she hadn’t started ARTs yet, but now her face has filled out and she looks healthier. […]



Girl, born 2007 Seizure disorder, intellectual delay Tricia has a seizure disorder for which she is on medication. She is now seizure free. She also has intellectual delay. She can speak in short sentences in her native languate and uses some words in English. Her speech is somewhat slurred and she has difficulty with social […]


Myrtie #

Boy: 2014 Current diagnoses: Arnold-Chiari Malformation. Internal hydrocephalus. Spina bifida aperta. Bottom paraplegia. Neurogenic bladder. Recurrent urinary tract infections. Iron deficiency anemia. In the attached short video Myrtie demonstrates the following abilities: He carries out conversations that are on target for his age, he adequately asks questions, answers questions, demonstrates his likes, dislikes and gives […]


Dale #

Boy: 2004 Listed: 2/2018 Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy, Quadriparesis Dale is a happy, loving young boy. Dale has Infantile cerebral palsy and spastic quadriparesis. He also has epilepsy and a severe mental delay. His motor skills are severely impaired and he cannot walk alone without a supporting equipment. He is extremely sensitive to sounds and touch. […]



Boy, born 2008 PRC Down syndrome Mason, born April of 2008, has an infectious smile! Mason can walk and can go up and down stairs independently. He likes playing on the slide, riding the wood horse on the playground, and chasing and playing with other children. Mason can use a spoon to eat and a […]



Girl, born 2008 PRC Down syndrome Lyla likes to smile at familiar people. Lyla’s caretakers describe her as shy and well-mannered. She can walk, get out of her bed, find her bed, and get in her bed on her own. She can drink water out of a bottle, grasp biscuits, and use a spoon to […]



Girl, born 2006 Molly has cerebral palsy. She can sit independently for short periods of time. She has a feeding tube to supplement her nutrition and help her gain weight, but she continues to eat her meals by mouth. She likes self feeding with hand over hand support. She is potty-trained using a Rifton chair. […]



Girl, born 2009 Penny appears to have a genetic syndrome – possibly Rubinstein-Taybi – but further genetic testing is required to confirm. It was also discovered in January 2016 that she is profoundly deaf. Left eye convergent strabismus, right eye dominant, wears glasses. Penny is a very joyful child who is known for her laughter […]



Boy, born 2007 quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy; takes medication to control seizures Daylan is a social, happy, enthusiastic, intelligent boy who loves to play with toys, other kids, and adults. He is quite communicative despite speech challenges. He appropriately and spontaneously uses modified sign language for water, eat, more, and all done. He also communicates […]



Girl, born 2004 Visual impairment (one side anophthalmia, other eye has microphthalmia and a coloboma). Minimal vision.  Mild developmental delay. Bright, giggly, vibrant young lady. Victoria would do well in a family without younger siblings. She is quite independent despite her low vision. She attends a rehab center where she gets private tutoring. She can […]



Boy, born February 2016 PRC Down syndrome Dane enjoys music! Dane is a gentle, content little boy who loves listening to music. He was born with Down syndrome and is slower than his peer in achieving his developmental milestones. However, he is making good progress and is crawling and loves to explore toys that make […]



Boy, born 2013 quadriplegic cerebral palsy Connor is a very sweet, lovable boy! He has some spasticity and some hypotonicity. Due to dysphagia and reflux he underwent surgery for gastrostomy button placement and fundoplication. Connor loves to be held and carried and to gaze into a caregiver’s eyes. He is capable of strong bond with […]


INGA for the Duncan family — TN

Jody and Michelle Duncan have been married for almost 24 years and have four beautiful daughters, ages 19 to 7.  For several years they have had a burden for orphan care.  After walking with their friends through an adoption journey, they learned of the staggering number of orphans in the world and the dire state […]

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Girl, born 2009 PRC Blind, Anemia, declining health VERY URGENT! * 7 years old * blind * beautiful * her health is declining for unknown reasons * “Meet Kassidy! She is such a beautiful little love. Her health has declined since her last official medical report and she really needs a family. Our team’s PT feels […]



Girl, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome; CHD (PFO) Prepare to fall in love with recently turned two-year-old Sienna! Sienna is pretty easy-going and likes to smile. She is very close to her primary caretaker and enjoys spending time with her. Sienna likes to be hugged by people she is familiar with and will make excited […]



Boy, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome, CHD (ASD) Joaquin is a cutie pie who was born with down syndrome and a congenital heart defect- an ASD that appears to have closed on its own. Joaquin is said to always have a smile on his face ad laughs out loud when teased. Joaquin loves when his […]



Girl, born 2016 PRC Down syndrome Precious little Maisie is described by her caretakers as calm, outgoing, cute, easy-going, and lovely. When Maisie sees familiar people, she is happy and laughs. She likes her caregivers to hold her up and tease her. She is an active little girl who likes to hold and play with […]



Girl, born 2014 PRC Epilepsy, delays Addison is a petite and precious three-year-old girl who loves to be cuddled. When Addison was younger, she could walk independently and she had good fine motor skills. She could take small things out a bottle, turn the pages of a book, and take off her own socks. Addison […]



Boy, born 2013 PRC Down syndrome Hector has Down syndrome. He can walk, jump and go up and down the stairs. He can say “baba” and “mama”, and he likes to imitate. He can put on his shoes and socks and wash his hands without help. Hector likes playing with the other children and especially […]


Annie Mae

Girl, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome / CHD (post surgery) Listed:  Jan 2018 Meet Annie! This sweet little one has Down syndrome, and has received surgery for her heart issues (ASD/VSD). Shortly after her surgery, Annie developed pneumonia, and was in the hospital for a bit. Between her surgery and pneumonia, her overall development is […]


SIMSON and SLAVIC for the Oden family — OK

The Oden family was changed when they found Reece’s Rainbow a few years ago. They already had one adopted child (so they knew the joys and trials of adoption), and one child with a disability (so they knew the joys and trials of raising a child with a disability). When they learned that children with […]

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Girl, born 2006 PRC Down syndrome, Congenital heart disease (repaired) Listed: April 2017 Nora is an amazing little girl. She was hosted in the US in the summer of 2016 by a family who hoped to adopt her but were denied — They are willing to talk with anyone interested in knowing more about this […]



Boy, born 2012 PRC Down syndrome, congenital heart disease (ASD, VSD, and PFO) for which he has had surgery, and anal atresia, for which he has had at least one surgery. Listed: Dec 2017 Titus is an adorable little boy who was born in January of 2012. He has lived with a loving foster family, […]


BREE for the Carlson family — KY

We are the Carlson family and sweet Bree will be our third adoption from Asia. With an accessible home and the desire in our hearts to welcome another child, we searched for an older girl with mobility needs to add to our crew. One look at her beaming smile and we were hooked! Bree was […]

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Boy, born 2012 PRC Down syndrome, CHD Listed: December 2017 Sweet little Terrence was born with down syndrome and has mild tricuspid regurgitation, but an otherwise normal heart. Terrence is an active boy who is curious about new things, observing them carefully and trying to touch anything he can to see what he can learn […]



Pete and Kim have been married for 19 years. The have dealt with the pain and sorrow of miscarriages and have also gotten to experience the exquisite joy and blessing of three precious children by birth. They knew that the pain and sorrow they’d experienced was not meaningless. It was a catalyst for love. God […]


RYAN and AIDEN for the Jast family — OH

The Jast Family is made of John, Kelsey, and their 6 children. After having 3 biological children, they adopted their youngest domestically almost 3 years ago. That started an incredible journey for them that they know God had planned from the beginning. While navigating all the medical things their newly adopted daughter needed, they learned […]

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Jessie #

Girl: 2015 Jessie has been diagnosed with Microcephaly, Strabismus, Epilepsy and global developmental delay, but she is showing great progress.  She is a joyful, calm and positive  little girl who is growing up in a foster family in Eastern Europe. Listed: December 2017 Whether she is meeting new people or at home, Jessie is calm […]


Allison #

Girl: 2008 Diagnosis: Developmental Delay, Speech Delay Allison is a beautiful, giggly  girl who lives with a foster family in Eastern Europe. Listed: December 2017 Allison is an active child. She runs, jumps, catches a ball with two hands or kicks it with a leg, and climbs and descends stairs with the support of a […]



Girl, born 2015 PRC Down syndrome Listed: December 2017 It is impossible not to smile when looking at pictures of Jenna! She has got character too! In a very recent update, Jenna’s caretakers described her as happy, outgoing, and active. Jenna was brought into care when she was almost 4 months old. The staff gave […]



Girl, born Nov 2002 Paxton is a wonderful, kind teenager who would love to be in a family. PAXTON IS AGING OUT SOON! Listed: November 2017 Paxton is a wonderful, kind teenager who would love to be in a family. She is so full of joy and creativity. She loves to draw and creates beautiful pieces […]


TATE for the Wilkinson family — KS

The Wilkinsons have been in the process to adopt for a little over a year. Jeremy is enlisted in the US Army and Elizabeth works PRN as an occupational therapy assistant. Through the week, Elizabeth homeschools their children and Jeremy has formerly coached the girls’ soccer team and helped with their son’s football team. Through […]

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Sade #

  Girl: 2013 Listed: July 2017 Sade has been diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly and is currently residing in a specialized facility where she received medical care and permanent rehabilitation services. Sade enjoys interacting with adults and will communicate with them by touching their face and laughing when they tease her.  She happily observes other children at […]


Jamal #

DOB: 2015 Jamal is a cute, radiant  boy with a big smile who lives in a Baby Home in Eastern Europe. Listed: November 2017 Jamal needs a loving family to take him out of the orphanage, to take care of him and to help him discover the wonderful world. He smiles when someone plays with […]



Girl, born 2006 Apert syndrome, craniosyntosis (frontal skull reconstruction done, midface advance needed, would be best done in the US), syndactyly of feet and hands (fingers surgically separated–has 4 digits on each hand). Listed: November 2017 Rebekah feeds herself independently and calls people by name. She can identify objects and colors. She is independent in […]


Antonio #

Boy: 2013 Special needs: prematurity (born in 36 g.w.), intrauterine hypotrophy; born with necrotizing enterocolitis and peritonitis- surgically treated with installation of ileostoma; mild degree of post-ischemic encephalopathy; periventricular leukomalacia; infantile cerebral palsy-mixed form; condition after surgery for necrotizing enterocolitis; protein-calorie malnutrition of 3rd degree; severely delayed physical and neuro-psychological development; severely delayed speech development; […]



Boy, born January 2010 PRC Down syndrome Listed: January 2013 Alan just turned three years old, and although he can stand by himself and crawl all over the furniture, he is not quite yet able to walk. His foster father has been taking him on tricycle rides to strengthen his legs and improve his balance. […]


Neli #

 Girl: 2015 Diagnosis: congenital malformation syndrome, mainly related to abnormal height. Delayed physical, neurological and psychological development. Neli resides in Eastern Europe and is approaching 2-years-old.  Neli was born with facial asymmetry, low-set ears, shorter left lower limb, muscle hypotonia and significant delay in neurological and psychological development.  Neli needs assistance when sitting up and […]


Aria #

Girl 2007 Special needs: prematurely born in the 28th gestation week, after placental abruption; Infantile cerebral palsy, spastic quadriparesis – severe degree; spastic left side of the body; Glioependymal cyst of the right cerebral hemisphere- condition after surgery; Delayed neuro-psychical development; Severe mental delay; Generalized developmental delay with an active potential to make further progress and […]


Zadock #

Age: 4 Diagnosis: Down syndrome Zadock was raised by his birth family the first 5 months of his life and then placed in an orphanage. After being placed in the orphanage, he underwent heart surgery to repair multiple intra ventricular defects. His heart has been checked annually since his surgery and is healthy at this time. […]