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Kelton #11-57

Boy: 2013 Listed: 4/2017 Kelton is very curious and is a happy boy most of the time.  He is unable to walk without aid, but he tries to get around when he sees and interesting toy near him, and will grab and play with a toy for long period of time.  This social boy enjoys […]


Oliver #11-60

Age: 2 polycystic left kidney Oliver’s medical condition does not require any medical intervention at this time. His urine is cultured every month to check for infections and he has had 2 infections in his entire life, which were appropriately treated with medication. Developmentally, Oliver has delays that are common in a child being raised […]


Mayson #11-61

Age 2: Diagnosis: Hemophilia B & esophageal atresia Mayson is 2 years old and is living in an orphanage where the doctors and staff work diligently to address his medical needs. He has a gastric feeding tube (G-tube) and this is how he receives all of his nutrition. He walks, says a few simple words, follows simple […]


Oscar #11-55

Boy, 1 year old Down syndrome, hydrocephalus; a brain cyst; epilepsy; bronchial asthma; hypothyroidism. Listed: Sept 14, 2015 Oscar has good physical development. When hearing familiar adults speak, he would produce sounds and sound combinations and turn his head in the direction of sound. He likes listening to relaxing music and children’s songs. Sweet Oscar […]


Jesse #11-51

Boy, age: 2 Diagnosis: External hydrocephalus; Arachnoid cyst; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis Jesse has been seen by a neurosurgeon who has said that no surgical intervention is required at this time. He picks up a toy given to him, keeps it for a short time and drops it. He will play for […]


Owen #11-41

Boy, 6 years Diagnosis: Von Willebrand disease, epilepsy, strabismus and delayed neuropsychological development. Owen has been diagnosed with Von Williebrand disease and as a result is also anemic from the bleeding episodes. He is also reported to be very hyperactive and he’s currently being given medication to help calm him down so that he can focus better. […]


Paul #11-45

Age: 3 hydrocephaly, epilepsy Listed: Nov 30, 2014 Paul has seizures, which have decreased since March 2014 when he started on a new seizure medication. He’s delayed in all aspects of his development as a result of the years of medical complications. He’s recently started learning to eat from a spoon. He has physical therapy […]


Melissa 9HA

Date of Birth: June 2005 Gender: Female Eyes: Blue Hair: light brown Character: Good Diagnosis: Down syndrome   Melissa has been transferred.  What once was a gorgeous blonde haired beauty with a great curiosity now has a shaved head and is confined to a crib for the rest of her life.   Help us find her […]


Adoption Process

This information is provided to potential adoptive families/individuals at no cost to you. Your adoption agency will also be able to help you with this, but some people like to know ahead of time exactly what to expect. It is good to do things in THIS ORDER…the “multi-tasker” knows to start one thing so other […]