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Dana #

Girl: 2011 Listed: 6/2018 Special needs: moderate mental delay; congenital cataracts on both eyes; concomitant convergent strabismus; astigmatism on both eyes; hyperkinetic behavior disorder Dana takes prescribed medication-Chlorprothixen: 1 tabl. in the morning; 1 tabl. in the evening Dana is a very social and communicative and loves interacting with peers and adults. She easily makes […]


Evian #

Boy: 2009 Listed: 6/2018 Special needs: 1st degree of prematurity; dilatation of the rectum; allergic to cow’s milk protein; expressive language disorder; delayed neuro-psychological development; mild to moderate mental delay (according to the information published by the MOJ) Evian is very active and agile. Well – developed motor skills for his age. Evian’s emotional tone […]


Becky #

Girl: 2015 Special needs: spina bifida; hydrocephalus, condition after VP shunt; convergent concomitant strabismus Becky is a calm child, with positive emotional tone. She is able to demonstrate various reactions of content and discontent. She smiles when spoken to and laughs out loud when jested. Becky recognizes her caregivers and calls them by their names. […]


Pacen #

Boy: 2012 Listed: 3/2018 Special needs: spina bifida aperta-condition after surgical correction of the meningomyelocele region lumbalis; internal hydrocephalus – VP shunt installed; severe muscle hypotonia of the lower limbs; contractures of the ankle joints; lower flaccid paraplegia; convergent concomitant strabismus; esotropia and amblyopia of the right eye – glasses are prescribed and treatment is being conducted; […]


Kaylyn #

Girl: 2014 Listed: 2/2018 Special needs: symptomatic epilepsy-partial seizures with secondary generalization; spastic cerebral palsy; hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy of 2nd degree; profound mental delay; Kaylyn is in severely impaired condition and her development is delayed in all areas. She is completely dependent on adults’ care. Her sleep is calm and rhythmical. She is fed with a spoon by an […]


Graham #

Boy: 2007 Date listed: 2/2018 Diagnosis: mild mental delay; hyperkinetic behavior disorder with attention deficit; the child suffered physical abuse and mistreatment; born to a mother with moderate mental delay Graham is treated with Convulex – 0,5 ml from 50 mg daily, Xanax ½ and Speridan when necessary Graham takes an active part in the housework […]


Kahlia #

Girl: 2016 Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy; Spastic quadriparesis; Microcephaly Severe hydrocephaly; Severe mental retardation; Optic nerve atrophy Listed: Feb 2018 Kahlia lives in Eastern Europe and is 2 years old. She is completely dependent on the adult that cares for her. She doesn’t move on her own, feed herself, communicate or respond to communication. Kahlia has […]


Myrtie #

Boy: 2014 Current diagnoses: Arnold-Chiari Malformation. Internal hydrocephalus. Spina bifida aperta. Bottom paraplegia. Neurogenic bladder. Recurrent urinary tract infections. Iron deficiency anemia. Listed: Feb 2018 In the attached short video Myrtie demonstrates the following abilities: He carries out conversations that are on target for his age, he adequately asks questions, answers questions, demonstrates his likes, […]


Johnas #

Age: 2016 Diagnosis: Premature, Cerebral Palsy, Craniosynostosis Listed: Dec. 2017 Johnas lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  His diagnoses include:  Low weight at birth (prematurity 2nd degree); Infantile cerebral palsy (spastic quadric paresis); Mixed craniostenosis; Syndrome of the congenital anomalies affecting predominantly the facial area; Facial dysmorphism; Delay in the neuro-psychologial development.  His birth mother’s […]


Sidney #

Age: 2015 Diagnosis: Low birth weight, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness Listed: Dec. 2017 Sidney is 2 ½ years old and resides in Eastern Europe. Her current diagnoses include low weight at birth (3rd degree); Post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus; VPA; Infantile cerebral palsy (spastic quadric paresis); Deafness in the left ear and highly reduced hearing in the right ear; Delay in the […]


Isaac #27-69

Update: 2017 Diagnosis:  Craniosynostosis with microcephalus; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis; Suspected atrophy of the visual nerve on both eyes; Delay in the physical and neuro-psychical development. Isaac is a sweet little boy living in an Eastern Europe orphanage. He suffers from craniostenosis, cerebral palsy, spastic quadric paresis, atrophy of both eyes, and […]


Caryn #

Girl: 2012 Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy Caryn is a cute  little girl who is living in a baby home in Eastern Europe. Listed: December 2017 Most of the time, Caryn is calm, especially when she is in the playroom. When somebody pays attention to her, she laughs loudly. Caryn totally depends on the care of others. […]


Griffin #

Boy: 2012 Griffin is diagnosed with global developmental delays, atypical autism, Strabismus, Asthma and Celiac disease. Listed: December 2017 Griffin is a boy who loves playing hide-and-seek. He hides behind the door, and when he is found, he laughs and stamps his feet. Griffin lives with a foster family in Eastern Europe. In addition to […]


Jessie #

Girl: 2015 Jessie has been diagnosed with Microcephaly, Strabismus, Epilepsy and global developmental delay, but she is showing great progress.  She is a joyful, calm and positive  little girl who is growing up in a foster family in Eastern Europe. Listed: December 2017 Whether she is meeting new people or at home, Jessie is calm […]


Margaret #

Girl: 2016 Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy Listed: December 2017 Margaret was born with some complications and has been diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, Strabismus and Epilepsy. She had to receive help when eating, and she continues to use a G-tube at the moment when she eats. Margaret is a warm and cuddly little girl. Almost 2-years-old, […]


Allison #

Girl: 2008 Diagnosis: Developmental Delay, Speech Delay Allison is a beautiful, giggly  girl who lives with a foster family in Eastern Europe. Listed: December 2017 Allison is an active child. She runs, jumps, catches a ball with two hands or kicks it with a leg, and climbs and descends stairs with the support of a […]


Brendan #35

Boy: 2013 Diagnosis: background retinopathy; retinopathy of prematurity; a condition after 2-degree intracranial hemorrhage (he is blind); Specific developmental disorder of motor function; hypotrophy; delayed neuropsychological development.  Prematurely born second degree, with low birth weight. Microcephalus; Delay in the neuro-psychical development. Listed: June 3, 2015 The child is calm and rarely cries when he’s upset […]


Todd #21-12

  Boy, Born 2007 Good general condition, hydrocephalus with a shunt installed, spina bifida aperta, lower limb paraplegia, congenital anomaly of the excretory system – agenesis of the left kidney, hypotonic right ureter, osteogenesis imperfecta (which has not been genetically proven), convergent strabismus, logorrhoea, delayed neuropsychological development. Listed: Sept 11, 2013 Todd can sit independently. […]


Rocky #

Boy: 2011 Listed: November 2017 Rocky is a calm, pleasant  boy who lives in a group home in Eastern Europe. He is attached to his caregivers and responds well to them. Although Rocky was born premature and with low birth weight; cerebral palsy; and speech, motor and cognitive delays, he is making good progress in […]


Sade #

  Girl: 2013 Listed: July 2017 Sade has been diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly and is currently residing in a specialized facility where she received medical care and permanent rehabilitation services. Sade enjoys interacting with adults and will communicate with them by touching their face and laughing when they tease her.  She happily observes other children at […]


Norton #

Boy: 2012 Norton is a boy who lives with a foster family in Eastern Europe. He loves to play with other children and particularly likes to play with musical toys and cars. He also likes to paint using watercolor paints. He manages to play games for a long time, and he likes to help around […]


Magee #

Boy: 2004 Magee is a  boy who is living in a Child Center in Eastern Europe. Magee witnessed other adopted children from the child’s center moving abroad with their new families. To be adopted and have his own family and home is his greatest dream. Listed: November 2017 Magee is physically well developed for his […]


Jamal #

DOB: 2015 Jamal is a cute, radiant  boy with a big smile who lives in a Baby Home in Eastern Europe. Listed: November 2017 Jamal needs a loving family to take him out of the orphanage, to take care of him and to help him discover the wonderful world. He smiles when someone plays with […]


Alaska #

Girl: 2010 Alaska is a cuddly  girl who loves to receive attention, dance and listen to music. She is currently living with a foster family in Eastern Europe. Listed: November 2017 Alaska attends a day care center for children with special needs due to a moderate mental disability, but her intellectual development has progressed since […]


Vinnie #

Boy: 2009 Vinnie is a very happy little guy who lives in Eastern Europe. He is very social and possesses basic cognitive abilities such as recognizing objects and understanding and performing simple instructions. Vinnie daily routine includes activities that are tailored to his abilities and specific health needs. Vinnie attends kindergarten and works with a resource teacher. […]


Andy #

Boy: 2013 Listed: 7/5/2017 Diagnosis: premature, seizures Andy is very persistent! He tries to reach for a toy that interests him. He was diagnosed with spastic quadriparesis, Hypotrophy II degree, Epilepsy, Luxation of the left hip, and physical and cognitive developmental delays. He is receiving good care and is monitored by a neurologist. Andy really needs […]


Antonio #

Boy: 2013 Special needs: prematurity (born in 36 g.w.), intrauterine hypotrophy; born with necrotizing enterocolitis and peritonitis- surgically treated with installation of ileostoma; mild degree of post-ischemic encephalopathy; periventricular leukomalacia; infantile cerebral palsy-mixed form; condition after surgery for necrotizing enterocolitis; protein-calorie malnutrition of 3rd degree; severely delayed physical and neuro-psychological development; severely delayed speech development; […]


Neli #

 Girl: 2015 Diagnosis: congenital malformation syndrome, mainly related to abnormal height. Delayed physical, neurological and psychological development. Neli resides in Eastern Europe and is approaching 2-years-old.  Neli was born with facial asymmetry, low-set ears, shorter left lower limb, muscle hypotonia and significant delay in neurological and psychological development.  Neli needs assistance when sitting up and […]


Abigail #

Girl, 2009 Special needs: moderate mental delay; some evidence of microcephaly; intermittent heterotropia; hyperactive behavior; delayed neuropsychological development; delayed speech development; good physical development; good general health condition; well-developed gross motor skills. Listed: November 2017 Abigail has developed the main self-service skills – she can eat and drink independently. She copes well with the major activities […]


Aria #

Girl 2007 Special needs: prematurely born in the 28th gestation week, after placental abruption; Infantile cerebral palsy, spastic quadriparesis – severe degree; spastic left side of the body; Glioependymal cyst of the right cerebral hemisphere- condition after surgery; Delayed neuro-psychical development; Severe mental delay; Generalized developmental delay with an active potential to make further progress and […]


Thomas #

Boy: 2012 Special needs: III degree of prematurity; infantile cerebral palsy; other types of hydrocephalus; hypertrophy of the adenoids; adenoid vegetation III degree; optic nerve atrophy; nystagmus; hemangioma on the right chest; congenital heart malformation – ventricular septal defect and septal defect type foramen ovale /all closed at present/; functional heart murmur; delayed physical development; severe mental delay; Family […]


Marty #

Boy: 2013 Special needs:Congenital malformation syndrome predominantly associated with short stature – Prader-Willi. Right-sided cryptorchidism. Delayed neuropsychological development. Treatment with growth hormones is being conducted. Allergy to Meronem. Listed: November 2017 Marty is calm when surrounded by peers. He participates in simple games with an adult. He sits stably and is able to take a sitting and kneeling position independently. […]


Zadock #

Age: 4 Diagnosis: Down syndrome Zadock was raised by his birth family the first 5 months of his life and then placed in an orphanage. After being placed in the orphanage, he underwent heart surgery to repair multiple intra ventricular defects. His heart has been checked annually since his surgery and is healthy at this time. […]


Rhonda #48-38

Girl: 2012 Rhonda spent the first 4 years of her life extremely neglected in the home of her birth family. She was placed in foster care at age 4, where she has thrived. She has made rapid progress in all aspects of her development since being placed in the foster home. She is being raised […]


Evan #

Boy: 2015 Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus, optic nerve atrophy Evan lives in a baby house in Eastern Europe.  His current diagnoses include: Congenital hydrocephalus – VPS. Horizontal nystagmus. Atrophy of the visual nerve. Moderate muscle hypotonia. Mild mental delay. Delay in the neuro-psychological development. Listed: October 2017 Evan is interested in what is happening around him. He […]


Chance and Grace #

  Family history: biological mother with moderate mental delay, neurotic  decompensation; Chance: 2011 Special needs: 2nd degree of prematurity; Hyperkinetic disorder with disturbance of activity and attention. Mild mental delay. Delayed speech development Chance has well-developed gross motor skills. His fine motor skills need to develop further; He very much likes listening to music and he […]


Ashford #

Boy: 2015 Diagnosis: Microcephaly Listed: September 2017 Ashford enjoys the presence of adults and emotionally expresses himself with laughter, crying and sounds.  He laughs when tickled and smiles when he sees familiar faces.  Ashford is unable to sit, stand, nor does he have head control.  He prefers to be on his stomach.  He does not […]


Eugene #

Boy:  2015 Diagnosis: Low birth weight (2250gr.)– internal and external hydrocephalus. Condition after surgery of spina bifida aperta. Poor paraplegia of lower limbs. Left ankle deformation. Eugene is a  very sunny, radiant and positive boy. Currently he lives in a Home for medical and social care. He has made  improvements in his development. He is […]


Amos #

Boy: 2004 Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus; Agenesis of the corpus kalozum; Moderate to severe mental delay; Delay I the neuro-psychical development. Listed: August 2017 Amos is a sweet young boy is suffers from Hydrocephalus, Agenesis of the corpus Kalozum, as well as a mental delay. He walks independently and can run and play with the other children. […]


Tanner #31-1

Boy, Born July 2001 AGING OUT Down syndrome, deafness, strabismus Listed: June 23, 2010 NEW PIC FEBRUARY 2017!  Tanner was transferred to a group home in 2014. He is very small for his age and has delays in all aspects of his development. While he has an official diagnosis of deafness, he does respond to […]


Percy #

Boy: 2015 Diagnosis:  Down syndrome Percy is sitting alone and tries to crawl.   Takes toys alone and plays with them.  He puts cube /small ball/ into box.  He recognizes his caregiver and is clam around children and known adults. He is uneasy, when he is outside around unknown people.    


Vinny #

Boy: 2015 Diagnosis: Infantile Cerebral Palsy – spastic quadric paresis. Muscle hypertonia. Delay in the neuro-psychological development. Hydronephrosis 1st degree Listed: August 2017 Vinny is an adorable little boy that is living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. He has poor muscle tone and active movements. Coordination is poor as well due to walking on […]


Karen #

Girl: 2014 Listed: July 2017 Karen loves social interaction and receiving lots of love and attention.  She has several special needs conditions, which include CP, microcephaly, epilepsy and Strabismus. Despite these challenges, she is able to do many things.  She can crawl to get around and walk with assistance.  She also does well playing alone […]


Stanley and Phyllis #

Siblings: 2009, 2010Listed: 6/30/2017  Listed: June 2017 Diagnosis: Phyllis- severe mental impairments; Atypical Autism; Severe impairment in behavior. Stanley- Congenital aortic wall stenosis, Cerebral Palsy; Atypical Autism; lower spastic paresis; severe mental delay; impairment in behavior. Phyllis and Stanley live in Eastern Europe together. They are close in age and both suffer from similar disabilities. […]


Angela #

Girl: 2006 Diagnosis: Moderate mental retardation. Spastic cerebral palsy. Congenital hydrocephalus; state after VPA. CP. Spastic quadriparesis in moderate degree with predilection in lower limbs. Vitiligo (leukoderma). Listed: June 2017 She was born prematurely.   She is calm and positive child who likes to participate in group activities. She doesn’t  show aggression and does not isolate. […]


Vivianna #

Girl: 2009 Special needs: ROP, Infantile cerebral palsy – severe degree of spastic quadriparesis. Condition after intraventricular hemorrhage, communicating hydrocephalus. Cerebral cysts. Severe mental delay. Listed: June 2017 Vivianna is able to move around independently for short periods of time in her wheelchair. She shows interest toward shining materials, cords, ties. Although her speech isn’t […]


Shay #

Boy: 2016 Down Syndrome Special needs:  Low birth weight. Down syndrome. Congenital cardiac malformation – many VSD – state after surgery treatment. His muscle tone – hypotonic. Good head control. He turns from back to stomach, takes asymmetric elbow support. He has legs’ support corresponding to the calendar age. Catches with palms with left and […]


Kasey #

boy: 2006 Diagnosis: moderate mental delay; hyperactive behavior; had a traumatic brain injury following an accident. Listed: June 2017 Kasey demonstrates adequate behavior. He respects adults’ authority. He has developed his self-service skills. He keeps a good level of personal hygiene. He strives to keep his clothes and shoes clean and in a good shape. Kasey […]


Brogan #

Boy:  2010 Intercranial trauma (surgery done at 11 months for it), mild-moderate delays, seizures. Listed: June 2017 Brogan is amiable, friendly, at times is too enthusiastic. He cooperates with others; participates in group activities; He shows that he is proud with his achievements; often searches for the approval of the adults and insist to make things […]


Marian #

Girl: 2010 Diagnosis: Disorder in psychological development, unspecified. Hypermetropia. Moderate mental retardation. Allergic dermatitis. This sweet   girl resides in the foster family for last 2 years.   In the beginning of her placement into the foster family, she kept herself aside from the children, while now she definitely is looking for children and learning how […]


Seth and Victor #

Boys: 2007, 2008  Listed: June 2017 Seth and Victor are brothers currently residing together in a foster home.  Seth has a moderate mental and physical delay but is otherwise clinically healthy.  Victor has hypothyroidism but is otherwise healthy and not delayed. *** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on […]


Titus #

Boy:  2015 Listed: June 2017 Titus has a congenital cardiac malformation, specifically an intra pericardial septal defect with volume loading of right cavities.  He has also been diagnosed with atactic cerebral palsy and a moderate mental delay.  Titus enjoys holding toys and reaches for a toy if it is out in front of him.  He […]


Prudence #

Girl: 2008 Diagnosis: prematurity of 3rd degree; microcephaly; severe mental delay; epilepsy – generalized tonic-clonic seizures; infantile cerebral palsy. Listed: June 2017 Despite her CP diagnosis, Prudence is able to go up and down the stairs and walk independently, albeit her gait is not very stable. She is nonverbal. Prudence does not understand other people’s […]


Rowen #

Boy: 2005 Diagnosis: strabismus; mild mental delay Listed: June 2017 Rowen is calm, sociable and affectionate. He is well-accepted and liked by others. He is able to establish friendships and communicates well with the other children in his group. Rowen has a best friend with whom he likes to spend his spare time in joint games […]


Verity #

Girl: 2004 Special needs: congenital microphthalmia of the left eye; strabismus Listed: June 2017 Verity has well-developed hygiene habits. She eats independently, uses the cutlery adequately and has developed all of her self-service skills. Verity is sociable, friendly, responsive and affectionate. She likes being among other people. She prefers interacting with peers, but she also […]


Nita #

Girl: 2015 Diagnosis: neonatal hepatitis and congenital hypothyroidism; congenital malformities stigmas in the background.   Nita lives in Eastern Europe and is age 1. She was born premature. She was diagnosed with congenital impaired infant with hypothyroidism, neonatal hepatitis with pancytopenia. She stands up alone and can take steps with support. Nita is deeply lagging […]


Sheldon #

Male: 2004 listed: 5/2017 Sheldon is a happy young 12-year-old.  Sheldon has a bilateral cleft lip and pallet, wide set eyes, misshapen ears, and an additional sensitive special need. . He also has a moderate mental delay. Sheldon is active and energetic child with developed motor functions. Sheldon doesn’t trust other children easily and prefers […]


Talbert #

 Boy: 2012 Listed 5/2017 Special needs: born to a mother with symptomatic epilepsy acquired following encephalitis, who was on anti-convulsant therapy and had epileptic seizures while pregnant. Talbert was diagnosed with: Mixed specific disorders of the psychological development. Expressive speech disorder. Mild mental delay, with no or minimal disturbance of behavior. Bronchial asthma. Single febrile seizure […]


Joran #

Male: 2004 Listed: 5/2017 Joran is a happy, loving young boy. He has Infantile cerebral palsy and spastic quadriparesis. He also has epilepsy and a severe mental delay. His motor skills are severely impaired and he cannot walk alone without a supporting equipment. He is extremely sensitive to sounds and touch. When he needs attention, or […]


Marvin #

Boy: 2014 Listed: 5/2017 Marvin is an adorable, lively little boy. He was born prematurely.  Marvin suffers from Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (a chronic lung disease) and has partial necrosis of fingers 2-4 on his left hand and a total of 5 fingers on his right hand. He also has respiratory distress syndrome and Hyaline membrane disease, […]


Grayden #

Boy: 2006 Listed: May 2017 Grayden was born prematurely and suffered an intraventricular hemorrhage. His diagnoses include Congenital Cardiac malformation (moderately large inter-chamber cardiac defect), atresia of the duodenum – condition after surgery, moderate mental delay, hypotrophy first-second degree, Iron-insufficiency anemia and lagging in the neuro-psychological development. The child is active, walks alone and takes part […]


Cole #

Boy: 2015 Listed: 5/2017 Cole is 2 year old sunny boy, he is very sociable and loving who was prematurely born, Delayed neuro-psychological development. Cerebral palsy spastic quadriparesis.  Estropia of the left eye. Horizontal nystagmus  There is no confirmed metabolism disorder.  Receives daily therapy. He sleeps calm but sometimes he wakes up and wants to eat and […]


Jonas #

Boy: 2011 Listed: May 2017 Special needs: 2nd-degree prematurity; epilepsy; convergent strabismus; esotropia of the left eye; hypermetropia (long-sightedness); mild mental delay; delayed speech development; other pervasive developmental disorders; Jonas is on several medications. Jonas’s motor activity completely corresponds to the expected developmental level for his calendar age.  Although his fine motor skills need to […]


Kelan #

Boy, born: 2004Diagnoses:  Grand Mal seizures; Epilepsy Partialis; brain edema; attachment disorder; Nocturnal Enuresis; learning abilities. Listed: April 2017 Kelan is from Eastern Europe.  He was placed in a baby house shortly after birth and is currently residing in a group home for children.  Kelan’s attention is lacking.  He can concentrate on routine tasks for […]


Kessler #

Boy 2008 Listed: April 2017 Diagnosis:  Infantile cerebral palsy – quadric paresis; Severe to deep mental delay; Delay in the neuro-psychological development. Kessler lived with his birth parents until he was almost 3-years-old when he was placed in an orphanage.  He currently resides in a group home. Kessler can turn from his back to his […]


Scotty #

Boy: age 2 Diagnosis: Lumbar spina bifida (surgically corrected), grand mal seizures, spastic cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus Listed: March 2017 Scotty has little support from his legs.  His head control has improved and he can turn from his back to his belly.  He sits independently by holding on to the bars of his crib and also makes […]


Clifton #

Boy: Born 2012 specific disorders of motor function development, Moderate mental delay, ectopic left kidney, strabismus Listed: March 2017 Clifton lives with a foster family.  He loves to listen to music and dance and is always looking for a dancing partner! His foster family is working on him walking longer distances independently.  He is learning how […]


Paddy #

Boy:Born July 2012 Hydrocephalus, Thalassemia, astigmatism Listed: March 2017 Paddy can turn over on his own, and sits independently. He will walk holding hands or using a walker, but does not like to walk over uneven surfaces.  He likes musical toys and has recently started imitating simple actions like a ring stacker.  Paddy likes to interact […]


Oliver #11-60

Age: 2 polycystic left kidney Oliver’s medical condition does not require any medical intervention at this time. His urine is cultured every month to check for infections and he has had 2 infections in his entire life, which were appropriately treated with medication. Developmentally, Oliver has delays that are common in a child being raised […]


Jax #49

Jax was born in 2011. He has been living with a foster family since 2013. Listed May 2015 He has a systolic murmur along the precordium; hyperkinetic conduct disorder and a mild mental delay. The child started walking on time, but his speech is underdeveloped. The child cannot stay focused for a long time while […]


Patty #5-1

Patty #5-1 Age: 1 Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy Patty can sit without support. She moves toys from one hand to the other. She demonstrates emotional attachment to specific adults and is shy around strangers. She plays appropriately with toys. She says some words and is also able to imitate sounds. A recent update from Patty’s social worker […]


Anthony #

Boy, age 1.5 Neonatal, cerebral schemia; hydrocephalus; ventriculoperitoneal shunt Listed: March 2017 Anthony is an adorable, sweet 1 year old! Anthony has a lack of development physically and neurologically. In late 2015, a ventriculoperiteneal shunt was placed and he has been free of seizures since then. He cannot sit upright by himself and does not talk, […]


Kade #16-2

DOB: 2002 Diagnosis: Down syndrome, asthma Listed: October 9, 2011 2014 UPDATE:  Kade was moved out of an institution and into a group home in 2014.  He is described as sensitive, with alert look, inquisitive, willful, contact and adaptive to the group. He is oriented in his immediate social environment and in the scheme of […]