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Armando #75

Age: 8 years Special needs: good physical development with a minor disability (aseptic idiopathic osteonecrosis in the left); significant mental delay and disturbance of behavior; hyperactivity disorder combined with mental delay and stereotypic movements; delayed neuropsychological development; Armando is a physically active boy.  Armando has good communication skills. He is sociable and interacts with both […]

Sorenson (1)

Sorenson #

Boy, born 2010 retinopathy, premature birth, general overall delays Listed: April 2, 2015 He is exploring the objects by examining them with his hands, smells them, and touches them with his face. When he drops an object he bends and looks for it by stretching his hands in different directions. With purpose of developing the […]


Kraig #29-10

Boy, 7 years old blind Prematurely born with low birth weight; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis; ROP (Retinopathy of the prematurely born) with detachment of the retina in both eyes – second type, final stage; Amaurosis; Delays in the physical and neuro-psychical development. Listed: September 2014 UPDATE from a family who met him in […]

Maurie collage

Maurie #1-54

Age: 2 Diagnosis: Epidermolysis bullosa Maurie lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe where the director and staff are attempting to care for her skin care needs to the best of their ability. Her bandages are changed regularly and her skin is treated to prevent infection. Maurie’s development is normal for her age. She is […]


Ansell #

Age: 9 years heart-aberrant chord in the left ventricle; delayed physical development; delayed intellectual development; speech difficulties; (*possible febrile seizure in the past) Ansell has well-developed gross motor skills. He has good spatial orientation. He makes very good eye contact. Ansell is a sociable boy and he is able to lead a dialogue, answer and […]

Dewey (2)

Dewey #

Boy, 2 years old Undescended testicles /bilateral cryptorchism/, Convergent concomitant strabismus and Congenital anomaly of the neurological system due to post-term pregnancy and pathological birth – heavy asphyxia at birth, neonatal aspiration of meconium and cerebral depression. The child has slower dynamics in his psychomotor development. He is adapted to daily regimen of age appropriate […]


Adkyn #

Age: 7 years Special need: facial dysmorphism; mild mental delay; significantly delayed speech development (mainly in the area of active speech) Adkyn understands adults’ speech. He produces incomprehensible sounds and he has difficulties producing syllables. He would often use nonverbal signs for the purposes of communication. He follows complex verbal instructions. Adkyn responds to being […]


Daniel #

Boy, age 7 Epilepsy, cognitive delays Daniel is 7 years old and living with a foster family right now. He has epilepsy and was born very premature, so has additional developmental delays. Otherwise, he is physically healthy. Daniel is described as a welcoming and upbeat child, who is outgoing. He enjoys playing with other children […]

Konner Allen

Konner and Allen #1-52

Konner and Allen live together in a group home. The boys have both expressed a desire to be adopted. A member of the agency’s team visited the boys in July 2016. Both boys were very friendly and communicated openly with the team. Konner indicated that he loves technology-phones, computers, TVs and that his favorite sports […]

Larry collage

Larry #2-4

Boy, age 4 Diagnosis: Down syndrome Larry has Down syndrome and some of the typical delays that are common with his diagnosis. He is not yet walking independently, though his report indicates it is because he refuses to practice when he doesn’t want to! He plays with toys and enjoys the ones that play with […]


Amory #

Age: 2 years Special needs: biological mother with mental delay; the child: good general condition; good physical development; chronic viral hepatitis B; delayed neuropsychological development; Amory receives the following treatment: Ursofalk, Isoprinosine, Lactoflor. He also has daily rehabilitation and kinesitherapy sessions. Meet handsome and radiant Amory! He has recently turned 2 years. The agency has his […]


Angelo and Antonio #

ANGELO a.k.a. Mr. Studious Age: 11 (turning 12 soon) Special needs: astigmatism Angelo is sociable and he interacts well both with children and adults. He does not create conflicts. Angelo is well-intentioned and compliant. He is described as calm, radiant and in cheerful boy. Angelo is very studious and diligent and when performing a given […]

Layla2_July 2016

Layla #1-51

Girl, age: 2 Diagnosis: Microcephalus; Bilateral microphthalmia and coloboma iridis of the left eye – diagnostic specification under anesthesia is imminent; clubbed feet – corrected with orthotics and orthopedic shoes; Mild degree of delays in the neuro-psychical development. Layla has lived in foster care since birth. She walks, kicks and rolls a ball, dances along […]


5 siblings #1-50

Mark – Age: 6 Diagnosis: speech delays; mild cognitive delay Ellie – Age: 10 Diagnosis: mild cognitive delays Vallie – Age 11 Diagnosis: mild cognitive delays Nellie – Age: 12 Diagnosis: mild cognitive delays Allie – Age: 15 Diagnosis: mild cognitive delays   This sibling group was raised by their mother until her death in […]


Axl #

8 years

Special needs: prematurity of 4th degree, ROP (blind),  mental delay, protein-calorie malnutrition.

Axl is living in a specialized boarding school for visually impaired children. He is well-adjusted to his school/boarding environment. He is a joyful and sweet boy who  shows positive attitude when individual attention is paid to him.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


Alvaro #

Boy, age 4

prematurity (33 g.w.), severe mental delay, rejected hearing loss of the right ear, hypotrophy, severely delayed neuro-psychological development; underdeveloped speech.

Listed: June 14, 2016

Alvaro needs individual sessions with a speech therapist and psychologist.

Although he does not really interact with peers, Alvaro is described as a child who enjoys being in the company of adults, receiving their personal attention and being caressed. He prefers playing with balls and cups. He likes playing by throwing objects and then going to get them.

Alvaro eats transitional food. He is fed by an adult. His sleep is calm.
Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


Brianna #1-48

Age: 2 Diagnosis: dwarfism Brianna can walk when held by the hands. She can crawl, sits down on her own, can pick up a toy and can pull up to a standing position by holding on to something stable. She can push, pull, and drag objects tied with a thread; she can place blocks one […]

Aiden_May 2016

Aiden #3-9

Diagnosis: Down syndrome; Pulmonary sequestration; reflux; hypothyroidism Aiden just turned a year old. He has had numerous hospital stays due to respiratory infections. It is very possible that Aiden is aspirating liquids based on the constant infections and diagnosed pneumonia, along with the reflux diagnosis. This could be the cause for his lung issues. The […]


Gracie and George #

Girl, born in 2007.  She has a delay in neuro-psychical development and epileptic seizures. Gracie has been diagnosed with epilepsy and moderate mental delay. She is in a good general condition and has good general condition and well-developed gross and fine motor skills. She has formed self-service skills – she eats independently, arranges her clothes […]

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Jenya 3

Jenya #

Girl, age 2 As a result of her premature birth, Jenya had heart surgery when she was two months old, but has had no complications or further heart issues. She was on a breathing machine right after she was born, and has suffered some lung damage (current diagnosis of Bronchopulmonary Dyspalsia) and developed asthma as […]

Gus (2)

Gus #

Boy, born 2005 Down syndrome Listed: May 3, 2016 Gus is an amazing little boy who just needs a chance! He walks, plays appropriately with some toys, loves to bathe. He loves to be tickled and has the best giggle. He seems to be able to form appropriate bonds, as he was particularly attached to […]


Macey #1-46

Age: 3 Diagnosis: congenital cardiac malformation; pulmonary hypertention Listed: April 28, 2016 Macey is developing well. She can walk while holding someone’s hand or holding on to a support. She repeats words, assists with dressing/undressing, and is in the process of being toilet trained. She responds to her name, follows simple directions, plays appropriately with […]


Travis #1-47

Age: 2 Diagnosis: Epidermolysis bullosa Travis turns his head to sound, recognizes the faces of staff, and enjoys watching musical toys and things that spin. Due to his medical condition, he is left laying on his back in a crib, so his development is significantly delayed. He needs a family that can move quickly to […]

Matthew #01-10 (2)

Matthew #01-10

Age: 6 Diagnosis-very mild CP in his legs Matthew walks and runs, though he does have an awkward gait due to the mild CP. He throws and catches a ball. His speech is excellent. He is able to ask and answer questions, share details about his life, count to 5 and hold a conversation with people. […]

Aniah2_April 2016

Aniah #3-8

Age: 13 Diagnosis: dwarfism Listed: April 15, 2016 Aniah walks, plays with toys, enjoys music class and playing hide and seek. She is not talking at this time, but responds to her name and basic commands. Photos and videos from April 2016 are available through the agency. *** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older […]


Thomas #1-43

Age: 5 Diagnosis: Spina bifida apeta, prolapse, lower left paraplegia, inner hydrocephalus, bilateral luxation, chronic osteomyelitis, delay in the neuro-psychical development. Thomas moves around by sliding with the help of his arms. He can not stand upright. He receives constant physical therapy. He can string element to a stationary axis. He can do simple puzzled […]


Collen #11-56

Boy, age 2 Syndrome of the multifocal infantile hemangioma; Congenital cardiac malformation – Septal defect, Heart failure; Pseudo-hydrocephalic configuration of the head; Facial dysmorphism; Micrognathia, gothic palate; Allergy to the proteins of the cow’s milk and Piperacilin; Hypotrophy 3rd degree. Collen sits with support. He can turn around from his back to his stomach and […]


Niko #25

Boy, 7 years old Moderate mental delays, speech delay Listed April 5, 2016 Update March 2016: Because of his problem with having almost no speech, it is impossible to enroll him in the local school as there are no specialists there to work with him and to help him – like speech therapist, resource teacher, etc. […]

Sawyer 4-5 (1)

Sawyer #4-5

Age: 6 Diagnosis: Arthrogryposis with knee joint contractures, bilateral club foot, Hypotrophy. Sawyer is able to move around the room by scooting on his bottom. He can talk in sentences, but his articulation is not always clear. He plays with toys, responds when spoken to, follows simple directions, and assists with self-help tasks such as […]

Dennis (1)

Dennis #1-41

Age: 13 Diagnosis: delays in development Listed: March 31, 2016 Dennis is living in a group home. His gross motor skills are developed, but his fine motor skills are not developed enough. It is hard to get his active attention. The passive attention prevails. His concentration is weak, and he is not good at memorizing. […]


Larry #1-37

Age: 8 Diagnosis: cleft lip; developmental delays Listed March 31, 2016 Larry lived the first 7 years of his life in an orphanage where he received very little care and intervention. As a result, he has significant delays in his growth and development. He does not have any medical diagnosis other than a cleft lip. […]


Tammy #1-38

Age: 12 Diagnosis: Mental delays Listed: March 31, 2016 Tammy is calm and sometimes shy and uncertain of her abilities. She is shy when communicating and doesn’t trust strangers. She understands and follows rules and has self-care skills. She showers on her own and feeds herself by using utensils. She strives to be independent when […]

Dyna (2)

Dyna #

Dyna is a 2.5 yr old girl with microcephaly. Listed March 21, 2016 She is delayed in all areas and dependent on her caregivers to meet all of her needs. She has a range of emotions, and does not like to be held for long periods of time. She reacts to sound and follows objects […]


Adolfo #33

Boy, just turned 7 years Moderate mental delay and epilepsy (with improvement noted as regards the frequency of the seizures, and with permanent medication therapy), delayed neuropsychological development; delayed speech development (well-developed receptive speech, poorly developed expressive speech). Adolfo’s “seizures” are explained by the staff at his orphanage as moments of falling asleep that last […]


Greg #

Boy, born September 2005 Listed: February 23, 2016 Greg has mental developmental delays and delayed speech. His ability to communicate is delayed but improving; he can connect words in a simple sentence to express his desires. Greg is emotionally reserved and enjoys playing by himself. He will interact with others for a time but quickly […]


Shirley #1-34

Age: 14 Diagnosis: spina bifida Listed: January 11, 2016 Shirley moves around independently in a wheelchair. She can pull up to a standing position on her own by holding on to a steady support. She can get on and sit in a chair, sofa or bench. She writes, draws, cuts, and eats independently. She is […]


Vaughn #1-36

Vaughn Age: 6 Diagnosis: blind Vaughn currently lives in a group home. He talks in complete sentences, enjoys musical objects/toys, counts, and can fit rings and cups onto shapes using his sense of touch. He’s currently attending kindergarten and receiving speech and physical therapy. He can name people after hearing their voice (knows all the […]

Tucker 4-4

Tucker #4-4

Boy, age: 3 Diagnosis: hyperthyroidism, mild delays primarily in speech Tucker walks, runs and hops. He plays with toys, follows verbal directions, and drinks from a cup. His speech is delayed, but he does pronounce some sounds and communicate his wants/needs through non-verbal actions. He has a developed imagination and enjoys cuddling with a close […]


Noel #38

Boy, born 2014 Down Syndrome, acute pyelonephritis and hydronephrosis sinistra, neuropathic regurgitation This sweet baby boy loves listening to music and spending time with his favorite caretakers. He laughs and babbles with excitement while making eye contact and cries desperately when left alone. He has no reported heart defect, but currently receives treatment for his […]

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Olie Ozzie

Olie and Ozzie #1-31

Ages: 3 and 1 Diagnosis:  Coffin-Lowry Syndrome Olie and Ozzie live together in the same group at the orphanage. However, the government officials in their birth country have determined that they can be separated and adopted individually if a family steps forward for just one of the boys. The agency’s desire is to keep the brothers together if at […]


Barbara #1-27

Age: 15 Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy that primarily impacts her legs Barbara has reduced fees through the agency. Barbara just turned 15 years old. She independently maneuvers her wheelchair, goes to the bathroom independently, eats independently, and performs self-help tasks without assistance. Her communication skills are well developed for her age, she has a steady attention span, […]

Tera_Nov 2015

Tera #1-29

Age: 10 Diagnosis: Partial cryptogenic epilepsy; Anemia Listed: November 30, 2015 Tera’s file indicates that she has delays in all areas of her cognitive development, many of which are the result of being institutionalized her entire life. She talks, responds to questions and sings beautifully. She enjoys playing games and likes to have the role […]

Aimey_Nov 2015

Aimey #1-28

Age: 13 Diagnosis: Osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism) Aimey has reduced fees through the agency. After birth, Aimey was placed in an orphanage for children with brain damage and then transferred at age 4 to a notorious mental institution. She has lived her entire life in settings where she had no chance to develop her cognitive skills or […]


Belinda #11-55

Age: 12 Diagnosis: Familial laden – the mother is with oligophrenia and the child was born from close kinship relationship; Prematurity 2nd degree; Congenital relapsing ichthyosiform erythroderma; Microcephalus and malformative stigmas; Hypotrophy; Delay in the physical and neuro-psychical development; Severe mental delay Belinda spent the first 9 years of her life in an orphanage where […]



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Anna #41-3

Girl, born 2008 Diagnosis: epilepsy (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome) Dandy-Walker variation, craniostenosis, infantile cerebral palsy, severe mental delay, hypotrophy. Once in a while we receive a case file of an immobile child living in a state orphanage in Eastern Europe. No, living is not the right word- it’s an existence, a survival. We refuse to believe that […]


Sebastian #1-25

Boy, age 13 infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis, mild degree; Congenital malformation of the secretion system – malformation of the right kidney and chronic obstructive pyelonephritis Listed: November 3, 2015 *Program fees are reduced for his adoption through the placing agency* Sebastian was raised by his birth family for 5 years and was severely […]


Polly #11-52

Girl, age: 1 Diagnosis: Multiple malformative syndrome – congenital anomalies with predominant affection of the facial area and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; Internal hydrocephalus without necessity for neurosurgical intervention; Delay in the neuro-psychical development. Polly has undergone genetic testing with all the results coming back normal. Her emotional tone is very good. She loves interacting with other […]

Tailia 594

Tailia #59-4

Girl, 8 years old Sweet Tailia deserves the chance to know the love of a mother and father. She has a severely impaired condition due to her special needs (infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadriparesis, symptomatic epilepsy, dysmorphic syndrome, neonatal seizures and severe mental delay) Tailia has hypotonia – she turns from back to belly […]

Matthew 486

Matthew #48-6

Boy, age 5 Special needs: Spina bifida (surgically corrected when he was just a couple of months old) and hydrocephalus (has been permanently stationed and does not need a shunt installation). Matthew has stable health condition at present and all of his special needs were timely addressed and taken care of. Matthew is sweet-hearted, calm […]

Samuel 2015 (2)

Samuel #3-2

Boy, Born June 2003 Listed: October 6, 2015 Samuel has Down syndrome, an undescended testicle & flat feet. He also has a functional heart murmur that does not require therapy. He is integrated in a room with healthy children. He walks independently. He can drink out of a cup but still requires assistance with feeding. […]


Aaric #58-2

12 years Down syndrome; severe mental delay Listed: October 5 2015 Aaric likes participating in group activities but also enjoys receiving individual attention. He loves one-to-one interactions and activities. He does not speak, but uses different sounds to express himself. He is very affectionate and easily forms loving relationships with the staff members. *** I […]

Marla (1)

Marla #4-1

Girl, less than a year old Diagnosis: CT scan at 1 month old showed external hydrocephalus and brain stem hypoplasia. Neurosurgeon recommended a follow up scan at 1 year old to check brain development and solidify an accurate medical diagnosis. Marla can roll over, support herself on her elbows and hands to lift herself up […]

Fallyn 2

Fallyn #1-19

Girl, two years old Turner syndrome, neuro-sensory disorder in hearing, Persisting anemia, suspected for minor thalassemia The agency has many photos and video, from October 2015 Fallyn was raised by her birth mother for the first year of her life. Her birth mother is deaf and mute, and Fallyn was developmentally delayed upon entering the […]


Sam and Scarlett #82-83

Brother; 6 year old boy early congenital syphilis Sam is friendly and sociable by nature, talkative and cheerful, with a notable attempt to be noticed and appreciated. He has respect for adults and observes rules, orders and prohibitions. He does not have problems in communicating with peers. He loves playing with children his age. He expresses […]


Darla #11-52

Age: 1 Diagnosis: Mosaic Down syndrome Darla can turn from back to stomach, sit up independently and is learning to pull to a stand. She is receiving regular physical therapy sessions each week. She is babbling and making combinations of sounds in an attempt to talk. When a familiar adults talks to her or teases […]


Oscar #11-55

Boy, 1 year old Down syndrome, hydrocephalus; a brain cyst; epilepsy; bronchial asthma; hypothyroidism. Listed: Sept 14, 2015 Oscar has good physical development. When hearing familiar adults speak, he would produce sounds and sound combinations and turn his head in the direction of sound. He likes listening to relaxing music and children’s songs. Sweet Oscar […]


Prestyn #1-18

Age: 1 Diagnosis: Down syndrome Prestyn just turned one year old. He does not have any additional medical conditions other than Down syndrome. He is developing at a rate that is considered common for a child with Down syndrome. He has starting babbling and making syllables, and shows appropriate emotions and responses to staff.   […]

Randall 2

Randall #6-30

Age: 2 Diagnosis: caudal regression syndrome He sits alone and stable. Often stands on four limbs an crawls on hands Puts rings and pieces with a small hole on the stand. He has a good attention span when interested in a particular toy or object. The child understands and responds to praise and prohibition. Performs […]

Emily 2_July 2015

Emily #01-12

Age: 5 Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy -spastic diplegia; hearing impaired-wears hearing aides Emily is very alert and seeks out the attention of her caregivers. She is bonded to the staff members that care for her regularly. She watches the activities of the other children with interest. When placed on the floor, she can scoot around on […]

Margaret_July 2015

Margaret #01-11

Age: 8 Diagnosis: spina bifida, shunt due to hydrocephalus, malnutrition Margaret lives in an orphanage where several children have been adopted from that also had malnutrition of delays in development. The children have all made tremendous progress once their physical needs were met in a family. Margaret smiles and laughs when people pay attention to […]


Aimee #02-01

Age: 8 Diagnosis: Generalized disorder of the development-possible autism Aimee was placed in an orphanage at birth and adopted through a domestic adoption in her home country at age 3. After a psychologist gave Aimee a diagnosis of “generalized disorder of the development-possible childhood autism”, the adoptive family returned her to an orphanage at age […]

Paige 568

Paige #68

Paige is a sweet 14 year old girl who has Down syndrome, severe mental delay and hydrocephalus. Listed July 26, 2015 She is calm and timid; often smiles; rejoices when receiving attention; demonstrates her attachment to staff members; produces sounds and she is visibly happy when someone hugs her; loves listening to music, watching TV […]


Elijah #29-5

Age: 2 Diagnosis: Down syndrome From a family who visited him in July 2015: “already crawling, standing, he’s smart, and speaking at least 10 words. He’s in the care of an amazing foster family which is a blessing because he is bonded and this will help his future attachments. He is active and strong! “ […]


Nathan #29-21

Age: 3 Diagnosis: Infantile cerebral palsy – quadriparesis; Hypotrophy; Delay in the neuro-psychical development The child is considerably delayed in the psycho-motor development. He is not stable on his legs. He can turn from his stomach on his back and vice versa. He can sit alone and can stand up on his knees. Reacts to […]


Isaac #27-69

Boy, age 2 Condition after a brain hemorrhage. Cyst in the left cerebral hemisphere. Microcephaly. Spastic quadriparesis. Cryptorchidism. Anemic syndrome. Behind in his neuro-psychical development. Listed: June 23, 2015 When put on his belly or held, he keeps his head up. He slightly turns to one side but doesn’t turn independently from back to stomach […]


Ryleigh #1-15

Girl, age: 2 Diagnosis: unrepaired cleft lip and palate, repaired clubbed foot, heart condition Ryleigh has been through multiple medical procedures in her young life. She was born with a serious heart condition that resulted in pulmonary hypertension. She had surgery to repair her heart. Results of the surgery indicate “bending of the pulmonary artery […]

Shyla (1)

Shyla #01

Age: 2 Diagnosis: Persisting neurological problems – short term daily seizures – up to 10-15 daily; Suspected Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedle Syndrome; Rudiments of 6th fingers of the palms; Bottom extremities – clynobraquidactilia (2nd and 4th toe, bilaterally).Hypertrophy of the left cardiac chamber; Brain disorder (hypoplasia of the forehead and temporal segments); Delay in the neuro-psychical development. Shyla […]

Jesse_May 2015

Jesse #11-51

Boy, age: 2 Diagnosis: External hydrocephalus; Arachnoid cyst; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis Jesse has been seen by a neurosurgeon who has said that no surgical intervention is required at this time. He picks up a toy given to him, keeps it for a short time and drops it. He will play for […]


Owen #11-41

Boy, 6 years Diagnosis: Von Willebrand disease, epilepsy, strabismus and delayed neuropsychological development. Owen has been diagnosed with Von Williebrand disease and as a result is also anemic from the bleeding episodes. He is also reported to be very hyperactive and he’s currently being given medication to help calm him down so that he can focus better. […]

Oliver 2010 (3)

Oliver #

Oliver was born in 2010. He sits with support. He doesn’t speak. Oliver has Infantile cerebral palsy; Delays in the neuro-psychical development and underdeveloped speech. He can’t walk or eat independently. The child is in a good general health.He can turn independently from his back to his stomach and vice-versa. He can’t pull up to […]


Zayne #11-50

Boy, age: 2 Diagnosis: Atresia of the esophagus – not corrected UPDATE DECEMBER 2015: URGENT shout out for ZAYNE: I saw him again today. He’s in my son’s group at the orphanage. He is talking, learning to walk and doing so very well. He has an American brand mickey button g-tube for feeding that is changed […]


Claire #45-2

Age:5 Diagnosis: Down syndrome and asthma Claire is now living in a group home. She is completely toilet trained, is learning to feed herself and making progress in all areas of her development. She has just recently started learning to walk and has speech and delays in motor skills that are common in children with […]

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Saleena (1)

Saleena #11-49

Girl, age: 2 external hydrocephalus, delayed development Saleena walks while holding one finger of another person. She will interact with musical toys. She pronounces random sounds (da-da, ba-ba, etc). She eats soft foods from a spoon. Photos and video from March 2015 are available through the agency.   $166.50 has been donated towards the cost […]


Joshua #5-20

Boy, age: 7 Moderate mental delay; significant disturbance in the behavior requiring care and treatment; slightly hyperkinetic behavior; strabismus (wears glasses) Joshua spent the first 6 years of his life in an orphanage surrounded by children much younger than him. As a result, he was not held to age appropriate expectations. He has recently been […]


Nevil #73-2

Boy, age: 2 and a half Special needs: congenital adrenal insufficiency (for which he undergoes maintenance therapy); muscular dystrophy Duschen-Becker (for which he has physical therapy, remedial gymnastics, etc.); bilateral cryptorchidism and delayed neuropsychological development. He demonstrates interest in toys and plays with them for quite some time; reaches out his hands to a person […]


Paul #11-45

Age: 3 hydrocephaly, epilepsy Listed: Nov 30, 2014 Paul has seizures, which have decreased since March 2014 when he started on a new seizure medication. He’s delayed in all aspects of his development as a result of the years of medical complications. He’s recently started learning to eat from a spoon. He has physical therapy […]


Kollen #58-11

Boy, Age: 3 Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy- mixed form (impacts his legs); delays in development Kollen has started taking independent steps. He also crawls, sits, pulls up to a standing position holding on to a support, stays up for a short time without support, and walks holding on to two hands. His fine motor skills are […]


Kieran #

Boy, born April 2004 Down Syndrome Listed: September 9, 2014 He has learned basic motor skills, is very active, fast, and flexible. He has a tendency to act impulsively. He climbs, responds to his name, and selectively executes commands. He is curious and sociable, but he prefers the attention of adults. He loves playing with […]

Joey KF

Joey #

Boy, born October 2009 Joey has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome and is delayed in his psychomotor development. Joey crawls and can pull himself up. He makes steps forward with the support of an adult. He babbles, listens to speech, and can respond to commands. He reaches for and holds toys, preferring musical toys. He […]


Nels #496

  Age: 8 Down syndrome, significantly delayed neuropsychological development, profound mental delay, delayed physical development. UPDATE NOV 2015: Nels has learned to walk! He still needs some assistance going up and down steps, but is continuing to improve his gross motor skills. He manipulates with toys by knocking them one against the other, looking at […]


Alaric #25-15

Boy, born 2009 Down syndrome Alaric has delays in psycho-motor development. Senses(sight, hearing) are preserved. Listed: June 10, 2014 UPDATE early 2015: Alaric was moved to a family style group home 6 months ago and has made significant progress in this new setting. He is now receiving more personalized attention from staff. While Alaric is […]


Melaney #51

Girl, age 7 Blind, retrolental fibroplasia, microphthalmia, amaurosis, nystagmus and converging strabismus; Epilepsy – on treatment with Convulex; Severe mental delay; Delay in the neuro-psychical development. Listed: Jun 9, 2014 She has good motion activity. She can walk freely and overcomes different hurdles. She is with very well coordinated movements. She goes up and down […]


Cullen #12-4

DOB: 2001 Down syndrome Listed: June 9, 2014   Update June 2016: Cullen was moved out of the institution and into a group home 18 months ago and he is thriving in that environment. He is talking, playing appropriately with peers, performing all self-help skills, and attending a special education school where he fully participates in […]


Marsha #4-62

Age: 5 Diagnosis: polymalformative syndrome, chromosomopathy and developmental delays. Right-sided neuritis of the acoustic nerves. Right-sided microthia.   Marsha’s birth mother was just 16 years old when Marsha was born and raised her for 3 years. After several hospital stays, Marsha was placed in the orphanage. She has delays in all aspects of her development, […]


Clara #29-12

Age: 2 Diagnosis: Microcephalus; Infantile cerebral palsy; Severe delay in development   She pronounces sounds. She sits with help and in a positioning therapeutic chair. She can keep her head up when put on her stomach. She eats with good appetite but has unsatisfactory weight gain. She is calm when asleep and awake. Clara has […]


Tiya #11-45

Age: 8 Diagnosis: Massive destruction of the brain matter, sub-cortical cysts, cortical atrophy; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis; Symptomatic epilepsy; Hypotrophy; Premature puberty This little girl has significant delays in all aspects of her development. She will turn her eyes and head in reaction to someone speaking to her. She stops crying if […]


Annie #40-4

DOB: December 2005 Diagnosis: delays in development -report indicates that due to delayed speech, Autism was initially suspected. However, no formal testing has been done and the child’s development is continuing to improve. Listed March 2011 Annie’s motor skills are well developed. She walks, runs, catches & throws a ball, climbs, hops on one foot […]


Rhonda #445

AGE: 11 Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus Listed: January 16, 2014 Rhonda is VERY alert and aware. In 2012, her head measurement was 71cm. It has not grown since that time. She’s learning to push herself around in a wheelchair. She can control her head and hold it up, but still requires support to sit up. She loves […]



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Quentin Photo 1 rec. Jul-2013-cropped

Quentin #HP

Boy, Born January 2012 Down syndrome   Quentin was born prematurely, but is now considered physically healthy.   Quentin’s development is delayed, but at 16 months old he could sit with support, creep on his stomach, reach for and play with toys, and respond to his name.   Quentin is happy, curious, and expressive, clearly enjoying contact […]


Mona #28-1

Age: 8 Diagnosis: developmental delays   Mona is physically healthy. She has delays in her development. At the time of her last report, she was talking, walking, feeding herself and had recently started attending school. She has been assigned a 1:1 caregiver to work with her several days a week and she has been demonstrating […]

Todd 2010 (1)

Todd #21-12

Boy, Born 2007 Good general condition, hydrocephalus with a shunt installed, spina bifida aperta, lower limb paraplegia, congenital anomaly of the excretory system – agenesis of the left kidney, hypotonic right ureter, osteogenesis imperfecta (which has not been genetically proven), convergent strabismus, logorrhoea, delayed neuropsychological development. Listed: Sept 11, 2013 Todd can sit independently. He […]

Trever 408  (1)

Trever #4-08

This almost 8-year-old boy has moderate mental delay, cystic hydrocele and convergent concomitant strabismus.   He has built self-service skills (eats, dresses and undresses independently, potty-trained). He has marked progress in his speech development and tries to use more words and connect them in sentences. He interacts with children, albeit he prefers the company of adults.   […]

Jacques 401 (1)

Jacques #401

Boy, born 2006 neuropsychological, motor and speech development delays   Jacques has severely delayed neuropsychological, motor and speech development.  His behavior corresponds to that of an infant. He makes several steps independently and walks when held by one hand. He doesn’t speak, but produces monotonous sound combinations. He sometimes seeks adults’ physical closeness.   *** […]


Bryannah #8-3

DOB: June 2001 Diagnosis: Down syndrome Listed: April 23, 2013 New pic June 2016!  Bryannah has been in a mental institution since 2011. She has been in orphanages her entire life, but was just recently registered for adoption in 2013. She has waited 12 years for a chance to find a family! She walks, plays […]


George #19-2

DOB: 2004 Diagnosis: Down syndrome Listed: February 14, 2013 George can walk with support. He will play with toys. He is described as friendly and as having a positive attitude. He is exposed to games and activities, but he does not always participate. He is not aggressive toward himself or others. *** I am eligible […]


Robert #34-9

Boy, born December 2002 Down syndrome Listed: November 29, 2012 Robert is a handsome young man.  His general development is delayed.  He has good gross motor skills, and his fine motor skills need a bit of assistance; he likes to color.  He enjoys listening to music, and dancing.  He vocalizes, but his expressive speech is […]


Ryan #6-14

DOB: 2001 Diagnosis: Down syndrome Listed: October 28, 2012 UPDATE MAY 2016:  Ryan was moved to a group home. He has made significant progress since leaving the institution and the staff believes that as they continue to work with him, he will continue to improve. Due to his history of behavior difficulties, the agency team […]


Tyler #4-5

Boy, born 2002 Down syndrome Listed: June 24, 2012 Tyler has waited 14 years for the opportunity to have a family and he is now FINALLY registered for adoption. He needs a family that will look past his age and see all that this little boy can be under the guidance of a loving family. […]

Kade 2014

Kade #16-2

DOB: 2002 Diagnosis: Down syndrome, asthma Listed: October 9, 2011 2014 UPDATE:  Kade was moved out of an institution and into a group home in 2014.  He is described as sensitive, with alert look, inquisitive, willful, contact and adaptive to the group. He is oriented in his immediate social environment and in the scheme of […]


Madden #61-1

DOB: 2004 Down syndrome Listed: October 9, 2011 Madden is doing very well!  He is physically healthy and has never had any medical concerns. Like most children with Down syndrome, he’s physically small for his age. He weighed 34 pounds on his 7th birthday. Developmentally, Madden is delayed. He can walk and has good gross motor […]

Andrue 2016

Andrue #16-4

Age: 12 years Special needs: prematurity; Down syndrome; severe mental delay Listed: October 9, 2011 Andrue was raised by his birth family until he was 9 months old. At that time, he was hospitalized for genetic testing and when the diagnosis of Down syndrome was confirmed, he was left at the hospital. He was then […]


Ulysess #46-2

DOB: February 2004 Diagnosis: Down syndrome, Chronic pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis first degree to the left kidney Listed: June 17, 2011 Ulysess is considered significantly delayed. As of March 2011, he was not independently walking. He can pull to a stand, walk while holding someone’s hand, walks behind push toys and climb in and out of his crib […]

Amelia_Sept 2013

Amelia #2-1

Girl, Born August 2001 Down syndrome Listed September 27, 2010 Amelia was born with a Congenital cardiac malformation – Fallot’s tetralogy. Surgery was performed in 2005 and her heart condition was completely corrected. Amelia is currently living in a mental institution. She is delayed in all aspects of her development but does receive therapy. She […]


Isabelle #2-2

Girl, Born February 2002 Down syndrome Listed: September 27, 2010 From her medical records:   The child is in a very good general condition. Elementary thinking processes are observed. She can’t speak but pronounces sounds and combinations of sounds: ba-ba, etc. that are completely random. She knows her name and reacts when called. She carries out […]


Dawn #17-1

Girl, born 2001 Down syndrome Listed: September 2010 Update May 2012: Dawn lived in an orphanage until she was three, when they moved her to an institution. She just started walking a couple of months ago. She enjoys interacting with adults and playing with toys. Her favorite activities and toys revolve around music. She understands […]


Kolya #7-2

Boy, Born August 2004 Listed: August 4, 2010 Main diagnosis: Down Syndrome. Asthma with prevailing allergic component. Lagging behind in his neuro-psychical development. Abnormally low weight; full medical records available   Sweet Kolya has passed away ;(


Brett #19-1

Boy, Born August 23, 2001 Diagnosis: Down Syndrome, Severe lagging behind in his development, Alopetio areata Listed: June 23, 2010 Brett was born premature at home and taken to an open field, where he was abandoned. He was there for 6 hours before being rescued and taken to a local hospital, where he was treated […]

Marlowe (1)

Marlowe #18-1

Boy, Born August 2001 Down Syndrome, Inborn cardiac malformation – persisting arterial channel, Lung hypertonia, Severe lagging behind in his development. Listed: June 23, 2010 UPDATE MAY 2015:  Marlowe was born in 2001. At the birth the child was with atresia of the esophagus and tracheoesophageal fistula due to which a surgery was performed on the […]


Adam #16-1

DOB: 2001 Down syndrome, autistic traits Listed: June 23, 2010 Adam has lived in a mental institution since shortly after his 4th birthday. Visitors to the institution have described it as very nice and more like a nice hotel than a mental institution. The children are well cared for and have many opportunities to experience […]


Chad #14-2

Boy, born April 2001 Down syndrome Listed: June 23, 2010 Chad was born in 2001, he started looking at objects at the age of 6-7 months old; he started reacting to sounds at the age of 4-5 months old; he started sitting independently at the age of 1 year and 8 months and he walks […]


Dixon #2-3

Boy, Born March 2001 Down syndrome Listed: June 23, 2010 From his medical records: Elementary thinking processes are observed. He can’t speak but pronounces separate sounds and some syllables. He knows his name and reacts when called. He carries out very elementary orders come here, give me your hand, and lie down. He distinguishes praise […]

Mikale 2013

Mikale #38-2

DOB: 2003 Down syndrome Listed: June 23, 2010 Mikale has been transferred to a mental institution. He attends a specialized school. He interacts well with other children and does not have any behavior issues. He’s non-verbal, but he understands what is said to him and follows directions that are given to him. He plays appropriately […]

Marty 456

Marty #6-7

Boy, born June 2002 Down syndrome Listed: June 23, 2010 UPDATE MAY 2016:  He easily relates to both children and staff. He likes to play with the children from his group. He responds when addressed by name and enjoys receiving attention.. He shows interest in all kinds of toys, but his top favorites are the […]


Tanner #31-1

Boy, Born July 2001 Down syndrome, deafness, strabismus Listed: June 23, 2010 Tanner was transferred to a group home in 2014. He is very small for his age and has delays in all aspects of his development. While he has an official diagnosis of deafness, he does respond to some sounds, so it is thought […]

Noah (1)

NOAH for the McClure family — SC

CJ and Ashtin McClure have two biological children- a four year old girl and a two year old boy, and they are a military family. They moved to Charleston two years ago from Japan, where they lived for four years and both of their kids were born. They have always wanted to adopt, but thought […]

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TYLER for the Waller family — AL

Jason and Rebekah Waller have been married for almost 14 years and have 4 beautiful children.  Adoption was only something they had discussed briefly as a “maybe one day” or “we might eventually” kind of notion.  One day, after following a Reece’s Rainbow link a friend had posted on facebook, Rebekah came face to face […]

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Soleil June 2013

Soleil for the Thorp Family – TX

Ben and Tracy live in Texas with their six precious children, two of which were adopted back in 2014 with the help of Reece’s Rainbow. Both of the girls that the Thorps adopted have special needs. One girl has Down Syndrome, and according to the orphanage had no communication abilities. The other has renal agenesis. […]

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Boy, born October 2005 PRC Albinism Listed: August 6, 2015 Declan is an easy going and quiet boy who was admitted to the orphanage as a newborn and has lived there ever since. He has albinism and nystagmus (involuntary eye movements). Declan is able to attend school and makes average grades. It is said that […]


PEPPER for the Marshall family — VA

Hello from the Marshall Family! Billy and Laura were high school sweethearts (for about a month) and then decided to go their separate ways. Billy went off to college in Florida and Laura chose a university close to home in Virginia. Over the next four years life happened (as it so often does) and Billy […]

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NAOMI for the Lindblom family — CT

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine… Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen!” Ephesians 3:20-21 Ellen and Jon, along with their family, have been interested in opening their hearts and home to an orphan for many years. One of their daughters started an adoption […]

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KADE for the Guarino family — PA

Life turned out to be very different from what Nancy had expected. The beauty of the unexpected brought with it confirmation of the strength of family, regardless of its shape and size. For many years, Nancy’s family consisted of herself and her Down syndrome son, Nicky. Deep down, Nancy always knew her family was not […]


TEMPERANCE for the Sims family — MI

The humanity in all of us is touched by thoughts of the loneliness experienced by any child waiting for adoption. The story is all the more profound if the child has some special medical need that means his/her passage into adulthood without the love and protection of a family will result in an already desperate […]

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shari 2016

SHARI for the Anderson family — NM

We’re the Anderson family. Two years ago, we brought home two older boys with fairly significant special needs from China. Before we even brought the boys home, we knew we had one more child to bring home. We didn’t know who that child was, but we had no doubt, before even starting, that there were […]

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NORA for the Joss family — WA

We are the Joss family. We live in awe every day at what God has chosen to do in us. He took a young couple who thought they would never have children and has filled our home with love and laughter. He has truly done more than we could have ever asked or imagined. (Eph […]

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CLARA and HUNTER for the Robinson family — SC

Jode and Kelley have been blessed through adoption with eight beautiful and amazing children. Although their lives and hearts are overflowing, they know their family is not yet complete. After much prayer and consideration, they feel led to adopt two precious children, a brother and sister, from Africa. The older sister has no special needs; […]

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Hattie (1)

HATTIE for the Willoughby family — KY

Virgil and Cindy Willoughby have been married 33 years. Virgil is a policeman and Cindy is a stay at home mom. If you had told the Willoughby’s 8 years ago that their family of 5 would soon be a family of 13 they would have laughed. After all, their children were all grown (the youngest […]

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Boy, born 2001 HIV He was hosted summer 2016: We have tons of pictures of Gideon. He is such a good kid and he so badly wants a family of his own. He absolutely wants to be adopted! He has told us this many times during his stay so far. He also knows no one […]


CARRIE for the Barrett family — FL

Michelle is a single mother to four biological children. Brittany (24 years old) is very happily married with three beautiful children. Chase (22 years old) is engaged and is a Police Officer and Correction Officer. Chelsea (21 years old) is engaged and has a newborn son. Andrew (19 years old) is preparing to enter the […]

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RANDALL for the Siwula family — WA

We are so lucky to have found this boy! Dave & Kelly have been together for over a decade. In 2010, we wed in Hawaii and two years later in 2012 we welcomed a beautiful daughter. We love to travel and stay active. The three of us are more than thrilled to bring this little […]

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FAITH for the Dahl family — IN

Russell and Megan have been blessed with a blended family that includes 5 beautiful children; two teenaged girls, two teenaged boys, and one spunky 8-year-old boy. Plans for extending the Dahl family has always been a dream for Russell and Megan. They had talked about adoption, but not seriously until someone had shared a particular […]

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NOEL for the Polmateer family — WA

Ron and Nina Polmateer are a proud military couple who have been married for almost 8 years. Their life is full of adventures as you never know what life as a military family is going to throw at them. Ron and Nina have no biological children of their own. However, Ron and Nina do have […]

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SUSIE for the Hefner family — WV

We are the Hefner family! Nate and Cassie have been married 8 years and have three beautiful children ages 4, 5 and 6. In May 2014, God laid adoption on their hearts. In May 2015 with the help of Hand of Help in Adoptions and Reece’s Rainbow, they were able to bring a handsome little […]

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Susie (2)

SUSIE for the Reid family — IL

Jade & Annie Reid are high school sweet hearts! The first night they met, Annie was so nervous she sat on an exercise bike to avoid sitting by Jade on the couch! After they started dating, Annie knew Jade would be her future husband, and now they have officially been a couple for nearly 20 […]

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LULU for the Madsen family — WI

Faith. What does it mean to you? As I study that word in the Bible, I learn : “Now faith is the confidence that we shall receive the things for which we hope, the proof of the reality of things we do not see…” We will be adopting another little girl from Asia with Down Syndrome. […]

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ZAYNE for the Fowler family — VA

Since before they met, Josh and Susan knew adoption was in their future. After 10 years of marriage and a beautiful 4 year old daughter (Hazel), they wondered where God was going to lead their family. They felt God calling them to make several big changes in their lives that didn’t quite make sense, until […]

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JENIFER for the Preciado family — GA

“It’s not about us” Galatians 2:20— “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the Life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me” When Carmen and […]

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Patience 2

A Family for PATIENCE

We are a larger family who has been blessed with children through adoption and birth. For some reason the plan for our kids was that they would all have special needs or “unique abilities” as we say in our family. Though it took some adjustment to begin with, today we would could not imagine living life any other way. […]


LAYLA for the Land family — WA

Hello from the Land family! Jeff and Cassandra met online through a Christian dating website and have now been married almost eleven years. They chose to wait to have children until their finances were more settled. Jeff has pursued his career passion, computers, and is a work at home Solutions Architect. Cassandra is a homemaker, […]

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DOMENIC for the Romero family — TN

We are the Romero family. We have six children ages 12-2. We learned that our youngest was gifted with an extra chromosome shortly after his birth in July 2014. The truth of Psalm 139:13 — “You knitted me together in my mother’s womb” — became that much more intimate as we explained to our children […]

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CHELSEA for the Quinn family — FL

Martin and Jennifer Quinn have 7 amazing children. Three biological and four adopted from Reece’s Rainbow! In 2013 they brought home two young boys with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe. In 2014 they returned to bring home an infant girl with Down syndrome and a young boy with Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. During their […]

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KEELY for the Young family — TN

Shawn and Kara live in Memphis TN with their two beautiful daughters adopted from China. Shawn works at St. Jude children’s hospital by day and as an artist at night. Kara works from home as an artist. Their adoption story begins when they brought home Chandler in December 2012. In 2014 Perry joined the family. […]

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LEO for the Bison family — NC

The Bison family lives in North Carolina and is excited to be growing their family through adoption again! John and Heidi have two biological children, Ariauna and Jaeden (ages 15 and 13) and adopted Grace (age 9) in March of 2015. Grace has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome as does their new son! John and […]

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We have been blessed by adoption a few times over now but that doesn’t dampen the excitement of welcoming a new child into the family.  We are absolutely thrilled to bring Cullen home and love him like he deserves! We appreciate your continued prayers and support for our family and this boy who has waited […]


DEX for the Vogelzang family — TX

Adam and Carin first saw Dex’s picture in April of 2012.  They had just decided to start the process of adopting a child with Down Syndrome from China and Dex’s file was the first they ever saw.  Carin instantly fell in love with his chubby cheeks, crooked smile and droopy eye.  Through events out of […]


LUCINDA for the McLaughlin family — SC

The McLaughlins met their first adopted daughter while living in China and volunteering in an orphanage. They had the rare and amazing opportunity to foster her until she and her new younger sister were adopted in Dec 2013. After returning to America, they learned their oldest daughter has a terminal muscle wasting disease called Spinal […]

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TRAVIS for the Ruhl family —

As a teenager Caroline spent a great deal of time overseas doing volunteer work with children (mostly special needs and medically fragile). At age 20, after a lengthy process, she was able to obtain Humanitarian Parole for a child she had worked with in Romania who had serious medical needs that needed to be addressed. […]


ALIZA ROSE for the Gehrung family — WI

We are the Gehrung Family, Nancy, Brian, Collin (22), Shannon (20) and Ava (10). We have been wonderfully blessed by Ava since we brought her home 5 years ago. We are currently in the process of adopting another beautiful little girl from Asia. Our story is a bit long in detail because so much has […]

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BOLTON + 1 for Hudson and Patti

Hudson and Patti have done a wonderful job raising other children with Spina Bifida, as well as able bodied children! Their goals are for all the children to be as self-functioning and independent as possible. They hosted Bolton for one month when he came to the USA last winter. There is no doubt that Bolton […]


BAYLEE and JILLIAN for the Eber family — GA

We have five biological children, and we’ve adopted six Chinese children. Our two new daughters will make seven and eight adopted children. Before our first adoption, and before our second international adoption, we said goodbye to our two beloved daughters. After our first biological daughter, Stella Rose, died at 5-days-old in October 2010 (as a result of a very rare chromosomal syndrome and multiple birth defects), God opened our eyes to the beauty and value of all children – not just those who were born “perfect.” In December 2012, we adopted our first two Chinese daughters, one with a limb difference and one with severe Congenital Heart Disease. Our younger baby girl, Rose, the one with severe CHD, went to be with the Lord ten months after we brought her home. Her sweet little life moved us to adopt again, and we brought home two more daughters in January 2015. In August 2015, we learned of a brother and sister (one with a limb difference, and one with a very rare chromosomal difference and repaired heart defect) who had originally been adopted from China and whose family decided to dissolve their adoption. We brought them home in October of last year, and they officially became part of our family in December. We feel that God has given us a legacy of loss and love – beauty from ashes – to share with children who need a family to call their own. Even six years ago, we would’ve never dreamed that God would grow our family in this way or to this number, but we praise Him for the each precious child He has entrusted to us. Our story, and our family, is a testimony of His healing, grace, redemption, and provision!


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JOY for the Woertman family — NC

Candy and Frederick adopted their daughter, Grace, almost three years ago from China. When Grace, who was born with Cerebral palsy, arrived home she was a three-year-old who was used to sitting slumped in her stroller for the majority of the day. The past few years they both realized how blessed they are to live in America. Here, in America, a child who was “Forgotten” in her country is given the chance to succeed. Graces amazes her family every day by what her team of teachers and therapists report her progress. Most recently she started to use her left hand (the palsy side of her body) to take a peg out of a board, and through feeding therapy is now able to chew small bites of food (no more puree)!

Joy has Down syndrome and is a 6-year-old girl living in a foster home. Her story is similar to Grace’s in that she was abandoned shortly after being born. The Woertman’s wish to bring her home and into their home. Their first venture into international adoption requried they refinance their house. This time, though, they are acting on faith that friends, family members, and people they have never met would want to partner with them to bring Joy “home”. An African proverb states that “It takes a village to raise a child.” They are asking for you to join our village to help bring Joy to their household and allow her to be given a chance to realize her full potential in life.


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Charlotte C

CHARLOTTE for the Cooper family — MO

Matt and Stacey met in Peru on a mission trip and have 5 children ranging from 3-18 years old. Adoption has been a topic of discussion since the beginning, but it didn’t seem to be the right season. The Coopers feel that the most tangible way to display the gospel of Christ is to adopt and that they should be active in living out James 1:27.  Even though the house was full, it felt like someone was missing from the dinner table and there was another child that needed to be tucked in at night. They knew that they were being called to look to for a child with special needs, and found they had a heart for those with Down Syndrome. While looking at the waiting children, Matt saw Charlotte and remarked, “that’s a Cooper”.

They jumped off the proverbial fence and headfirst into the adoption process. Within days, the Coopers were notified they were not only approved to adopt, but that they were matched with Charlotte as well. When you join God in His plan, it’s like a speeding bullet!

Stacey has a love for running and there is a program called RODS, Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome, so she is able to combine her favorite things together-running, raising funds for orphans, and being an advocate for Down Syndrome! Hopefully once Charlotte is home, she can join Stacey in some races being pushed in a jogging stroller. Charlotte may be the link that joins the entire family in running!

All of the Coopers are eagerly awaiting the call to travel to bring Charlotte home to her forever family. We trust in God that if He called us, He will equip us and we give Him the glory for the provision of finances and the privilege of adoption.


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Liam update

LIAM for the Siebold family — AR

Liam (2)Joseph and Samantha have always done things a little differently. They met at 14 and 16, began courting soon after and never dated anyone else. They secretly eloped in 2009 instead of having a big wedding. They didn’t wait long to have children and now 7 years into their marriage have three beautiful kids ages 6 and under!

Adoption has always been on both of their hearts. They always planned to pursue adoption in one way or another. After moving into a bigger house with a fenced yard in the summer of 2015 they began to discuss their options. But in the fall they found out they were expecting! They weren’t certain what God was doing giving them another biological baby when they thought they were supposed to adopt.

In early November, it was discovered that their beloved baby had passed away for unknown reasons. They mourned the great loss of miscarriage and celebrated this short, perfect life God had blessed them with. A couple months later they felt doors being opened and they began their adoption journey officially in January! Their hearts and minds were opened to special needs orphans more than ever.

Little did they know, on the opposite side of the world, a perfect baby boy was born at the same time the baby they were expecting was called to heaven.

He needs them to come get him from the other side of the world as fast as possible! Once again, the Siebolds are doing things a little differently as the medical expedite needed requires them to do everything all at once and much faster than usual! Their sweet boy needs surgery ASAP and they are doing everything they can to welcome him home.

God is good and He writes the best stories!


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MANDY for the Prien family — ID

The Priens are a big, loud, fun-loving family with an even bigger heart. Todd and Jill have been married for 25 years and have 13 children, 11 biological and 2 adopted. Last year, they adopted Natalya and Leila from Eastern Europe. There, they met Simon, a sweet little boy with Down syndrome. They have a […]

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RICKY, ELIZABETH, PHOENIX and DENZEL for the McQuinn family — SC

The McQuinn family have 3 biological children, two of whom have a terminal muscle wasting disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Their strong love and dreams for their children made it impossible to say “No” when they discovered the situations around the world involving disabled orphans. They didn’t want to believe the statistics and information […]

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PRUDENCE + ASHLEY for the Fristoe family — MO

Dewey and Suzanne were married in 1996, after caring for a long term cancer patient and his family. They both loved children and agreed they wanted a big family. In 2009, after the birth of their daughter, Hannah, whom happen to be blessed with an extra chromosome, they learned about an organization called Reece’s Rainbow. […]

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A CHILD for the Wallace family — FL

Willy and Ines Wallace live in Fort Myers, Florida. They are the parents of six wonderful children. Their three adult “kids”already out to college and professionals living on their own. Their 3 younger ones are elementary age and keeping them busy and happy! The Wallace’s have walked the international adoption journey twice before. God has allowed them […]

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JULIANA for the Karrick family — GA

Steve and Ginger Karrick have eight children soon to be nine. Five of their children are adopted from China. In 2009, they stared the process to adopt and eighteen months later brought home their first little one from China, Kimmie. Kimmie had unknown special needs, she has autism. It was quite the adjustment for her […]

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Already Home 2016

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The newest “colors” of Reece’s Rainbow

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“It is so magical to watch this child come alive right before my eyes…my cup runneth over”

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