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Craig (2)Craig (1)Boy, born 2012
CHD (self healed) / past meningitis

Listed: Oct 2015

Craig is a very handsome boy who turned 3 years old in August. He came into care as a baby, and was diagnosed with a heart defect, that the doctors now say has self healed. He was a sick little guy in late 2013, when he developed meningitis and pneumonia. He had some excess fluid in one area of his brain, which they drained and has not recurred. Craig’s development is not delayed at all according to his reports. He is a bright and charming little boy who loves to play outdoors. He especially loves to catch and throw balls. We have video of Craig available in his file! He is a sweet boy, who loves his nanny and follows directions very well. Craig is waiting for a family….and we really hope you enjoy playing ball!

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