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Dimitri CollageBoy, born February 2012

3 year old Dimitri is too cute for words! Be sure to watch his new video and read his wonderful update below- it’s impossible not to fall in love with this little guy. Dimitri is diagnosed with arthrogryposis and a deformity of his left foot. Dimitri has thrived under the care of his orphanage and their Half the Sky program. Though I did not meet him, I did visit his orphanage a month ago and it is by far one of the best ones in China. They are doing good things there, as the kids were all doing well and were being prepared for their forever families. Dimitri is very smart, has the best smile and cutest little faces ever, and doesn’t seem to let anything stop him! His arms are affected by the arthrogryposis so he uses his toes and feet for many tasks, such as playing a keyboard, holding a cup, etc. He walks independently and can go up and down stairs. His arm function has improved and his grip strength is increasing as well, but he could use some strengthening of his core muscles. Dimitri is able to count to 20 and speak in full sentences of 5 or more words. Dimitri is a treasure just waiting to be discovered! Could Dimitri be your son?

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