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Tyler (3)

Tyler (2)Boy, born 2008
postoperative bilateral ureteroneocystostomy,both hydronephrosis, hypospadias, postoperative bilateral vasoligation,congenital deformity of hands, double renal pelvis of right kidney, right renal duplication and postoperative excision of right double pelvis and ureters

Listed: Oct 2015

Adorable Tyler was recently met by agency staff advocating for him! They believe he is likely still waiting because his diagnosis section of his file is so lengthy!

But wait until you hear what his orphanage (a very good one by the way) said about him and what the agency staff observed! Tyler had a kidney problem, but had a surgery to correct it and it doesn’t appear to affect him any longer. He is toilet trained. He has a wrist deformity and has two fingers on his right hand and 3 fingers, 1 thumb on his left hand. The orphanage staff described him as friendly, kind, extroverted, creative, and obedient. They said that he is a leader and that he smiles often. His hearing and vision are normal. He lives in foster care and is attending school, where he is in first grade. His favorite subject is art. Tyler has many friends, but his best friend is Shun Jie. His favorite color is red, favorite animal is a chicken, and his favorite foods are strawberries, cucumbers, and meat. Tyler loves to do puzzles and play with balls. Tyler seemed like a terrific little guy! It’s time for someone to see past the list of needs this child has in his file and see him for the wonderful and precious little boy that he is! Please share to help us find a family for Tyler.

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