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Aden (3)Boy, born 2008
meningocele / hydrocephalus (both post surgery)

Listed: Oct 2015

Aden is a very handsome boy who is 6 years old. (Most of the photos in his file are over 3 years old) He came into care as a newborn, when he was found at a park. Aden was a premature baby, born with a spinal meningocele, and hydrocephalus. He received surgery for the meningocele when he was just a few weeks old, and received a shunt 8 months later. Both surgeries were successful. Aden has mild scoliosis, which causes his left leg to be 2cm longer than his right. His right hand and leg do not operate as smoothly as his left. Aden began walking after lots of therapy when he was 3 years old. Now, he is able to care for all his own needs, and attends pre-school. He drinks from a cup, despite the bottle in the photo! His gait is not smooth when he walks, but he is a very determined little boy! Aden is very honest, and polite. He is often seen helping others.He has a great imagination, and loves to tell stories! Aden loves to draw and paint. He needs some help in math, but is eager to learn. Aden needs a family to give him the love and support he needs.

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