pierce1-300x2622xBoy, born 2011
Down syndrome, patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Pierce appears to be developing well, with moderate delays. Pierce walks independently well, by the stairs comes and goes by the hand, likes to browse through books, playing ball, he can throw it and roll on the floor. He eats independently; but still needs help when using cutlery. Does not report the needs in the field of self-service, does not call on the potty. The boy does not speak words, only a single syllable. Pierce is a cheerful child who liked to touch and play with other children and adults. Understand simple commands supported by the gesture and prohibitions, he answers to his name. Pierce is open in contact, often likes to cuddle. A big pleasure for him also fun in a circle, dancing swaying to the music. The boy sometimes angers, but quickly calms through the distraction of attention.

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