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emily-updateemilyGirl, born 2001
Cerebral palsy, knee joints contractures, valgus feet, severe mental delays

Listed: September 25, 2015

She is so full of life!  She just needs a family!

Update late 2016:  Emily seems like a great kid who really wants to be adopted. She was crying to the caregivers in the beginning of the visit because she saw that someone else had a family coming. She clearly understands the idea of adoption and wants a mama and papa of her own. She has been sad to see other girls be adopted while she still waits.

Emily is one of the most capable girls in her group home. She understands everything that is spoken to her. She can speak a bit, but she mostly uses gestures to explain what she needs. She seems very bright and capable, but she has spent a long time in institutional care.

She was on her best behavior during this visit, but she is in a group of girls who are rough and tumble with one another sometimes. It isn’t a guarantee, but our boys from the same place were similar when we first adopted them, although they quickly learned our family’s expectations for behavior.

She can’t walk, but she is able to get around independently by scooting across the floor. She also uses a wheelchair.

This region has waived the ten day wait in the past.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org ***