chesterchester2016-1Boy, born 2009

FAS, mental delays, crossed eyes

What an imp!

New photo December 2016!  Several more photos avail.

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From a family that spent time with him 9/15:  This little guy is so fun! I spent loads of time with him because he was in the same summer groupa as my daughter that we are bringing home this September. He was always up for hugs and snuggles and pictures. His needs seemed very mild. He seems to have have a slight mental delay and strabismus but I could not see any other special needs. His motor skills seemed to be exactly on cue for a 6 year old boy. He was full of excitement and imagination and loads of energy. What a sweet little blond haired darling treasure! He is in the same school as Charlie, Rebecca, Wetherbee, and Toby. Please somebody bring him home fast! What a darling!

$148.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!