MickMick was born in April 2013 and has Down Syndrome. His caretakers are happy with his development.

Mick eats and sleeps well. He can feed himself solids like cookies or bread and drink without assistance. He is reportedly using the potty, but may only be trip-trained. Mick follows simple instructions.

Mick is a very active boy who walks when held by the hands, but is expected to take his first independent steps soon. He plays with toys, absolutely loves music and dances well. Mick is an expert rocking horse rider, too.


From an RR family who met him in June 2015:  “First and foremost he’s adorable. He is extremely happy, always smiling! He loves to dance and listen to the music. He seems to have pretty low tone because when we were there, he wasn’t walking.  He was in a stroller a lot of the time. But he could sit up and I believe pull to a stand. He was honestly so adorable! I remember him clapping a lot. He definitely would thrive with some love! He wasn’t one of the kids who got a lot of attention.”

$600.75 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!