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Graceann (2)

graceann-2015-2Girl, born December 2010
Post-op cerebral palsy


Graceann is a precious little girl who was found abandoned when she was 2 years old, and was diagnosed with spastic CP. She has had surgery and is receiving therapy to help her walk. Graceann’s file refers to her medical issue as “poor brain development”, which is a poor description of CP. Since her surgery, and through her therapy, she has improved her gross motor skills, and her speech, quite well. Graceann loves her nannies, and is very happy when they play with her. She is described as a smart girl who is confident, happy, and loves to laugh. She can speak (and be understood), although she is not as noisy as some of the other kids! Graceann is a sweet, and loving girl who wants a family of her own.

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