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Anal atresia, congenital heart defect

Listed: Sept 15, 2015

Jackie will be turning two years old shortly. She was abandoned at a hospital when she was one day old. She was born with a hand deformity, anal atresia and a heart defect. Jackie received surgery for her anal atresia, but she doesn’t have bladder or bowel control yet and wears diapers. Jackie had surgery to correct her ventricular septal defect when she was one year old and has reportedly fully recovered, takes no heart medication and has no restrictions on her activities. Jackie also has deformities on her left hand. She is an active little girl who can crawl and say a few words. Her mental development is delayed in comparison to her peers. Jackie has a ready smile, likes to play with her toys and loves hugs. Could she be your daughter?

From an August 2016 update-Jackie’s mental development is normal on target. She is walking independently. Jackie is not potty trained yet. She’s wearing diaper. She pees and poops regularly.  She had surgery done for anal atresia, and it’s successful. Jackie has no need to follow up on her heart surgery as it was successful. No medication or further surgery needed. Her communication is normal. She can make simple communication with adults.  Jackie is gentle and quiet.

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