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Blakeley (2)

Blakeley (1)Boy, born January 2009
post-op club feet, finger joint deformities

Listed: Sept 2015

Blakeley is a very handsome, and sweet boy who is 6 years old. Blakeley was born with club feet, for which he has had 3 surgeries. A year ago, he had recently had the 3rd surgery, and was using a walker. One leg was in a cast at that time. The agency is waiting for an update to see how he has progressed! When he was very young, he received surgery for a hernia, and a sensitive special need. Blakeley has an issue with the finger bones of both hands. He is able to use his hands, but his dexterity is not perfect. His report states he has had surgery to improve the function of one of his wrists. Blakeley is a very social, and engaging boy. He is smart, and is learning some English! Blakeley is eager to have a family of his own.

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