Penelope Photo 2 Mar-2015 Penelope July 2016

Penelope was born prematurely at 29 weeks gestation in June of 2012 and has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus for which she currently has a working shunt, autism, and global delays. Penelope also has strabismus.
Her pediatrician noticed several symptoms of autism in Penelope’s social and emotional development fairly early, including low eye contact, repetitive stereotyped movements, lack of interest in books, not responding to her name, and being non-verbal.
Over time, Penelope has calmed down considerably and become more affectionate. She can walk holding an adult’s hand and loves to be snuggled. Penelope better relates to her caregivers and is showing increasing interest in her environment. She craves individual attention and her caretakers believe that she would show best progress in a one-on-one care setting.


Please note: Married couples only due to child’s court appointed guardian in this case.

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