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Chandler June 2016ChandlerSweet Chandler was born in July of 2008. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and psychomotor developmental delay. He cannot walk, but uses a wheelchair. Chandler can speak, but not clearly. He seems to understand what is said to him. He likes to play with other children and toys. He takes part in activities as much as he possibly can.

Update September 2014: Chandler is a shy boy who is friendly with other children and his caretakers. He asks for attention, explains his feelings and finds ways to get his needs met. Chandler sits independently, can stand with support, but is unable to walk at this time.

Update October 2015: Chandler understands what is said to him and speaks in short sentences. He maneuvers his wheelchair independently, eats with a spoon, and has started using the bathroom.

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