ashton-video-still-feb-2017-feb-2017Ashton Photo 1 Dec-2013Ashton was born prematurely in July of 2007. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, bilateral second to third degree neuro-sensory hearing loss, strabismus, left-sided cryptorchidism, and absence of speech. Ashton has been fitted with hearing aids for both ears that allow him to hear speech and sounds at louder volumes, but unfortunately, Ashton does not like to keep his hearing aids on.

Ashton’s overall development is delayed. He recently moved to a new orphanage where he now receives regular speech and physical therapy and is showing progress. In 2013, Ashton has learned to walk a few steps independently, due in large part to own his determination and desire to be mobile. He understands what he is told and can follow instructions. Ashton’s social skills are not well developed and he struggles to participate in group games, but he is described as a smiley and friendly boy.

Update February 2017: Ashton attends a boarding school for hearing-impaired children where he has learned to communicate perfectly using sign language. He wears hearing aids. Ashton is potty-trained, can dress and undress without assistance, and his ability to walk has improved considerably over the last few years. Ashton is a tidy, sweet and smiley boy.

Ashton is in the same orphanage as Graham and Nigel; these boys could be adopted together.

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