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Felix Photo 1 Oct-2014Felix was born in February 2011 and has been diagnosed with arthrogryposis. He is an active, friendly boy who interacts well with other children, loves his caretakers, and knows everyone by name.

Due to his medical condition, Felix cannot yet walk, but he is very mobile by crawling. He can sit and stand independently and is fully potty-trained, but needs assistance with feeding. Felix speaks in sentences and while a little shy with unfamiliar people to start, he quickly warms up and shows his happy personality.

Update October 2015: Felix’s cognitive development is said to be on target. Surgical intervention for his arthrogryposis is not available in his birth country.

Update June 2016: Felix continues to develop well, despite his limited mobility.    He sits unassisted, is potty-trained and tries to feed himself.

From a Family Who Met Felix in March 2016: Felix is part of a weekly Fairytale Group which we sat in on during one of our visits to the orphanage. He was engaged in the group and had a huge grin on his face the majority of the time. After the group was finished, Felix approached us excitedly and wanted to be held. Although his knees are in a bent position he has developed a unique “scootch-hop” to move around on his own. Felix is a cheerful little boy who needs and deserves a forever family.

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