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Arwen Sept 2016Arwen July 2016Arwen 2015Arwen was born at 32 weeks gestation in March 2013 and has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus for which a shunt was placed in July 2013 as well as cysts on his brain. He takes medication for epilepsy, but has not had a seizure since November 2014.   Arwen also has esotropia and a cardiologist monitors his heart after he had sinus bradycardia.

Even though Arwen’s development is delayed, he is an interactive boy who tracks with his eyes, babbles, follows simple instructions, and giggles. Arwen has head control, can sit without support for a little while, and uses his hands. Arwen can chew small bites of solids and guide finger foods to his mouth.

From a family who met him in December 2015:  He has the most beautiful smile! He loves attention and will often laugh and grin in response to your words or motions. He likes music and sometimes clapped on beat. He seems stiff occasionally but does not seem to be in any pain or distress.

From a family who met him in August 2015: This little guy charmed me every time I saw him – such a smiley guy and so responsive to interaction from others. He enjoyed attending mass and parties, too. So joyful.

Update July 2016: Arwen has learned to roll in both directions, hold himself up on his hands and knees, and to sit unassisted for long periods of time during his therapy sessions.  He has the sweetest smile and a very happy disposition.

From a family who met him in September 2016: He is such a happy smiley boy. He loves interaction and is quick to laugh and smile. He loves to give high fives and is just an all around joy!

From a family who met him in March 2017:  Arwen cannot say any words, but engages easily and is always trying to get your attention and smiles constantly. His favorite thing is to give fives with his hands, and though limited in mobility and motor control, he can get around and plays with toys and interacts with others when on the ground. He spends time in a stander to strengthen his legs and help him try to walk. He might be able to walk with a walker in the future. It’s hard to say. He is a good eater.  He loves to make sounds, and will smile if you imitate his sounds, he’ll go back and forth with different sounds. His smiles are huge!

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