RRemyemy was born prematurely in August 2014 and has been diagnosed with post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus for which a shunt was placed in infancy and hypertensive hydrocephalus syndrome. It is unclear how much Remy can see due to bilateral congenital diffuse cataracts.

Remy has head control and tracks with his eyes in all directions. He looks and smiles at familiar adults. At this time, he does not reach for toys. His caretakers say that Remy is doing quite well and that he laughs a lot.

From a family who met him in August 2015: Remy’s first birthday was celebrated in conjunction with our daughter’s farewell party. Remy’s super cute and fell asleep during the festivities of lots of people and music!

Update July 2016: Remy’s physical therapist reports that he shows improved active movements in his hands, tries to grab toys within his reach, and brings his hands to his mouth.

From a family who met Remy in March 2017: Remy can move his legs and arms a little and he can look from side to side.  He is very happy and he likes to be held.  He cannot sit on his own, but he enjoys sitting propped up in a car seat.  He is also a very good eater.  He LOVES to eat his food.

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