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Hank RK

HankBoy, born 2010
Sensitive special need

Listed: Aug 2015

Hank is a “sunny and active” 5 year old boy with a ready smile. He loves playing with other children, singing and listening to music, and watching cartoons. He knows the names of everyday items, can count, communicate with adults, sing nursery songs, and likes to help others. He has a genital malformation that has not been surgically corrected. His chromosome test shows he’s a boy.

We visited with Hank at his orphanage at the end of June and he was adorable! He recited a poem for us in Chinese and also knew some English words (banana, apple, watermelon, etc.). The orphanage considers him to be very smart. We have several new videos which will melt your heart.

Can you help Hank have a loving future as part of your family?

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!