Shane #23 (2) Shane #23 (1)Boy, 6 years old

Shane has been diagnosed with background retinopathy and changes in retinal vessels ROP. Blindness and reduced eyesight. Condition after intraventricular hemorrhage III degree. Cerebral palsy – spastic diplegia. Severe delay in neuro-psychic development.

He has spastic muscle tone of the lower limbs. It has been reached a very good result from his working with the remedial therapist. It has been improved the general motor skills, the positioning of the body in space. He walks with walker or lead by two hands, he gets down stairs with pillar of handrail and verbal instruction, independent seat and straightening support. He deliberately manipulates, he feels the space around him to orientate. He takes given object, explores it, and makes tries to use it, he plays with it longer. He is happy of children’s and adult’s presence but also prefers to be alone. When he is alone, he starts talking, uses sentences and phrases that he heard and remembered, sings songs. When he feels presence of people around him, he stops the verbal expression. He returns a greeting, gives his hand. He understands the speech directed to him.

He feeds with aid, his actions are concomitant. He chews solid food. He drinks from a cup also with aid. He cooperates in dressing, undressing, washing his hands. He does not control his pelvic reservoirs.

He has regulated and relatively calms sleep. He goes outside in nice weather. He has calm behavior without aggressive manifestations. He sleeps in dormitory, does not cry when he wakes up. He likes music, speech, listens to sounds from surrounding environment.

He is very sweet and doing very well for his condition. This boy has a very good potential for development!

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

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