Three Children for the Zuelsdorf family – CA


2015_Bulgaria_Zuelsdorf NicolaiRichard and Ella have committed their lives to adopting and raising children to be godly men and women. They have thirteen wonderful children and are returning to Bulgaria to adopt three more. Richard and Ella consider adoption to be their ministry. Their goal is to show the world that all children deserve a mom and dad, and that special needs children in particular bestow a special blessing from God. What better way is there to show that all people are created in God’s image and worthy of honor and respect than adopting a special needs child? What better way is there to teach us patience and perseverance, and to step outside our comfort zone? In pursuit of this goal, Richard Familyand Ella have purchased a large foreclosed home on 11.5 acres of land. They are filling the home with children. They believe children are happy and healthy when able to work and play outdoors. And there is plenty of opportunity. They have chickens, ducks, cats, and a dog, as well as a very large garden and an orchard. There is enough to do that everyone is involved. No job is too small! What started out as a ministry of Richard and Ella has now become the family ministry. All the kids are involved in the upcoming adoption and are excited to have new brothers and a sister.

Everyone is extremely happy to have found three wonderful children. Catherine and Mark are an older brother and sister pair who are very happy to be adopted together. Richard and Ella are also excited about adopting Nicolai, a two-year old boy with Down Syndrome. They have wanted to adopt a child with Down Syndrome for several years. The last time they went to Bulgaria, they were blessed to adopt a child with Noonan Syndrome. Now they have a chance to show the world that children with Down Syndrome are a blessing to all.


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