sibling boys4 brothers — these siblings want to stay together!

The boys live in 2 different orphanages.  The oldest two brothers live together in one place, and the younger two are together in another.

Boy, born 2003 – healthy
Boy, born 2000 – healthy
boy, born 1998 – cognitive delays
boy, born 1999 – cognitive delays


From someone who met Luke & Jason (the younger two brothers):

These two brothers are awesome. Love them to pieces. Luke-JasonThese two are very close to our son we just adopted. Luke came up to me with Bogdan the first day I met him and asked me if I would help him find a family. His brother Jason is at an age where he wants to fit in with the big kids but is not accepted by them yet so he can be treated badly. One time he went to play soccer with them and they said some awful things to him and he started crying and I chased him down and he fell into my arms crying. That is when I asked him point blank do you want me to help you find a family. I cannot make any promises but I will fight darn hard for you. He said yes please. He has still held firm to hoping a family will come for him and his brother. They both are incredible soccer players. They love it, this is their passion and what they cling to to help the days pass. They both play on teams. Both good students and tough as nails. Luke is soft, kind and tender and Jason is more tough in personality that he wants to look like he has it all under control but is breaking inside and is just a kid trying to find his way and hoping a family will come for him. Both their smiles can light up a room. I have fixed boo boos on Luke and he has allowed me to and thankful for the help as these kids get wounds all the time and no one to fix them unless serious. Luke is a snuggler and loves hugs. Jason once he knows you he will let you hold him and you talk to him and he hears you seeking encouragement and direction. Both these boys had asked and are hoping for a forever family to come for them.


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